Arin’s Birthday Party Pt. 03

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With a huge effort, Arin stepped aboard the small square craft, floating about ankle-height off the raised walkway. It was almost nine o’clock at night, and she needed to get back to her airship. The only problem was her brother Lea: he’d attended the first part of a meeting with her that afternoon, and split off from her around four to get some food. Arin had gotten there early; they were supposed to meet back up at the craft at eight-thirty, but the time had come and gone, leaving Arin with only the company of a small piece of paper, blowing listlessly about the deserted aircraft docking area in the breezy evening. This wouldn’t have been so bad by itself, but Arin had been desperate to pee for hours and was more than anxious to return to her ship, file her paperwork, and pick up where she’d left off with Lana that morning.

The docking area itself was a low platform, at which up to sixteen small hovering crafts could be moored. Arin’s type of craft was called a “raft,” and was basically just a floating, unimpressive square of floor with railing around it, with a control panel embedded into one of the corners and a sunshade at the top. The ship was only about half a kilometer away, sitting in a giant maintenance cradle on the other side of the docks. She could see its hulking silhouette against the blazing sunset and made a split-second decision.

Arin entered her key code into the control panel and panted to herself, “He can fly back, he needs the exercise anyway,” before closing the gate and setting the raft to hover. She could’ve flown using her wings, but doing that would put a lot of extra stress on her bladder, and she was well past her normal holding capacity by this point. Arin’s face was almost as red as her shoulder-length crimson hair, and her large, sparrow-like feathered wings were held stiffly at her sides as the raft started to lift.

The little piece of paper blowing around the dock caught on Arin’s hand. Figuring she could throw it in the recycling bin on the ship, she hastily folded the paper and stowed it into her pocket while she set the raft’s speed.

The flight back to the ship was agonizingly slow; the delivery crafts were undergoing maintenance, so Arin had to dock her raft more than twice as far away from the doors to the lower decks as she normally did.

Since it was so late, no one was around and Arin didn’t have to hide her desperation on the long walk up the hallway to her office. Several times she stopped and spread her feet wide on the linoleum floor, fully expecting to pee herself, only to regain control and avert the leak at the last second.

Arin hurriedly filed away her papers in the correct bins, drawers, and folders and plodded out of her office. Her bladder felt like an overfilled balloon in her abdomen, making it impossible for her to walk normally. It wasn’t until she fumbled the keys to her office when she went to lock it that she realized she wasn’t going to make it to her quarters.

Yanking the key back out of the lock, Arin forced the door forward. There was a small restroom connected to her office, and she waddled toward it as quickly as she could, gathering up her skirt with a steady drip beginning between her legs. Ahead of her, the restroom door was closed. She felt an overwhelming rush of relief when she laid her hand on the doorknob: the toilet was right on the other side of the-


The doorknob was stuck in place. Arin wiggled it, and her stomach dropped.

“Locked?!” whined Arin. Part of her wanted to cry, but the rest of her was quickly losing control of her bladder. She started to panic and ran toward the first place she could think of: her desk. There was a small absorbent pad underneath for emergencies and ink spills, and she ran for it, tripping over her own feet at exactly the wrong moment. The last thing she saw before she blacked out was the corner of her desk, speeding toward her face in what felt like slow motion.

Four hours later…

The Shieldmaiden found herself back in the clearing she always had, feeling like she had been somewhere – and someone – completely different just moments before. She tried to remember, but her brain could only feed her fuzzy images and jumbled syllables.

The thick old-growth forest around her was quiet, with only the occasional bird call, echoing through the trees, rapidly darkening in the early dusk. The Shieldmaiden knew, somehow, that her target would be there soon, and somehow, she knew exactly where she wanted to go.

“That’s a lot of ‘somehows,'” whispered a little voice in the back of the Shieldmaiden’s mind. Not really knowing what else to do, she set off down a winding, shadowy path that would lead her up the side of the river valley, and to the top of the waterfall that fed the river. The path was gentle and sloping, giving the falls a wide berth.

In what felt like no time at all, the Shieldmaiden was within sight of the top of the waterfall. Her stomach did a nervous backflip, and she gripped her sword: the ice giantess canlı bahis was already there, naked, lying spreadeagled on her back next to the river. Most of the ice giantess’s supine form was on one side of the river, with her large feathered wings squashed uncomfortably to one side; one foot stuck out over the sheer cliff over the falls while the other was sprawled out over the river, crossing the water like a bridge. The giantess’s head was facing away from the Shieldmaiden, but as she sneaked up to the river, giantess’s low, rumbling breathing was unmistakable: she was asleep.

