Taking Mother

This is a true story that happened in 1969. It was told to me by my friend Tim and he said he was 19 at the time, going to college and living at home. As a side note, we both had sex with our own mother and that was what we had in common. It was an experience that would shape both our lives from then on.

I asked his permission to write this up and publish it. After reading it, he agreed that I should.

Here is his story as I remember him telling it.

It had been a stormy day from the time I got up until I got home from school. I had watched torrents of rain come down during the day. There was a flash flood warning and tornado watch. They skies looked ominous and had a tent of that green that comes with severe storms.

“Hey mom, I’m home,” I yelled as I came through the back door.

“Oh thank God. I was so worried about you,” mother said as she came walking into the room.

Now my mother, in my opinion, was a beautiful woman. She stood 5′-6″ tall, weighed about 120 lbs., nice size breast (I found her size by looking at her bras in her lingerie drawer), she was a 34C. Mother always held herself well. She stood up straight and had the most wonderful walk that made her butt cheeks swish back and forth. I loved looking at mother’s legs, clothed in nylon stockings that were still the everyday wear for many women. Pantyhose were making their way through the market and lots of girls at school wore them but not mother.

Now to be perfectly honest, I had been masturbating, using mothers stockings for years. I just loved the feel of the nylon fabric as I stroked my cock, ejaculating into the toe area of the stocking. After ruining several pairs of mother’s stockings (I’m sure she knew I was using them), I started saving the ones that she threw away because of runs. Once I saw mother washing her stockings using Woolite, I started doing the same with the ones I had. They lasted a lot longer and I started gathering a supply. I really loved the black stockings. I don’t know why but I loved them on mother’s legs and off.

The storm continued through supper and mother was getting scared.

“I saw the news at 5PM and they said that there was a tornado warning tonight,” mother sighed as we ate.

She had no sooner said that then we heard the sirens going off. We looked at each other and jumped from our table and raced to the bathroom in mother’s bedroom. Mother had placed a sleeping bag in there and we got into the cast iron tub and pulled the sleeping bag over us to protect our heads, just in case. The house shook and the wind howled around us but nothing happened to our house.

The weather calmed down to a hard rain and we got out of the tub.

“Wow, that was horrible,” mother said as she walked back to the kitchen. “Everything is cold now. Go see if you can find out any information about the storm on TV and I’ll heat this back up. I’m still hungry.”

I did as she asked but could not find out anything further. This was long before cable, everything was off the antenna that was outside. With the wind howling as it was, the antenna was swaying a lot and the signal was fuzzy.

“Nothing on TV,” I yelled at toward the kitchen.

“Well…, okay, come on everything is heated up.”

We finished eating supper while listening to the storm. It seemed unceasing.

Suddenly the power went out.

“Oh great,” I said in disgust, “I’ll go find my flashlight.”

Mother was already up from the table and had a candle. The room lit up as she struck one of her kitchen matches.

“Take this with you,” mother said as she handed me the candle. The candle was one of her good table candles, long and skinny. I didn’t know how long it would last, I guess as long as an intimate supper would last.

I found the flashlight that I used when my friends and I go camping. Nice and big, nice and strong. I went back to the kitchen and mother was sitting at the table with about half a dozen candles around her.

“Got enough candles,” I chuckled. “Here mom,” and I handed her the flashlight.

“Thank you honey.” Mother got up and cleaned the table and stacked the dishes in the sink.

“I guess there’s nothing to do but go to bed,” mother said. “Do you want to keep the flashlight?”

“No, I’ll use a candle.”

I went to my room to put on my PJ’s and so did mom. I was wearing a tee shirt and PJ bottoms. Mother had put on her PJ’s that had a shirt and pants but they were made of nylon, so they clung to her shape really well. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra and I noticed a little mound just above her crotch, it had to be her hairy mound. Don’t know for sure, I’d never seen it but it was kind of obvious.

“Okay, well goodnight honey. You keep your ears open for another siren. If you hear it, come running,” mother stated in her best motherly voice.

“Yes ma’am,” I said and kissed her on the cheek and then a quick peck on the lips.

“I love you sweetheart,” mother said with a smile. “See you in the morning.”

We went to bed and put the lights out.

I laid in bed and listened to the storm. I couldn’t remember a storm lasting this long. I mean we’ve had hard rains that lasted, I don’t know, thirty minutes or so before but not like this, all evening.

I had just dozed off when the sirens started wailing again. I jumped up and ran to mother’s bedroom. She was up and was heading toward my bedroom.

“Quick,” she said as she turned and headed into the bathroom. We cowered in the tub with my sleeping back over us for about twenty minutes. The rain and wind continued but there was not the noise and shaking that had happened earlier.

We got out of the tub again and I headed for my bedroom.

“Honey, why don’t you just stay in here for the night? I would hate for you to get caught in between our bedrooms during this storm. Just stay here. You can sleep with me,” mother said as she tossed a couple of pillows onto the bed.

