A Clandestine Affair

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I entered the boardroom just as the people were on their way out. Beverly Stryker, the head of the magazine, stood at the head of the table from where she had just conducted the meeting.

Dressed in a gray pants suit with white blouse and black pumps, She looked every bit the professional woman. She wore her blond hair in a bun, dangling jade earrings, red lipstick and a hint of eye shadow.

“Your presence was not required.”

“I know that,” I replied, “but that’s not why I’m in here. It’s personal.”

“Because we haven’t seen each other in three days you’re angry?” she said.

“You stood me up last night for dinner.”

“I had to work.”

“You’re afraid of us being seen together. You need to leave him.”

“I told you I had to work.”

“My friends told me that that bi girls are trouble.”

“Oh so now I’m trouble,” she retorted.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.”

“How did you mean it?”

“Beverly it’s just that I’m missing you. I can’t bear sharing you with a man, especially a husband.”

The clandestine lesbian romance between Beverly and me had been going on now for almost two months. Being careful, we tried to make-out only in places where we could not be seen. Though she had been inside my apartment, we had never come there together from anywhere. We had kissed in the garage but only after we were both certain the no one was walking to or from their car, or would go by us in their car.

“Nicole,” she paused and sighed before continuing. “He and I have to bahis firmaları go someplace together. I’ll see you tomorrow, definitely.”

“Well you better,” I retorted.

I left the boardroom still not quite satisfied that all was well between us. The knowledge that Beverly has a husband bothered me. Although women have been known to leave their husbands for other women, I wasn’t counting on any such luck. Besides, such occurrences are rare.

The roof over the garage floor left the entire space in a dark shadow. Several cars belonging to employees of the magazine were parked about the place though no one was expected to be walking or driving through anytime soon.

Beverly and I stood at a car with our arms around one another at mid back. Our lips puckered and pressed, withdrew, then pressed again. Mouths opened and tongues pushed at each other. My lips closed down on her lip, opened, then hers closed onto mine. Hands crept downward toward each other’s buttocks and pressed.

“Nicole, we’ve got to stop seeing each other like this.”

The grin on her face said “kiss me.”

The editor in chief of the magazine backed away one step. I stepped forward and put my hands on her waist. She smiled. We kissed again then parted for the time being.

As she walked away toward her car I said, “Will I see you tomorrow night?”

She nodded then turned away and continued walking.

I was sitting low on the sofa in my livingroom shortly after finishing a fish dinner. An episode of Seinfeld was playing on my kaçak iddaa flat screen TV. The doorbell rang so I got up and walked to it.

Beverly was wearing a purple, abstract print dress with ivory color scoop neck top and flats. Her blond hair with the bun unwrapped touched just below her shoulders.

“Don’t just stand there. Come inside.”

She strolled one step past the doorway and told me softly what I needed to hear from her lips.

“Mark and I have not made love to each other in God knows how long.”

We pressed our bodies against each other and kissed. We caressed one another about the shoulders, sides and back.

“Nicole I want you.”

We went to the sofa, and sat close. I began to rub her shoulders. She leaned to me and we kissed again. She got up, pulled off her dress then sat.

I began getting undressed, boatneck top then slacks. By the time I was down to my bra and panties Beverly was fully nude. I kissed my way down to her firm, round, three inch breasts. I licked her right nipple and areola while gently pressing my palms onto both soft mounds.

I withdrew my hands after several seconds only to reach back and unfasten the Maidenform’s back-band and let it’s straps slip down my shoulders. She put her palms on my modest mounds then snuggled her face into my chest. Her lips touched lightly on my left areola and nipple. She licked me there then moved her mouth to my other boob. She took my panties and wriggled them down. I took them at my knees and pulled them off.

As I lay face kaçak bahis up on my mattress Beverly knelt before my spread legs. She rubbed vigorously at my swollen, throbbing clitoris. With her other hand she gently stroked with a finger inside the wet, sticky, pink folds of my labia.

Muscles contracting inside my anus, and uterus made me buck then wince. My lungs made do with shallow, audible breaths. She had me in the throws of multiple orgasms.

I clutched at my tits and squeezed and pushed them upward while she continued to work my pussy. A short, shill “AHHH” escaped my lips followed by another scream.

“Don’t stop, baby, don’t stop!”

She snuggled her face between my legs and began tonguing my juices.

I recovered after a few seconds then rolled atop her, kissed her neck a few times, then kissed her lips. Seconds later I was kneeling before her pussy working it as she had done to me.

She screamed in the throws of her orgasms as I kept rubbing, then licking her sex.

After several exciting minutes, I held my exhausted lover close and stroked her hair with a finger. Some pillow talk let me know where our relationship was going.

“I’m planning to leave him. You’re very important to me.”

Her words made me feel on top of the world even more so than the awesome sex.

“So you do prefer a woman,” I murmured.

“Not just any woman, you,” she replied.

“Do you want me there when you tell him?”

“No, He’ll probably start yelling. There’s no sense in having him pissed off at both of us.”

Still nude, we walked back into the living room and cuddled on the sofa. My television was still tuned to the same channel. I lay back with my head on her thigh while she stroked fingers through my hair.

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