In praise…

…of older ladies who bring much to the lives of younger guys IF they get the chance.

In my 20s I was able to join a local nudist centre with my then g/f. Because of her relocation, some considerable distance from me, I ended up at the club and also that most vilified of things the ‘single male’ this life form usually gets short shrift as it is deemed to be he cause of unbalancing of the membership. The overall membership being socially engineered to maintain the family sensitive status and to keep any singles to older ladies and tweenage girls. Tweenage boys being very few at the club usually attending in company with their parents.

Amongst the single were a number of ladies that matched the age of my mother and it was the first time I had seen regularly seen women of that age, late forties and early fifties, naked. I had attended the local nudist beaches but most of the women that appeared there were fully dressed curious tourist types equally shocked and curious about the people on the beach so not really a representative of the fairer sex. Said ladies would make some comment or other and then crunch off across the pebbles to find something else to be shocked an curious about.

In my tenure at the club were a number of tweenage girls who seemed to have settled on a T shirt, gold waist chain and not much else as their ‘uniform’. It could be quite distracting to have a tweenage smile clad in its uniform crouching next to one’s sunbed, with youthful knees and powder puff pubes at eye level, to ask for assistance with moving something awkward or out of reach.

Whilst the older male membership were expected to be naked whatever, bikini briefs were permitted for the ladies as was a bra for ladies with a generous endowment during the more vigorous sporting activities. So the visions of pubescent tweenager with T shirt waist chain over a powder puff of curls was a bit at odds with the general club ethos but as next years members come from such youthful membership the committee did turn a negative eye on tweenage dress code.

My own membership was quite happy go lucky and I managed to co-exist in the rarefied atmosphere of the second single guy over twenty on the club membership role. Visitors called and new members drifted in and established members drifted out. Amongst the over forties group were two ladies with whom I struck up a number of conversations both on normal club days and at Sauna and Party nights. I have always been able to chat informally with my older family members and as these ladies were of my mother’s vintage chatting to them and they with me was not a challenge for me.

One lady, Mary, was a keen sporty type with a muscular physic, small breasts topped with the modest nipples of a bosom untroubled by the two hourly feeding regime which topped out a comfortably rounded belly and hips; she enjoyed sports that the club could not offer and as a result was not always on site over a weekend as she was away indulging in some activity or other.

The other lady, Shirley, was very much in the mould of my mother taller and elegant even when naked, with the same wide hips and hanging fold of her ‘mummy tummy’ topped with soft and low hanging fat nippled breasts of the matriarch. Not on the page an attractive propositions but with nice personalities strong copper tinted tans, and a ready curiosity and interest in my pass times plus initially the health and whereabouts of any Girlfriend.

During the course of my attendance on mid-week sauna nights I got to know the two ladies better and we spent a good deal of time in each others company my own non-sexual ménage a trois. Out side of the club I was meeting with an Anglo-Asian lass but this was not a relationship that would easily extend to naturism as the lass involved thought undoing the collar button on a blouse almost a sexual deviance…yet as an amateur actress she went on stage in just a an ankle length and shapeless shift dress under which she was naked, her reasoning being that underwear was not available in biblical times… What she’d have thought of tweenagers with no clothes below the waist probably is unprintable pleasant as it might be to day-dream about.

Thus at weekends I lived the double life of nudist and church youth club leader. Finding that my naturist interests began to take preference. It was whilst in this unsettled state that I talked more openly about my naturist interests and need for a kindred spirit that would embrace social nudity with less of a closed mind. I had started to go to my girlfriend’s flat after sauna evenings clad in just my tracksuit, T-shirt and sports socks, making her more aware of my interest and also my response to her physicality. All of which was wasted ‘I’ll get there but you must not rush me’ and from sitting at my side she moved sitting in a more remote chair, arms hugging her drawn up knees, behind a wall of rejection and hurt spirit. So that my friends heralded the end of that.

One Saturday night when the girlfriend was out of town I went along to the club for a Sauna Session and settled in with my older lady friends. I explained my situation and during the saunas showers and relaxation we chewed over many options and a few of the older tweenagers were pointed out to me.

These were a few girls aged sixteen to eighteen who had joined the club along with their parents but seemed impossibly young to be dating a guy of twenty-six. Although I was subjected to more than a little of their doe-eyed attentions as the year started to draw to a close and I got used to being button-holed by them usually in pairs or more when club working parties were on the cards and they ran around with a list and a clipboard taking down names.

One mid-week evening in the sauna I was alone with my adoptive naturist mothers and we were talking more generally about life and love when Mary asked how I as a ‘Normal healthy male kept control with all the pretty girls about?’ The archetypal textile question of ‘Do you have a raging hard-on all the time.’ I muttered something about being less aware of the person and more aware of the situation.

