Latex Panties

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This is my first submission here although not my first story I have written. I apologise for any grammatical errors etc, I am not an English teacher. I must warn it is not for the faint hearted….I must add it is a true story though…!

I got home early from work but absolutely shattered. A quick bite to eat and I jumped into the shower. As I showered I thought about what I was going to do. I must admit I had a few doubts about whether what I was about to do was ethical and indeed whether I could even do it!

Toweling myself down I took care not to touch my pussy even though I wanted to. I grabbed some lotion and rubbed it in all over. A quick look in the mirror and a look away before I chickened out of doing this. I went into the bedroom with just the towel wrapped around me.

I opened the door to the walk in wardrobe and dug out a box. Pulling out the black latex hood I stretched it out. I have quite a collection of them now but this was the one I needed. Black, tight, with eye holes and nose holes. No mouth holes. I stretched it over my head tight. Pulling it over my nose I briefly couldn’t breath all that well apart from the smell of the latex. I felt excited, wet and horny. I didn’t bahis firmaları care that the hood wasn’t as shiny as it should be, this was for me and no one else.

Smoothing the hood down I delved into another box. I keep different things in different boxes. One for hoods, one for stockings etc. This time it was the latex accessories box. I pulled out the transparent latex panties. I had only worn them once and that was when I first bought them. Quite expensive and come up to my waist. On the website they had some with pussy openings but I wanted full on tight stretchy non opening ones. I pulled them them up my legs slowly. For all the erotic hot look of latex you have to realise it’s an absolute shit to put on!

Once on tightly I moved around a bit. The latex felt just tight enough and with enough movement especially over my pussy which was now hot and very wet. I went back to the wardrobe and grabbed the gas mask box. Yes I have a secret gas mask collection too! I went for a basic cheap one I got online. Just a plain grey military one that I can see reasonably clearly out of. Now if you think putting a latex hood over your head is hard try a gas mask over the hood! I stretched it hard over my head kaçak iddaa and got it into place. Breathing got a lot hotter as did my pussy.

I pulled the rubber sheet out that was folded on the bed ready and draped it over the bed. I then laid on top of it. The coldness immediately struck my legs and torso. I laid there cold for a while before pulling the duvet over the top of me and waited. I slowly started to touch my erect nipples. I laid there touching them thinking I wish I had put some latex gloves on too but now wasn’t the time to get out and get some.

I laid and waited…touching my nipples…waited and relaxed. I didn’t feel quite right laying on back, in fact I wasn’t sure I could even do it laying down so I laid on my side a little. I relaxed abit more then took a deep breath…..I squeezed my anal muscles. I grunted a little, come on I thought I can do this. I pushed again and my anus opened up a little I could a lump of shit almost coming out. I relaxed and took one more deep breath and push again. It started coming out, I kept pushing, no return now. I felt it slide out against the latex, with nowhere to go I feel the heat and dampness of my shit squeeze out all over the skin of my arse kaçak bahis cheeks.

As the first big lump finished coming out of my arse I started to pee a little and felt it running down my pussy and mixing in with the shit. I pushed again and squeezed a smaller lump of shit out and rolled over and laid on my back. I breathed out heavily through the hood into the mask. I was done. I had shit and peed myself wearing latex panties in my own bed. What a disgusting filthy girl I was. I felt a little ashamed but I also felt more turned on than I had done for a few years.

But I wasn’t done yet…I reached down and rubbed my left hand over the rear of my latex panties. I pushed a little of the scat around through them. The mixture of pee and shit now felt cold against my ass cheeks. I ran my hand up over my pussy to my clit. It was on fire and I started stroking it. Here I was laying in bed wearing a hood and gas mask, touching my clit through latex panties full of my own shit and piss. I rubbed harder and harder until I started bucking. I screamed into my gas mask , no one hearing as I body shook and I rolled my ass cheeks into my own shit.

I laid back down on my back just breathing heavily. My nipples felt hard and sore against the duvet. My breathing was hot and I was dripping in sweat. The mess in my panties felt cold and wet. I didn’t care about the horror of having to clear it up I was just contented and satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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