A Memorable Bus Travel

A Memorable Bus Travel

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Some people love to travel by bus but not I; I have never enjoyed the bus travel to be honest. It is so tiring to travel by bus. However nice; the seats are uncomfortable especially for the long travel by bus plus the bus driver has all the power to stop wherever he believes it fits his needs and not the passengers. If it was not the absolute need I would not even be on that bus that particular night. I was such a derelict and not keeping the time as I got busy with family and friends to miss my car ride back to college offered by the new friend at college who lived close to me. By the time I called Mike; he had left already, thinking that I had my own arrangements and so in panic I rushed to bus terminal where I was told that if I wanted to reach college for being on time for tomorrow’s classes, the only choice I had was this bus that departed at 10:00 PM and reached Syracuse by 5:00 AM next morning.

Luckily there were hardly a few people on the front couple of seats and I needed to catch some sleep if possible on this stupid bus; I decided to move all the way back. Getting all relaxed on the seat with its back pushed at least being comfortable, I think I dozed off soon as the bus pushed out of the terminal. I must have started to dream about Cindy my beautiful girlfriend and the best sex doll I could have had till now. I must have been revisiting my last rendezvous with her in my dream; not even to wake up if the bus made a stop anywhere to pick up more passengers. I was wearing a loose cotton like cargo shorts and a half sleeved t shirt to be comfortable with the weather. As I dreamed, I must be making use of my hands to give me a very hard and full erection making a huge bulge in my shorts. I was rubbing my sex wand covered in the fabric when I suddenly woke up and looked around myself to remind me where in the world; I was.

The bus was all dark but whatever little light was there, it was enough to tell me that there were no passengers close to my seat except for a cute guy seated across the aisle from me and having a full gaze at the big tented up crotch of mine. I immediately covered my lap with my hands when I heard the guy across me saying that I must be experiencing a tremendous wet dream; to which I whispered, yes; I was dreaming about my girlfriend. He said, he was sorry that I woke up in the middle and now he would not mind to move to the window seat so I could quietly move next to him and he would help me to finish the thought. I must have had a very dumb look on my face to hear this and told him that I had never had a chance to let a guy touch me and he gave a look of pity saying that it was more of a reason to have some different experience and it was the best time with no one sitting close to us and the driver was busy with his job to make the bus reach the destination on time. Without letting me think, he slowly shifted to the window seat which made my cock get even harder and hornier to think why not and I slowly moved on to the seat next to him.

With some urgency, he unzipped my shorts and my cock flung out as I had not worn any underwear and my shorts were pulled to my knees. O’ Lord Jesus; he gasped saying that it was a monster in real sense. I held my erection by the neck with my hand and began stroking it stretching the foreskin over the big mushroom head. My name is Barry; he gave me a very brief introduction and looked very intently as I rolled my foreskin over the wet tip again and again, then slowly pulling it back all the way down. His face was hardly inches from my hard pole when I got being naughty and almost slapped his face with my meat wand on his cheeks.

By now he was breathing very hoarse and his eyes were glued to my cock shaft when he asked for my permission to touch it and I nodded and he reached out to take it in his hand. Wow!! This is the fucking biggest cock I have ever had my hands on, and I have had quite a few in my hands; he spoke very softly. He lovingly caressed it and stroked it up and down. He ran his fingers over the velvet head and reached his other hand into my shorts to feel my balls. It felt so damn good. He was an expert at this. His face was getting closer and closer to my cock. I closed my eyes and allowed him to do whatever he wanted. I felt his warm breath on my ear and heard him quietly asking for my name and I told him only my first name Nelson; as he had told me his first name only and not the full name. I was not in any friendly mood at all.

Then I felt something warm wrapping my cock. I opened my eyes to find him having my cock in his mouth. He was swirling his tongue around my cock head and stroking me at the same time. He took me in farther and I could feel the cushiony head of my cock in the back of his throat. He stopped sucking for a minute and wanted to know how long was it and commented it to be too thick and long for him. I replied that I did not know the size and he proceeded in his pocket to pull out a small tape measure and ensued to measure. “Wow”, he said, “It’s about half an inch over 8 inches and a full seven inches around the shaft.” Then he took me in his mouth again and started to suck with earnest. His head bobbed up and down faster and faster making me getting close to erupting. I told him to slow down a little and I edged successfully as he slow sucked me for couple of times until I could not hold back any longer. I tried to warn him, but he kept on sucking. Suddenly I had a massive orgasm. I could feel the hot cum exploding from my dick. He tried to swallow it all but some ran out of his mouth and down my cock and onto my balls and bus seat. As soon as I stopped cumming he licked down my cock and licked all the cum from my balls too. He gasped admitting to having the biggest mouthful ever and surely the best tasting too and being the creamiest. He kept on stroking me softly even when I was half erect till I was hard as nail and fully extended and swollen again.

I could see that his cock was hard still wrapped in his pants, so I asked him if he wanted me to jack him off and he nodded in yes; opening up his fly to take it out. He was fairly large too. I took it in my hand and started to stroke it. This was positively first for me. I told him to take his balls out too. I caressed his balls and stroked the length of his shaft. I also played with his cock-head. He must have been very horny as after only a few minutes he shot a big load. The cum went so far that it flew over the seat in front of us. We were lucky that no one was seated there.

By this time, I was fully aroused again and he started to suck me again. He re positioned himself and started taking me in his mouth deeper and deeper clear to my balls. I put my hand on the back of his head and forced him to hold me there for a few minutes. He started to struggle and I realized he couldn’t breathe. I let him up and he took a deep breath and then slowly he got in a rhythm. He would very passionately suck and lick my cock head and then do a deep one for several minutes. Suddenly he stopped and wanted me in his ass.

I was stunned and confirmed if he meant here and now; to which he once again nodded yes and pulled a small lube tube out of his pocket spreading some lube on my dick. I pulled my shorts down to my ankles and he pulled his pants off. My cock was sticking straight up as I relaxed a little on my seat. He straddled me and lowered himself onto my cock. Being in a tight and odd position it took some effort, but finally I was buried in his tight ass. He started to move up and down while I reached round and grabbed his cock and stroked him as he moved on my boner. It was very odd position, it was my first time getting into a guy’s ass, it was the oddest place; out in public bus for a fucking scene. It must have taken me nearly fifteen twenty minutes to hit another gut wrenching orgasm and he shot his load as well at the same time, spraying the back of the seat in front of us. He sat on my cock until he felt me softening. He then rose carefully so the driver wouldn’t see him. He wiped my cock off with a hanky in his pocket and pulled his pants up. I pulled my shorts up and zipped up. He confirmed once again that he had deep throated the biggest cock ever and endured it in his ass as well while I confessed that I had my first blowjob by a guy and also first time to fuck a gay man in his ass.

We rested and chatted for a while and then he sucked me again. He got me off for a total of 5 times before we reached my station in about 6 hours. He sure did love my cock. Lucky for both of us that he was an employee in the student’s affair department of the same college; I was attending. We arranged to meet at least once every week in my dorm room; so he could do his needful to pleasure me sexually. Rarely; with my approval, he brought one of his friend for me to make him suck me or offer me his ass as well. It was an awesome ecstasy when I did both of them together. Sometimes I will fuck one of them while they sucked each other but usually one of them always went under to lick my balls while I was fucking. I firmly believe now that a cock sucking done by a gay man or fucking a gay ass takes all the tensions away before the big tests or even before the completion dates of the special class projects by keeping me away from all of the other girls to be faithful to my girlfriend.

The End Londebaaz Chohan……………… August 21, 2018
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