A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 02

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* * Friday * *

The phone screamed. Fuck! Already? It was only a minute ago I’d fallen asleep. I reached for the damn thing and hung it up. I turned. Sheri’s greens focused and she smiled. I leaned over and kissed her.

“It was pitifully short but did you sleep well Ma’am?” Phew, I remembered.

“Yes I did. I slept the sleep of the dead as they say. Whatever you did to me last night I slept well.” A warm glow spread through me.

“Julia we need to get started here. Put coffee on for us; we need to talk.” I got it started while Sheri went to the bathroom. The four cup maker was quick; I had coffee poured when she came out.

“How do you take yours Ma’am?”

“Two Equals and one sugar.” I brought it and sat at the round table. I was mildly uncomfortable in my nudity but it seemed not to bother her so I hid it. Sheri sipped as she thought.

“Julia, we have time for breakfast. Bring me the menu; I’ll look it over while you’re in the bathroom.” I never hesitated. I brought it to her and went to the bathroom. I heard her talking. Ordering breakfast for us both? Hmm. I finished and came back. Sheri was sipping, staring idly off into space. I joined her.

“I kept it simple. Scrambled, bacon, toasted rye with butter.” I nodded. “It will be delivered at 8 am. So, quickly, before we shower and dress — when we’re working, we’re professional. You’re the boss and I’m the intern. Clean and simple. We’ll have dinner in the hotel tonight. If there are people who ask to join you, you’ll tell them we have an agenda to go through and need to be left to ourselves. We’ll speak more of this at that time. Any questions?”

“No Ma’am.” There was no hesitation in her voice or carriage, simply a quiet confidence that spoke of authority.

I hesitated a moment before asking, “Is everything set for today?”

Her eyes blazed, “Yes of course!” All righty then.

Sheri stood, leaned over and kissed me so goddamn tenderly I wanted to melt. I opened my mouth to her; her tongue darted and teased. She pulled away, touched my cheek softly, her eyes warm, and turned to her room. As quick as the kiss was, that’s how quickly I was wet. My god. I heard the shower run. I sipped my coffee and looked at the clock — 7:15. I sighed, stood, and went to my purse for my makeup. Finding the bag, I placed it on the sink and turned to the shower. I ran the water hot. As I floated through the shower my mind raced. Sheri could turn it off an on in an instant. Curt and soft, cold and tender. Smirk. A taller, younger me. I had to put “me” back on today after being shattered last night. Could I? Yesterday there was only me; now there is her me and my work me. Last night was a blur of sexual ecstasy. Blip on the radar? Glimpse into my future? I swear to God I didn’t know. I shuddered, turned off the water, grabbed a towel, and dried as I looked into the mirror, wondering who I was. She smirked at my confusion.

Dressed and made up, the executive me sat at the table with Sheri as we ate. We talked about the day; went over my opening remarks. She would be nearby at all times. Sheri and Linda had choreographed the day to the tiniest detail. She was cool and confident. Her boss was a wreck. Sheri saw it in me, reached and took my hand. She brought it to her lips and kissed it. I wanted her so badly; it shook me to my core.

“Julia! Stop this now. Our future depends on this coming off as planned. Don’t go all girly on me and blow it.” Ice!

She was right of course. I leaned in and kissed her. “Thank you Ma’am. That helped me immensely. I’ll be fine.”

“I know.”

We finished, downed the last of our coffee, picked up our respective portfolios, notebooks, and purses and headed out the door to the elevator, the ballroom, and the rest of my life.

When it came time to give my remarks, Sheri squeezed my hand as the speaker, a District Manager from the most profitable region in the world, finished up. Her eyes were warm; I smiled my thanks, stood and took the podium. I opened the notebook and began. No problem! I was on stage, the boss lady, in my element. I killed it. The applause washed over me.

I went back to the table. I leaned over to her and whispered, “I didn’t wear panties, Ma’am.” Sheri’s eyes flashed hot for just a moment. She smiled brightly and nodded. Gotcha! The dominant can only take what the submissive gives. Last night I had given her everything. Today I was my ‘me.’ I think I can do this.

The day went on. During lunch, people stopped by the table to congratulate me on my opening remarks and on how smoothly the day was running.

I introduced Sheri. “Sheri is interning with me this semester. She and Linda planned for weeks to make this conference work for all of us. She’s got a bright future ahead of her.”

My ‘seal of approval’ gave Sheri cachet she wouldn’t otherwise have had. I noticed as the day went on people gravitated to her with questions, comments, and requests. I noticed, bahis firmaları amused, that there were more than a few lingering touches on her arm; every one of the women was noted. She was completely professional and coldly dismissive. Sheri’s prey was already in her possession; no others were of interest.

