Comforting My Sister

Leigha and I were both adopted when we were babies. Mom and Dad explained that they didn’t know that they weren’t able to have c***dren of their own so they kept trying until they were in their late 30’s. When they finally accepted the fact that mom would never get pregnant, they started the adoption process. It took a few years but they adopted me and then they adopted Leigha the next year.

That was 20 years ago. I am now 20 years old and Leigha is 19. Mom died a few years ago as a result of breast cancer and the three of us – Dad, Leigha, and me – all live together. Dad is an attorney so he has a good income and we live in a nice home but things weren’t the same without Mom being around.

Both Leigha and I attended the local university. We had planned on attending FSU after we graduated but plans got changed when Mom died. Neither of us wanted to leave Dad alone and the local university was a fairly good school, though not as good – or as much fun – as FSU is.

When we were k**s, Leigha and I were friends and we always got along well. I thought that she was cute but I never thought of her as an object of sexual desire. She was my sister! Well . . . she was my adopted sister but that was the same thing as being my sister.

All of my friends knew that we were adopted and the guys always told me that I should hook up with Leigha. They liked to tease me about Leigha and I taking baths together. They said that it’s not i****t because we are not related by blood. The more they said it, as we got older, the more I thought about it . . . but it was just thoughts. I never actually did anything to even hint to Leigha that I thought she was cute.

Leigha is cute but not stunningly beautiful. She has a very cute face, long light brown hair, not an ounce of body fat, but small boobs and a small butt. She looks like she should be a gymnast. Personally, I don’t like girls with big boobs or big butts and I think that she is pretty, but Leigha is very self conscious about her “itty bitty titties,” and she doesn’t have much self confidence.

If Leigha was not my sister, I would have lost my virginity to her . . . but she is my sister and my family would have been torn apart if she and I had become boyfriend and girlfriend. Instead, I lost my virginity to Marianne, my high school honey, my prom date, my first lover, and the girl who dumped me when she went off to college the summer after high school graduation. Fuck my life!

Actually, I had dated a few girls after Marianne and actually had a sexual relationship with another girl – Lynn – who was experienced and taught me a few things. Lynn and I only lasted a few months; I think she got bored with me because I did not want to have sex someplace where we might get caught and I didn’t want to have a MFM threesome.

Leigha and I have always been like best friends and she usually confides in me. She has dated a few guys but she’s never told me that anything has happened sexually so, as far as I know, she is still a virgin . . . a reluctant virgin, I think. I don’t think she is saving herself for marriage but she doesn’t want to lose her virginity to a guy who immediately starts bragging to his friends about it. She’s asked about my relationship with Marianne and Lynn and she’s wanted to know the details about the sex. I told her because I knew she wouldn’t repeat to anyone else what I told her about my love life.

In the summer of 2018, we had both taken a semester off from school. We worked part-time at Dad’s law office – usually in the mornings – and otherwise just sat around the pool, watching movies, playing video games, and occasionally meeting school friends for dinner or to have a few beers at home.

Neither of us was dating anyone at that time. I don’t know if Leigha needed to relieve herself but I certainly had a few porn sites I perused at night when I wanted to bop my bologna.

One afternoon in July, we were both at home by the pool. We were listening to some music and catching some rays and just relaxing. And, as usual, I was enjoying looking at Leigha in her thong bikini. I had not had a girlfriend in a few months and I would have gotten aroused looking at pictures of lingerie in a women’s catalog. Jerking off to porn just isn’t the same thing as being inside a girl and I seriously needed to have some sex! So I’ll admit that I got horny looking at Leigha in her bikini. I never said anything about it to her and she had no idea that I fantasized about rubbing lotion on her back, pulling down her bikini bottom, and eating her pussy until she came!

My sexual fantasy was abruptly interrupted when my cell phone rang. It was Julie, Dad’s paralegal. As soon as she spoke, I knew that something was wrong.

“Ted, your dad passed out at work a few minutes ago. We think it might have been a heart attack. The ambulance is here now and they’re gonna take him to St. Vincent’s ER. You guys need to get over there pronto.” Julie sounded scared and she was not the kind of lady who overreacted to a situation. After losing Mom, we weren’t ready to say goodbye to Dad.