As they were sitting away from me I did not hear the asides they shared but they beamed back smiles and the conversation topic changed to the forthcoming trip to a European Naturist gathering at Dutch Centre Parc as part of a naturist contingent from the UK. Having just purchased my own flat I was not financially sound enough to get away on that weekend and the home club was the best I could afford. I moved out of the heat took a cold shower and went to sit in the warm fug of the club lounge with a cup of coffee.

Mary and Shirley clad in similar towelling robes wandered about the assembled members and sat to chat with another couple and their daughter. After about half an hour I went back into the hot box for a second sweat before contemplating the return to my flat. Mary and Shirley joined the others in the space and we all quietened down and got on with getting properly hot and relaxed before we went out for a dip in the club’s outside pool. Slowly the numbers dropped as people went off for wither a shower or the swim. Leaving the three of us again.

We think you should come home with us.


Yes Shirley has something she needs attending to and as you help here, you could help her at home.

Yes I have a problem with a cupboard door.

I could get my tools and call tomorrow as it’s getting late.

Shirley is going out tomorrow.

Yes… yes, I have to see an old school friend who’s not been well.

OK I’ll visit tonight but we’ll need to get on it’s nearly ten o’clock.

Are you swimming?


We’ll shower and meet you in the lounge in twenty minutes.

OK. I took my towel bade them farewell and went off to the pool.

I splashed about in the cold water for a few minutes along with a couple of the clubs older males before going to the shower and dressing.

In the dressing room Mary and Shirley were drying their hair and the nodded a greeting as I made my way to the shower. By the time I was dressed and dry they had themselves ready for the trip home to Shirley’s.

Our convoy of three cars left the club grounds and made the short drive to Shirley’s home. We made our way inside and Shirley made coffee and found a pack of biscuits which she put on a plate and together we went into the lounge and sat down. There then followed quite a stilted conversation between the three of us before Mary said.

Do you think we might get to see you naked?


Shirley and I would like to see you naked. So we can check your resolve after what you said at the club.


So get your kit off and we can have a look at you again.

I stood and awkwardly started to undress.

No not here pop upstairs and undress and them come back down

Shirley led the way to one of the bedrooms and switched on the light.

I’ll…er…wait out here for you.

She pulled the door almost closed.

Bemused and dumbfounded I slipped out of my clothes, and opened the door.

Shirley took my hand and led me down to the lounge.

She stood me in the middle of the lounge.

Let’s have a proper look at you.

She sat in a chair next to Mary and they studied my naked body.

Could you come over here closer to us.

I moved towards them.

Would you mind if we touched you?


I watched as Mary’s hand stroked my thigh.

Shirley stood up and stroked my chest.

We’ve been admiring you for ages.

We think you are very nice and a proper gentleman, we watched you with that nice married girl that visited a few weeks back.

Thank you.

We wondered how you kept yourself controlled.

Mary’s hand moved to the inner face of my thigh.

Now we wonder if you could be less controlled. We’d like to see that.

Shirley looked me in the eye and stroked my nipples.

Mary’s hand cupped my sac.

Could you get erect for us?

We’d like to see you all stiff.

The cupping hand moved to my soft cock.

In my mind I fought to maintain a soft cock but the fingers were pulling my foreskin back to expose my glans.

We’d be so pleased if you could make it hard for us.

Shirley looked close into my eyes and I felt a warm mouth close around my cock.

We’ve dreamt about this.

We are very pleased you came along with us.

The mouth left my cock and the hand returned working my foreskin slowly back and forth.

We’ve admired your resolve and think you need a reward.

The mouth closed again over my cock and the tongue swirled over my stiffening cock.

Shirley moved away the soft zzzzzziiiiipppppp of her tracksuit opening punctuated the soft gurgles of Mary’s mouth and my penis.

I’ve looked at the way you have studied us so felt we could study you.

She slipped out of the jacket and pushed down her trousers leaving just some high cut bikini pants as modesty.

Mary’s mouth moved from my penis the room’s air feeling cold and unpleasant to my erect member.

I looked down as Shirley sat at my feet she looked up into my eyes and her mouth pouted and then kissed my glans before taking it into her mouth.

We thought you might object to us but we are pleased you are a gentleman and pleasing your lady friends.

More ziiiiipppping and the sigh of cloth on skin.

Mary stood in her silky French knicks. Her firmer breasts topped by their smaller neater girlish nipples. She took my hand and pushed it into her knicks. Holding it over her pussy.

We’ve dreamed of you being here with us.

But did not know how to get you here.

But we are glad you called.

Mary rubbed herself against my hand.

You can relax we won’t hurt you just want to see how you’d react.

My cock was solid now and Shirley’s tongue continued to caress it. She wriggled out of knicks and fondled her pussy as her tongue wrapped itself around my swollen glans. Mary wriggled down her Frenchies and pushed my hand firmly against her sparsely hair pussy. She felt wet and ready so I imagined that Shirley must be in a similar state of arousal. In the corner of my eye I spotted us in the distortion of the TV screen.