There was no other way to cross, so the Shieldmaiden made her way to the giantess’s foot. She sheathed her sword and climbed up onto the huge heel. Since the giantess’s leg was sprawled out sideways it was easy to walk on, and the giantess was mercifully still, sleeping soundly.

Once she reached the giantess’s knee, the Shieldmaiden could see more of the giantess’s body: the giantess’s breasts were so large that they cast shadows down her belly, which seemed to swell up like a hill just below her belly button. Some of the giantess’s long crimson braid of hair sat across her shoulders, strewn with giant pearls. Weirdly, the Shieldmaiden also caught a glimpse of a tiara on the giantess’s head, decorated with delicate crystals to resemble melting icicles.

“Why the tiara though?” the Shieldmaiden asked herself aloud. It felt as if she’d asked this question many times before, and it made the little voice in her head from before snicker: “Yeah, you have.”

The Shieldmaiden climbed the giantess’s thigh and onto her belly. It felt springy beneath the Shieldmaiden’s feet as though it were full of fluid, almost like an overfilled water bed-

“Mmnnnngh,” the giantess moaned, shifting. The Shieldmaiden lost her footing and tumbled back as the giantess pulled her foot away from the cliff next to the waterfall, drawing her knee up. The Shieldmaiden almost fell off the giantess between her legs, but she was stopped by something. She didn’t really think about it, scrambling to her feet, and even pushed off this odd object. Against the judgment of that obnoxious voice in her head, she drew her sword and charged; if she was fast enough, she could cut off a lock of hair and make a run for it-

The ice giantess shifted again, pulling up her other leg from the river. The cold water on her thigh seemed to wake her up, and her entire body started to move. The Shieldmaiden got to the top of the bulge in the giantess’s stomach again before she was thrown back, grabbing onto the first thing she could, protruding between the giantess’s legs: a large clitoris, almost shoulder-height to the Shieldmaiden. It was very warm – which seemed like it should be uncharacteristic of an ice giantess – and throbbing with the giantess’s quickening heartbeat.

“But this is a dream, we don’t need logic,” cackled the voice in the Shieldmaiden’s head, louder than ever.

“Oh shut up,” mumbled the Shieldmaiden, hanging on for dear life.

The giantess dislodged one wing from behind her, then the other, sitting up. She gasped again, and her hips tilted forward, leaving the shieldmaiden hanging on tighter than ever, dangling in front of the giantess’s swollen vulva, which was easily twice the Shieldmaiden’s height.

The giantess’s clitoris bobbed up and down, and she let out a low moan that rumbled through the valley, but the Shieldmaiden hung on stubbornly. If she fell off she’d be trapped between the giantess and cliff over the waterfall.

A huge amount of fluid seeped from the giantess’s urethra; it was level with the Shieldmaiden’s legs, and somehow, she knew that it was just a small leak. She started climbing madly: if the giantess let go, she would get blown away over the waterfall-

One of the giantess’s hands lowered itself between her legs. “Whoa there, stop that,” said the ice giantess in her booming voice, sounding tired. Her hand cupped underneath the Shieldmaiden to catch her, but the Shieldmaiden held on stubbornly. “Come on, I really have to pee.”

The Shieldmaiden wouldn’t budge.

“Let go, hurry,” gasped the giantess’s booming voice. “I’m about to-“

A stronger gush of piss escaped the giantess, hitting the Shieldmaiden squarely in the legs and knocking her back, splashing into the giantess’s hand, which was quickly raised out of the way while the giantess lost control of her bladder, finally letting go and loosing a torrent that rivaled the waterfall, arching up over the valley as it picked up speed.

The Shieldmaiden grabbed her sword, glaring up at her captor, who held her at about chest height over the falls while she sighed with relief. Something about the giantess’s face was familiar; her eyes were a clear, slightly reflective violet, a branch and a lot of little twigs were caught in her hair from sleeping, and her tiara was askew on her head.

“Lana?” the giantess sighed. “Or are you still uhm-…the ‘Shieldmaiden?'” She asked, pulling her other hand up from aiming her gargantuan bahis siteleri stream to make air quotes.

At the sound of her name, the weird spell of the dream logic loosened its hold on the Shieldmaiden. Memory crept back in, and that voice in the back of her head moved to the front of her thoughts, only she recognized that now too: it was her own voice.