I gave a lengthy “State of the Company” address just as lunch finished while people were still alert. Oh, I should mention, there were people, dressed in hotel uniforms, who were keeping track of who was and wasn’t present. Included in emails I received after the meeting were notes of “he and she”, “she and she”, and “he and he” who appeared to and/or did leave with each other. All filed away safely. Just another form of industrial espionage. The expense was buried deep in ledgers no one would pay attention to. It’s business darling, relax.

Friday was a smashing success. People congratulated me as we left the ballroom. Everyone ‘begged’ for a moment of my time. I looked at Sheri who nodded and began running interference. A notebook and pen appeared. She politely asked for business cards and room numbers (good girl). “Ms. Simpson will speak with you as soon as possible. She’s asked that she be allowed to have a quiet dinner and prepare for tomorrow’s hectic schedule.” God I love her; she’s so good. Yum.

We walked into a crowded restaurant. I panicked. I hadn’t made a reservation in the blur of the morning. Sheri strode to the hostess. “There’s a reservation for Simpson for 6:30.”

“Yes ma’am. This way please.” Grease pencil made a mark on a chart. Yes ma’am? WTF

Perfect!! A corner table for four. We sat with our backs to the room. The room was tastefully appointed. Deep, rich tones, quiet, muted lighting, linen tablecloths. Umm. No, I shook that thought out of my head. There were too many eyes on us to risk that.

A voice called my name. “Hello Julia darling. You were fabulous today.” I knew who it was.

In a flash Sheri was up. I heard her ice cold voice. I knew her eyes were soft and warm.

“Ms. Simpson has requested that we be allowed a quiet dinner so tomorrow can be every bit as wonderful as today. Thank you so much for understanding.”

“And you are?” Chilly.

“My name is Sheri.” Oh my god. You are bold and I am wet.

The silence overwhelmed the interloper. Sheri sat down and pulled her chair in. I couldn’t help myself. I reached to squeeze her hand. Her eyes flashed hot and dangerous as she smiled sweetly. Hand removed.

Sheri had her notepad with tomorrow’s agenda. Dinner and drinks were ordered and served. We dined quietly as we spoke of what lay ahead … tomorrow’s agenda, that is. The other would be behind closed doors — later. It was wonderful. I could enjoy myself without having to worry about choreographing everything. I signed the bill and we left.

Several asked in the lobby if I would join them for drinks. I demurred as graciously as possible; a headache, the old standby. I tried to make my eyes as tired as possible — not too much of a stretch. I just wanted to get to the room and have another go with Sheri. Thank god, the elevator was ours. I moved closer. A hissed, “Cameras.” Christ. I peeked, checking. There were no cameras with voyeur security guards monitoring us. Clear. I lay my head on her shoulder.

“Thank you Sheri, you were fabulous.” I caught the fire in her eyes. Oh lord.

We exited and walked down the hall. Loud enough for any ears to hear, “Good night Ms. Simpson. Congratulations on a fine day. Please sleep well.”

“Yes thank you … Sheri. Good night.”

I opened my door, closed and locked it. I went to the mini bar and poured myself a glass of wine. Fuck it. I stripped off my clothes, leaving them over the back of the chair, shoes underneath. I simply could not resist the urge. I sniffed at my panties. My god, it was a miracle there wasn’t some tell tale sign of want on my skirt. I slipped a finger between my lips and brought the juices to my mouth. Please hurry Ma’am. I went to the bathroom to tend to business and freshen up. I washed my face, ran a warm washcloth between my legs, under my arms, behind my neck to be rid of the days film. A quick shower? Perhaps, but I was too eager for her. I brushed, flossed, fluffed, and spritzed. Lip gloss? Hmm, okay.

The bed was turned down of course. I fluffed pillows, fretted, and chewed the little bit of minty chocolate. I wore a hip high fire red silk chemise with spaghetti straps. Easy on, easy off. I sat, sipped my wine and waited. And waited. And waited. The hours ticked by with every passing second.

When the knock came I jumped. I think I had dozed. I rushed to the door and opened it. Sheri was breathtaking. Tall, nude, those firm breasts stood high.

“You are fabulous Ma’am. It’s lovely to see you.” Sheri’s kiss was warm and her smile was tight as she brushed past me. Her room was dark. My heart beat a fast drum — a combination of want and worry. What did this night hold for me?

“Sit kaçak iddaa down Julia.” She’d already pulled out her chair and moved to seat herself. I walked slowly to the table. Sheri pointed to the chair next to her. I took it and sat down. Geez, not off to a good start here.

