Farm Adventures Begin at the Auction

Farm Adventures Begin At The Auction
By Wonder_Dad – Story #10

I was amazed, never having been at a horse auction before, at the sheer number of horses being auctioned off. I was a fish out of water, not able to tell a good horse from a bad one, but I was determined to make a new life for my family. I sat and watched the auction, hoping to glean an idea for future auctions, where I would actually bid on a few horses, and hopefully, get the first few steeds for the Farm.

“You are new here, I have not seen you at the auctions before,” a small diminutive woman wearing western apparel unnoticed before appeared beside me. Her short blond hair waved in the breeze as she looked at me with blue eyes and a pretty smile. “I’m Grace, I am selling several horses here today.”

“Hello, I’m Ben. I want to buy a few horses, but I am afraid that I am not at all comfortable with this. I really am a novice, and have no idea of what a good horse looks like,” as I looked at her, she gave me an appraising look, as if I were one of the horses on the auction block. I shifted uncomfortably and listened to the auctioneer shouting out bids.

“I see, well, not all horses are good ones, and at auctions, many are really poor choices, unless you know what to look for,” she pointed to the horse on the block as she raised her number, apparently bidding on the horse. “Take this one, he appears to have been well bred, but is only a two year old, too young really, three years or older are more desirable.” Her paddle waved again and the bidding continued until her number was called out as ‘sold to #23’ by the auctioneer.

“If you would like to learn more, let me know,” she smiled and waved goodbye as she went to pay for the horse. I watched closely as she walked away. I may not know how to appraise a horse, but this young woman was definitely worth looking at. Her small buttocks swayed back and forth seductively and I had to adjust my package some to allow for the swelling.

After more than an hour watching the auction, I decided I had enough, and headed for the parking lot. Not far from my car, I spied Grace near a large 4-horse trailer, attempting to load the 2-year old into it. The horse was prancing back and forth, resisting all efforts to entice him up the loading ramp into the trailer. He would nearly go in, and then balk and step off the ramp to the side. I walked over closer and watched a few moments.

“Can I help you,” I offered and stepped up behind the horse, pushing on his rump with my hands as she got his head into the trailer. He tried to kick me, but I was too quick, I sidestepped and at the same time, slapped his rump hard. He immediately clamored into the trailer. She deftly tied the lead rope and stepped out, closing the door behind the horse.

“Wow, thank you. You are pretty fast on your feet, it is usually not a good idea to stand behind a horse,” she offered the advice off-handedly to me.

“I will remember that next time,” I said, as I turned to walk back to my car. I had taken only a few steps when she called after me.

“Say, Ben….would it be to forward of me to offer you a beer or something for helping? My place is just down the road and I have to get this horse in the yard before dark, but I have a cooler of cold ones waiting on me, if you would care to follow me and have one. I’ll understand if you say ‘No’,” her eyes were on me and there was the smallest of smiles on her face. I think she was embarrassed to have asked me to join her.

“Um, well, the offer sounds wonderful, thank you,” I smiled widely at her. “I will follow you.”

The drive was a short one, not more than four miles, she turned down a dusty farm road passing thru a few gates. A somewhat modern home sat back amongst some trees surrounded by several barns, a few of which were in bad disrepair.

She quickly unloaded the horse and tied him to a post in the shade and walked to a cooler, bent over opening it, and pulled two beers out. I could not help but admire her ass again or the glimpse of her breasts peeking out of her blouse as she straightened up and offered me a beer.

We sat on a wooden bench and chatted for a bit. She was quite open, telling me that she had divorced her husband following his repeatedly cheating on him with a woman at his workplace, and had gotten the house and surroundings in the settlement several years ago. She worked at the hospital as a nurse and with her hours there barely managed to have time to take care of all the buildings.

I explained that I had acquired a farm from one of my financial clients. Telling her it was really more of a private country club with elaborate barns and outbuildings all designed for racing horses and their opulent owners. There were no horses now, but my grandiose plans were to purchase some and start a horse-riding rental. The acreage was mixed woods and fields, perfect for riding trails and the fields were in hay, more than enough to feed a large number of horses.

She repeatedly got up and brought more beers for us, and I noticed her blouse buttons were beginning to become unbuttoned each time she leaned over, exposing her breasts more and more. Her words were becoming more slurred and she stumbled at bit as she came back to the bench and fell across my lap as she tried to sit down.

