Professor Harlow Ch. 03

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I wake to find Professor Harlow sitting beside me on the bed.

Sitting up quickly, the sheet drops and I pull it up over my chest, subconsciously.

“Miss Madison there is no need for that,” as he lowers the sheet.

“Sleeping naked I see?”

“Yes Sir. I was tired after my shower and fell asleep this way.”

“No need to be embarrassed. Your breasts are perfect and should be seen at every opportunity. I see no reason for you to wear bedclothes going forward.”

My pussy is getting wet the way he is looking at me.

“Miss Madison. What do you plan on doing with your life?”

“I haven’t decided Sir.”

“Have you ever thought about traveling anywhere?”

“Yes Sir. I would very much like to be able to travel. I can’t afford that though.”

“What if I told you that you could travel the world for the next year, longer perhaps?”

“How would I do that with my classes Professor Harlow?”

“Well, you wouldn’t. You would need to withdraw for the year.”

“My parents would never allow that Sir.”

“What if we told them you were offered an internship as part of a program designed to encourage students to pursue International Business classes?”

“I’m not sure Sir.”

“You are an adult Missy. You may do as you choose.”

“What we are offering is for you to be an exclusive project. You will have elevated status and be rewarded generously.”

“All of your needs will be met. Free travel, food, lodging, luxurious clothing and jewelry.”

“Will I be living and traveling with you Sir?”

“Not me exclusively. Mr. Gibson was impressed with you and you would accompany all of the members on various business trips, vacations, business dinners, etc.”

“It does sound fun Sir.”

“You have a passport, no?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Excellent. Return to your dorm and retrieve it. Return here immediately. We are going to meet a couple new members tonight.”

“Yes Sir.”

“You may choose what you would like to wear, this time.”

I practically run to the dressing room as he closes the door.

Where are we going that I need a passport?

My mind is racing with possible locations as I choose a delicate baby doll dress.

It gathers right below my titties and for the first time they look huge to me.

Looking in the mirror I decide I look fairly school girlish so I sweep my hair into high pigtails.

This experience is making me feel so sexy and it turns me on not wearing panties or a bra, knowing men will practically see my nipples and if I bend over they are in for a treat.

Hurriedly, I head for my car. I see that has been washed for me.

I could get used to this.

My gas tank is full, too.

I don’t even care how it happened. I just know I like it.

Checking the time, I am glad to see that my roommate, Sara, will be in class and I won’t have to try and explain all this.

There aren’t many students in the dorms at this time so I don’t have to talk to anyone other than a passing hello.

Grabbing my passport I lrun back down the stairs to my car.

The breeze feels delightful on my naked puss and my anticipation about what will happen tonight is making my clit throb.

I make it back to Professor’s and he is waiting for me in the foyer.

“You made it back in record time Miss Madison. Excellent choice of attire. Are you excited for tonight?”

He reaches under my dress and fingers my slit.

“My, my, you are excited, aren’t you?”

Sticking his fingers in my mouth, I aggressively suck them clean, and respond, “yes Sir. Very much so”

“I can feel that. Sincan Escort Maybe we will do something about it.”

Yes please. I cannot believe this is my life right now. I can’t believe I would get to live like this.

If I miss a year of school, that wouldn’t be so bad would it?

“Your bags are packed and in the car,” he states while reaching for my hand in a very tender way.

“Are you ready Missy?”

“Yes Professor Harlow.”

“Very good.”

He leads me to the garage and opens the passenger door to a vintage Ferrari 250 GT Spyder.

I only know this because it looks just like the car in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I only know the movie because my parents love it and have made me watch it like a million times.

This car isn’t red, but silver, and it is mint.

How does a Professor afford all this?

Maybe I should consider being a Professor?p⁹

As we drive, my thin dress blows up, and uncovers my pussy.

Instinctively, I go to pull it down and Professor stops me.

He slips his hand between my thighs and slides it down to my knees. Spreading them, he traces his way up my thigh with his finger.

Professor teases me like this the entire drive. Running his fingertips all over my thighs and lower stomach, never touching my pussy.

I have never been touched like this; teased like this.

