Music City Awards – 6pm to 7pm

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God damnit, I’m going to be late.

I picked up the speed on my ride and felt my adrenaline rush. I spent the last 30 minutes waiting in line to talk to my professor about a B+ I got on my chemistry exam, and completely lost track of time. I stood there in my lab coat, shifting from foot to foot, my black leather knee high boots clicking impatiently as student after student argued their case to him. I checked my watch multiple times and sighed heavily, my 36B’s rising up and down with impatience. When it came to my turn, I closed his office door and used my….dazzling charm and silver tongue to quickly convince him that I deserved an A. Beaming a lipglossed smile, I thanked him as he looked dazed, turned on my heel and strutted out of the room, knowing every male and female was watching me.

I hear them whisper.

That’s Deea from Hurricane. I smile, drop my lashes and continue swinging my hips until I reach my motorcycle. Ripping off my lab coat and strapping my helmet over my red and black hair, I straddled the seat and I was off in a flash.

The Music City Awards were tonight and I have been nominated for Female Singer of the Year. This is a huge honor for an 18 year old chick – it is quite possible bahis firmaları I am the youngest girl singer around (I usually have to lie and say I am older than I am, since I have been doing this since I was 16). My original band, Hurricane, is a cross between rock and old British pop…with a dash of, well, sex. We pack in about 300 a weekend at the dive bars in our area, and have opened for some pretty big name acts in front of crowds well over a couple thousands. We have put out some CDs, have had some offers, but since I am in college I have had to turn them down for now.

When I received the phone call saying I was nominated for a Music City Award, I must admit…I was pretty pumped. All of that hard work, leather pants, cropped shirts, bouncing cleavage and teased hair has paid off.

My motorcycle was humming between my legs, and I fought the urge to grind my clit against it. When I get anxious about the band, I can’t help it – I get so horny. Hitting the cobblestone that leads up to my apartment building, my tits started bouncing and I let out a low groan that I hope was muffled by the roar of the engine.

Finally, I was home. Throwing my leg over the seat, I noticed there was a wet spot where kaçak iddaa I was sitting. “Oh, shit”, I muttered. I wiped it off quickly with my hand, and rushed up stairs.

I threw my backpack on the floor and ran straight for my bedroom. I yanked my clothes off hastily and stopped quickly to admire my body in the mirror. My chin length, choppy hair was windblown, my breasts were full and my stomach was taut. A flame tattoo was inked onto the right side of my rip cage, and my nipples were pierced as well as my nose. Good lord, I have to admit, I am hot. And everyone will see it tonight.

I slowed myself down a bit and pulled off my thongs. I saw the wetness in between my legs and, using my right hand, slowly spread it around. Holy fuck, I was so horny. I fell back onto the bed and spread my legs in front of the mirror.

Just one orgasm. That’s all I’ll give myself. And I quickly got to work.

I spread my pussy lips and found my swollen, pink clit. Drawing it out by pinching the hood, I used my finger to rapidly move it in circles. I could always cum like a champ – in seconds and as frequently as I want. But only once for right now, to take the edge off. I was like a drug addict, bucking my hips immediately, kaçak bahis wanting more pleasure. I started humping my hand as it was working my pussy hard and fast. My clit started throbbing and my legs were clenching. I forced them apart so I could see myself finish. With a final press on my button and a shriek, my body tensed and shook. I thrashed on the bed once, twice, three times…and panted as I came down. I looked at the clock. “Under a minute, not bad!” I said out loud.

Liking the wind-blown-i-just-fucked-myself look, I tipped my head upside down and grabbed my hairspray. Spraying the hell out of my tresses, I flipped over and stared at myself, stark naked. I carefully and meticulously applied eye makeup and black liquid eyeliner, not in a hurry anymore, but in a sexy daze. The lipstick finished off my hussy lead singer canvas, and I pulled on my black dress, not bothering with underwear. I was feeling deliciously scandalous.

I looked at the clock. It was almost time to go. Pulling on the same leather boots I seduced my professor with, I took one final look at myself in the mirror. I brought my right hand to my mouth and licked my fingers. A burning desire jumped in my lower stomach, but it would have to wait. Tonight, if my vocal talent won’t win me this award…then I know some of my other assets will.

Continue to Music City Awards – 7pm to 8pm to see what happens next 😉


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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