“Oh my…,” she giggled as she grabbed at me to keep from falling off the bench as all her buttons popped and her blouse opened completely exposing her chest to me. She managed to get one arm around my neck and hold on.

My eyes beheld her ample mounds of flesh tipped by light coral colored nipples. She giggled again looking at me checking out her breasts.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked as she wiggled her ass on my lap seductively. “You may not know horse flesh, but I do believe you do admire my flesh,” as her lips sought mine in a passionate kiss. For several minutes we kissed each other, my hands explored her soft mounds as I kissed her ears and neck. I nibbled on her shoulder then kissed her lips over and over.

“It has been a long time since I’ve had anyone kiss me and make me feel like a woman Ben, thank you,” she breathlessly whispered into my ear. “You are turning me on like you would not believe. My body is being consumed with heat at your touch.”

“Grace, I…think the beers are having altering your mind. I should be going…,” I spoke softly, not wanting for her to commit herself to something that she would regret.

“Ben, I’ve not been with a man for more than two years. I know very well what I am doing and I want you to take me and have your way with me. Please, I need you,” she spoke imploringly. “Ravage me, make me feel like a woman, your woman.”

She lay on her back still on my lap and undid her shorts, pulling them down revealing a thick carpet of lush blonde pussy hair. I could see her labia lips protruding amidst the hairy bush as she reached down with her fingers, touching herself, pulling them open wide as her fingers disappeared. She pulled her hand out and pushed them into my mouth and I tasted her sweet nectar on my lips and tongue. She raised her legs high, wiggled back on the bench, and pulled my head down between her legs.

“Lick my pussy please, it’s been so long,” as her hands grabbed handfuls of my hair she guided me into her quim. My tongue had a mind of it’s own as it darted in and out of her tasty pussy, savoring the juices that were pouring out of her. My hands were on her breasts, squeezing them, feeling the flesh mold itself into my hands. Her nipples had stiffened hard and taunt and I took my forefinger and thumb, gently rolled them together. She moaned seductively, clasping even more at my head.

I felt her hands release my hair, and begin to fumble at my belt and zipper, pulling open my pants releasing my hard cock. Her hands went around it, clasping it and she gasped again, feeling its girth and length and the hardness of the shaft. She sat up and her mouth devoured my cock, her lips and mouth traversed it from tip to bottom, she licked my balls, sucking them into her mouth with ease, still playing with my shaft in her hands.

“It is so heavenly, your cock….” As she began licking the tip again, her lips opened and she sucked the tip in, her lips locking on it, as her tongue flicked and flashed along it. “It is so big and fat Ben,” and she began to take it deeper and deeper into her mouth with her grunts and groans vibrating it to the core. She continued to move up and down on me, and I could feel myself getting ready to cum in her mouth and I quickly pulled it out of her mouth, wanting to cum in her pussy.

I pushed her onto her back, spread her legs and took aim at her pussy. I let the tip of my cock sink in a bit, rubbing it up and down, thumbing her clitty, enjoying the feeling of her wetness on it. She was groaning in pleasure, clutching at my buttocks, trying to pull me into her pussy deeper. I slowly let it slide in a bit and pulled it out, seeing her face as she licked her lips and watched it go in and out. Taking my time, enjoying the warmth of her tight pussy on the tip of my cock, I continued to tease her, not letting it go in more than a couple of inches before pulling out repeatedly.

Her hips were humping upward trying to get me deeper into her until I felt her body quiver and saw great gushes of her nectar pour around my cock, slickening it completely. As she rocked convulsively on my cock, I jammed it deep inside her, our pubic hairs mingled as I rammed her deep, feeling my cock tip hit her cervix opening, and I unloaded my spunk deep inside. Spurt after spurt of cum shot from my cock as I continued to ram and thrust in time to her convulsions.

I lay there on top of her, keeping myself deep inside her long after I stopped cumming, waiting for her to stop climaxing. Each time I moved she seemed to convulse again and more of her cum would squirt out around my cock and down her legs. When she finally stopped, she must have cum six times. She had the most satisfied look on her face and she pulled me down and kissed me over and over, praising me.

When I finally pulled out, she quickly licked my cock clean, sucking it into her mouth, licking and lapping, tasting our combined juices, until there was no more. I was very pleased.

“Ben that is the best fucking time I think I have ever had. I am so happy that you went to the auction today. Any time you want help bidding on a horse, I’ll be there to advise you…and fuck and suck you after each one, as many times as you want.”

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