Dr. Ames

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I was really down!

After 17 years as the dashing Dr. Ricardo Ames on the soap opera, ‘Fox Run’, there I was, at 39 years of age, waiting tables trying to make ends meet. Some pimply face, wet behind the ears, network executive said that ‘Fox Run’ was not reaching its ‘baby boomers’ target audience and canceled the show. When I tried to get other work, the casting directors said I was too typecast as the lecherous doctor that had seduced every female on the show. I think even my agent had written me off. I know she wouldn’t sleep with me anymore.

It was true. In the story line, Dr. Ames had lured almost everyone in the show into his bedroom, from the fresh-faced teenage star to her silver hair grandmother, the upstairs maid, the cook, the black nanny and even made a pass at Juan the yard boy’s wife. It sure has hell wasn’t like that in real life. I hadn’t had a piece of ass in over six months and it didn’t look like I was going to get one anytime soon. Unfortunately, when I was making it big, I was also spending it big. Although I got a little severance pay, my alimony payments and $1800 a month apartment was eating that up. With my Saturdays and Sundays waiters job I could only knock down $300 to $400 a week. I couldn’t work extra hours because I needed the time to canvass the agents and casting offices. I had to find a new, cheaper place to live and a better source of income right away.

One Sunday at lunchtime, I was waiting on two ‘mature’ women when one of them said, “My goodness! You’re Dr. Ames from the ‘Fox Run’ afternoon soap opera aren’t you? We have missed you so much since the show folded. You were one of our favorites.”

“Thank you ladies.” Then I fibbed just a little when I said, “I’m just filling in here for a while to help out a friend.” It did make me feel good to know that I still had a fan or two. I took their lunch order and went about my business.

When I served their salads, the other one said, “Dr. Ames, would you do us an immense favor and have tea with us someday soon?”

“Thank you very much again ladies, but I don’t think that would be possible. I am trying to find a new place to live and, by the way, my real name is John Evans.”

“Please reconsider Mr. Evans. We live in the old downtown brownstone section and there are seven or eight ladies on our street that would die to meet you. Our house is an old mansion that we cut up into apartments after our parents died. There is a beautiful one bedroom on the upper floor that is vacant. We could let you have that very reasonably.”

Perhaps this could be a solution to part of my problem. “OK, I’ll come by and look at the apartment and have tea with you. When would be convenient?”

They gave me their names and address and we arranged to meet. Precisely at 3 PM the following Monday, I knocked on the door of a very large, lovely brownstone in an older section of town. It must have really been a show place in its day, on a quiet street lined with one after another of these beautiful mansions. Most of them had been converted into more stylish apartments.

Etta, the younger of the two ladies that I estimated to be in their mid to late 50’s, opened the door and ushered me into to the house. I was surprised to find her sister, Jane, and three other women in their same age bracket sitting around in the parlor. I was introduced to the ladies one at a time and each one oohed and aahed over me. It was certainly good for my ego. The tea was pleasant, and I must say, I out did myself and was quite dashing.

After the other ladies left, Jane offered to show me up to the apartment. It was a strange arrangement because you had to enter their front door and go up the staircase that went to the second floor. Another set of stairs took us up one more flight to what must have been an attic or loft at one time. Now, it was a beautiful apartment, completely furnished with a large kitchen, an enormous bath and a huge great room or lounge and an equally large bedroom with a gigantic, king-sized bed. When I asked about the price there was a little hedging.

“We are a couple of retired ladies and need things done for us now and then. If you can help us out once in a while we can let you have it for $250 a month. It will make us feel a little safer with a man in the house.”

$250 a month was unheard of. It was easily worth three or four times that. It would certainly take a tremendous load off of my financial burden. “I’ll take it! When can I move in?”

We arranged that I would move in on the first of the following month, which was only ten days away. I already had someone lined up that wanted to sublet my apartment, furnished, for $100 a month more than I was paying.

I went back to work the following weekend with a song in my heart and a lilt in my step. Most of the six ladies from the tea party came by for lunch on both Saturday and Sunday. Both times they had someone new with them. I didn’t mind at all, they were good tippers and bahis firmaları a hell of a boost to my sagging ego.

