Back At The Office.

It was Jo’s first week back after the ‘episode’ at her birthday party.

Her boyfriend was bewildered by the sudden increase in her sex drive.

But the though of all that cock the old men served up that day… well, she couldn’t get it out of her head.

So it was with some trepidation she approached the managers office that morning.

The door closed behind her. “Ah. Jo. so pleased you could join us.” said Jim, the care home manager.

Jo’s heart skipped a beat at the word ‘us’. I meant more than one man in the office. And the last time that happened… well she really couldn’t get over it…

“Y… Yes Mr Webley…”

She nervously looked over her shoulder. Sure enough three other members of staff sat in chairs behind her, directly facing the desk. She bit her bottom lip.

‘We’re thinking of offering you promotion, even though you’ve only been with us a short while. we believe you er… have what it takes… shall we say.’

Jo heard a faint snigger from behind her. But she daren’t turn round.

“There’s an increase to your salary, a new uniform and other… erm… benefits…” said Jim “All we need you to do is just sign here and we can… crack on…”

With this Jim pulled out a huge raft of papers. About three inches deep. Tiny, tiny print covered the page.

“So if you could just sign here… here… and here… Then we’re done. £25K, per annum. Nothing to be sniffed at for a girl your age. You could go far.”

Jim carefully pointed out the lines to be signed. He had a grin. And an arched eyebrow. Jo couldn’t quite read it. But the other men in the room echoed Jim’s sentiments. So much so they may as well of forced her hand to sign. So sign she did.

Jim asked her to go to the draws at the end of his office. In the bottom draw she’d find her uniform. She squatted down to open the bottom draws but was met with stern rebuke from Mr Webley.

“Tut, tut, tut. Page sixty five…” he called out.

He waved a sheet of paper in Jo’s direction.

“Page sixty five clearly states no female employee is to bend the knees when retrieving anything from anywhere.”

Jo stood up quickly. She slowly turned towards the cabinet and bent over at the waist. her skirt just wasn’t quite long enough not to reveal her fully fashioned stocking tops and maybe half an inch of bare flesh.She heard the soft ‘Phwoars’ behind her as she lifted her uniform out of the cabinet draw.

She turned to the men.

“Right. best off to get changed. We’ll see you here in… oooh… Half an hour?” Jim said as he poured him and his colleagues a glass of whiskey.

“Make sure you’re ‘dressed’” he added as she skipped out of the room.

About thirty five minutes passed. Then there was a gentle knock at the door.

“Come in!” Jim ordered.

Jo tentatively entered the room and stood in front of the three old men. She could see by their smiles she was in for a torrid time. Jim sat in a big comfortable chair and his three other members of staff stood behind him admiring the view.

And what a view it was.

Her hair was tied up above her head in double pony tails. She was wearing her black rimmed spectacles and bright red lipstick on her thick red lips. Her white blouse was virtually see through. Her 36DD tits made the perfect shape beneath the thin material. and whats more were clearly visible beneath the translucent fabric. She had black patent high heeled shoes, black fully fashioned stockings, a white suspender belt and the full white (although very see through,) knickers concealed by a short grey pleated skirt that just about reached her stocking tops.

“Right,” announced Jim “we have a little game for you to play.” He paused, thoughtfully. “Well, maybe not FOR you. More WITH you.” A couple of the guys smirked, one stifled a laugh.

“What you’re going to do is beg one of us to fuck you. Mind you I think we’ll all get a go on you, but you’ll have to decide who.”

Jo couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She blushed bright red and bit her bottom lip.

“I have here a few implements.” As Jim spoke he opened his drawer and produced an old slipper, a cane, a floppy, paddle and a stiff wooden paddle. “Each of us will get six strokes. And we’ll keep going until you beg us to fuck you instead.”

Jo shifted her weight from one leg to the other.

“But first a little warm up. if you could step this way and then bend down across my knee.” With this Jim stood up and walked towards a chair in one corner of the room. He pulled the chair out and sat down. Jo didn’t move at first. She was still in a state of shock. But after a couple of seconds she reluctantly obeyed.

