The Correctional Gay Club

I would like to tell you all about a club that I only recently came across by accident. Apparently, only well vetted and introduced people are invited to attend, as the club likes to keep a very low profile because of the nature of what occurs there. I remember that it took so long for me to get accepted, that I almost gave up on the whole idea, thinking that I would never be allowed to join.

It is basically a large hall divided up into small rooms with different activities happening in every one of them. Here is a run down of what is on offer.

The “Initiation” On being given the privilege to join, you have to undergo an “Initiation.” On the first night of attending, you are stationed near to the entrance of the main door for the first hour or so, where you are expected to give anyone who enters a bit of a sucking, just like an aperitif for them to get their evening off to a good start. Then an orange band is secured around each arm to indicate to everyone present that you are a newbie. On seeing this, anyone can come up to you and demand your services in any shape or form that they seem fit. Failing to comply fully to any request made by other members, results in instant dismissal from the club.

“The Pegging Room”…..In here a victim is naked with his arms hoisted up above his head by a rope that is tied around his wrists and secured to a hook in the ceiling, so that his feet are just off the floor. Now whenever you pass this room you must enter and attach a peg to his body. You can put it wherever you like on him. The basket contains 100 pegs, and once all of these are used up and attached to him, he is made to suffer this indignity for about 30 minutes before he is released to be replaced by another unfortunate guy. ( or fortunate guy, depending how you perceive it )

Then there is the “The Suspension Room”….This is the room where a guy is suspended by ropes from the roof at about head height minus his clothes of course. His arms and legs are splayed out wide, with his head and cock pointing to the floor. He also has a ball gag in his mouth that is fastened to his head. Other guys enter the room and place metal clips with small chains on to a part of the body, and then attach weights to it. These vary in size from tiny little ones to very heavy big ones. A favourite with a lot of people is to secure a clip to a single pubic hair, then add the smallest weight to the attached chain, and then keep adding more of the same value, to see how many it takes before the pube in question eventually gets plucked from the body. Hearing the muffled moans and groans of the poor chap is quite exciting…or at least I found it so.

“The Old and Young Room”……This is where the young service the old and vice versa. An old guy enters the vacant room for example, and puts a notice on the door…”Old guy inside seeks young guy to fuck” or Old guy inside seeks young guy to service him” Also there are many other combinations.

“The Special Treatment Room”. This comprises of a minimum of ten men in a room where the subject will be striped of any clothes that they happen to be wearing, then bent over at right angles, and made to spread their legs wide open. They will then have all of their body hair removed, and be sprayed with strawberry flavoured oil. Four men restrain him, two for his arms and the same for his legs. A cock will be pushed into his mouth for him to suck, his balls will be sucked, and his ass fucked, and two mouths will lick and suck each of his nipples. Another male will record it all in high definition digital to put on the web.

“The Fuck and Suck Station” this room unlike the others is a very small room, about the size of a public toilet. To the left and to the right of you are two glory holes. In here you line your mouth and ass up with the respected holes. It is a tight squeeze but you can just about manage to turn sideways to accomplish this, and wait for a cocks to come through from either side of the wall to fill you from both ends, while you take whatever you’ve got coming to you like a man.

Then of course you’ve got the “Private Correction Room” Now the sort of male that enters this type of room knows full well that if they go in there for treatment, the first thing that they have to do is to explain to everyone there why you they have come. It could be that they just have very low self esteem, or feel that they need to be punished for past misdemeanour’s, or for bad habits etc.
After you have finished telling your story, your treatment will begin, and you will be expected to take your punishment however the group see fit. This can and usually does include, a damn good spanking on your bare ass cheeks by all and sundry with hands, canes or belts, vicious biting clothes pegs / pins will be attached to your private parts, and you can expect to be blindfolded, restrained with some very coarse and chaffing rope, handcuffed, toyed with, made to rim and suck anyone who requires that particular attention from you…..and you will be made to perform on demand, and let anybody fuck you and to deposit their jizz inside you if they so desire. To finish off with, a live piss enema will be administered to your ass, the funnel connecting to your depositing tube will be kept topped up by the rooms contributors from time to time, to make sure that there is always a good supply waiting for entry into you. Once you are full to bursting, a very large butt plug is inserted, and you will not be allowed to relieve yourself until everybody thinks that your corrective treatment has been completed. This can be anything up to thirty minutes.

“The Tag Team Wrestling Room” In here you team up with another guy of about the same age, height and build, and go up against another duo who will be exactly opposite to you. For example, old vs young or thin vs fat etc. The referee will be very bias towards one of the teams, so that that team will be able to get away with almost everything, whilst the other team will be continually penalised. For example, The ref can be telling you off over in your corner whilst your team mate is being restrained by the other duo and being made to suck and be fucked by them.

“Size Matters” Room. The type of action that you can expect to receive in here is that in this room are several men in a queue with different sized cocks. At the front of it is someone who is very small followed by the next male who is small, I am sure you get the picture. Last in line is a male with an extra large penis. The idea is that you get fucked in turn by each participant, and each time that you are entered by a different cock, it is slightly larger than the one before it, finally taking the biggest one of all, which made my eyes water I can tell you, even though I’d built up to it.

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