The following Thursday I moved in with all my clothing, personal items, TV, linens and cookware. The rest of my stuff I had committed to storage. It was a hot, dirty job and I finally finished about 6 o’clock. After a quick TV dinner, I was in the shower, pleased with myself and singing a little tune, when a voice said,” You have a beautiful voice. It’s so nice to hear a man singing.”

I pulled the shower curtain back a few inches and looked out. It was Jane. I thought I was alone and my towel was on the rack across the room 10 or 12 feet away. I was embarrassed and then taken aback when she said, “Turn around and let me scrub your back for you.”

I started to protest but she said, “Nonsense. I’ve seen lots of men nude before. I was a nurse in Vietnam during the war. I use to do this for many of the wounded soldiers. My husband loved for me to do it to him.” She opened the curtain all the way. I didn’t want to seem ungracious, so with my back to her, I handed her the soap and washcloth. She started with soft soothing strokes around my neck and shoulders. I was enjoying it as she slowly worked her way down my back, under my arms and finally to my waist. When she got to my buttocks, the strokes became softer and then I realized, she was no longer using the washcloth, those were bare hands sliding across my ass.

Then came the second surprise. She stepped into the tub behind me. Somehow, she had been able to shed most of her clothing and was almost nude. She wrapped her arms around my waist in a bear hug, her head and chest tight against my back. Her hands slid down and cupped my dick and balls. Now, came the biggest surprise of all. This woman, old enough to be my mother, caressing my ass, had made my cock hard. I made a feeble attempt to escape but she had both hands involved and was pumping back and forth and, shit, I was enjoying it!

“Turn around,” she whispered, “and let me do it properly.”

So I turned around, and with the shower beating down on my back, this old woman, clad only in her bra and panties, knelt down and began sucking my dick. If she did this in Vietnam she must have had hundreds of soldiers in love with her. Her tongue was performing magic, outlining the ridge around the head, sliding up and down the tender underneath part. She slid her head back and forth until I was sure I could feel my sensitive glands touching her tonsils. She was obviously an expert and in just minutes my entire life was compacted in my balls, ready to spew out the end of my cock. Then, it happened! Pulse after pulse, glob after glob, but it didn’t seem to faze her. She greedily swallowed every squirt, not missing a drop.

It was over and my knees were so weak that I could barely support myself but I couldn’t break the vacuum hold she had on my penis. She continued to suck for another couple of minutes until it began to soften and I began to whimper. She finally released me, cupped my dick and my testicles in her hands and gave it a tender little kiss, then stood up.

With her wet bra against my chest she kissed me on the mouth and whispered, “Thank you Dr. Ames, it’s been such a long time. Someday very soon I want you to fuck me.” She stepped out of the tub and I watched mesmerized while she dried herself off, took off her wet bra and panties, wrapped them in the towel, put her dress on over her head and slid into her shoes. At the doorway to the bath she turned around, blew me a kiss and said, “I’ll bring your towel back soon, very soon.” She blew me another kiss and was gone.

My mind was fogged by the event that had just taken place. Given my state of abstinence, it certainly wasn’t objectionable; in fact it was quite enjoyable. In my mind I began to look forward to fucking her and then I remembered she was almost 20 years older than me.

My state of euphoria was such that I soon fell asleep in front of the television. The news at 11 woke me up and I staggered into the bedroom where I slept the sleep of release, dreaming of mouths and hands toying with my dick. I could smell perfumes, feel soft bodies and breasts until I was so horny that my raging hard on woke me up. For some reason, I wasn’t surprised to find someone, that I assumed was Jane, in the bed beside me.

Well if she had come to collect, it couldn’t have been at a better time. Without a word, I set out to bring her as much pleasure as she had brought me earlier. I kissed her neck, shoulders and tantalizingly moved to her breasts. By the time I finally took a nipple in my mouth it was as hard as an acorn and was standing up just as proud. My hand slowly massaged its way down to her stomach and finally to her wet pussy. My mouth followed this path, kissing all over her body until I arrived at the place made damp by my ministrations. When my tongue touched her, there was a wiggle and a gasp of delight. Within moments, the gasps were changed kaçak iddaa into moans of ecstasy and her hips were rising up from the bed to meet the lashings of my tongue. She was humping my face so hard my poor nose was bruised. When I finally found her clitoris and sucked it into my mouth she let out a squeal of either delight or passion.

