Anna of Whitecliffs Hall Ch. 03

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After the rather entertaining (and stimulating) evening that Anna and I spent with our neighbours Henry and Louise – and the first oysters of the new season – I had to go up North for a while.

My favourite aunt, who had been on her last legs for a few years, finally died. In her younger days, Aunt Linda had been the brain in the family. But, as the years went by, she rather ‘lost it’.

My sister Jennifer lives quite near to the care home where Linda spent the last few months of her life and she popped in to see Linda every couple of days. For a while there, things went quite well. But then Linda really started to go downhill rapidly. In the final couple of weeks, she wasn’t even sure who Jennifer was. ‘You’ve got the wrong room,’ she told Jennifer a couple of days before she died. ‘You silly woman! Your room is on the other side of the quadrangle. Next to the post office.’ (There was no quadrangle. There was no post office.)

Linda’s funeral was an intimate affair. Sadly, she had out-lived her husband and most of her friends, and her only son had been killed in an accident in the First Gulf War. A couple of her former neighbours turned up to see her off, and there were a few of the staff from the care home, but that was about it.

‘I think I may need some help to sort out her affairs,’ Jennifer said. ‘She seems to have left things in a bit of a mess. And her solicitor is not a lot of help. He seems about as loopy as she was.’

‘Yeah … well … I dare say that you and I will be there one day,’ I said. ‘But, yes, I can help. Why don’t I stay on here for a while, and we’ll see if we can get a few things in order?’ Jennifer and I have always been close. I think that she was suitably relieved.

Linda’s Will specified that her estate, after all expenses, was to be divided equally between her niece Jennifer and her nephew Humphrey. So far so good. But the doddery old solicitor seemed to have difficulty grasping that Jennifer and I were the niece and nephew in question. Still, we got there in the end.

Almost a month later, we had things more or less tidied up. We even had a buyer for Linda’s cottage. And, after a rather good meal at a local fine-dining establishment, I bade my sister farewell for the time being, and headed back down south to my apartment in Whitecliffs Hall. It was either that or I was going to have to give serious thought to tapping my sister. I had long had a slight inclination, and she was looking more and more appealing by the day.

When I got back down south, most of Whitecliffs Hall’s other residents seemed to have wandered off to Spain or Portugal or Tuscany, or somewhere else ‘over there’. I guess it was that time of the year. But, after my expedition to the north, I was content to just grab a pair of shorts and a book and go and park myself down on our little private beach.

‘Ha! I hoped I would find you here. I thought you were back. Good. Excellent. In fact perfect.’ It was, of course, Anna. She was wearing a sundress but, perhaps feeling a bit horny, I couldn’t help but feel that she should have been dressed in some exotic undergarment.

‘You know, you could probably get away with wearing a corset down here on the beach,’ I said. ‘Any unsuspecting person who happened to wander along would just think that it was the latest thing in open-front swimsuits.’

‘You might be right,’ she said. ‘You might be right. I shall have to give it some thought. But to more pressing matters. I have a friend popping in for a drink tomorrow evening. I think that you might like to join us. In fact I am sure that you would like to join us.’


‘Usual rules. Six o’clock. Don’t forget to bring a thirst.’

I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant by ‘usual rules’, but, at six o’clock sharp, I presented myself at her door. ‘A bottle of Tanqueray,’ güvenilir bahis I said, handing over the distinctive green, London fire hydrant-shaped bottle. ‘We always seem to be drinking yours. I thought that it was time that I made a contribution.’

‘You shouldn’t have,’ Anna said. ‘But thank you. Now … Humphrey, let me introduce Sara. Sara … this is Humphrey, my neighbour and … well … special friend.’

‘Enchanté,’ Sara said.

Down at the beach, Anna hadn’t said whether her friend popping in was male or female, but I somehow suspected that she would be female.

‘As you can see, we’ve already started,’ Anna said. And she handed me a gin and tonic made to the Anna recipe: two or three small cubes of ice, lots of gin, a slice of lemon, and just a hint of tonic. ‘Cin cin.’

‘Cin cin’, I echoed.

Sara was quite a bit younger than Anna. She was probably in her late 20s, early 30s at most. And she was rather attractive in an understated kind of way. She was taller and slimmer than Anna, and she had dark blonde hair which she wore in a deep fringe which gave way to graceful, wispy strands that framed her pleasant face. She was dressed simply in a crisp white blouse, a mid-blue, knee-length full skirt, matching stockings, and what I suspect were rather expensive navy blue shoes.

‘So, how do you two know each other?’ I asked. They certainly didn’t look as if the they were related. There was no family likeness that I could discern.