The dream logic broke. The Shieldmaiden remembered who she was: Lana snapped back to herself standing in the giantess’s hand, sword drawn, and still ankle-deep in piss, though most of it had drained from the giantess’s palm.

Lana looked up at the giantess and back down at her sword. After a moment of thought, she flung her sword away toward the cliff, where it promptly got caught up in the giantess’s mighty stream, plunging down to the valley below.

“Thanks for catching me, Arin,” said Lana, pulling off her helmet next.

Above her, the giantess, Arin, smirked. “That felt nice, but I almost blew you off the falls. Why did you charge like that?”

Lana shook her head. “I have no idea. How are you feeling?”

Arin woke in her bed, naked on her side, pissing all over herself and her sheets while Lana sat up sleepily on the other side of the bed. Arin’s head was pounding, and there was a dull ache around her left eye.

“How are you feeling, birthday girl?” yawned Lana, reaching over to pat Arin’s shoulder. It was raining again outside, echoed by the loud whizzing underneath Arin’s blankets. She wasn’t exactly lying in a puddle though, meaning that Lana had thought to put absorbent pads under the sheets.

“How do you know about that?” asked Arin.

Lana stretched. She was fully-clothed, but her yellow hair was plastered to the side of her face from sleeping. Arin sat up, carefully pushing back her dry blankets and duvet to keep from soaking them.

“I’ve seen your medical chart, you doofus,” said Lana. “Your birthday is listed right there. Plus, Lea, Dmeytri, and Leah all told me, and we’ve been planning your party since last week.”

Arin prodded lightly at her swollen eye and reached for a bottle of aspirin which Lana produced from her pocket. “My…what?”

“Your birthday party,” said Lana. “We made reservations for dinner at that restaurant Lea says you like. He left a note for you to meet him there – we were worried about you when you didn’t show up. What happened to you in your office?”

Arin looked down. Her stream slowed to a trickle, and she pushed out what more she could. Her bladder still felt full and stretched, but it wasn’t painful anymore. Unable to let out any more at the moment, Arin reached down to stroke her vulva. The usual relentless heat in her crotch was still there, though the throbbing in her head distracted her from it more than usual.

“I don’t remember there being a note…” Arin said slowly, pausing to down an entire glass of water with the aspirin. Arin recounted what had happened in her office. “Does it look as bad as it feels?” she asked after finishing the story.

Lana took a deep breath. “Well…you um…won’t be able to cover it up all the way with sunglasses…But Leah says she can get you a cream for that.”

Arin yawned, stroking herself a little faster. She knew Lana could see what she was doing, and it felt good. “How did I get back?”

“Dmeytri carried you back here,” said Lana. “I’m the one who took off your dress, though. You had a bloody nose when we found you, and it got on the front of your dress. I’ve got it soaking in the laundry room.”

“Did I wet myself?” Arin yawned.

“Nope, just the bloody nose,” said Lana. “Dmeytri did tell me you were leaking a little though.”

Arin groaned, sitting up on her haunches. The relentless heat in her genitals was rapidly becoming more noticeable as her brain woke up, and she pulled herself up onto her knees and straddled Lana, brushing the crotch of Lana’s fuzzy pajama bottoms with her hard, wet clitoris.

“I think I should take off my pants if you want to do that here,” yawned Lana. Arin lifted herself up a little to let Lana shimmy out of her pants and kick them onto the floor.

“Can I take off your top?” asked Arin.

Lana sighed. “Well, it *is* your birthday. How can I possibly say no?”

Arin’s wings bobbed behind her happily as she pulled off Lana’s t-shirt. “Would you be up for trying something?”

“Right now?”

Arin nodded.

Lana took a deep breath while Arin tossed the shirt off the bed. “As long as it doesn’t involve intense physical exercise, I’m game.”

Arin pulled Lana’s face close to hers, looking into Lana’s brown eyes intensely-


The noise had come from Arin’s stomach, loud enough to make them both flinch a little. Arin hadn’t eaten since lunch, and she was starting to feel very hungry…

“Lea and I boxed up some of the food from your party,” snorted Lana, stretching up to kiss Arin, carefully staying away from the swollen welt on the side of Arin’s face. “It’s in the fridge.”

“Let’s bahis şirketleri get started then,” said Arin, returning the kiss. Arin slipped her hand down between Lana’s legs. She was already wet, and her clitoris was erect. Arin played with it, and it didn’t take much to get her to start squirming, pushing her face into Arin’s breasts to muffle her moans.

