Europe Holiday 3

Carrying on from part 2, we slept in till just on 12 noon, all quickly dressed & went down to get on the Hop on Hop off bus to see more of the City of Berlin (it is worth doing if you are visiting the City). By 6pm we were back in our room, getting ready for the Fetish Club & to take Klara along with us.

I wore my Black leathers & leather vest, my 2 slaves had Black short skirts on, diana had a black & purple bikini top while alice had a red & black bikini top & of course they both had my Collar on, their make up was great, black lipstick & eye lashes done. I bought alice a new pair of almost knee high boots, black with red lacing, she really did look hot, diana wore her nice bondage heels, so off the 3 of us went to meet Klara for dinner before going to the Club. Klara was there waiting, she was dressed in a very nice white short one piece dress, which clearly showed her nipples.

Once inside, my 2 sat with their bear skin on the seats which was explained to Klara as part of my Dominance with my 2 slaves. Through dinner we all chatted, the girls all got plenty of looks just being there with bikini tops on.

After paying the bill we all walked off the Fetish Club, Klara was a little nervous about that, but was no problem once inside, we all got drinks & then we showed her some of the play things at the back of the Club, The X was very good, spanking benches were also very well made, spreader bars etc At this point in time, my slaves were still dressed, as was Klara, so we all just watched others doing a little play, then we saw the first group were about to start their show, it was here that I had my 2 remove their tops & placed my chain leash onto their collars & hung them around their necks, just to ensure that others knew they were owned.

As the music started, we with many others in the Club started to move & dance, it was all good fun, I took my 2 slaves over to the spanking benches & warmed up their butts as well as giving them both a good pussy spanking as well, which had them very wet, Sex in the Club is not permitted, so there was none of that, however by the time the main group were ready to start their Performance, we were back for more dancing.

Now this group were all females, & looked like they all fitted in very well with the crowd (which was great to see) then they started, Klara was telling us what they were singing about when we could hear her, by the time the lead singer got into her 3rd song, she tore her dress off and was naked on stage

Now this is not the group we saw, but very close to what took place, as soon as the group all but 1 girl was naked on stage, my 2 asked if they could do it as well, of course I gave permission, it was here that Klara was of 2 minds, remove her outfit & go nude with my 2 or stay dressed, sometime later she with a number of girls spent the night naked.

alice wanted to ask the lead singer if she would autograph her, which I had no problem with, so once the group finished up about 1-30am, alice walked up onto the stage & asked if she would give her, her autograph, I was watching diana & Klara holding hands while watching a subbie boy get a caning. alice got her tight butt signed, she thanked the woman (have no idea what her name was) & gave her a kiss on the cheek, then she just stayed there chatting to the other girls, all still naked & with her legs wide apart to ensure they all got a very good look ­čÖé

By 2-15am the place was closing, so we all got ready to head back to the hotel, the 3 girls were not allowed to walk outside naked (the rules I guess) so they put their clothes on & we walked out. Outside around the corner they all took off their gear as we walked across the road into a park, there were a number of people in the park talking & drinking as they had come out of other Night Clubs, on seeing the 3 girls naked, (I have my 2 always stand with their shoulders back, which makes their udders stand out & with their legs at least 45cm apart, so anyone can see what is mine, as their silver tags hang down.

We chatted to the people for 20 minutes or so, that was when a Blonde girl asked if she could join in with the girls being naked (she didn’t speak english so Klara did the translation) of course was my reply. So we walked to the other side of the park, me having my 2 on the Chain leash & Klara holding their hands in between them, the other girl wanted to go back to her friends so she walked off & we walked like that all the way to the our hotel. Now the day before, when my 2 were out nude, one of the girls on the front desk saw diana & alice naked & took their photo, she was on night shift so the 4 of us walked in, as we passed her she looked & smiled, then asked if she could get a photo with us all, Klara agreed which surprised me, after doing that the 4 of us went up to our room, where somehow all 4 of us fitted into the king size bed.

It took sometime to get to sleep, as I took my 2 both in the Doggie position, while diana hungrily ate out Klara. There were moans non stop, Klara put herself into the doggie position, for me to take her as well, which I did, but I need to say, I very rarely have sex with anyone other than my 2 slaves, reason being, a slave or sub needs to earn the right to feel my cock & sperm inside them, however Klara had come a long way in 50 hours & really was a good girl.

I kept Klara’s details, we hope she will visit us in Sydney.

The next morning we had to fly out to Barcelona, Spain.

Next is Part 4

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