‘Umm … we sort of met while shopping,’ Anna said.


‘Yes. Online. The site that we met on had one of those little forums – or is it fora? – where they encourage customers to talk to each other. And hopefully exchange positive opinions about the merchandise. Fit. Stars out of five. Or is it ten? Anyway … that sort of thing.’

‘And did you have positive opinions about the merchandise?’

‘I think so,’ Anna said.

‘Oh, very much so,’ Sara added.

I nodded. ‘One of my customers went down that track,’ I said.

‘One of your customers? Oh? Are you a merchant of some kind?’ Sara asked.

‘Umm … no, not anymore,’ I said. ‘I did have a business. But I sold it. And then I moved down here.’

‘Oh? And what was your business?’

‘Nothing exciting,’ I said. ‘Just … you know … importing. And distribution.’

‘Food stuffs?’ Sara suggested.

No, of course it wasn’t foodstuffs. Oh, what the hell? ‘Sex toys,’ I said.

Anna’s eyebrows shot up. ‘Sex toys!’ she said. ‘You old dog. You didn’t tell me that. You just said that you imported stuff and shipped it around the country.’

‘Well, I did.’

‘Be that as it may, you didn’t say what sort of stuff you shipped around the country.’

‘Maybe you didn’t ask,’ I said.

‘I probably didn’t. But you still should have told me,’ she said. ‘Well, well. You sly old dog.’

‘I tended to specialise in the quality end of the market,’ I said. ‘There’s a lot of cheap tat out there. And there’s a lot of tat that’s not even that cheap. But I tended to specialise in the well-designed, well-made toys that did what they said on the tin.’

Anna beamed and nodded. ‘Well, well,’ she said. ‘You must let me in on some of your hot tips.’

‘The Velvet Cave,’ Sara said.

‘The Velvet Cave? Yes. The Velvet Cave was one of my customers,’ I said. From the way in which Sara said it, I assumed that she was not unfamiliar with The Velvet Cave.

‘My dear sister took me to The Velvet Cave,’ Sara said. ‘So that I could select a birthday present.’

I smiled and tried to imagine my own dear sister taking me to The Velvet Cave to select a birthday present. Not that she would need to, of course. I already had more than enough sex toys for one person. But I did quite like the idea of Jennifer and I shopping at The türkçe bahis Velvet Cave.

And, as if Sara was reading my mind, she said: ‘Oh, we weren’t shopping for toys. We were shopping for lingerie.’

I nodded. Yes. That made more sense. ‘Ah … yes,’ I said. ‘The Velvet Cave is rightly-famous for their rather … well … risqué lingerie collection.’

Sara smiled.

‘As I may have mentioned, Humphrey is rather a fan of interesting lingerie,’ Anna said. ‘Why don’t you show him what you are wearing this evening?’

Sara smiled. ‘Really? You think that I should?’ she asked.

‘I do. I think Humphrey would be most appreciative,’ Anna said.

Sara smiled again, and got to her feet. She looked straight across at me and slowly unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. And then she appeared to have a change of heart. Oh, well, not every woman was the total show-off that Anna was. But then Sara continued. By the time that she had unbuttoned the third button, I could glimpse that she was wearing something colourful beneath her smart-but-plain blouse. Another three buttons and she allowed her blouse to fall open revealing what it was.

My first thought was that she was wearing a rather beautiful – and colourful – long-line bra. I could see why Anna had said that I would be most appreciative. And then it occurred to me that it might not be a long-line bra at all. It might be even better. It might be that I was looking at the top half of an exceedingly-elegant corset.

The bra cups were a sort of pale blue net-like fabric. Almost transparent. And they were scattered with appliqued pink, orange, and lavender flowers. Peeping from between the blossoms, Sara’s large pink areolae were clearly visible. Yes. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

The Lycra side panels of the bra (or corset or whatever it was) were also blue. Navy blue. And there was another semi-transparent, flower-strewn panel running from just below the bra cups, all the way down to Sara’s waist.

‘Very nice,’ I said.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Anna quietly nodding and smiling.

For a moment or two, Sara just stood there with a little smile of her own. And then she reached behind and appeared to be doing something with the waistband of her skirt. She looked towards Anna. ‘Now?’ she asked.

Anna smiled and nodded. ‘Oh, I think so,’ Anna said.

Behind her back, Sara appeared to undo something and then lower a zip. But, for a few seconds, she held her skirt just where it was. And then she began to lower it. Slowly, little by little, a few millimetres at a time, she revealed what I hoped she might reveal: that the long-line bra was indeed a corset. By the time she had lowered her skirt halfway down her trim tummy, I could see that she was not just wearing a corset, she was wearing an open-fronted corset. There was a tantalising glimpse of flesh. Again she paused, and glanced at Anna.