Meanwhile, Arin’s bladder was beginning to relax again. Arin moved on to inserting two fingers and worked on Lana until she started to twitch. At that point, she stopped suddenly, lifting herself up over Lana on her haunches.

“Why’d you stop?” panted Lana. Her face was red, and her body was shaking.

Rather than telling Lana, Arin drew herself up a little, relaxed her bladder, and pushed a little to start peeing again. Her stream quickly whizzed to full strength, and she aimed it directly at Lana’s pussy.

Lana whimpered at first; Arin concentrated on keeping her flow steady while Lana lay back and spread her legs. Despite the huge amount of piss she’d just let go in bed, Arin still felt full.

Arin stretched her wings, angling her hips a little to keep her stream on target. Lana swiveled her hips uneasily under the jet, moaning softly. Arin had gotten her so worked up before that she came almost instantly, arching her back with a loud yawp. Arin kept her flow going until Lana stopped writhing and relaxed.

Arin sat back, touching herself while she continued peeing into the pads under the sheets. Her flow tapered off after about thirty seconds, leaving her bladder nearly empty.

Lana sat up when she’d caught her breath, and watched Arin slowly masturbating for a long moment. Arin’s clitoris was fully hard, twitching visibly as Lana drew forward. She let Lana touch it, grasping it between her thumb and forefinger. Arin gasped like she had in her dream, when Lana had been stubbornly dangling from it as “the shieldmaiden.” The thought made Arin giggle.

“Nice to hear that from you today,” said Lana, kissing Arin’s collarbone. After everything that had happened over the last few days, Arin was more than ready for this, and gasped loudly when Lana reached down to cup her vulva. Arin wanted to fall back on the bed and just let Lana explore with her deft little fingers, but the pads on the bed had to be close to reaching their maximum saturation, and she’d more or less be falling into a puddle.

It didn’t matter though; Lana knew exactly how to work Arin, penetrating her while she stimulated the head of Arin’s swollen clitoris.

Arin cried out, and tried to keep her wings pinned at her sides while her body tensed up; she’d accidentally swatted partners with her wings before, and while other andynes had liked it, she’d found that her non-winged partners didn’t appreciate it quite as much.

Arin’s inner monologue was cut off by her own voice; her long-denied orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. She screamed aloud and convulsed so hard that she would’ve tossed Lana off the bed if she hadn’t already been clinging to Lana’s sweaty body.

As usual, Lana kept going; a slight tingling sensation started in Arin’s crotch, and she wrapped herself around Lana’s body, moaning and nuzzling into Lana’s shoulder, barely feeling the ache from the bruise on her face. She came again a few seconds later, stifling her cries against Lana’s shoulder while also trying not to leave bloody scratches on her back again.

Arin slumped on top of Lana, panting.

“Finished?” asked Lana, stroking Arin’s clitoris and earning a whimper in return.

“N-not yet,” said Arin breathlessly. The tingling from before came back stronger after the second orgasm, and she humped at Lana’s hand impatiently.

Lana barely had to do anything; Arin came a third time, her wings contracting hard and propelling them both off the bed. Arin twisted on the floor, holding onto Lana for dear life while the contractions exploded through her. When it finally subsided Arin relaxed on the floor, loosening her grip on Lana, who sat up.

“You all done?” she asked, cheekily tweaking Arin’s clit. It made Arin’s pussy twitch, and her urethra warmed suddenly.

“Lana, don’t-” Arin couldn’t stop the brief, hot gush of piss that came out of her. Thinking quickly, Lana grabbed the closest thing she could to absorb it: the set of fuzzy pajamas she’d been wearing less than ten minutes before.

There wasn’t much left in Arin, so the fuzzy button-up top and bottom easily soaked up the remainder of her urine. When Arin was finished she flopped back on the floor, lying spreadeagled with her wings squashed to one side. The raised mark on the side of her face from the desk was throbbing uncomfortably, but the pain from it was tolerable and ebbing away slowly.

Lana kissed Arin and stood up, tossing her soaked pajamas onto the bed. “I’ll get this cleaned up. When you’re ready, there is a lot of food waiting for you in the kitchen.”

“Mmm,” sighed Arin, stretching. “I’m comfortable right here. Just give me a minute, I’ll help.”

“No. It’s your birthday, young lady,” Lana said with a sternness that didn’t match her face. “Relax, go gorge yourself. And the duvet made it out intact somehow, so there isn’t much to wash anyway.”

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