“Julie, is he gonna make it?” I asked.

“He’s awake now. I sure hope he makes it. He’s a great guy and a great friend to all of us here,” she answered.

I immediately told Leigha and she took the news better than I had expected. We both rushed to get dressed, then we jumped in the car and headed to the Riverside campus of St. Vincent’s.

Dad was not conscious when we arrived. We talked to the ER doctor and he said that Dad had, in fact, suffered a myocardial infarction. Some tests were scheduled but it was probably a result of coronary artery disease. Dad would be admitted to the hospital for tests and observation, then he would come home and have some outpatient cardiac rehab before he could return to work. He would need to make some changes in diet and activity levels, but he would probably survive this event. The doctor stressed “probably,” because he said there was a possibility of a second cardiac event in the next few days and, if that happened the prognosis would be much more guarded. In the best case scenario, it would probably be at least a month before Dad would be back in the office.

Dad would be admitted to Cardiac ICU and visitation would be severely restricted for the first 24 hours and he would probably not be awake, anyway, so the doctor suggested that we go home and return the next morning.

* * *

When Leigha and I left the hospital, it was getting dark and I was hungry. I suggested that we order a pizza from Luigi’s and Leigha readily agreed to that plan. She placed the order while we were en route and I stopped at Luigi’s to pick up the pie. We pulled into the garage, went inside, and set the security alarm for the night, because we were both tired and had no plans to go anywhere else.

“I’m gonna go change before we eat,” Leigha said and she disappeared for a few minutes. While she was gone, I carried the pizza into the family room, turned on the TV, and poured two beers for us. Although we had not yet reached the legal drinking age, Dad let us have an occasional beer when we were at home and not going anywhere. I thought we both needed a little something to help us relax after such a stressful day.

When Leigha came down to the family room, she was wearing just her panties and a tee shirt that was cut off just below the boob line. As long as she stood up straight, I could not see anything . . . except the camel toe that she apparently didn’t realize was on display. She wasn’t particularly modest around me and I’m sure that she just wanted to get comfortable, but she was probably unaware of the display being made by her pussy lips.

“I just decided that I would go ahead and get ready for bed. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be up after dinner. I’m beat!” she explained.

“That sounds like a good idea. I’ll be back in just a minute,” I responded.

I went to my bedroom and stripped down to just my boxers. Leigha had seen me in my underwear many times and my boxers really weren’t any more revealing than the swimsuit I usually wore at the pool. It wasn’t a big deal for either of us.

As soon as I returned to the family room, Leigha opened the pizza box and put a couple of slices on our plates. We ate in silence for a minute and then I un-muted the TV. It was tuned to some stupid reality TV show and neither of us paid much attention to it.

My thoughts wandered to Dad being in the hospital and the prospect of him not coming home. If that happened, my entire family would consist of Leigha. Dad had a brother in Oregon who we never saw and there were some cousins out there, as well, but I had never even met them.

At about that time, Leigha scooted next to me on the sofa and put her arms around me. “Don’t leave me, Ted. If something happens to Dad . . . it’ll just be you and me. I’m scared of being alone. I’m not ready for it.”

I put my arms around her and gave her a brotherly hug. “Silly girl. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll take care of you,” I reassured her.

I kept my arms around her but pulled my head back from her body. We gazed into each others’ eyes for what seemed like forever, and then I leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. “I need you in my life,” I confessed. “I need you just like you need me.” Little did I know the full import of those words!

We finished the pizza and beer and then turned to watch TV. A few minutes later, I discovered myself waking from a brief snooze and Leigha was sleeping with her head on my shoulder. I woke her and suggested that she would get a better night’s sleep in her bed. Without a word, she rose and trudged up the stairs towards her bedroom.

I cleared away the pizza debris, checked the doors, turned off the lights, and headed towards my bedroom. I usually sleep with my bedroom door closed but I left it open that night. For the moment, I was the man of the house and I wanted to be aware of anything that might happen during the night.

