First time giving bj

My first time

So this is a story of the first encounter I had. I was just about to graduate high school, age 18 and still a virgin I’ve always been a small boy no more than 120lbs, 5,1 smooth skin, above average size bottom for a boy my size and weight and no bigger than 3in erect if you know what I’m talking about. My family was going on a trip to Texas for a month to visit family and for a cousin’s college graduation, but I couldn’t go since I had to get school things done so I could graduate. I was pretty excited either way. A whole month by myself. I had just started getting into checking out the m4m casual encounters part of craigslist, before they removed it. I never responded to anyone before since there was no way for me to meet up, but finally i had my chance. 
Coming back from school on a friday I got home and went straight to my phone to check out the casual encounters. A trucker was stopping for the night in a hotel near me was looking for a quick bj. 37 chubby/stocky build 6,5in (perfect size meat in opinion) 6ft tall. Without thinking I replied to him that I wanted to meet and sent him my stats. I waited… about 2hrs later he replied and agreed to meet. He was staying in a nearby hotel, he told me the room # and said to come around 10pm. He mentioned he loved traps and it would be hot if I dressed up. I was in luck since I’ve dressed up before and really enjoyed it. I went straight to the shower and shaved the little hair I had on my genital area, butt, stomach and armpits. I washed with my sisters shampoo and bodywash since it always left her smelling so feminine.i douched just in case he wanted more than just a bj. When I got out I looked through my sisters draws to see what to wear, I picked some black cotton bikini panties with a tiny red ribbon in the front and some volley ball spandex shorts that I’ve noticed before really made my big booty pop out. Even though I dont have breasts(although I wish I had some) I got a grey sports bra aswell and a grey long sleeve tight fit shirt. Once I got my outfit ready I just put on some glossy lip balm, eyeliner, and mascara. I had smooth skin so I didnt need much else. Apart from my medium length black hair I was really looking like a girl. 9pm came and I put on my outfit, some Tom’s shoes and a little perfume and went out the door. 
Getting to the hotel the realization of what I was finally going to do hit me. My heart beat spiked and nervousness hit me, but my urge for cock took over and I got out the car and went to the room. Sanding there about to knock I took a look at myself and realized how hot I look and how good I felt. I gained a little confidence and knocked. The man answered with a smile on his face. He was wearing a tshirt and some basketball shorts he was as he described mid age chubby/stocky and a hunk of a man. I felt some precum leak as he help my tiny hand and led me in. He played on the bed and without asking I crawled on top of him. I felt as if a force was controlling me. I rubbed his cock with hand over his shorts feeling his pre-erect cock he moaned with pleasure. This was it I pulled his shorts and underwear down and in my presence was the cock I’ve been waiting so long for. A beautiful cut cock. I grabbed its shaft and stroked it, it was a lot thicker and more fleshy than I thought. As I stroked it got harder and I went in for my first lick. It was amazing. I went my mouth with spit and sucked on the head. He moaned again, his moans were music to my ears letting me know I was being a good girl. With every stroke of my mouth he would get harder until he was rock hard. I was in heaven. I admired his cock for a bit licking it. I noticed how feminine I felt sucking a cock bent over with my bikini thong right between my ass and soaked in precum, it’s what I’ve been wanting for so long. I felt correct. I sucked a his cock a little longer bearly being able to deep throat before I noticed his moaning got louder and he grabbed my head and forced me to take his 6.5 inches down my throat. He shot exactly 5 thick hot shots of bitter cum in my mouth. As bitter as it was it tasted amazing. I sucked his cock a little more, swallowed, got up and left he said thank you cutie that was amazing which made me blush. I got in my car and went home. I didnt even cum but I felt as if I had. I opened my phone and saw he sent me an email he said I was great and asked to me again lol. Told me to look out for another post in a week and said his name was john. I smiled with joy and closed my phone. Then I realized it was only 10:45….the night is still young. 

Thank you for reading if you liked this story let me know and let me know what to improve I’ll e doung a par two later

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