School Holiday Job

Josh wanted some cash to enjoy the school holidays. His mom suggested he put a Work Wanted advertisement on the community website. So he did a week before the break.
Work Wanted. Odd jobs around the house. Lawns mowed. Bushes trimmed. Garden work. Etc.. Ph………
He checked the website everyday no replies. So he printed off some flyers and walked around the neighbourhood putting them in peoples letterboxes.
Two girls that were a year ahead of him at school were collecting the mail read the flyer and told their mother that she should pay Josh to come mow the lawns and trim some bushes while dad was away on business. Mrs Bolders thought that was a great idea. She rang Josh and arranged for him to come around the following Monday to do some garden jobs .
Josh turned up at 10am knocking on the front door Mrs Bolders opened the door wearing her bathrobe , the sash wasn’t tight and one of her nipples was revealed. Josh looked Mrs Bolders in the face and asked for a list of jobs. Mrs Bolders showed Josh around the house and out to the garden shed where her husband kept all the tools.
Josh mowed the lawns in his rugby training gear. It took near on an hour to walk around the half acre property with the mower, he trimmed the edges , and cleaned the mower before putting it back. He found some loppers and garden shears and trimmed the bushes of the trees Mrs Bolders had indicated. While doing this the sun had come out and he was getting hot and sweaty. The girls Betty and Sandy, 18 years old, had come out to sunbathe by the pool in their bikinis. They were twins , not identical, tall brunettes with long legs. Mrs Bolders made lunch for them she was dressed in denim shorts and a singlet which barely contained her big boobs.
As they ate together at the picnic table Betty said that he had done a very good job of trimming some of the bushes maybe he could trim some others tomorrow. Mrs Bolders pubic hair was sticking out either side of the crotch of her shorts. Josh ate his lunch and said he would be back tomorrow.
The next day Josh was told by Betty to wash the cars first as the girls had an appointment at the day spa for most of the day. Mum is in bed she asked if you could wash the house and windows after that. Lunch and your pay are on the kitchen bench.
Josh washed Betty’s Mini Cooper S convertible first , he noticed it had a manual gearbox, unlike his Skyline had an automatic transmission, and this did not take long. The girls came out wearing miniskirts and transparent blouses with high heels towering over his 1.65metre figure. As he watched them hop in the car his dick grew hard , rock hard , pushing out the fabric on his shorts. Feeling thirsty he went inside to get a drink. On his way down the hallway he could hear a treadmill going, he looked in the door and sees Mrs Bolders was jogging on the treadmill facing away from him in hot pants and sports bra. Her black pubic hair was pushing out the hem of the legs. Her big boobs swayed side to side as she jogged. His dick throbbed and poked out the top of his pants. He moved on to the kitchen and located a glass to fill with water.
I have a bush that needs trimming said Mrs Bolders . He turned around to find her naked her black bush long and untamed her tits swaying as she walked to him . Placed her hand on his big hard cock . Hmmm, I could suck on your hose I need a drink. His shorts went to his ankles as she squatted down.
Hmm i suck your dick you trim my bush. Deal! Josh nodded. Being only 16 he came quickly and without warning, shooting his cum down Mrs Bolders throat. She stood and lead him to the guest wing of the house through to the bathroom where a plush rug and shaving gear were ready. She lay on back legs spread and said Your turn. Josh used a razor to shave at home. He trimmed the excess hair off. Got a hot flannel and soaked the pubes then massaged in the shaving foam around her pussy and asshole. His hand trembled a bit as he ran the razor down to the top of her pussy he proceeded to shave all the hair off. Spreading her legs wide he removed all of her pubic hair. While he shaved she massaged her breasts , pinched her nipples, and stroked his cock.
Now use your dipstick to check the oil in my box Josh. He moved in between her legs, her hand rubbing the head of his cock up and down her wet slit. Fuck me Josh , she said as she thrust her hips forward impaling herself.
Fuck me hard….. Fuck me fast stud. Josh moved his hips as fast as he could. His face buried between her big tits. Mrs Bolders moved his head putting a swollen nipple in his mouth. Josh began thrusting harder, faster until he felt his balls tighten and cock swell before he filled her cunt with his seed. Panting in his ear Don’t you fucking dare stop. Keep fucking my juicy cunt you horny motherfucker! Slow.
Doing as he was told he slowed his tempo his semi hard cock growing firmer as her hand aroused his nipple. Her breathing, gasps, her body trembling as she came, shaking underneath him.
Shower time Stud. He turned on the shower and started lathering his firm muscular body , rugby training and those Sunday morning 10km runs were paying off, his firm fat prick stood tall.
Mrs Bolders followed him in and ran her hands over this young man. Her hand found what she wanted, a hard cock ready to go again. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her big natural tits around his cock , instructing him to pump his cock in and out. Her hand massaging his balls then further back she pushed two soapy fingers in his asshole as her mouth wrapped around his circumcised head. Pumping the fingers in and out he came again filling her mouth with salty cum. It flowed down her chin, on to her breasts, down her firm stomach, and down the drain. She stood they washed each other down. Towelled each other off.
Josh was getting hard again. I need some food before we continue she said as she wrapped a hand around his pole and led josh to the kitchen.

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