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You bask in your shower, naked. Letting the water wash your troubles away. The pounding water beating on your soft white skin. Lathering yourself well, anticipating of what’s to cum, thinking of memories past. You hear a commotion just outside, things being set & shuffled, but you pay no attention. You feel the door open, a breeze catches underneath the shower curtain giving you a slight shudder. A shadow hovers over the curtain. It’s me. Bare naked.

I slide in, watching the water beat your body, the steam rises. I grab you by the waist, lust consuming me. Kissing you deeply, my tongue travels down your throat. My hands wander. Groping breasts, grabbing twat. You automatically lift one leg to provide me a better angle. My hand hungrily rushes in. Twisting & gyrating my hand into you, my head drops to meet your clit. The water from the shower cascading off the both of us. Steam rising.

You lean back allowing me to devour you, you being fisted up to the wrist. My entire hand easily flows in & out of you, the sensation running shocks through your body. I rise to inhale your lips again, you tasting a hint of yourself on my lips. I reach for the showerhead & make sure the water is just right, it goes right for your sex box. Water dancing off your lips & clit. You moan.

Then something unexpected slides into you. Something you haven’t noticed earlier. A waterproof vibrator. The water hitting you on the outside & the vibe moving deep within. You can no longer stand. You succumb to the bottom of the bath, legs up & open being assaulted by water, by vibe & by me. You moan again. Minutes pass in dizzying fashion. You can’t recall the number of climaxes. You snap out of it when I begin to move you.

I stand you pressing you up against the shower wall, the vibe still in you, the showerhead still pressed up to your woman, and now you feel me pushing in from behind. Standing, you gasp as you feel me deep internet casino inside you pushing the vibe aside with my huge cock. The vibe now right on your g spot, I start to thrust into you. Vibe going, water on clit, steam rising, me enlarging still within you, you gasping for breath. Your breasts & nipples pressed up against the cold bath wall. I can feel your warmth run down both our legs & it’s not the water.

You remain in ecstasy for minutes on end, my cock & vibe punishing you from within. Then I pull you from the shower. Dripping wet I lead you to your bedroom, you easily notice that the house is empty & you don’t care, you’re still dripping wet & your mind remains swimming. The vibe falls out of you as you go but we just leave it behind, the batteries have been spent inside of you.

Still wet, I toss you on your bed, you notice several items around the room that weren’t there before, particularly a strap attached to each of the 4 corners of your bed. A blind fold quickly goes on your head as each of your limbs get secured. Now you lay completely bare in front of me & unable to a thing about it. I lick one of your toes & suck your nipples for good measure, then you feel my engorged veiny cock shoot deep inside of you.

Riding you continuously, I fulfill all my sexual hungers on your abused twat. My hands grip & squeeze your breasts trying to draw milk. Squeezing them together, through my fingers, making them take shapes they were not meant to take. You moan as your back heaves. Trying to swallow as much of your tit as possible, my tongue plays with your nipple. Feeling my cock pound on your cervix, you try to scream.

My hands find your shoulders as they pull you further down onto my member, firmly impaling you onto me. From the shoulders, my hands find your neck as my fingers begin to wrap around them tightly. You try to squeeze out a scream, but it cums out more like canlı poker oyna a squeal. My grip tightens as I ride you harder, faster & deeper. Your moans become louder & more frequent.

My hands leave your throat as you take in a painful breath of sex-filled air. You try to move your arms & legs, but you still can’t. Suddenly, you feel another vibe on your clit, sending shockwaves through your body. You squirm uncontrollably, but are unable to get away. I continue riding deep inside of you. The sounds of pounding juices & your screams filling the room.

You try to cry out but you’re being shaken too violently. I finally remove myself from inside of you, only for the vibe to stay on your clit & for another dildo even larger than myself entering your already battered pussy. Sticking it in & pulling it out, your body heaves, your body shakes. Massive dildo fills you right up to my still moist fingers, barely tickling your swollen lips. The vibe continues to work its magic on you as I watch my handy work, you convulsing on the bed. Sometime later, it stops. The dildo stays within you as I work the straps off your limbs. Still wearing the blindfold, I flip you over onto your belly. The dildo does not fall from your swollen hole. To tired to fight back, you feel my cock enter that same swollen hole with the monstrous toy still in you. You try to protest, but you just can’t. You want it.

Both my cock & the huge toy stretch you to new limits, you scream like you never screamed before. Slapping your ass just makes your hole tighten even more. You cry out for more. Both me & the toy tear into you, feeling your rapid heartbeat on my dick. Spanking your ass some more, it still being wet making it sting all the more, you begin to rock your pelvis, fucking me harder, actually wanting more.

The vibe finds its way back you your clit. The sudden shock stops your motion in your tracks with surprise. poker oyna This goes on for some time. Your ass continues to get slapped. Your head spins. Feeling hot drops landing onto your back snaps you out of it. You remove the blindfold to see it’s a lit candle dropping hot melted wax onto your bare back. Your twat tightens even more.

Your senses are being bombarded. Melted wax on your back, a vibe on your clit & both me & the toy stretching you to unbelievable limits. Your orgasm squirts & splashes off my pelvis, a few drops actually landing on your back. You scream on all fours as a slender third toy enters your ass. You scream even louder when it turns on & begins vibrating as well. Stick fucking you senseless, your back is a cascade of melted wax, water & sweat. Still fucking you senseless, my balls bounce off your clit making the vibe there hit even harder. You scream out in Spanish. Still fucking you senseless, both me & the toy pound you into oblivion. And now, vibe in your ass enters deeper every time my belly slams into your ass.

Your head swims with pleasure & pain. You plop down onto the bed unable to hold your upper body up. Incredibly, you manage to move your hands down to your hips & place them on your ass. Gripping them firmly, you actually pull apart your cheeks even further allowing me more entry, giving me permission to take all of you. I dive right in, almost getting lost within your vast womanhood.

I rise to my feet, hovering over your massive ass. Grabbing your hair, I begin tugging on it as I ride you even deeper. Your screams fill the house. The bed rocks & creaks. You cry out from the sensations emanating from your clit, pussy & ass. Grabbing you by the hips, I lift your pelvis slightly (& I can) & drive my cock deeper still into your womb.

As you cum yet again, the giant toy still within you shoots out. Your vaginal muscles tighten more trying to swallow my member whole. I collapse onto your tired, twitching body as we both try to catch our breaths. You continue to twitch with the other toys still work inside you. You wiggle them out & off of you as your body can finally start to relax. But I won’t let it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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