The short skirt presented everything to the men, who’d gathered round to watch the events unfold, as she bent over Jim’s lap.And what was worse she could feel Jim’s stiffening cock has he got to rest his hands on her knickers. Knickers that were so transparent nothing was left to the imagination. It drew a few lewd comments from the spectators.

Then, without warning she felt a ‘thwack’ on her beautiful backside.

“Ooooh… ow…”





Three more smacks. Three more wails of complaint.

“Right young lady. Mr Harding is going to take over.”

She stood up, her arse warm, and Mr Harding took over. Mr Harding wore a green tweed suit, and looked well into his sixties, his thinning grey hair swept back over his head. She could see the bulge in his trousers before she bent over. How embarrassing… She winced as Mr Harding helped her over his lap and ‘accidentally’ cupping her tit.

Six of the best from Mr Harding, and six times her legs flailed about involuntarily. And every time Mr Harding used it as an excuse to run his hand up her thighs and between her legs. Fingers ran over the thin material of her knickers.

“Mr Jones. Your turn I believe.”

Mr Jones was slightly older than Mr Harding. Virtually bald, and half moon glasses he was every inch the school master in his beige trousers, shirt and tie.

He rested his right hand on her buttock and asked if she was ready in a most condescending tone. Then he began. Again she did her best but her legs flailed about. Again Mr Jones used this as an excuse to grope her legs and arse.

Her bottom was getting rather hot. And she could feel Mr Jones’ cock pressing against her stomach.

After another six smacks, Jim told her to stand. But as she did so Mr Jones kept his hand in place on her buttocks, kneading and squeezing the soft flesh up her skirt.

“Right Jo. Fetch me three books from the bottom draw of the book shelf and place them on the table” Jim commanded.

Jo duly did so, happy to be released from the probing fingers of Mr Jones.

“And remember, no bending at the knees…”

Jo placed the three late books on the large oak desk.

“Right now lay the book end on end on the middle of the desk, then i want you standing on the desk.”

She did as she was ordered using the chair to help herself up. Standing there she looked down. The three old me were looking up.

“Time for this knickers to come down I believe.” said Jim.

“Down to the ankles I think, Mr Harding?” Added Mr Jones.

“Good Idea John.” replied Mr Harding. “C’mon then girl. Drop those knickers.”

Jo slowly eased her flimsy knickers over her buttocks. She could she the leering looks the men were giving her. Pulling them slowly down over her thighs, to her knees, them releasing them to drop around her ankles.

Mr Webley tapped the three books on the table.

“Now, young lady I’d like you kneeling down on this desk, with one knee at each end of this row of books. And I’d like your tits to be touching the table top. So that back needs to be bent right back, and that pretty little bottom of yours is right up in the air. Is that clear?”

“Y… yes sir…”

Jo did as she was told. (Well she really had no option.)

What a lovely picture.

The books forced her legs apart. (She couldn’t get them any wider if she’d tried.) The knickers pulled her ankles together. The tops of her stockings perfectly framing her arse and her cunt was quite clearly on show for the old men.

Mr Harding couldn’t resist just ‘checking’ her tits were properly on the desk.

Mr Jones ran his fingers down the crease of her cunt. There was no pretence of checking anything. He just wanted to (and could) feel her helpless cunt.

Her arse was already quite red.

“Right. Mr Harding. The slipper?”

“Why thank you.” was the reply. “And Mr Jones, could you just check those tits stay on the table? There’s a good man.”

She felt the sole of the slipper address her naked arse. A couple of soft pats.

Then ‘SPLAT’

Jo reared up as a wave of pain shot through her. Barely able to recover… ‘SPLAT’


Then a pause.

“I’m afraid her tits left the desk Jim”

“Maybe jet hold her down?” “OK”

Mr Jones held her head against the desk. Her legs were held in position by the thick books.

‘SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT’ three more hits. Three more waves of pain. More wails of anguish.

Her arse was so hot.

She felt a hand and fingers checking her backside. Fingers gently caressing her cunt lips.

