The Football Game

She was about 5′ 5 with long brown hair. now, so she doesn’t have the body that she had in in our young days a nice tits 36 C breasts and tight ass. short denim skirt and a jersey.

As game time approached, she took on the role of perfect hostess. She refilled drinks, passed out more snacks, We all had a good buzz on by kick off, I could tell as the guys got more and more drunk, they had a harder time concentrating on the game as they seemed to spend more and more time watching Mrs s as she walked through the room serving as our hostess. it didn’t seem like the guys minded. I was getting hammered myself, but it seemed to me that as Mrs s got drunker, she seemed to be encouraging the guy’s attention. It didn’t really fit her personality, but she seemed to be posing and lingering in provocative positions, like she was flirting with the group. I discounted this as the liquor talking, but realized she was horny when at the start of the game , she sat on my lap for a minute, before turning my face towards her and kissing me passionately in full view of all the guys. As out tongues played around each other’s mouths, I could hear the guys snickering.

Mrs s got up to go get another round of drinks, and as I adjusted myself to make my hard on more comfortable, Dave leaned over and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll leave as soon as the game is over so you can get down to business.” Mrs s walked back into the room just as he finished saying it, holding another round of drinks and a fresh bottle. “Oh, don’t worry about us. You guys are welcome to stay as long as you like. I want you boys to enjoy yourselves tonight.” The five of us getting drunker and Mrs s immediately poured another.

“The food’s been really great,” Tom told her. “Thanks for being such a great hostess for the football . Maybe we should have the wife of whoever’s turn it is always stay home to help.”

“I hope you boys aren’t done yet. I have a special surprise for you all at halftime.” With that, she went upstairs. We all agreed that this had been the best football day yet. The game got interesting, and I didn’t notice that Mrs s hadn’t been around for awhile until the first half was nearly over. I poured another round of drinks in anticipation of the “surprise.”

“Do you think that the surprise is that she passed out?” asked Joe.

“I’m guessing she made us some kind of cake, or a desert of some sorts,” I said, wondering what she had up her sleeve. Never in my wildest dreams could I have guessed what she had in store for us.

As the first half ended, I heard her walk towards the room. All of a sudden, the radio turned on to some dance music. We were all startled and looked over to the stereo, and when we turned back, she was standing in the doorway. All four of us said “Wow!” at the same time. She was holding the remote for the stereo in her hand, but nobody cared about that. She had changed into her “Naughty Fishnet Dress”, and I could tell she was looking at me for approval before she continued. We had talked before about her desire to be fucked by more than one guy at once, and had even joked about maybe inviting one of the guys over for a night, but I had always assumed that was just a fantasy that would never become reality. That was about to change. I nodded to her, and she smiled and walked into the room.

She wore a pair of six inch heels, and to accent her black fishnet dress, that came to just below her pussy, I could see her breasts stand at attention. She looked amazing. She slowly came into the room as the guys stared with unhidden, slack-jawed lust, walked over to where I had arranged the drinks, threw hers down her throat, and winked at us and said “Surprise!” She passed the rest of the drinks out, and we dutifully did ours. None of the guys wanted to say a word, for fear of disrupting the spell. She turned around to pour another drinks, and with her back towards us bent over to pour another round. As the dress rose up over her tight ass, it became clear that she wasn’t wearing any panties under the fishnet dress.

As she poured the more drinks , the guys looked at me, as if for permission. “Well, she did say she wanted you to enjoy yourselves,” I said.

She passed out another round of drinks, and we did them. She started swaying in time to the music, and then moved over to Dave and proceeded to give him a lap dance. I had never seen Mrs s like this, and it turned me on to no end to watch my hot wife grind her pussy on one of my best friend’s hard cock. After the song ended, she moved on to Tom, grinded on him for a song, and the moved on to joe. Finally it was my turn, and she dutifully performed for me. She stayed on me for a second song (husband’s privilege, apparently), and during the second song, I undid her halter top. The guys were staring at her boobs as. I played with her nipples for a moment, and that turned her on so much one of her hands slid down her body, raised her dress exposing her wet pussy, slid inside her hose and started fingering her clit. She had one arm around my head for support, was grinding her ass on my dick while I squeezed her nipple in front of my three best friends, and fingered herself like she hadn’t come in years. As the second song ended, I noticed that Dave had pulled out his cock and was stroking it in time to Mrs s motion. She crawled over to the bottle, took a swig right from it, turned to me, smiled and said, “This is better than a football game, right?”

