My Drunk Wife And A Trucker

This all happened one weekend in July this year we had a family party in Dumfries on the Friday night .So we was going to the family party for three to four hours and then we would go for a week away at our caravan at Cleethorpes after the party . It was about 10.30 pm when we got on the road to head to Cleethorpes Mrs was a bit drunk as she had some white wines at the party I was sober as I was driving so when we got to Penrith to go on to the A66 to Scotch Corner. We was in some slow moving car overtaking a truck as we past the cab of the truck Mrs s had noticed that the driver was glancing down and smiling at her she was wearing a short black skirt and a white top and Mrs s don’t wear underwear obviously she had caught the truck drivers eye . Mrs s was well impressed so she turned round to me and asked if I would mind if she flashed at him I said if you would like to flash him you can so I slowed down to let him pass us again . We followed him for a few minutes then I pull out in to the other lane to pass him again and I slowly drove up alongside is cab so then Mrs s pull up her top so he got a good eye full of her tits and as we got past him he was on his air horn in appreciation . Our interior light was on so he can see Mrs s so we slowed down he past us and we past him a couple of time on our way along the A66 Mrs s had pulled up her skirt to show him her full legs and pussy . So when we got to Scotch Corner we pull off in to the big lay – by and he followed us in to the lay – by we was park in front of him in the lay – by . We got out of the car to stretch our legs there was a couple of other trucks in the lay – by two . His cab door opened and a young guy jumped out of the cab this was the first time I had seen him he came over to us and introduced himself as rick he seemed to be a very nice bloke he said all the right things about Mrs s like she had a amazing body and how pretty she was Mrs s was loving all the nice things he said to her I stood in the background watching her enjoy herself . then he asked if he could see her tits up close and she obliged and then she asked him to show her what he’d got in his jeans . He said would it be better in my sleeper cab so no one would see us Mrs s said to him she wasn’t sure about that and we don’t haven’t got any condoms I was thinking she was just going to flash him condoms she was seriously considering shagging him . she turned round looked at me and said she would love to see his cock he opened his passenger door and invited Mrs s to climb in first so he could get a good look at her arse as she climbed up as Mrs s climbed on to his bed Mrs s was giggling as she took off her top and skirt and just sat there totally stark naked .Rick took off his t – shirt and jeans and he had no underwear on so he climbed on the bed next to Mrs s he had a very big cock a lot bigger than my cock they kissed and Mrs s played with his cock it was very hard she squeezed his balls he sucked her tits and fingered her pussy she was a bit drunk but she was very horny for his cock . Mrs s eventually layback and opened her legs and invited rick in to her pussy he put on his condom and climbed on top of her and inserted is big cock into Mrs s juicy pussy . At this point I was rock hard myself so I got my cock out and started wanking as I watched the action . Rick was fucking her very hard she had cum a lot and she was loving every minute of it he came after about 15 minutes and he climbed of her his condom was glistening from her juices but the end of his condom was full of cum in it as I turned round and looked at Mrs s pussy I could see her cum running out of her pussy . Mrs s look at me I just climbed on top of her and made passionate love for about 10 minutes before I came inside her two .She was totally drained at this stage and once I’d climbed off her she just lay there with her legs wide apart dripping of my spunk all over her pussy . She look at me and I just smiled at her she just lay on the bed with a big smile on her face . After a few minutes she got up and swung her legs off the bed and sat facing us Then she started give Rick a blow-job she took him in her mouth he came within seconds and she had cum dripping out of her mouth and all down his cock and all over his balls she got up and grabbed his T-shirt and wipe her mouth and her pussy with it before getting dressed and we when back to our car ……

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