The pain, and yet the pleasure.

“How about the good old fashioned cane. Just a different sort of pain.”

“Great idea Jim” she heard Mr Harding say.

Another pause.

Then she heard the distinctive ‘Swoosh, swoosh’ as someone tried out the thin strip of cane, testing it’s flight through the air. She but her lip in anticipation.

She felt the wooden stick brushing her buttocks. She heard lewd murmurs of appreciation from the men. She bit her lip.







Her body bucked and writhed. But she was held filmily in position. She could only let the pain dissipate through her body. Passing her cunt like warm waves.

Hands then stroked her buttocks. Perverted words of enjoyment were exchanged by the three men.

Then again.


“Owwwww. Noooooo P..please.”


“owwwwww nooooo”




And again.

And again.

Then another pause. More caressing. A finger tip gently nudging against her hole.

Then it began again.


“Owwwww. Stop! P..please.”


“owwwwww nooooo”

Then a pause. She was exhausted. Panting. “Please, no more. I can’t take any more. Anything but this.”

“Anything?” inquired Mr Webley, his fingers already toying with the young woman’s quim.

“Yes… anything”

“Then what do you say?”

By this point Jo was pretty much past caring. Her tiny skirt was up around her waist and a dirty old man had his finger up her very wet cunt.

“Please.. Please fuck me. Please… do… it…”

Her hips were already giving her away. Forcing down onto his fingers with slow thrusts of her hips.

“She looks keen,” sniggered Mr Harding, clambering up onto the table, unzipping his fly.

Mr Jones was soon offering up his stiff prick to Jo’s mouth. He held her head as he used his hips to rub the end of his cock across her face, her tongue trying to catch it and lick it, trying to bring it into her mouth. But mr Jones was rather enjoying this game. He enjoyed the sensation of her soft hair, her cheeks and occasionally the caress of her tongue on his manhood. Mr Harding too was enjoying himself. he placed the shaft of his tool along the crease of her cunt and ordered Jo to slide up and down it, a sensation Mr Harding very much enjoyed.

Mr Webley joined Mr Jones and soon Jo had two cocks rubbing themselves off one her face, occasionally one would find the warm wet hole of her mouth.

The men were uttering filthy and disgusting comments. But it didn’t seem to put Jo off. If anything it was the opposite.

She soon had one hand on Mr Webleys cock. pulling the thick cock head to her lips. greedily running her tongue over the head, before pulling back the foreskin and licking round his helmet. Then, pushing forward, Jim stuffed most of it into her mouth, causing a huge bulge in her cheek. Mr Jones delighted in the fact he could run his cock across that bulge. These men knew no bounds when it came to perverted pleasure.

Jo’s other hand reached between her legs and skilfully eased Mr Hardings bulbous head between her sloppy wet cunt lips and into her aching hole.

“You fucking love it don’t you?” she heard someone say.

She could only reply with a “mmmmMMmmm” noise as her mouth was full of cock.

They began to tease her.

“Where would you like it next?”

“You’d like two cocks WHERE?”

“Both at the same time?”

Jo obviously couldn’t answer.

The old men proceeded to fuck her and use her in every way possible.

They took it in turns to fuck her up the arse as she bent over the table. Each man having one slow stroke before being replaced by the next. Mr Jones and Mr Webley both managed to squeeze their huge cocks up her young wet cunt. All this while Mr Harding has his cock right up her arse. (This was enough to make the young lady cum repeatedly.)

They tit fucked her.

She had all three cocks in her mouth. (Well she tried to. The most she could manage was two at any one time. But all three men jostled for position.)

And very soon all three men were ready to unleash their loads over the poor exhausted woman. They shot thick wads of cum across her cheeks. Into her right eye. Across her forehead and into her hair. It dripped from her nose and chin in great stringy globs. And of course across those lovely red lips and into that lovely pink mouth.

Jo licked the spunk from her lips and sucked the strands of goo from her fingers.

“You fucking dirty perverts.” she smiled ‘“Whatever are you going to think up next?”

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