1st gay relationship went sour fast

In 2017 the girl I was seeing finished with me after finding out I enjoy taking cock by annonomous guys. In fact I was too honest with her and told her things I’ve done I’m ashamed of, we’ve not spoke since but I imagine she now hates me. Anyway at the beginning of 2018 I set up a profile on a gay site called Squirt, hoping I was going to get loads of cock while I’m single. Setting up my profile went, straight acting and prefers girls but loves to take cock by random strangers while out cruising. I’m willing to try anything as long as I feel used afterwards. After talking to a few guys there was a guy I talked to a lot more just because he had a 9 inch cock. I told him I’m shy but would love to get tied up and gangbanged while it was being filmed, I only said that because I was half drunk and horny. We arrange to meet up at a park close to mine as he drove and I don’t plus I didn’t want him in my flat. We met in his camper van and as soon as I knocked on he shouted come in and get undressed I stepped in and it was pitch black with black curtains. As soon as I was undressed he walked out the back with this impressive cock bouncing up, down & side to side. Get on your knees and suck my cock while I watch this porn, he had his phone in hand. I wasn’t on my knees quick enough for his liking he walks straight up to me and pushes me down so I’m looking directly at his cock, suck it now. To be honest I was quite scared and did what he says. I wanted to make him cum and get out of there. I stop sucking his cock and take a sniff of poppers, the door knocks, I pit the lid on the poppers and look up at him shocked there is someone at the door. We was parked on the tesco car park at 11.30pm. First thing that crossed my mined was security so I was so shocked when the door flew open and the security guy steps in having to really bend over to get in the camper, he had to be 6.5 tall. I look at the guard and back to the guy I’m still naked and on my knees in front of him grabs the back of my head after saying carry on he’s got my sucking his big cock again. You need to suck his cock and he walks out saying he’s going 24/7 tesco. Straight away this big black guy pills out the biggest blackest cock I’ve EVER seen. Let’s make this quick bitch he says. I’m shaking and still on my knees, open ya mouth as he walks at me. I do exactly that and take another sniff of poppers, I’m there in a strangers camper van about to suck the biggest cock ever I open my mouth and close my eyes ready. No ya fuckin slut bitch! Turn around and open up. The look I give him says I don’t want to take this cock, not tonight anyway. I debated running naked out the door and straight home but he blocked the door way and not to anger him I didn’t say no. SLAP! Right across my face, turn round and show me this famous pussy. HURRY! I take a massive sniff of poppers I turn away from him. Spit in your hand and finger your famous pussy again! Again and Famous? I kept thinking but definitely wasn’t asking this guy I spit in my hand and while on my knees and one hand as the other lubes and plays wit my FAMOUS pussy! Ye more fingers bitch he says slapping my arse really hard and not in a nice way. Four fucking fingers now! Get ya fist up, go on harder! Nearly got my fist up my own hole when he say, Get them cheeks pulled open form me. Pull open for me. My hole gaps just a little bit after nearly fisting myself. If your going to fuck me with that monster go slow please. I let go of my cheeks and take two big sniffs of poppers , he scream fuckin open that pussy. My arse is in the air with my chest on the ground of the van while I pull my arse cheeks that far apart it hurts especially as that’s when he decides to push this massive black cock in to me steady and slowly but until I wriggle away in pain. I can feel it in my stomach and he still had a way to go until he ever gets that thing fully in me. I am lay flat on my front now in soo much stomach ache because I was flat on the ground I couldn’t get away as he starts ramming faster and faster. He jumps up gets so he’s facing me. I watch him close his eyes and te biggest sprays gets my face covered, up my nose, in both eyes and I couldn’t keep them open. I really can’t see so don’t get up I just wait and after a few minutes I hear see you again and the door slams shut. Then it opens again and I hear the owner of the camper van laughing. You wanted to get used now wipe your face and suck me off and get out of my van. He mostly wanked but now and then he’d stick it in my mouth or tell me to spit on it for lube. I’m going to shoot open your mouth. As soon as he shoots all over my face. Now get dressed outside I need to go. He literally pushes past me to be able to push me out enough for me to fall into gravel straight on my knees. Seconds later I’m half naked in the middle of a 24hrs tesco. Walking home I received a message on squirt. Hope you feel used see ya soon
To be continued. ….

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