I brushed my teeth and then decided, with my newly found paternal instincts, to check on Leigha before I got in bed. She, also, had left her bedroom door open. As I approached, I could hear the sounds of her crying.

There was enough illumination from her night light that she saw me enter the room. Without saying a word, she motioned for me to lie down beside her. I did and she immediately rolled onto her side so that her back was towards me, then she scooted back so that we were spooned together. She reached for my right hand and pulled it over her body so that she could feel me holding her, and we both drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Around 5:30 am, I woke up with the awareness that I needed to pee. As I regained consciousness, I realized two other very important facts. We were still spooned together but my hand was under her tee shirt cupping her naked boob. Her little boob felt like velvet and her nipple was erect, even though I was not moving my fingers to try to arouse her. If she wasn’t my sister . . .

The other thing that was obvious was that my dick was hard, erect, and poking out of my boxers and into between Leigha’s butt cheeks. If she had not been wearing panties, it very easily could have slid right into her pussy!

I carefully got out of bed, taking care to not wake her, and I went into her bathroom to relieve my bladder. As I exited the bathroom, I heard her voice.

“You’re coming back to bed, aren’t you?”

I didn’t respond verbally but I returned to bed. I didn’t want to spoon with her and risk getting another boner, so I stayed on my back with both hands on the pillow beneath my head.

Leigha rolled over, put her head on my shoulder, and d****d a leg across my legs. Without thinking about it, I lowered my hand and placed it in the middle of her back.

She raised her head momentarily and whispered, “I’m so glad you’re here with me.” She then returned her head to my shoulder, closed her eyes, and again drifted off to sleep.

I woke two hours later without a boner and without a tit in the palm of my hand, and I was relieved. I slid out of bed and returned to my bedroom to take a shower and get dressed. By the time I got down to the kitchen, Leigha had gotten out of bed, found her way downstairs, started the coffeemaker and pulled out some cereal and milk. She had not yet changed her clothes.

When she looked up and saw me, she walked over to me, out her arms around me, and said, “Thanks for holding me last night. I really needed that, and it felt good!”

I sat at the table and watched as she opened the dishwasher to retrieve two cereal bowls. She had her back turned towards me so, when she leaned over to get the bowls, I had a clear view up her cutoff tee and I could see her perky little boobs. I was immediately reminded of the predicament I had been in at 5:30 am, cupping one of those puppies and poking her with my boner.

“So, did you sleep well last night?” I asked very nonchalantly.

“Well, I woke up a few times, but I feel rested now.”

“Oh, well, I guess I already knew that you were awake ’cause you asked me to get back in bed with you.”

“Well . . . actually, I was awake when you got out of bed,” she confided.

Damn! That means that she knew I was cupping her boob and that I was poking her in the ass with Mr. Boner! Damn, damn, damn! I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I said nothing.

After a few moments of awkward silence, Leigha looked up at me and smiled. She walked over to the table and stood next to me, then she leaned down and whispered in my ear, “When I woke up and felt your hand on my boob, it felt nice, and I didn’t want you to move it. I’ve never had a guy hold me like that and . . . it was arousing but it was also comforting. And I actually was rather flattered that my body caused you to get a stiffie. Sometimes I wonder whether I am attractive to guys with my little boobs and little butt and knowing that I made somebody get an erection – even if it is my brother – was very reassuring . . . and very arousing. You and I are good – very good – so don’t be worried about that. In fact, I might want to repeat that experience again very soon, but . . ..”

“But,” I finished the thought for her, “we need to get to the hospital and see Dad. So have a bowl of cereal, then go get cleaned up and dressed, and we’ll head over to St. Vincent’s as soon as you’re ready.”

While Leigha was taking her shower, I called Dad’s office and I spoke to Julie, then I talked to Dad’s young associate. I told him that Dad would not be back in the office for at least a month and he said that he could handle the work load in the interim and that we didn’t need to worry about the office functioning while Dad was away.

* * *

At the hospital, Dad was awake when we arrived. He could only have two visitors for 15 minutes every two hours, so we decided to stay during the day and then allow Dad’s friends and co-workers to visit him after business hours.