She continued crawling over to Dave, and licked her lips as she neared his 8″, ample cock. He looked a little scared, like he didn’t know what she was capable of, but kept slowly stroking his cock. She put her hand on his, and stopped him from playing with himself. She gave it a lick from base to tip, stroked it herself a couple of time, and then proceeded to place it in between her breasts, and slowly started titty fucking him. He closed his eyes and let his head drop to the back of the couch behind him, clearly in ecstasy. She started picking up her tempo, occasionally licking the head of his cock when it was near her mouth. tom and joe got over their shock that this was going to be more than just a lap dance and a show, and quickly took off their pants as well. Joes’ s cock seemed to be longer than Dave’s, probably 10 or 11 inches, but was very thin. Tom’s was only around six or seven inches, but was nearly thick around as a beer bottle. I wondered if they would try to fuck my wife in front of me, but they got on either side of her head, and pointed their cocks at her mouth. She did her best to take turns swallowing them, but with her hands holding her breasts wrapped around Dave’s cock, she was having troubles. Dave grabbed a hold of her nipples, and squeezed her tits around his prick, allowing her to stroke and suck the cocks of our other friends. My wife and I have always had hot, wild sex, but watching her pleasure three of my friends almost made me come in my pants without event touching myself.

I watched for a while, and then decided to get in on the act. I got down on the floor behind her. I rubbed my hands over her legs and ass, I started rubbing her already soaking wet pussy. She started grinding hard on my hand, and forced a couple of my fingers inside of her. I lay on the ground underneath her, and positioned her slit on top of my face. She started to grind her pelvic bone down me quickly, and I could hear her say, “Alright boys, I want the three of you to come on my tits while I sit on my husbands face.” I could hear their grunting start to increase, and one by one I heard them moan in orgasm. After the last one finished, she pressed down hard on my mouth, fingered her clit the fastest I have ever seen her as my tongue darted between her lips as I tried to match her speed. Her whole body shook in a powerful orgasm, and she dismounted me and lay down on her back. Her flushed tits were drenched in come, and some had splashed on what was left on her and onto her face. She rubbed the cum around her tits, until they were covered in glistening, sticky man juice.

“Honey, I know you haven’t come yet. Why don’t you come over here and come in my mouth.” I knelt down beside her face, and she proceeded to take my entire 8″ all the way down her throat. I could tell her cock sucking skills were all good and warmed up., she held my cock in her mouth until she started to gag. She started milking my cock with her hand, and kept moving up and down my shaft. Dave, always the leader of the group had started eating her pussy. Someone had gone to get a towel to clean her up, and when that was done, Joe and Tom started sucking on and playing with her breasts. Seeing the three of them service her was more than I could take, and as I came she swallowed done every last drop of my orgasm.

I leaned back against the couch to recover and watch the show. Dave had worked two fingers into her pussy, and she was back to sucking on Tom’s thick cock while jacking off Joe. then moved Dave out of the way, and started tasting my wife’s sweet juices. She hadn’t had Ryan’s cock all the way in her mouth yet, and so took that in. Justin took a break and sat on the floor next to me. “That’s some wife you got there.”

She was now licking Dave’s balls as Joe continued to eat her out. I went back over to her and started to rub my cock all over her face. She took turns licking my balls and Dave’s. Joe came back up to her face, and we took turns shoving our pricks into her mouth. Tom took his turn eating her pussy, and she had a special request of him. “I want you to finger my ass,” she said as she gulped for air in between cocks.

