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Sarah was at the bar when they first came in, sipping a glass of white wine, relaxing.

The couple almost seemed out of place, or at least they did together. She was tall, very tall, almost 6 feet. With impossibly long legs made longer by her 3 inch Louboutin pumps. She had a model’s build. Slender hips, tiny breasts, and high cheekbones, framed by long, silky black hair. Her black pencil skirt and fitted white blouse accentuated all she had to offer.

She definitely stood out. Everyone noticed. Everyone looked. Sarah included.

What made her stand out even more was the man she was with. He seemed out of place with her, like he didn’t belong. Not that he was ugly or anything of the sort, it was just that he was no match for her. With her in heels, he was at least six inches shorter, dressed in khaki shorts and a polo that didn’t seem to mesh with her style. He seemed more suited for a tennis match than a date with her.

Sarah watched as they walked across the bar. He was a step behind, moving fast, like he was perpetually trying to catch up. As they got to their table, he moved behind her and pulled out her chair. She sat down without even acknowledging him. You could tell it was how she expected to be treated.

Right then, Sarah’s friend returned from the restroom. He saw them too. He sat back down and watched. Just like Sarah. To some, he might have been mistaken for Sarah’s boyfriend, but he wasn’t. He was just there, because she wanted him to be.

Sarah looked at her friend next to her, watching him stare, smiling as she did. His trance was broken when he felt her eyes upon him, like somehow he wasn’t allowed to watch.

The man in polo moved alone to the bar. The tall woman sat at the table alone. She knew everyone was watching her. She wanted them to look.

As the man in the polo returned to the table, he acted as if he was her waiter. He brought back a single glass of wine, and canlı bahis şirketleri slid over a napkin and placed it on the table before her. He paused as he stood next to her, waiting.

Finally she took a sip. After she did, she looked at him briefly, nodding slightly.

He sat down awkwardly beside her, seemingly at a loss without a drink of his own. He seemed nervous, fidgety. Where as she seemed completely calm and in control. He knew people were watching. He knew people were looking at him and looking at her wondering.

Sarah looked too. She couldn’t help it.

As the couple sat at their table, they rarely spoke. The man was clearly uncomfortable, shifting constantly in his seat. At one point she admonished him, clearly telling him to sit still as she reached her arm across his lap, holding him there. As she did, her hands dropped and slid across his knees. It was then that Sarah first noticed. Why she hadn’t noticed before then she had no idea.

But on the man’s knees were band-aids. There was one for each knee, big, square, and conspicuous.

Sarah looked across at her friend, smiling. He was staring. He noticed too.

Sarah’s eyes went back to the table, first to the woman, and then to the man, and his bandaged knees.

Sarah’s mind immediately began to wander. At first she focused on the man, imagining him completely naked, his knees red and scraped standing out against the rest of his tan body.

She imagined him nude, his blonde hair shaved from his body. In her mind, he seemed completely exposed, his inadequate cock standing at attention, no hair to hide behind, nowhere to go.

She imagined him on his scraped knees in front of her. In her mind she watched from behind, the tan lines from his pale ass standing out against the rest of his tanned skin.

Her heart skipped a beat as she imagined the image.

The woman at the table standing before him, her canlı kaçak iddaa pencil skirt hiked high above her hips, with her panties in a bunch on the floor, smiling down at the man on his knees before her.

Sarah imagined her hands on the back of his head, holding him there. Her height and his lack thereof made for the perfect combination. She towered over him, her pussy on full display, lording over him, directly in his face.

In her mind, in the scenario Sarah imagined, the women knew Sarah was watching. Sarah imagined the man at the woman’s mercy, while the woman looked across the room, smiling at Sarah, with her hands on the back of the man’s head, pulling him into her pussy, looking down, instructing him in her pleasure.

As he started, she looked back up at Sarah, smiling. She fucked his face as it continued.

For an instant Sarah broke out of her trance. She was no longer in the room watching, but instead back in the bar.

The crowd had started to grow and now more people were shuffling in and out. Still the woman and the man sat at their table. The woman turned and smiled at Sarah, almost as if she knew Sarah was watching and what she was thinking. Sarah, leaned forward nonchalantly, and ran her hands across her knees, letting the woman know she noticed the man and his bandaged knees.

The woman turned away and back toward the man she was with. Slowly and seductively she took the man’s hands and slowly bent his arms so his elbows pointed up. Just like his knees the man had large conspicuous band-aids on both elbows.

As Sarah watched her mind couldn’t help but wander again.

She imagined the man, down on all fours, his shapely pale ass up, ready for the taking. He was on carpet, rough hard carpet, with his knees supporting his body, his elbows bracing his chest. His inadequate little cock, rock hard and throbbing, pointed at the floor, while his balls hung down behind him canlı kaçak bahis exposed between his legs.

The woman was there behind him, her tiny breasts exposed with her nipples poking hungrily from her chest. In place of her pussy, she had a harness. Several black straps stretched around her shapely ass, and a flesh colored rubber dildo sprung from between her legs.

Even on her knees she seemed to tower over him.

He closed his eyes when she reached down to squeeze his balls. He closed them tighter when she put her hands on his hips to mount him. He whimpered when she first slipped inside.

“Please,” he groaned as she slid in deeper. His eyes opened wide when she was finally all the way in.

She fucked him gently at first, slowly sliding in and out. His mouth hung open with every thrust. She watched from above and behind, smiling as she watched her cock move in and out.

She slapped his ass before she fucked him hard. She grunted when she did, her hands pulling his hips toward her.

She fucked him again, harder, his elbows and knees sliding across the rough carpet as she did. Again and again she pumped him. He groaned with every thrust, his elbows and knees fighting to brace his body as she did, to almost no avail.

Sarah broke out of her trance once again and snapped back to reality, her eyes and mind regaining focus.

By then the woman had turned back around and was now looking at Sarah. The women bent forward, just like Sarah had done earlier and brushed her hands across her knees.

Sarah smiled at the gesture, turning toward her friend as she did, and looking down at the band-aids on his knees. It was then Sarah grabbed both of his hands, raising them in the air, exposing his elbows and the band-aids he had there.

The woman smiled widely as she did. Sarah returned the smile with a mischievous grin.

Slowly the woman got up from the table, the man she was with in tow. She eyed Sarah and her friend as she approached, a serious look was now in her eyes.

She stopped and looked directly at Sarah before she calmly said “Do you want to swap, or would you rather do something else?”

Sarah could only grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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