And, again, Anna nodded.

And then Sara let her skirt fall to the floor. Her stocking tops had a pattern woven into them that perfectly echoed some of the detailing on the corset. But what really surprised me, what I really hadn’t expect to see, was her half-hard cock.

I turned to look at Anna. She was smiling. ‘Isn’t that just so beautiful?’ she said.

‘Umm …’ I really didn’t know what to say. I mean … yes, it was … beautiful. But it had also taken me totally, totally by surprise. ‘Umm … well … yes. I must say that I wasn’t expecting … well …’

‘A cock?’ Anna said.

‘Well … no. I mean yes. I mean … But it is very nice. It’s all very nice. That corset is fabulous,’ I said. And then, just in case Sara thought that I was implying that her cock wasn’t, I added: ‘And it really is a beautiful cock too.’

‘Thank you,’ Sara said.

‘It’s just … well …’

And güvenilir bahis siteleri then Anna said: ‘And now I am beginning to feel a little over-dressed. Perhaps if you could help me with my zip, Humphrey.’

‘But of course.’ As I fumbled with her clasp and lowered her zip, I noticed that my hands were shaking slightly. The gin? Somehow I didn’t think so.

Beneath her smart cocktail dress, Anna was also wearing a new corset – at least it was a corset that I had not seen her wearing before. It was a little more sturdy and structured than the corset that Sara was wearing, but it, too, was festooned with appliqued blossoms. ‘Mmm … this is very nice,’ I said.

‘I like it,’ Anna said. ‘It was while I was purchasing this that I met Sara.’

‘Oh? A recommendation?’

‘In a way. As you know, I like the front lower edge, hem, whatever, of my corsets to be cut high enough to show off my furry mound. I went onto the forum to see how others had found this particular design. Sara was one of the first to reply, saying that the cutaway showed off her cock perfectly so, in all probability, my mound would also show nicely. I thanked Sara for her response; one thing led to another; and Sara emailed me a photograph of herself.’

‘As one does,’ I said.

Anna smiled. ‘Well … as Sara did anyway. And now we have the real thing.’

‘And very nice it is,’ I said.

And then Anna wagged a finger in the general direction of my nether regions. ‘Aren’t you forgetting something?’ she said.

Was I?

‘House rules. Trousers,’ she said. ‘Removal of. Out comes the gin; off come the trousers.’

‘Oh. Yes,’ I said. ‘I was understandably distracted. Sorry.’ I look another large sip of my G&T, and removed my trousers. I wasn’t wearing briefs or boxer shorts. I knew that there was no need for such when visiting Anna.

‘Yes. Much better,’ Anna said. ‘And I am pleased to see that your beautiful cock is already taking an interest in proceedings. Let me just refresh our drinks, and then we can work out what we are going to do next.’

Anna gathered up our half-full glasses and, in next to no time, returned them with their tide levels restored. ‘Now,’ she said, ‘here’s my plan.’

With almost Pavlovian responsiveness, Sara and I both took a slightly-nervous swig of our drinks.

‘Now, Sara … if you could come over here and help me prepare Humphrey.’

Prepare? Bloody hell! What was I letting myself in for?

‘We need to get him good and hard,’ Anna said. ‘So, if you could just take his cock in hand …’

Actually, Sara’s hands were wonderfully soft and smooth, and yet, at the same time, surprisingly firm. And she certainly knew how to handle a cock. I guess having one of her own might have had something to do with that.

‘Perfect,’ Anna said, as my cock stretched out in a sort of a pink salute. And then she placed a chair of just the right proportions in the centre of the room and, after adjusting the suspenders at the rear of her corset (‘to facilitate access’), she knelt on the chair with her knees spread, facing the low back.

‘Humphrey, if you could just pop around to the tradesman’s entrance, my dear. And, Sara, you come and stand in front of me. Yes … perfect,’ she said. And she took Sara’s cock in hand and began tonguing it as thought it was an ice cream.

Anna’s delicious cunt was already slick with juices. I ran my cock along her valley several times, but I didn’t enter her steamy fuck hole. I’m not sure how, but I somehow got the distinct impression that I was to go straight for her beautiful arsehole, her beautiful arsehole that appeared to be already opening up in anticipation of my visit.

All things considered, we lasted remarkably well. But, after maybe ten or twelve minutes, we all knew that it was time to shoot the moon. Sara and I took our cues from Anna.

‘Brilliant,’ Anna said. ‘Absolutely fucking brilliant. Now … let’s take a little break, and then I have something else for us to try.’ And she did. But that’s another story for another day.

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