Climbing The Corporate Ladder Ch. 01

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Beth Atkins was a woman full of ambition. Though smart, she was of average looks. Her one marriage had lasted but a year before her husband ditched her. Several one night stands had followed that. Now her career had become the focal point of her life.

Beth worked for a large corporation in data processing. Now in her late twenties she was quite willing to use what feminine charms she had to get ahead; to get out of that damn cubicle. Had she worked in the marketing department she had no doubt that she could land accounts via customers’ bedrooms. But she wasn’t in marketing. She was looked upon simply as a tech nerd.

Her boss, a Mister Snodgrass, was a passed-over aging loser who had slowly risen to his level of limited competency by shear attrition. Now pushing fifty the portly man’s simple pleasure in life had becoming bedding his female underlings. It was known that giving in to his filthy lustful desires would not get one ahead, but rather would mean keeping one’s job. If you were an unattached female sooner or later you would get the call.

How did he get away with this? His ex-wife was a junior executive in the company who felt she owed it to him. On the rare occasion when one of his victims went to personal, their complaint was summarily dismissed. You’re an adult. Who you chose to sleep around with isnot our business.

Beth’s time came when within a ten day period Snodgrass had returned her work with increasingly snide comments. You can do better. This is unacceptable. See me!

So after dinner in a Chinese restaurant with but one glass of wine she found herself facing the inevitable in the portly man’s small house. She found it odd that he had had nothing to drink and was only offering more tea as they sat there on a sofa facing a darkened TV. Snodgrass simply wanted a clear head when he ravished his underlings.

“I’ve had my eye on you for some time, Ms. Atkins,” he said as he removed her eye glasses.

“I know, Mr. Snodgrass. Or should I call you by your first name?

“Mister Snodgrass will do,” he said as he removed his own glasses.

“Carl; isn’t it?”

“Mister Snodgrass, if you please.”

“Yes, Mister Snodgrass.”

He took her head by both hands, looked at her lips and rushed in with a smothering kiss. When her lips were slow in parting he thrust them apart with his tongue and immediately proceeded canlı bahis through her mouth in search of her throat. Had they both not just had Chinese the stench of sodium would certainly have been overwhelming.

On and on he attacked her mouth and throat as if he were devouring a melon. With his hands still tightly gripping her head he rocked it from side to side as his attack continued. Obviously he liked to rape-kiss. She had heard the rumors.

At last he pulled away but still held her head tightly in his hands.

“Did you like that?”

“Ugh, yes; Mr. Snodgrass.”

“I like it rough, Miss Atkins. Any problem with that?”

“Rough? Well I . . .”

“Want to fuck?”

“Why I . . . I . . .”

“Well? Do you or don’t you?”

“Yes. Yes, sir. I want to . . . to . . . to fuck.”

“I thought so. I saw how you looked at me at work. Well I’m letting you have your way. Let’s see what you’ve got for me.”

With that he at last released her head and stood while pulling her up. Then he abruptly sat back down.

For a long moment Beth stood there before him watching his eyes run up and down her. She could see his breathing increase as his mouth went into a slight evil smile.

As she undid the first button of her blouse he put his glasses back on for now it was show time.

God she hated this.

God she hated this man.

Nevertheless, just moments later she found herself standing topless before the filthy man as he absorbed the shape of her breasts. Though it was obvious that he approved of them his words didn’t match.

“Subpar; just like your work of late.

“I’m sorry, sir.”

“Too small.”

“Yes sir.”

“You ought to consider implants.”

“Yes sir. Thank you for your advice.”

He looked to see if she was belittling him. She probably was but he didn’t give a fuck.

“Well? Let’s see the rest of your equipment, woman. See if it’s worthy of your boss’s cock.”

“Yes sir. I hope so, sir.”

Off came the skirt. Then with determination she dropped her panties.

Oh how Beth hated seeing him sitting there staring at her nakedness. She turned her head to one side to look at the emptiness and silence of the room. She was still looking to her side when she felt his hands on her thighs urging them apart.

She complied as he wet the index finger of bahis siteleri his left hand. Moments later it was fingering the entry of her vagina. And then it was inside, roaming about.