Dad was actually embarrassed that he was ill and needed to be in the hospital but he fully accepted the gravity of the situation. He said that he trusted us to maintain the house while he was gone and that he wanted us to continue working part-time at the office in his absence. He was confident that his associate could handle the added work load. In sum, there were no significant extraneous worries.

Dad did have a “girlfriend” who he had tried to hide from us but we knew he had started dating recently. I told Dad that we both knew he had started dating, and we were both happy with that decision, so he didn’t need to worry about hiding her from us – whoever she was. We encouraged him to have her spend as much time as she wanted at the hospital.

Dad suggested that we go to his office and give the staff a report, and he asked us to check on a few things which had been put in motion before his heart attack. He then said that we could have the rest of the day off and to not come back to the hospital later in the day. He wanted to call his girlfriend to visit and said that he needed some time with her alone to put her at ease before we met her.

* * *

The office staff was happy to hear that Dad was doing relatively well, considering the circumstances. We talked to his associate and he again expressed confidence that he could carry the load while Dad recuperated. We left the office at about 1:30 pm and headed home.

* * *

When we got home, Leigha wanted to sit by the pool and soak up some sun. I had nothing else to do. Hopefully, Leigha would wear her yellow thong again. After seeing her in that for a few hours, I was sure that I would need a few minutes in private to relieve my frustration. Not having a girlfriend was starting to be a real problem for me.

Sure enough, when she came down to the pool, she was carrying a couple of cold beers and sporting that yellow thong that I loved so much. We sat and drank our beers in silence and then she announced that she was going to recline and work on her tan.

You have probably guessed what came next. She rolled over on her stomach and asked me to apply oil to her back. As I was getting the oil, she reached back and unfastened the bikini top so that the strings fell away and her back side was almost totally nude except for a thin piece of fabric that traversed her butt crack and kept her little butthole hidden from view.

I started on her shoulders and back and then moved down to her feet and started working my way up her legs. As I got near her butt, I pulled away, prompting her to tell me, “Don’t stop now! I want you to make sure everything’s covered.”

As I continued higher up her legs, she spread them open and my dick got hard in a hurry. I made sure that I rubbed oil into her butt and down into her crack. I actually thought that I touched her hole at one point because she suddenly tensed up, relaxed, and let out an audible sigh.

What I wanted to do at that point was pull out my meat and jerk off on her ass but that is not what older brothers are supposed to do. I considered the idea of going in and jerking off in my bedroom, but I thought it might be very obvious to Leigha what I was doing and that just didn’t seem right.

After about fifteen minutes of debating my options and shooting down every idea, I decided to get in the pool and cool off. After I had been in the water for about five minutes, I heard Leigha getting up and I watched as she gracefully descended the pool steps and approached me in the shallow end of the pool.

“Ted, I guess you know that this news about Dad really has me upset. When you got in bed with me last night, having you there really made me feel safe . . . and I hope that being in bed with your sister wasn’t a big problem for you. I really, really felt nice!” She expressed that last sentiment with emphasis and then she raised up on her toes, leaned towards me, and very gently kissed me on the lips. It wasn’t a wet, passionate lovers’ kiss but it wasn’t a purely platonic, brother-sister kiss, either.

She only kissed me for a second and then she pulled away a few inches and looked into my eyes.

“Yes, I was awake when you got out of bed this morning. I felt your hand on my boob and I felt your dick poking me in the butt and maybe I should have been bothered by that, but I wasn’t. You know that I’ve been kinda self-conscious about my little boobs and little butt and . . . I’ve dated a little bit but I never got sexual with anybody and I was actually kinda wondering if I looked enough like a woman to get a guy turned on, so . . . anyway, it’s a relief knowing that I caused you to get hard, and . . . I’m sorry if that’s difficult for you, but . . . I really don’t want to cause you any frustration, because you’re the best brother a girl could ever have, and . . .” she leaned closer and whispered in my ear, “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Leigha, and . . . yeah, you do get me turned on and . . . if you weren’t my sister, I’d . . . I love having you as a sister, but sometimes I wish I wasn’t your brother. I hope that doesn’t freak you out, because I’d never try to start something and mess everything up, but . . ..”

