Grandpa Wants My Ass

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I was living with grandpa, he was 72, I was 18… Sometimes when I would take a shower I would just throw my dirty underwear out in front of my room door which was right near the bathroom or id just leave them on the floor of my room instead of the bathroom. Once when I got done taking a shower I found grandpa in my room touching my underwear, the other time I found him smelling my underwear that I left in front of the door, he said that he was blowing his nose but I knew that was not true because I’ve done the same to his underwear before to see if they were freshly worn so that could cum inside of them. I have always wanted to put my dick on my grandpa’s dick and cum all over it. The other times he would yell at me to leave my underwear in the bathroom and that I shouldn’t leave them in front of the door. If I left them in front of the door he would push them inside of the bathroom, and then he would go inside.

A month has passed and I have started noticing my underwear moving from the previous place that I’ve put them, I was thinking that maybe grandpa just wanted to tidy the place up by relocating them. I looked at the underwear to see if I’d find anything odd in them and I have noticed a wet circle shaped spot on the place where my anus is supposed to be located. I wondered what it was, maybe it was the tip of my grandpas dick or it was his tongue? But why did he do that to my anus and not my dick? Maybe he just misjudged the front from the back, even though it’s almost impossible to confuse the front of the underwear from the back.

The next day I waited in the shower for 2 hours so that grandpa would really have to go inside to take a piss while I’m inside the shower. He finally went inside I opened my curtains and looked at his dick and balls, he smiled, my dick was getting very big and hard. This has been the first time in 5 years that I’ve seen his dick. “After lots of begging 5 years before this he let me watch him and even let me explore his genitals, but due to the internet and me watching grandmas pussies online I had nearly forgotten about his huge 11 inch dick.” So here we are 5 years later, I put my hand out to grab his dick but he refuses, I tell him to show me it, he puts his balls and dick out but doesn’t let me touch them. Later he gives in and just lets me hold them for a couple seconds and leaves. I was upset that he didn’t let me touch him more.

The next day I’m taking a shower, and within minutes grandpa goes inside and sits on the toilet, smiling again, I open the curtains and he lets me touch his balls and dick as much as I want, my dick was very hard, but I didn’t want to make a move because maybe he would refuse. That same night I heard him moaning in the bathroom, maybe he’s just using the bathroom I thought, but deep inside I really hoped that he was cumming. The next morning I woke up and there was a terrible smell in the bathroom, I looked at 2 pairs of my underwear, they were on the floor instead of the laundry basket, they were both wet and smelled horrible! The most wet part and the most wrinkled part was the anus area again. I wondered what were they wet from, saliva, cum, piss, what was it? Because both pairs were covered in foul smelling liquid, it smelled a lot like cum, but how could he have so much cum to make both pairs wet? He had huge balls, the biggest that I’ve ever seen, but still he was 72 years old… How could his body produce that much sperm, and when I cum on his underwear its barely anything, yet he makes both of my pairs wet at the same time.

Next day my grandpa was taking a piss, I walked in the bathroom to look at his dick, he pulled it towards me and said here, take it! I grabbed it, touched it a bit, lifted up his balls, looked under them, touched his dick some more and as I was leaving grandpa slapped my ass and in a moaning voice said that it’s good. I just left the room, and was thinking to myself why does he like my ass and not my dick? That night I didn’t sleep so that I could see what he was doing to my underwear, as soon as he got out of the bathroom I waited for about 2 minutes and went in. Looked at my underwear and they were covered in thick white cum, it was like egg whites but thicker, more slimy and very smelly. Around the thick white cum was clear liquid cum, I guess ones sperm and one is semen. It was right on my anus area again but grandpa had rolled the underwear together which made the cum go all over the place. I put the cum on my nose to smell it and nearly threw up, it smelled so bad, not like my cum at all, it was so much thicker and richer, the worst smell that I have ever experienced. I rubbed my dick over it and came inside.