My hard nipples are poking through my dress and Professor takes notice, gently tracing the one closest to him, but not paying it much attention.

OH. MY. GOD. I am glad I didn’t wait my whole life to be with an older man.

It feels like little bursts of electricity going directly to my clit and I am fidgeting in the seat.

Delicately, he starts caressing my neck, chest and shoulders with fingertip.

I am trying to slow my breathing but am not very successful.

I can hardly believe how close I am to an orgasm from barely being touched. It is incredibly sensual and like nothing I have ever experienced.

Professor Harlow starts to gently trace my pussy lips, barely touching them.

It is torturous trying not to get too excited.

“Your little puss is leaking Miss Madison.”

Breathlessly, all I can get out is, “Sir.”

“You want me to really touch you don’t you?”

“Yes Sir. Please.”

Removing his hand, “Maybe later, if you are a very good girl.”

“Besides, we are just about there.”

Dammit. Whatever it takes. I’m going to do it.

Professor Harlow turns into the airport and drives to a private hangar in the back.

He is out of the car and by my door before I can even collect myself.

I step out of the car as he reaches for my hand.

Inside the hangar is a beautiful white jet, I suppose you would call it that.

He leads me up the steps and I am awed at this dreamlike experience.

Days ago, I would have never dreamed of this being my life. I dreamed of fucking him, but not this.

Crossing the threshold of the plane I am surprised to see a man seated on a leather sofa on the other side of the plane.

Between his legs is a blonde girl sucking his cock.

When he sees us he taps her on the head and she turns to see us; wiping spit off her face.

The gentleman rises to his feet and greets Professor Harlow with and outstretched hand.

While they are busy shaking hands I can’t do anything but stare at the beautiful girl before me; still on her knees.

Her little school-girlish skirt above her waist has exposed her clearly juicy pussy.

I have never seen a woman in a sensual Etlik Escort way and I’m surprised to find the sight of her turning me on.

Her smallish titties are hanging out of her button down blouse and her hair is also in pigtails.

“Miss Madison.”

“Miss Madison”

I am entranced and don’t hear him the first time.

Thankfully, Professor doesn’t sound angry when he says, “Do you find her attractive Miss Madison?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Have you ever been with a woman Missy girl?”

Shakily, “No Sir. I have not.”

“Miss Madison, please meet Dr. Burton. He is another club member, this is his project.”

“Pleased to meet you, Sir.”

Again, I curtsey. Very strange.

Dr. Burton gestures for his girl to stand.

“Lovely to meet you Miss Madison. I’ve heard so much about you. This is Miss Anna Sutton,” the Dr. states plainly.

She and I acknowledge each other with a nod.

“So, Miss Madison, you have never been with a woman? We shall have to change that,” Dr. Burton states.

“Anna, why don’t you undress Missy,” the Doctor instructs.

Confidently, she steps toward me and raises my dress over my head.

“Missy, you do the same to Anna,” Professor Harlow directs.

Shyly, I approach her and stand before her.

I don’t do anything and Anna places my hand on the couple buttons on her blouse.

Staring into her unusual azure eyes, I slowly unbutton the two remaining buttons and slide it off of her.

My eyes are locked on hers as I lower her skirt and she steps out of it.

“While you are down there Missy, lick her slit,” Dr. commanded.

I look at Professor and he nods.

Doing as I am told I stick out my tongue, lean into her and lick the full length of her slit, bottom to top.

She tastes salty-sweet and delicious. Without instruction, I scoot closer and an gently continue licking.

Since I have never done this before I am scared I will do it poorly.

“Anna, please sit down, spread those legs, and bring your feet to the sofa,” her Dr. advises Anna.

“Spread those legs wider, Miss Sutton, and watch Miss Madison lick your pussy,” Professor Harlow directs her, “Missy, look at Anna while you do.”

How do I do this?

I decide it’s best to just try something that would feel good to me and hope I don’t mess it up.

“Missy, if you can get Anna to cum your first time licking pussy, you will be rewarded.”

As if I’m not already under enough pressure?

Keeping eye contact with Anna, I start to gently circle her clit with my tongue.

She was already pretty wet when I started so I delicately use two fingers to trace her wet lips.