Leigha suddenly placed both arms around my torso, placed her head against my chest, and gave me her best imitation of a bear hug. “I don’t want you to ever leave me. Never ever!”

After a brief few moments that seemed like forever, Leigha pulled away and stared into my eyes again, as if there was something more that she wanted to say.

Having her body against my so tightly had caused me to get another erection and I was a bit uncomfortable about it, so I blurted out, “Let’s go in the kitchen and fix something for dinner.”

“Good idea,” she replied.

* * *

We had stopped at the grocery store on the way home and bought a couple of steaks and baking potatoes. Both Leigha and I are fairly good cooks, so we worked together to get the meal prepared as quickly as possible. While we were waiting for the potatoes to bake, Leigha helped us to two more beers and then another two while we were eating. Neither of us drink very much so we were both feeling a little bit tipsy.

“So what do you wanna do now?” she asked.

I responded with the usual, “It doesn’t matter to me. We can watch a movie unless there’s something else you wanna do.”

“We can watch a movie but let’s watch something that we wouldn’t watch if Dad was here,” she suggested.

“Like what?” I inquired.

“Like . . . Janie gave me a DVD she stole from her brother. It’s supposed to be a soft porn movie and . . . I’ve never watched any porn, so . . . what do you think? Would that be too weird?” she asked.

“If that’s what you wanna do, go get it, and . . . I suspect that neither of us will be awake much longer,” I suggested, even though it was only 8:00 pm, “so let’s go ahead and get ready for bed. . . .. Meet you back down here!”

We both went upstairs and Leigha disappeared into her bedroom for a few minutes. I brushed my teeth and stripped down to my boxers, then returned to the family room.

When Leigha entered the room, she was wearing her panties and one of my tee shirts. “Hey, I was wondering where that shirt got to!” I said. “I’ve been missing that for the past month.”

“Yeah, I probably should’ve told you, but I borrowed it to sleep in ’cause it’s so comfy!” She paused, then added, “One more beer?”

“Sure,” I said. I wondered whether she was drinking, hoping to get inebriated and forget about Dad’s dilemma for awhile.

We decided to watch the movie on an old laptop instead of the TV, so we sat the laptop on the coffee table and Leigha and I sat close on the sofa.

As soon as I started the movie, I realized that this was not going to be soft porn. It had an actress who I recognized from my “internet research” and this girl could suck and fuck anything that moves! It actually started out with a plot about a girl meeting a guy, getting on rides at an amusement park, pretending to be a bit shy and unwilling to have sex . . . at first. The girl kind of resembled Leigha in some ways. She was cute but not beautiful, petite, little boobs, little ass, but . . . this girl had sexual experience and Leigha was still a virgin.

“Hey, she looks kinda like you, Leigha,” I said.

“You mean like little boobs and little butt?” she countered.

“Yeah, little boobs and little butt, like you, and real cute, like you. The only difference is that this girl has a lot of experience using what she has.” As soon as I said that, I realized that I shouldn’t have said it.

“You think I don’t know anything about sex because I haven’t let a guy fuck me yet?” she demanded.

“Leigha, you’re being too sensitive,” I tried to reassure her. “I just meant that this girl has fucked half of the planet and you’re still innocent in some ways and that’s actually very appealing to a lot of guys!”

“Well, it hasn’t done me a lot of good so far and, for your information, when I decide to let a guy stick his dick in my pussy, it’ll probably be the best pussy he ever had.” With that comment, she got up and stormed upstairs to sulk.

I turned off the laptop, turned off the house lights, set the security alarm, and went to bed.

* * *

About thirty minutes later, I heard Leigha walk into my bedroom. I could see her silhouette against the light coming from the hallway but I could not see her very well.

“Are you still awake?” she whispered.

“I’m always available for my best friend,” I offered.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I’m just tremendously stressed out, I’m frustrated because the only guy I’ve ever turned on is my brother, Dad’s in the hospital, and my self-esteem seems to have packed up and left town!”

“That’s quite a load,” I said comfortingly. “Do you wanna get under the covers with me?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she answered.

I lifted up the covers, Leigha took off her bathrobe, and slid into bed. When I reached over to touch her shoulder and pull her closer, I realized that she wasn’t wearing any top. On any other night, I would have immediately commented about that but I didn’t think she needed anything but comforting tonight.

She was on her side and she scooted back until she was spooned with me. She then reached back, pulled my arm over her torso, grabbed my hand and guided it directly to her boob.

“I can’t help it,” she said. “I need to know that I’m a woman and not just a little girl. Dad having a attack scares me because I still feel like a little girl who needs her daddy. I need to do something that makes me feel like a woman and having your hand on my boob feels kind of grownup.”

I didn’t say anything. What could I say? “No, I don’t want to feel your nipple?’ I didn’t want to make her feel badly and, honestly, it had been a while since my last sexual relationship and having a boob in my hand felt good.

“You can kinda play with it and fondle it if you want,” she said.

That was all the encouragement I needed. An hour ago, I would have considered the thought that this was the wrong thing to do but I was beyond the point of caring about right and wrong.

As soon as I started rolling her nipple between my thumb and index finger, she started whimpering. I cupped the underside of her boob with the palm of my hand while I continued to play with her nipple and it was as hard as a raisin.

“Roll over on your back and I’ll do the other one,” I said.

Without a word of reply, she did exactly as I asked. I slid my hand from her right boob over to her left boob and started the same ministrations on the other half of her mammary apparatus.

“Ted, that feels so good! . . . I wanna know . . . I’ve never had anybody lick on my boobs. Will you . . . will you lick me?”

I had been resisting my urge to suck on those beautiful nipples and the call to resist had just been dissolved. I lowered my mouth to her left boob and licked in wide circles around the base, getting closer and closer to the areola until I finally arrived. I placed my lips over her nipple and gently sucked it into my waiting mouth and I licked and sucked as Leigha’s whimpering increased to full-fledged moans.

I had continued to massage her right boob with my right hand but she reached for my hand, lifted it from her boob, and placed it between her legs. At this point, I realized that Leigha would not stop until she had experienced an orgasm and the only question was whether she wanted to have me inside her virgin pussy when she came.

I started rubbing the base of my hand over her pubic mound and I could tell that there was no hair beneath those thin little panties she was wearing.

“Pull my panties down . . . please!” she begged.

I was eager to comply. I pulled my lips away from her nipple and slid down in bed so that I could grasp the waistband of her panties. As soon as I did that, she raised her hips to allow me to pull them down and I wasted no time in getting her panties down to her knees. She lowered herself back to the bed and I continued pulling her panties down until they were removed.

I tossed her panties aside and reached up to feel her pussy. It was hot and it was wet. Her juices were flowing freely and I am certain I could have penetrated her at that moment and she would have welcomed it, but I did not do that. Not at that moment.

I pulled her knees apart to make room for me and my mouth connected with her inner thigh. I slowly licked closer as I inhaled the sweet earthy aroma of her sexual arousal. As my tongue reached her wet slit, she tensed briefly and then relaxed.

“Oh, yeah, Ted. Lick me down there!”

I began slowly licking up and down her slit going a bit further each time until I was licking her from her perineum to her clit. Each time I reached her clit, I lingered and licked in circles a few times and then retraced my path. She tasted as sweet as she smelled and I could easily be addicted to the scent of her arousal.

After teasing her for a minute, I decided to concentrate on her clit. I stopped at her little love button and began licking it very lightly. At the same time, I placed my index finger between her lips and got it lubricated before I started pushing it into her pussy. As soon as I had it inserted, I began stroking her G-spot while I licked and sucked on her clit. Before long, she began thrusting her pelvis and moaning louder.

“Ted, I’m gonna cum,” she warned me.


I paused just long enough to reply, “Cum in my mouth, baby!”

When I resumed licking and sucking, I cranked it up a notch and applied a moderate pressure to her clit as I bathed it with my saliva.

“Oh . . . don’t stop . . . don’t stop . . . oh gawd!” she uttered as I began to feel pulsing waves of muscular contractions in her pussy, while her thrusting briefly got more intense. “Oh . . . so good . . . so good,” she managed to express while being quite winded from her orgasm.

I withdrew my finger from her pussy, stopped licking, and repositioned myself so that I was beside her. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips and said, “I want to be inside you now . . . if that’s what you want.”

I waited for her reply and all she could do was nod her head affirmatively and say, “I want you. I’m yours.”

I told her to lift up her butt briefly and I placed pillow beneath her to make penetration easier. I got between her legs and she reached between us and positioned the tip of my dick at the entrance to her pussy.

I paused just as second and then started pushing forward. As soon as I made contact with her pussy, it felt like a wet velvet glove was beckoning me to enter her. I needed no encouragement as I continued to push forward. As the head of my dick pushed inside of her, she released a small gasp and then said, “Keep going.”

I pushed forward until I was bottomed out in her pussy. I felt my crotch against her and my balls resting on her butt cheeks. Her hard nipples were rubbing my chest.

I looked into her eyes and said, “I love you, Leigha. Not just like a brother. I love you!”

I began pulling out and then reverse direction again and started slowly thrusting in and out of her tight virgin pussy. Every time I reached the bottom, she made a sub-vocal grunt of appreciation. “I feel so full!” she said.

I kept my body low, close to hers, so that as I thrusted, my crotch rubbed her clit and my chest hair brushed her nipples.

“I’m gonna cum again,” she said. “I’m getting so close.”

“I’ve never felt anything this good in my entire life,” I said to her with sincerity. “I wanna cum inside you. Are you . . .?”

“Yes, I’m on the pill. Don’t pull out!” she demanded.

I started thrusting harder and she started getting louder. “Fuck me hard!” she insisted, and I replied by thrusting faster and harder. I felt the pressure of my cum building inside of me and I knew I would erupt within a few seconds.

“I’m close, baby, I’m so close, I’m . . . gonna cum now!”

As soon as I said that, I felt her pussy quivering around me and that set me over the edge. I started to spew salvos of cum into her virgin hole. “I want you. I want YOU, baby! Oh . . . I’m cumming in your pussy!”

“I want your cum in me,” she assured me.

After a few more thrusts, my orgasm began to recede and hers did as well. I stayed inside of her and kissed her on the lips. My tongue darted into her mouth and was met by her tongue. I could feel her nipples against my chest and they were still hard as pebbles but my erection was disappearing and I felt the tightness of her pussy expelling my flaccid member. When I had been fully expelled, I flopped down on the bed beside her and rolled onto my side to face her.

“That was incredible for me, Leigha! Absolutely incredible! You have me as long as you want me!”

“Ted, you know you were my first. I’m hoping you’re my last. I’m not sure how we’ll make this work when Dad gets out of the hospital, but I know where I want to go to sleep every night until then.”

“I have a confession to make,” she said quietly. “I’ve wanted you to be my first for a long, long time. That’s why nothing happened with anyone else. They just weren’t you and that wasn’t good enough.”

“Leigha, you weren’t my first. I know what it would be like to be with another girl, and I don’t want another girl. I’ve wanted you ever since I broke up with what’s-her-name. This is i****t even though we were both adopted. But I don’t care if it’s i*****l. I plan on loving you for a very, very long time.”

We talked for a few more minutes, then we went to sleep. We were spooned and I had my arms around her. It was just perfect.

When we woke up the next morning, Leigha wanted me to teach her how to give me oral sex. What a great way to wake up!

* * *

Dad recovered from his heart attack and came home. Now that we knew he was dating, he began bringing Julie – that’s right, Julie – around on social occasions. We didn’t tell him that we had fallen in love with each other but he knew that we were acting even closer than usual. He told us that he wanted us to transfer to FSU and the most economical thing for him to do was to buy a condo that we could live in for the rest of our college years and then he could either keep it as a rental property or sell it and maybe make a little profit. Leigha and I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Our college friends think we are married because we have the same last name, we don’t look like we came from the same family, and we never told anyone that we are brother and sister.

With experience, Leigha has gotten to be something of a kinky sex addict and she keeps me awake at night by licking whipped cream off of my balls. Some nights, she loves to do role play and some nights she begs me to fuck her in the ass!

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