“Woohoo, a sleepover with mother,” I laughed.

Mother hid me with her fist on my arm. “Fine, go sleep in your room,” she said. I knew she wasn’t serious.

“Come on, get in bed,” she said, “I don’t want to waste any more battery power.”

I noticed that the storm had settled down a little and the wind had let up. I rolled over with my back to mother and went to sleep.

When I woke up, it was morning and the hint of sunshine was showing through the window.

The next thing that I noticed is that I had a morning woody.

Then the next thing I noticed was that I was spooning with mom with my arm over her waist.

I was about to extricate myself from this situation when mother put her hand over mine and held it tight. I was sure she was asleep and just naturally reacting to being touched.

My other hand was between us, the back side of my hand was against her ass. The nylon fabric felt so cool, soft and sleek.

I thought that I needed to go get rid of this woody when the most evil of thoughts crossed my mind. I used the hand that was between us to unbutton my PJ’s and let my aching cock out. I was thinking of just rubbing my cock against her nylon PJ’s, maybe even going between her nylon covered legs.

I pushed forward very gently and felt my cock head come into contact with her PJ’s covering her legs. I moved ever so gently back and forth, rubbing my cock against her. This is awesome. But the devil in me wanted more. I pushed my cock up against her ass. This is even more awesome. I didn’t want to be too obvious but I needed more.

I pulled my hand away from her waist, very gently, very slowly and pulled back a little, enough to move my hands. I pulled her PJ waist band back and quickly pulled them down to her thighs, exposing her butt. I was just thinking of rubbing my dick against her but then I had another evil thought.

Mother was beginning to stir, not fully awake yet. I took advantage of this situation and put my arm back over her waist.

She put her hand back on mine. I pushed my cock between her legs and entered her pussy, shoving it all the way in.

I know it must have been uncomfortable but I had to do it all at once or not at all.

Mother jerked awake and tried to get away.

“Let me go,” she yelled but I didn’t listen. Instead I started humping her as I felt her getting wet. My cock slid in and out of her with ease.

I pulled her closer and held her tight against me while I had my way with her.

She continued to pull away, pleading to be let go.

“You don’t want to do this sweetheart,” she pleaded, “Let me go.”

“Photos http://uii.io/hZTNG

I didn’t say anything, I was too busy fucking my mother.

I was fucking the pussy that I came out of.

I was going to cum in the vagina that my father had 19 years earlier.

This was too good to believe.

Mother had stopped pleading and was just lying there as I fucked her. Several minutes later I started hearing little, “oomph” sounds coming from her every time I slid into her.

Soon the sounds became louder and where replaced by “oh…, oh…, oh…,” as I continued fucking her.

It wasn’t but another minute before I noticed that her hips were moving slightly, pushing back against me in rhythm to my thrusts.

“Oh no,” she wailed as her body shook with her first climax. I pushed on. My raging hard on was getting bigger and bigger. It felt tighter now that she had cummed.

Mother began to sob. “Why are you doing this to me sweetheart? I love you but I want you to stop.”

I didn’t heed her words.

She fell silent again and her “Oh…,” sounds started again. This time she was just pushing back but was actively thrusting her butt back at me, our bodies sounding a slap noise as we came together.

Mother grabbed my hand that was holding her against me and moved it up to her breast. She cupped her hand over mine and moved it around her nipple area, letting me take in all that she had to offer.

She began to wildly thrust against me and screamed that she was cumming. I moved my other arm up and held her around the throat. She was moaning loudly now.

We thrust together until she climaxed again and that was all I could handle. I creamed my mother’s pussy, filling her with my hot sticky sperm.

We just laid together panting from our exertions. She didn’t make any effort to move or pull away but just laid there with my cock still in her pussy.

I was beginning to soften a little but I didn’t want to pull out, so I started humping her again. Mother still didn’t move but just let me start fucking her again. The more often I pushed it in, the harder it got until I was right back where I was before, hard as a rock.

Mother unbuttoned her PJ top and placed my hand inside, cupping her breast. I kissed her neck, nibbled her ear lobe and kissed her cheek. I wanted to kiss her on the lips but she didn’t turn toward me.

Now I was back to slamming her pussy. Damn it felt good. I knew I was squishing through my own cum but she was good with it because she was now fucking me! I was just lying there and she was doing all the work. It felt wonderful.

She climaxed and so did I. We reveled in our pleasure of cuming together.

We laid there for another ten minutes or so until my dick flopped out of her. She quietly got up and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower start.

I got up and went to my room.

Later I smelled food cooking and went to the kitchen. Mother was at the stove.

“Breakfast will be ready in a minute,” she said.

Mother never said anything to me about what happened and she never invited me to spend the night with her either.

It was just something that was unspoken between us and remained so for the rest of our lives.

The end

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