I must be doing OK because Anna moans softly and her eyes seem to show she’s enjoying it.

Tentatively, I start to suck on her hard clit while just sticking two fingers in the mouth of her slippery cunt. I circle the inner edges.

She is starting to breathe heavily now and her excitement is making me wetter than I was.

My confidence is increasing so I slide my fingers in just a bit further while still circling the edges.

Watching her enjoy what I am doing while staring into my eyes is so entirely erotic to me that I very quickly realize I want to do this again.

Gradually I begin to pump my fingers in her pussy, fucking her slowly, while alternately sucking and tonguing her pussy.

“Such a lovely thing to watch, hey Harlow?”

“It truly is Burton.”

“Her little virgin tongue might actually make her cum,” the Dr. tells Professor.

I am proud Çankaya Escort to be doing a good job and Anna is starting to buck her hips into my face and I steadily increase the rate of fucking her increasingly wet pussy.

Her moaning is increasing and I abruptly stop fucking her and replace my fingers with my tongue.

Rubbing her clit with my thumb, I start to tongue fuck her.

Anna looks at me, pleading with her eyes to go back to fucking her with my fingers.

I make her wait and continue rubbing her clit.

My juices are oozing from me now and I would very much like to have a hard cock in me.

Going back to sucking her clit and teasing it with my tongue I start fucking Anna with my upturned fingers.

Searching for and quickly finding her G-spot, I forcefully fuck her.

She is slamming her hips into my face when she grabs the back of my head and holds it tightly against her puss.

I start flicking her clit and keep fucking her.

Her eyes tell me she is close.

Moments later she is wildly pushing into my face while all of her muscles tense and her cunt squeezes my fingers.

“Anna, did she do a sufficient job”, Burton asks.

“Yes Sir. Very good for her first time.”

“Well there you have it Harlow. You promised to reward her?”

“I did, didn’t I?”

“What shall we do?,” Professor asks.

“Up to you Harlow.”

“Why don’t you fuck her Burton and I’ll give Miss Sutton a chance to suck my cock.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

By this time both men are already naked.

“Come over her and sit on my cock,” Doctor Burton instructs me to do while sitting on the sofa.

I go to straddle his hips and he tells me to turn and face Professor Harlow who has taken a seat across from us.

I slide my pussy down on Dr. Burton ‘s cock very slowly and grind into his hips as I reach the base.

By this time Anna is between Professor’s legs and starting to suck him.

Professor is staring directly into my eyes as Dr. Burton says, “Bounce that pussy baby girl. Shake those titties for Harlow.”

Immediately, I start fucking his cock with some force.

It feels so good and the faster I go, the better it feels.

Professor Harlow’s eyes seem to be staring to my soul.

It only makes this all that more intense.

I can hear Dr. Burton speaking to me but I’m not listening at all. I’m just fucking like a wild beast and staring at Professor as intently as he is staring at me.

Slamming into the Doctor’s cock, my pussy is spread wide open and I feel myself start to gush as I try not to cum.

Professor Harlow nods and that is it for me.

My legs tighten, squeezing the Doctor’s knees together, but I don’t stop fucking.

I just keep staring at Professor and continue to cum a sloppy mess all over the floor.

Dr. Burton grabs my shoulders and shoves me down on his cock filling me with his cock and cum.

My cunt clamps down on him and I literally begin to spray my juices everywhere.

As my orgasm ebbs, Dr. Burton pulls me back toward him and whispers in my ear, “You are a wild little slut, you are everything they said you would be.”

Anna had been ferociously sucking Professor’s cock and he didn’t seem to cum as he lifted her head.

Standing, he approaches me with an outstretched hand, and helps me to my feet.

Professor Harlow leads me to a bathroom and turns on the shower.

Facing me, he says softly, “I cannot wait to stick my own cock in you. You are an incredibly sexual young woman and I could not be happier I chose you.”

“I would fuck you now but we are about to land. Shower now and your clothing will be waiting.”

“Professor, may I ask a question?”

“You may.”

“Where are we landing?”

“I said you may ask a question. That is a question I choose not to answer at the moment.”

“Shower now Miss Madison. You will see where we are soon enough.”

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