We’ve had anal sex regularly for years, and I know how much she gets off on it. Up to this point, I had just figured we would all fuck around, but she wouldn’t let anyone fuck her. Now I knew that this was going all the way. He pushed her legs up, exposing her tight, puckered asshole to him. He spit on her hole a couple of times, fingered her pussy again to get some more natural lube on his finger, and slowly pushed his finger into her backdoor. She paused from sucking off our three cocks at once to moan in delight as his finger entered her. It only took a couple of his slow, deep thrusts until she once again was able to take us all on. She slurped away happily for another couple of minutes. She then ordered Tom to lie down on his back. He complied, and she crawled over to him. She crawled up the length of his body, rubbing her tits and pussy on him as she went. She reached down, stroked his manhood a couple of times, and slid her pussy down the length of his shaft. “I wanted you all to come one time before I let you start fucking me because I want you to fuck me long and hard and deep.” She played the part of the slutty, wife.

She bounced up down on Tom’s cock, and looked around at the rest of us. “Tom, grab my ass and spread it wide open. I want Joe to fuck my ass.” Tom spread her wide, and Joe looked at me one more time for assurances.

“Go ahead,” I reassured him. “My wife is a horny little whore. Go ahead and treat her like one.” He practically ran over to her exposed brown hole, pointed the tip of his long cock at it, and waited for her to push back down onto him. Tom started bucking his hips, helping her ease on to Joe’s long dick.

She kept bucking and moaning, and repeating, “Fuck me like a whore. I’m a whore. Fuck me like a whore. Fuck both of my holes.” Dave and I were certainly enjoying the show, and wondering when we would get to violate my wife. She had taken the entire length of Joe’s cock into her ass, and he and Tom were fucking her hard. I could see the juices running down her leg like a river.

“I want to come in you mouth,” Joe said. I waited to see what happened. He repeated his request. Mrs s had always been disgusted by the ass to mouth scenes we watched together in pornos, so I was shocked when she agreed.

“Yeah, I want to suck my ass cum off of you long hard cock. I’m your little whore. Do whatever you want to me.” I just wish that I had set up a video camera.

Tom said, “I want to fuck you ass, whore.” He and Joe pulled out of her, and I think she came as they did. She had Tom lay on his back, and squatted over him. I didn’t think she would be able to take his thick cock into her tight rear end, but she was spread open enough at this point to fuck him balls deep in just a few thrusts.

As she slid her asshole up and down his cock, Joe stood next to her face and commanded her to “Lick my cock clean of your ass juices, whore.”

She proceeded to deep throat him, and said she loved sucking cock. “My ass tastes so good on your long hard cock.” I was watching my wife getting fucked in the ass by one friend, and deep throating another. I told Dave he had better get in there and fuck her good. I couldn’t believe that my wife was about to be triple teamed by my best friends, but as Dave got into position, she grabbed his ass and practically shoved him all the way into her pussy. The three of them were just abusing her, fucking her hard and deep like she had said she wanted. My wife was a sex crazed fiend, and I was getting to watch her get fucked like a porn star.

Joe started to tense up, and announced, “I’m about to come. I’m going to come on your face, whore!” He started jacking off, and she opened her mouth for the pop shot, just like in the movies. He grunted, and started spraying my wife’s face with a huge load of jizz. It was all over her eyes, nose, cheeks and forehead, and she scooped it up on her fingers, and swallowed it all, licking her fingers clean. Dave and Tom were still taking turns ramming their cocks as far up her ass and pussy as they would go, and watching her act like such a cum slut was too much for Tom. He tensed up and deposited his load deep in her ass. As he collapsed on the ground, she asked Dave to stop for a second.

She rolled off of Tom, and got down in her favorite anal position; face down, ass up. “I want you to fuck my ass, too,” she ordered Dave. He knelt behind her, and slid right into her stretched out ass. I couldn’t believe that all three of them had their cocks up my wife’s ass! She started fingering her clit, and stared directly into my eyes. Dave picked up his tempo, and she started screaming in pleasure.

“Her asshole is coming! I can feel it orgasming on my cock!” he shouted. He thrust in three more time, and the came with his cock shoved balls deep in her ass. Still staring at me, she screamed in pleasure as the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen her have wracked her entire body. She sighed contentedly, and blew me a kiss.

Fully satisfied, covered in come, with all of her holes fucked, . She went upstairs to get cleaned up before saying goodnight to the boys. As she kissed them all goodnight, She then took me to bed, gave me another earth shattering blowjob, and said she hoped I had fun today.

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