I waited nervously, then, “Why are your clothes on the back of the chair Julia?”

“I … umm, when I got back, the first thing I did was get a glass of wine. I just wanted out of those things and a chance to relax a bit Ma’am.” Gulp

“I will not have you being a slob. Go hang them up now! Put those shoes in the closet where they belong. And bring me a Coke and a glass with ice.” Ice cold! I stood and did as instructed, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. I padded back, handed Sheri the glass, and set the remainder of the bottle in front of her and sat down.

Sheri took a sip, and, “You did very well today, Julia. I was very proud of my boss. You were a commanding presence at the podium. Everyone was spellbound. I was watching the room. I admit I hadn’t prepared for the onslaught afterward. I’ve made sure that won’t happen again. Dinner was lovely. Your headache — I did get a chuckle out of that. Take that chemise off now.”

She gives, she takes away. I stood, slipped the straps from my shoulders and let it fall. Ooopsie! I bent to pick it up, put it on my chair, and sat back down. “May I speak Ma’am?”

“Yes of course.” Yeesh

“Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. The day came off perfectly. You and Linda had it down to the nit.” I took a sip of my wine.

“Now, about your service … actually, before we start, go into my room. There’s a small black bag on the table. Bring it to me.” Numb, I stood and went to fetch the bag. I spotted it, walked back, and set it on the table and sat.

Sheri’s pose gave the notion that she was thinking. I suspected it was more likely plotting.

Soft and firm, she began, “I live on campus. I carry much too heavy of a class load to be traveling between your place and mine.” God! She knows where I live? “I can hardly have you move into my house. This will work out. I’ll see to it. I knew this day would come.” Her eyes bore into mine. “So did you, whether consciously or not.” I could only nod. “My internship overlaps my spring softball by a few weeks. I’ll make it work. When we’re not at work I’ll always be Ma’am. I’ve thought about a nickname for you. I like ‘pet.’ I thought about Jules but that can have male connotations and that won’t do. I like that you wear thigh highs and garters. They stay. Skirts only and always. I’ve yet to decide about panties. I’m leaning toward none — ever, except, of course, when you’re on your moon. Are you regular? Are they heavy?”

I blushed furiously. “Yes Ma’am, very. As to the other, normally, not so much, more so in times of stress.” I got through it without fainting.

“You dress well pet.” Gawd.

“Thank you Ma’am. I have a personal shopper; new items that they know I’ll like are sent to my place.” Her fingers drummed the table.

“Hmm, I’ll need to think about that one.” Geez. “You work out pet?”

“Yes Ma’am. I have a personal trainer.”

“Enough of this for tonight, pet. I want to fuck you.” All righty then; direct is good. Sheri took a last sip of Coke, got up from the chair, kissed me, and said, “Bring the bag and join me in bed.” I gulped the wine, grabbed the bag, then to bed.

She opened it and took out the harness and dildo. Wet — instantly. “Put this on me pet.” I bent at the waist. She stepped into the harness, I slid the dildo into position, making sure it would give her the most pleasure. I made sure the strap was snug and snipped it closed. “You did so well today, pet, I’m going to allow you to choose — on your back or on all fours?”

“Ma’am, I’d prefer to be able to watch, taste and touch you. Thank you for offering me the choice.” I lay back and waited.

“Turn sideways on the bed and dangle your head off the edge.” I did. Sheri stepped forward and I opened my mouth. The ridged plastic slid past my lips. She fucked my mouth with it. I watched as her fingers went to her nipples. Already hard, she teased them as I got the plastic ready for her invasion. Her eyes glazed with pleasure. She withdrew it. I slid back to the pillow.

Sheri slid onto the bed, smoothly straddling me. She leaned over me, breasts dangling. I watched her lower one to me. My mouth watered and I opened to greet it with my lips and tongue. My eyes were closed; when I opened them her head was thrown back. God yes! I slid my fingers along her side; goose bumps. My lover shivered deliciously. Her nipple held prisoner by my teasing teeth, I bathed it. I opened wide as possible to take as much of you as I could. I felt her fingers try to fill the crevice of my mouth with every inch of her breast. My god! I’ve nearly taken it all. I raked Sheri’s skin with my nails; she moaned gloriously. I was empty. I grabbed her and held her, firmly, to me. The kaçak bahis few inches gave me the chance to blow thin streams of cold air on the taut nipple; she shivered from it. My lover pulled free and brought the other orb to my waiting mouth. It was treated to the same loving as its sister. I gave all of it all my mouth could. Hot trails from my tongue cooled and chilled. I could have done this all night I believe. Maybe one day I’ll have the chance to find if I can get her to spend just from loving those glories.

