Super Bowl Party

I greet your 5 friends at the door in the French maid’s outfit you have given me to wear, including black thigh highs and 4 inch heels with ankle straps. They are a bit taken back, but I lead them into the living room. You tell them that I will “serve” them, but they look at you questioningly. To assure them, you command me to lie down, lift my skirt showing I am not wearing any panties, and masturbate for them. I am not allowed to cum, but am required to give a good show!

After that, there are fewer questions, but you answer those by ordering me to suck each one off prior to kickoff. I must swallow each one’s cum. Then, I am ordered to begin snack service. I am continually felt up, spanked, poked, prodded until you finally remove the outfit and I serve naked, wearing only my hose and heels. I am told to not drop any food or beer, as I will pay for every drop.

At halftime, I am led downstairs, tied to the bed, spread eagle, open and vulnerable. From that point on, my holes are violated repeatedly. You manage to whisper in my ear that I can cum at will. After an hour, the football game is almost forgotten… and my body is covered in wet, juicy cum (especially my face and cunt).

At this point, I am untied and led back upstairs for what’s left of the second half of the game. I am provided a butt plug and a dildo to strap in myself, and I am forced to serve the rest of the game filled to the brim!

After the game ends, I am told to kneel and each guy gets their chance with me. Just when I thought it was almost over, the doorbell rings, and the guy’s girlfriends and wives enter (unknown to me they were called at halftime). At this point……the fun continues.

I am led downstairs again, but this time I am cuffed, tied to the ceiling and straddling a sawhorse. I am told it is time to ride the pony, and I realize that if I dip from my tiptoes, my cunt will be spread painfully on the sawhorse. At this point, the fun begins for everyone. I get to watch everyone having a wild orgy, while I am forced to struggle on very tired calves. Every once in a while, someone will come over, twist a nipple, spank, whip or crop me in random places. You all take great delight in watching my legs give more and more until I am just sitting on the sawhorse and moaning.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity to me, I am released and allowed to drop to my knees. You drag me over and tell me to clean out each woman’s cunt. I recognize each man’s taste, of course!

After that, you lead me over to a table. I am tied over it with my legs spread and my head off the edge. From this point until the time everyone leaves, my holes and body will be open for use. Each hole will be well fucked, and my body will be well coated in cum. My mouth will also be well used to the taste of each man and woman.

Once everyone has left, I am untied and allowed to stretch. Then, you lead me to the shower. Kneeling, I take your cock and thank you for everything, bringing you to climax and swallowing your cum. At that point, you turn on the shower and bathe me, massaging my calves and other parts.

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