All too soon it was over, and with a final push and a tensing of her muscles she had a massive orgasm. With an exhalation of breath she was done and collapsed into a quivering mass of flesh but my needs were still there, crying to be met.

Without regard to my slippery face, wet with her juice, I mounted her in the missionary position and rammed my rigid cock into her welcoming pussy. It was as tight and hot as any 20-year-old. Time after time I plunged it into her, my balls slapping against her ass. I was obviously wrong when I thought she was done, because she soon wrapped her legs around me with her feet on my cheeks of my ass. As if she were wearing spurs, she goaded me with her heels so that each of my thrusts had maximum impact and my dick was driven as deep into her as possible.

Our earlier liaison had taken the edge off my need for immediate gratification and I was able to stroke in and out of her for quite some time before I felt my impending climax. The same was not true for her. She had at least two orgasms, one of which must have lasted three or four minutes before I felt mine coming. She was barely moving and I raised myself so that I was braced on my hands. The only place we were touching was where my cock entered her pussy when I injected the fruit of my loins deep into her.

Completely spent, I rolled off to one side. She nestled in the crook of my arm, her lips only inches from my breast. I could feel her hot breath on me when she said, “Thank you Dr. Ames. Jane said she thought you would be good. I don’t think she knew just how good you would be.”

Oh shit! What have I done? This wasn’t Jane but rather her younger sister, Etta. I thought I was repaying a debt. Oh well, I can’t take it back now, or could I? I was so exhausted I fell asleep, mulling this question over in my mind. The last thing I remember was her soft hand on my dick.

When I awoke the following morning, the apartment was neat as a pin. The dishes were done, my clothes were hung up and there was a hint of pine forest scent in the air. I looked all around and even went down stairs but the ladies were nowhere to be found. After lunch I started on my regular routine of visiting the agents and checking casting calls to no avail. I had dinner out and returned to the apartment just after 9PM. There was still no sign of the ladies but there were a couple of night-lights on in the staircase.

I had a quick shower and was standing at the basin in my boxer shorts, brushing my teeth when a voice from behind me said, “I have come to let you repay me.” Jane was smiling when I looked at her in the mirror. “Etta said you were one of the best. She raved about what you did to her and how nice it was. Well, I want you to show me, do it to me!”

I turned around and found her wearing a kimono type robe and smelling of perfume and bath powder. She took me by the hand and let me to the bed. “You just lay down and let me get you in the mood. Kneeling on the floor is too hard on my knees.” I did as she told me, lying on my back while she slid my shorts off over my feet, freeing my penis to stand proud and tall like a flagpole. She was completely nude when she dropped her robe and sat on the edge of the bed by my shoulder with her back to me. Once again, her magic mouth descended on my cock, which had already grown to full operating proportions in anticipation what was going to happen to it.

I probably should have left well enough alone and just let it happen that way but, being a gentleman, I enticed her to mount me in the 69 position. Last night, when I did this to her sister, I found her sweet and savory. This was every bit as good if not better. I was enjoying this very much and was trying to match what she was doing to me. It almost became a competition to see who could make the other cum first. I know I would have won but she suddenly stopped, turned around, and slid her wet pussy down over my erect pole.

As good as it had felt in her mouth this was even better. Her cunt was warm, wet, and tight and she knew how to use it. She was sitting up with her hands on my chest, sliding back and forth, smiling and looking down into my eyes. “I can’t tell you how many times I dreamed of fucking you Dr. Ames. When Etta and I do this to each other with our dildos we always pretend that one of us is you.”

I knew that she was rapidly approaching that mystical moment when she tilted her head back, her eyes glazed and she started gasping for breath. “Oh my God, I’m going to cum! Fuck me Dr. Ames, fuck me!”

Just the thought of her being that close to orgasm brought me around and I began to pump up and down. It came kaçak bahis from me like an onrushing train; no power on earth could have stopped it. I was so caught up in my own orgasmic bliss that I lost sight of what was happening to my partner. When I finally stopped moving I found she was laying flat on my chest, barely moving but breathing very hard. It took me a few minutes but I was finally able to rouse her. Without a word, she got off the bed, bent over and kissed me, mumbled something unintelligible and, staggered out of the apartment, still nude, dragging her kimono behind her.

Fifteen minutes later, I had just finished washing myself and was getting ready to go back to bed when there was a knock on my door. It was Etta, clad in a robe similar to Jane’s. She had Jane by the hand. Her sister had re-donned the kimono but she had a vacant look in her eyes. “What did you do to her, Dr. Ames? I’ve never seen her like this! All she does is mumble about what you did to her. Just what the hell did you do to her?”

I was on the defensive. I had only done what I thought she wanted me to do. “My goodness, I’m sorry if I did something—,” I was as far as I got. Jane threw off her kimono and grabbed me, wrapping her arms around my neck in a bear hug, her bare breasts against my robe, her head against my chest.

Etta was trying to pull her sister off of me. “See, you ruined her! When she got back and I tried to make love to her she wouldn’t have any part of me. She has always loved it when I ate her pussy and stuck my vibrator in her. Now, all she wants is for you to fuck her again. Get into the bedroom and get to it! I am horny as hell and I’m going to get some sex one way or the other. You can eat me or fuck me or she can eat me or fuck me but somehow or other I am going to have an orgasm tonight!”

With Jane still hang around my neck she pushed me backwards. When we came to the bed I went down into a sitting position, my robe falling open. She finally pulled the nude Jane off of me until she was laying on her back, her legs spread, her fingers rubbing her pussy and mumbling, “Oh fuck me, yes please fuck me, somebody please fuck me.”

Etta lambasted me, “Look at you! You don’t even have a hard on, how in the hell can you do her any good? I guess if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.” She knelt on the floor and buried her face in her sister’s pussy. Jane gave a huge sigh of surrender and pulled Etta’s head hard into her.

The sight of Etta eating Jane’s pussy was very erotic for me. I had to do what I could to help poor Etta so I moved around behind her, pulled her to her feet and with her still crouched over, licking Jane’s cunt, threw back her robe and stuck my rapidly hardening cock in her snatch. It was just as I remembered, hot, tight and very slippery. I think back about it now and realize it must have been quite a daisy chain. Jane, laying spread-eagle almost in a stupor from sexual sensations, Etta hunched over and grunting every time I rammed into her, and me, holding onto Etta’s hips, head back, eyes closed and lost in a world that contained only my cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

I don’t know who did what first. I know when I finally shot my wad into to her, she had long since quit eating Jane’s pussy and was just standing there, crouched over, letting me fuck her from behind. Fully spent, I finally disengaged myself and sat down on the edge of the bed. Jane was lying on the foot of the bed with her legs hanging off the end and apparently asleep, but Etta was standing there, still wearing the robe that was partially open. From somewhere she produced a huge, double ended, dildo and stuck it in her sister. With practiced efficiency she did as she had done hundreds of times and mounted the other end.

Jane roused a little and started to respond to her sister’s thrusts. I sat there fascinated as I watched the two sisters fuck each other. Finally, Jane noticed me standing there with my mouth open and my half-hard dick in my hand. “Come over here Dr. Ames and let me hold your cock while Etta fucks me.”

It had to be an almost comical situation, me standing there, Jane fondling my semi-hard penis while Etta fucked her sister and herself at the same time with a big, brown, double ended dildo. Etta’s face and mine were almost on the same level. All of a sudden I saw her eyes glaze, her mouth fall open and I know she was in the throws of a climax. Jane knew it too because she gave my dick a hard squeeze, pushed her sister off and whispered to me, “Please finish fucking me Dr. Ames.”

So, I did. When it was all over we all fell asleep in my big bed in a tangle of arms, legs, breasts, pussies and one very proud, very sensitive, very appreciative cock.

The next day, Saturday, the apartment was spruced up just as it had been the last time. I didn’t see either of the ladies when I went to work but just the two of them came in alone at the very end of the lunch crowd. We passed a pleasant time of day as if nothing had happened. They had lunch and when they left, I found a $100 bill in place of the regular tip. It was very late when I got home that night and they were not anywhere about.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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