Quiet a sight, Mary’s fleshy low slung bum and the semi profile of Shirley’s back showing around the tanned fleshy bum of her friend. I slipped a finger into Mary’s moist quim and she pushed my hand down further so my fingers could drive in deep, this helped me concentrate as Shirley’s tongue was starting to get me moving towards a cum. I traced a finger around Mary’s labs and located the firm bump of her erect clitoris I rubbed it hard then gently she gasped and pushed herself against my finger. Shirley action around my glans was becoming intense and I was worried I would cum and spoil the fun. So asked if I could lie down.

The break from action allowed my cock to settle and it was not long before both Shirley and Mary were sucking and kissing my balls and cock. Whilst my fingers penetrated and played with their pussies. Slowly opening their vulvas to slip in one then three fingers neither lady drew breath as their tunnels of love accommodated the invading digits.

I concentrated hard on the action to their pussies as they tried to get my cock to spurt. I closed my thumb under my fingers as Shirley sat back and suddenly my hand was inside her vulva I looked at her face. The eyes closed and supreme pleasure lit her countenance as she settle down slightly further so that I was wrist deep inside her vagina. She cupped her soft empty hanging breasts teasing the rubbery nipples as she gently rode my hand.

Mary solely in charge of my penis redoubled her tongue action around me glans her free hand cupping and stroking my bald sac. I felt around inside her vagina seeking our her G-spot. The small patch of rough skin was high inside her and I slipped a second finger inside her to better reach my target. I massaged it carefully hearing her breathing changing and the slurping of her mouth around my penis.

I felt pressure on my arm as Shirley gripped it as she started to ride my inserted hand more vigorously, I could feel her cervix rubbing against my fingers as the explored the firm hard item, the squelching slurping sounds of the mouths and vaginas punctuated by the gasps and profanities of the two older women as they drove themselves towards their orgasms. Shirley came first she quivered and shook then slipped to one side my hand still embedded in her vagina, she slapped and rubbed at her clitoris as the orgasm drove her on.

Mary adjusted her position and my fingers slipped from her vagina as she placed her vulva over my face and leant forward to continue sucking my cock. I applied my tongue to her erect ‘go’ button and licked sucked and toyed with it as best I could as she applied herself to sucking out my cum.

I could only imagine the sight of Shirley in post orgasmic recovery my hand still inside her vagina. Mary with her wide hips spread either side of my face I could feel her nipples brushing my belly as she suckled my over stimulated cock towards its climax. I knew from the girl cum oozing onto my face that she was either very close or having her orgasm. My fingers parted her labia and I could see her vagina ‘gasping’ and oozing white girl cum from its entrance. I could hold back no longer.

‘s’cuming….s’cuming…oh fuck…its cuming.

I felt Mary’s tongue relax as the first small cough of my seed spat from my knob followed by more as my penis spent its load in her mouth, she licked my knob as the deliveries subsided cleaning away the spunk and kissing my cock. She rolled off my face and lay beside me toying with my softening cock.

Shirley’s fingers felt round my wrist and I looked over for the first time. Propped up on cushions with her knees drawn up framing my arm inside her vulva. She looked at me and smiled, she pulled gently on my forearm and my hand slowly emerged from the intimate embrace of her vagina. She closed her eyes and cupped a hand to her vulva and squeezed her thighs together.

She rolled over onto her back the soft breasts falling to the side of her chest the rubbery nipples still semi erect. Mary slowed her attention to my soft penis.

‘I suppose I had better be going,’ she mumbled raising herself onto her elbows, and looked across at me, ‘and you young man need to go and wash your face’. She smiled at me as I sat up. Leaning over she kissed me. She sat back and licked her lips. ‘Been a while since I tasted me. Thank you for making me a happy lady.’

With a few grumbles she stood up. Pulled on her Frenchies and track suit trousers. She pulled the jacket over her bare breasts and fully zipped it closed. Shirley started to get unsteadily to her feet. I stood up to help her my hand sticky from her vagina pulling gently against her weight she rose up to stand beside me. Once standing she kept hold of my hand and we escorted Mary to the door.

Both women and I exchanged parting kisses and as the door closed. Shirley still holding my hand led the way upstairs and into the bathroom. I looked at my face in the mirror. I had a thick sticky stain of Mary’s girl cum around my mouth and both my hands were sticky from dipping the mature vagina’s of my older lady friends.

I turned the basin taps and washed my hands and face. Then I gently and carefully washed Shirley’s pussy, as she stood one foot on the bath edge, fully exposing her hanging labia, the sparse shadow of silvery curls and tanned skin. I dried her with care and interest, the pubic hair neater and springy under my gentle towelling. The inner labia hanging low from her pudenda.

I think I would like you to stay the night to say thank you.

I have work tomorrow.

Call in sick in the morning and we’ll go to the club for the day.

She held out a hand and together we walked to her room closed the door and climbed naked into her bed…

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