I saw the greens, hot and bright and glowing with want. I don’t know how she does it. “I had to have you stop or I’d have cum from your loving, pet.” Bliss! I felt her fingers on, then in, me. “Oh my yes, pet; you’re quite ready. Put my cock in you.” I did; she was deliciously, tauntingly, agonizingly slow. As it slipped deep inside, her mouth covered mine. The kiss was hot, wet, and urgent, as were we.

“Someone said this last night.” She bent to one nipple, nipped it. “Ready?” She bent to the other nipple; sucked it whole. Pop. “Set?” Her mouth hot on mine, eyes locked with mine, she breathed, “GO!” kissed me, pulled the cock up and began. The first thrust was impossibly deep and delicious. Oh my god! The glory of being taken by a young, fit athlete.

I screamed my joy, grabbed my legs behind the knee, brought them high, and gave myself completely to her. Sheri’s eyes never left mine the entire time she fucked me. I saw them change often and spectacularly. When she saw mine go hazy and glaze she sped up, tipped me over the edge, and threw me headlong into it. I grabbed at the plastic with my pulsing walls; Sheri slowed, I screamed in agony, her eyes shone as she sped up. I tumbled, spun, and whirled through the heat of it. She was tearing me apart with that thing; it was consuming me in its glorious fire. I cried out as I felt it about to slip away. Sheri bent to kiss me, holding still deep inside to draw out the last, lingering bits of it. I loved her for it. It slipped away; oh no!! Lover, you hadn’t had yours yet. No, I can’t let her go without her spend – no, no, no.

I felt her lift; my eyes pleaded as I cried, “Please Sheri no; please help me give you yours. Please.” Her eyes teared and she nodded. “Thank you Ma’am; it was so good for me. I can’t have you not take yours as well. Fuck me, baby.”

I let my legs slip and pushed my feet into the bed. I teased the hard peaks of her breasts. I scratched her back so hard Sheri threw her head back and cursed me. She moaned; maybe the slight difference in the angle of my hips was just what she needed. I held my lover and watched it begin. First, the greens glazed. Not long after, they lost focus completely. The motion of her hips changed subtly; that was when I knew. I pulled her breast to my mouth and raked it with my teeth, laved it with my lips and tongue, and held her close with my hands. Sheri’s breaths got ragged and short; her hips jerked, a low growl, and she screamed. I had to fight to keep my mouth on her; she was a crazed wildcat above me. Sheri pounded furiously; the pain was delicious. I loved her breast, holding her. She rocked, bucked, thrust, ground; she’s fabulous. Sheri shivered, shuddered, and screamed. She collapsed on top of me panting and shaking. I held her through it all; fingers raking softly through her hair, others caressing soft skin. I kissed her shoulder as she came back. Sheri finally lifted her mouth to mine, smiled, and kissed me, soft and sweet, and collapsed on me — again! My baby was so tired.

She finally found some energy and lifted from me; suddenly, slowly, painfully it slipped from me. Oh god, I was going to be sore tomorrow. I smiled joyfully. I undid the harness and slid the plastic out. She rolled to her side next to me. I brought it up to my mouth and gave her a show. I gave it my best efforts — licking, deep-throating, swirling the tip, my eyes never leaving hers. With sly smile I finished and put it between us. “Very sexy, pet.” Her voice was raspy. Unbidden I got up, grabbed a glass, filled it with ice and water, and brought it to our bed. Sheri’s eyes twinkled as she drank. I had a little tingle of pride; my Ma’am was pleased. She handed me the glass. I sat up to pull the blankets over us, got up, came around to Sheri’s side of the bed, called in our wake up, came back around and slid in next to her. This was a good day.

“That was amazing pet, absolutely amazing.” We kissed, we snuggled, and, blissfully, we slept.

* * Saturday * *

That goddamned phone jarred us both when it rang. UGH! Sheri’s head was on my shoulder, my arms around her. I don’t know and I don’t care; I loved it. She turned, picked up the phone, dropped it, and came back to me. God bless long arms. Lord knows I love yours. As she came back around I brought her mouth to mine. Yeah, yeah, I know; morning mouth. Tough. I kissed her anyway. She didn’t seem to care much — the kiss lingered and deepened. Yummy. Maybe we can call in sick. I was sick with … mmm, never mind. When Sheri broke the kiss she lowered her head to my shoulder and sighed. I caressed her back and shoulders and waited patiently, contentedly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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