The next day I wake up go inside the bathroom while grandpa is on the toilet, he tells me to wait till he wipes, gets up and lifts his dick and his balls up, the tip of his dick was wet, and it smelled very bad but I learned to love that smell, I took his dick in my hand, his dick is cut, the skin on it is very wrinkly and loose, I played with it putting it on and off his tip, his dick was getting harder. His dick color is very tan, more than than his already tan body. His dick and balls hang very low, and are Büyükesat Escort covered in brown, white and gray hairs. His balls are red and wrinkly with many hairs on them. His balls are so big that they could not fit in two hands, and neither can his dick, just one of his balls was bigger than both of mine plus my dick combined. His dick and balls smelled very bad because he only showered once a month, so they would always smell like cum, piss and sweat, it smelled so good to me. I started touching his balls, lifting them up, looking under them, then one last time touched the dick, grandpa was smiling. Again as I turned around to leave he lightly tapped my ass 4 times, and slapped it very hard once and said mmm while looking at my ass. I left the bathroom and went to my room. I was thinking to myself, why am I such a pussy, why am I not brave enough to just start sucking his dick?

A month has passed I continued, touching his dick, he continued cumming in my underwear. Whenever he had the chance he would stare at my ass, if I’m on the toilet he would go inside, stare, but then I would tell him to leave, he would also take my towel which would force me to walk naked to my room, where he was again staring at my ass and smiling. I came in his underwear once over this period of time, I took them as soon as he started showering, they were still warm and the place where his dick was located was all wet. They were black and the place where his dick and balls were was is completely white, yellow, and orange. The smell of them made my whole room stink, I licked the place where his dick was located at, the piss and cum stained area, this area was all wet from cum and piss, and it tasted very bitter and sour, salty, just nasty. I gagged as I was licking it, but I imagined that it was my grandpas dick. Then I was smelling it, and it smelled like old piss and cum, it smelled like my grandpas dick. I kept it on my nose for about 10 minutes, just inhaling the smell of my grandpas dick. Then I finally put it on my dick, and I imagine that my dick was on his dick, and that I was cumming on his dick, and I came all over his underwear. Then I took them back where I found them. Each day when I would look at my underwear I would find cum on the area where my anus is supposed to be but once I found it on the area of my dick. I really enjoyed this month and this was also the month when we were going to move to a new house.

We took everything to the new house except one bed, tv, and a computer. We were going to be out of our house in 4 days anyways so one bed was fine. We wanted to enjoy our last few days in our old home before our contract runs out. This was the first day of us sleeping in the same bed, I was hoping that grandpa would make the first move. Grandpa was already in bed, and told me to just come sleep besides him. So I went inside the bed, and took off my pants and underwear since I sleep naked. Grandpa was laughing and smiling. He later unbuckled his belt so that his underwear were visible, and put his hand inside them, I looked over and he said that he was itching his balls. Grandpa was laying on his back, I was laying on my stomach, then grandpa randomly drilled his middle finger inside my anus, he was turning his finger like a screw and shaking it at the same time.

I slapped his hand away, my dick was getting hard, and so was his because it was visible through the covers. I turned around on my side with my ass facing grandpa. Couple minutes later he turned on his side too where he was facing me. I was pretending to sleep, he started and touching my ass. I was very excited… He went under the sheets and started smelling my anus, and he even licked it couple of times. Then he started rubbing his huge dick over my ass and anus, I turned around, he was smiling and breathing heavy. For the first time in my life I had put my nose on his balls and dick, they smelled so good, he pushed his dick towards my mouth, I opened wide and his dick entered my mouth. He held his hands on my head, forcing me to go lower which meant that his dick was going deeper in my throat, it tasted very bitter, sour, and salty. Then he started thrusting his dick down my throat, it hurt and it made me gag, I was choking, but he was holding my head down.

Then he told me to get off the bed and to lay on my stomach while leaving my feet on the ground and spreading my legs. I’ve done just that, hoping that someday I may be able to cum on his dick because today didn’t seem like it was going to be one of those days. