Connected Ch. 03

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I nearly choked on my bacon. After a wonderful night and morning with Stacey, standing at our breakfast table was the bartender from last night asking to join us.

Stacey took the lead. “Of course you can join us, after all you are the one he said he was going to marry.”

I looked for any sign of jealousy in Stacey when she said that, all I saw was interest and a sly, perhaps mischievous grin.

“I’m Karen.” She said as she sat down. A waiter approached right away and she ordered coffee.

“I bartend here at the hotel at night and they let me use their pool. I saw you guys and thought I’d say hello. So, hello!”

Stacey continued the conversation with Karen and I studied her. She was late 30’s. Long, dark hair. She was tan, I could tell by her skin she had spent a lifetime in the sun, beach, not tanning bed. Her skin looked good, not leathery like some, just lovely and brown. Her teeth were white and her blue eyes were perceptive.

As she and Stacey spoke, occasionally she would look my way, but her focus was on Stacey. At the bar last night her boobs looked much bigger than they were today. She must use a push-up bra or something to assist with getting tips.

They really hit it off. We learned she was putting herself through school by tending bar, but once she got her degree she found she made more money pouring drinks than teaching and she preferred the adult clients to dealing with teenagers, though some nights she admitted there wasn’t much difference.

“I’m going to lay out by the pool.” She said looking my way. “My shift here doesn’t start until later tonight, if you two don’t have plans, meet me at the pool after you finish your breakfast.”

Stacey looked at me. I looked at her, trying to pick up on her thought process. She started laughing and looked at Karen. “He doesn’t know what to do.”

She reached out and grabbed my hand. “It’s okay to look, Ken.” Then she looked at Karen. “You are beautiful. We will see you there in a little while. I’m looking forward to it. If anything, just to continue to watch him squirm.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. As Karen got up and walked away, the view was nice. I looked at Stacey and, as if she were reading my mind, “That girl has an ass that won’t quit. Can’t wait to see her in a bikini.”

We finished our meal and headed back to our room to change. As I waited for Stacey my mind went to all kinds of places. She came out wearing a bikini covered with a netting coverall.

“Okay my friend, here is the deal. You can look. But I don’t know about touch. Promise me you will only do what I tell you to do. Fantasize all you want. After all, you are a man. But don’t do anything without my say so.”

This wasn’t said with insecurity or jealousy. Stacey made that comment with an air of authority. The sense of her control turned me on. I stood up and kissed her hard, grabbing her butt with both of my hands and pulling her into me. She moaned.

“I am yours to do with as you please.”

We took the elevator to the pool deck. It was on top of a five floor parking garage. A tiki bar was at one corner with a bored looking bartender leaning on his bar. He was oogling our friend. There was plenty to oogle.

She was in a lounge chair laying on her stomach in a bright yellow bikini. Her hair was spread all over her back and her bottoms were Brazilian cut, exposing a lovely, round, brown, oiled ass


I was thinking my thoughts had slipped out until I realized Stacey was the one that had made the comment.

“I’ll second that.”

“Bet your ass you will.” She smiled. “Go get us some bloody Mary’s, three of them, double shots.”

“Coming right up.” I detoured to to the bar.

When I returned with the drinks Karen had turned over Escort Fatih and Stacey had taken a lounger two spots down.

“Thank you babe!” For being such a good boy you get to lay between us.”

I took that comment in about ten different ways, scared to believe in any of the fifty or so scenarios playing out in my head at that moment.

I gave each of them their drink. As I handed Karen hers, our fingers touched on the glass, I thought hers lingered on mine for a moment as she looked at me.

“A toast.” Stacey said lifting up her drink. “Hoping today will be full of smiles and yumminess.”

“Here here.” Karen touched her glass to ours. I watched her eye Stacey as she sipped her drink. Then I watched her delicately dab her tongue on the rim of her glasses, picking up a bit of the seasoned salt that was on it.

The late morning turned into early afternoon as we talked and drank and laughed. We all took turns sharing stories. How long had we been dating (a few months), where we were from, careers, etc.

As the alcohol flowed so did the day. We changed from bloody Mary’s to vodka and cran’s. After several hours, all three of us were feeling good.

The hotel provided floats for the pool so both Stacy and Karen got on the floats. I pushed them around the pool and as we talked, gave Stacey a pretty thorough head to toe massage.

“Awe babe that felt wonderful. Your hands are yummy. Karen, I bet you are sore from all that bartending aren’t you?” Without waiting for a response she said. “Ken rub her down like you did me.”

Even in the cool water of the pool I felt my cock jump. “If you insist. A man’s work is never done. Karen is that okay?”

She looked at me then looked at Stacey. They were both laying on their backs on the floats facing each other. Karen reached out for Stacey’s hand and held it.

“You may proceed sir.” She said in a heavy British accent.

I stood behind Karen and began rubbing her shoulders. The pool was about 5 feet deep so I could just see over her head. I watched Stacey watch me as I rubbed Karen.

“Oh my that feels good.”

I slid my fingers up her neck through her thick hair and massaged her scalp. I watched her as she let go of Stacey’s hand and placed her hand on Stacey’s upper thigh. Stacey’s hand went to the same spot on Karen. They were both breathing heavier.

I slid to the other side of Karen and massaged her arm. Working my way down her forearm to her hand and fingers. I used both of my hands to massage each of her fingers.

She moaned. “Damn Stacey. Where did you find him? I want one just like him. This feels so good.”

Stacey continued rubbing Karen’s thigh. “I could be persuaded to loan him out from time to time.’

I was standing beside Karen at this point. We had been drifting around the pool and were in about three feet of water as I released her hand and began massaging her leg. I started at her ankles and worked my way up her leg.

As I got to her thigh, her hand I had been rubbing was floating in the water. It drifted against my suit. I was sporting a supreme erection. Karen’s hand grasped it through my suit. I froze.

“Um, Stacey, it seems that your man here is in a state of, excitement if you catch my drift.”

Stacey looked at Karen, then looked at me, then followed Karen’s arm, wrist and then her hand holding my cock through my suit.

She smiled. “Yes, it seems as though his body is reacting to you. Or to us. What pray tell do you think we should do about that?”

“I suppose,” Karrn started, not letting go of my throbbing cock, squeezing it in small, firm squeezes. “That he deserves a treat for his behavior today. Would you agree?”

“Hmmmm, perhaps he does.” Stacey said as she removed Fındıkzade escort her sunglasses and looked at me. “Shall we retire to our room?”

Karen let go of my cock. I breathed again. “Yes, lets proceed to your room.”

It was all surreal. Even more so since the ladies seemed to be talking around me, as if I didn’t have a choice in the matter. Which, after reflecting, I realized I didn’t.

We got out of the pool, towelled off and took the elevator to our room. In the elevator Stacey turned to me, grabbed the back of my head and kissed me hard. Then she whispered in my ear, loud enough that Karen could hear her.

“You are mine. What is going to happen you have no choice in. Just do as you’re told and don’t say a fucking word.”

I was startled. She spoke with force and with power. It was an, “I will be obeyed!” tone that I had not heard from her before.

We got out of the elevator and went into the room. I was buzzed from the drinks and feeling good. I was a little nervous, but turned on, I could feel my nipples get hard as stones.

In the room Stacey told me to take a shower. So, I took a shower. I used hot steamy water and bathed quickly. Just before I finished I turned the water to cold and stood under the freezing water as much as I could stand it.

I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. When I walked back in the room it was clear some planning had been going on.

The girls were both wrapped in towels and they had placed a chair in front of the bathroom door.

“Sit. Place your arms on the sides of the chair. Don’t move.” Again, Stacey was not interested in debating, so I did as I was told.

Both ladies then dropped their towels and went into the bathroom and got in the shower. I couldn’t believe it.

They had angled the chair so I could see the shower in the reflection of the mirror. They left the shower curtain open. What I saw was mesmerizing.

As they got under the hot water they immediately started making out. Stacey’s face tilted up as Karen kissed her. Karen’s hand was in Stacey’s hair as her other hand grabbed her ass and pulled her against her body.

Stacey’s hands were on Karen’s narrow hips, pulling them towards her. As they made out I broke into a sweat. Watching them explore each other’s mouths, watching their hands wander over their bodies, I was yearning to stroke myself. My cock was making a tent within the towel that contained it. But I was going to obey Stacey’s instructions.

Their kiss broke and they smiled. They smiled at my reflection in the mirror. Then, Karen grabbed the shower curtain and pulled it closed.

I sat in the chair unable to move, unable to see. What I heard, through the sound of the water of the shower, was moaning. I couldn’t tell who.

At one point I saw a foot set in the side of the bath tub. The curtain pulled back enough so I could see the whole leg. It was Karen’s. I focused on the leg and could see it start to shake. I saw an arm snake under the thigh and wrap around it.

I heard someone yell, “Oh, fuck, yeah, I’m cumming.” Then the leg disappeared behind the curtain. It was pure torture and my cock throbbed.

After what seemed like hours, the water stopped and the curtain opened. Both girls were flush. Cheeks red. Stacy had a bite mark on her neck. They got out of the shower and slowly towelled each other off.

“I see you have been good.” Nodding towards my cock straining against the towel. “I’m glad you were good. Lay down on the bed.”

I got up and laid on the bed. Both girls followed me in the room. “Arms out.”

I spread my arms wide. My hands reached to the edge of both sides of the bed.

“Now be a good boy.” Stacey said as she tied a silk scarf Gaziosmanpaşa escort around my eyes. “Don’t move your hands unless I tell you. Can you see?”

I opened my eyes. I couldn’t see a thing. I shook my head.

“That’s good, Ken. Now relax.”

My cock was about to explode. I felt the towel open up from around my waist.

“Look at that.” It was Karen. “That deserves some attention.”

I could feel weight on both sides of the bed. One girl was climbing on each side. I shivered. I felt lips on my right nipple, a warm mouth and tongue engulfed it. Then I felt another pair of lips on my left nipple. A mouth wide open gently bit that side. I couldn’t tell who was who.

They pulled away and the weight on the bed shifted again. I felt something on my mouth. I opened it and sucked a nipple in. I heard a gasp. I tried to focus and figure out who’s it was. A hand wrapped around the base of my cock, it belonged to the person whose nipple I was sucking. Then, I felt a warmth, a wet warmth on my cock, someone’s mouth was on it.

I had never been so turned on. Weight changed again. I felt the bed being pressed down on both sides of my head. Then my face was covered with a pussy. My nose was against an ass and I began licking a wet pussy. I heard a loud “Fuck!” harshly whispered, couldn’t tell who.

Lips came away from my cock and I felt movement on the bed as I sucked in someone’s pussy juice. Thighs were on both sides of mine. A hand on my cock, lifting it. Then, heaven, as someone impaled herself on my throbbing organ.

She was hot and wet and slid down all the way to my balls. I had a tasty pussy in my face I was greedily consuming. I had my cock deep in someone. Desperate to move my hands it took all of my discipline to leave them there.

“I’m cumming.” Another hard whisper from whoever I was licking.

“Me too.” From whoever was riding me. The hips were grinding me hard. The only thing that kept me from exploding was my focus on the pussy I was eating.

I sensed the girls climaxing. I could feel them leaning toward each other and could hear them kissing. Over the next few minutes their orgasms subsided.

Whoever was riding me pulled off of me. “Come try this.” Another whisper. The pussy came away from my mouth and traced a wet path down my chest. Weight shifting.

She was on top of me facing away from me. Slowly she slid onto my cock. I tried to sense a difference in how tight she was. I just couldn’t tell who was who.

She rode me. I felt hands on both of my thighs. Whoever was on top of me moved her hands on the bed on both sides of my waist and leaned back. I felt hair on my thighs and a tongue on the bottom of my shaft.

“Yes. Fuck. Suck my clit.” Whoever was riding me, the other gal evidently was licking her and me at the same time. It was too much.

I groaned.

“He is about to cum.” I heard someone say.

“I know.” The other responded. I felt pressure iny thighs. Picking up on the signal, I parted my legs a bit.

I felt a hand slide under my balls. They were soaking wet from the pussy juice that drenched them. As I felt my orgasm start deep within me, I also felt a fingertip against my ass.

“It’s there.” Another whisper.

“Do it, he’s ready, fuck him.”

With that I felt the finger slide inside of me all the way to the knuckle. As this happened, the gal on top of me ground down hard on my cock. The finger wiggled, finding my prostate and pressed.

I broke my silence. “Oh fuck!” I screamed. I came hard. With each surge her finger pressed and I shot a load deep into my rider. After the second stream of cum, whoever was on me pulled off and as the third shot of cum left me, I felt a warm, hot mouth suction my cock. The next several streams, accentuated by the finger pressing my prostate shot into someone’s throat. As this happened she moaned and the vibration of the moan kept me cumming.

I was spent. Weight lifted off the bed. I drifted off to sleep with sounds of the shower running again, I heard someone talking. “Now that was yummy.’

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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