“How often do you masturbate, Miss Atkins?”

Oh. . . oh . . . now and then.”

“In your cubicle; right?”

Finger . . . finger . . . finger.

“Never at work, sir.”

“So that’s not why your work of late has been subpar?”

“No sir. Actually I believe my work is . . .”

“Shut up.”

On and on he wobbled his index finger inside her pussy as she stood there with her legs spread still looking to one side.

“It’s not polite not to look at the person speaking to you, Miss Atkins.”

She turned to see him giving her the ugliest smile she had ever seen as he continued exploring her vagina. How soon until this torment was over?

Now she felt his thumb on her clic as his index finger keep pumping. Having found a good seat beneath it he started to flip it with his thumb as his index finger jabbed away.

“Bet you haven’t had this before, have you?”

“No sir.”

“One of our chinks taught it to me. It’s good; right?”

“Yes, Mister Snodgrass. It’s good.”

“It’s my special foreplay. Now you ready to fuck?”

“Yes sir,” she answered while maintaining eye-to-eye contact with the bastard seated before her.

“How do you want me to fuck you, Miss Atkins?”

“However you like, sir.”

Finger jab; thumb flip. Finger jab; thumb flip.

“How about doggy style? You look the type that likes it doggy style.”

“That would be lovely, sir.”

“Are you messing with me, woman?”

Finger jab; thumb flip. Finger jab; thumb flip.

“Oh no sir. I love it doggy style. It’s so natural.”

“So you’ll be wanting to go out again with me real soon.”

Finger . . . finger . . . finger. Clic flip . . . flip . . . flip.

“That . . . oh . . . oh . . . would be nice.”

“You like getting it in your throat?”

“That would be nice too , sir.”

“And your pussy, of course.”

“Oh yes.”

“And up your back alley.”

“Of course, sir. However best to please you.”

“See that table in front of the mirror there.”

With that said he pulled his hand away.

“Yes sir.”

“Go kneel on it facing the mirror while I get ready.”

Beth went and bahis şirketleri knelt on the small table as Snodgrass got himself ready. Getting ready for him merely meant taking his cock and balls out of the fly in his trousers.

Beth watched him in the mirror as he walked towards here with his ramrod-hard cock swaying from side to side. He walked around and presented it to her face. Without a word spoken she wet it from stem to stern.

“Down on your elbows and grab hold of the end of the table.”

When she did so she dropped her head in shame. In an instant he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up.

“Keep you fucking eyes on mine. Understand, Miss Atkins?”

“Yes, Mister Snodgrass. Whatever you say.”

“Are you sassing me?”

“Oh no sir. I’d never do that, sir.”

Beth watched as the asshole walked back behind her with his upright cock swaying from side to side. Then she felt those hands of him pulling her ass cheeks apart quickly followed by the head of his cock searching for entry.

His thrusts into her pussy by his cock matched the thrusts of his tongue just earlier into her mouth and throat. Hard, rough and overwhelming.

On and on she had not only to endure his ravaging but had to watch his lustful face as it smiled at her own in a twisted sort of manner. More degrading she found was the fact that while she was nude he was fully dressed. With each thrust she felt his pants make contact with her ass even though he was still holding her ass cheeks apart in a death grip.

And then she saw his head tilt backwards as he gave a final flurry of thrusts.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What’s next, she wondered now that he was spent.

What was next was his simply releasing her ass cheeks, turning around, and walked out of the room heading to the bathroom to clean his spent cock.

Not a word had he spoken.

Now the discomfort of her continuing to kneel on the table came flooding into her mind. Was she too now to get up? Or would that piss him off? Having come this far she decided to bear it out.

“We’re done here, Miss Atkins,” he said matter-of-factly as he came back in the room.

“I’ll see you in the morning. Have a good night,” he said as he returned to the sofa and took up a magazine.

What a whore she felt like while she descended and dressed while he studied his magazine without looking you. Had it been worth it, she wondered as she pulled up her skirt. Oh yes, she answered to herself as she hit the stop button on the recorder in her skirt pocket.

To be continued . . . . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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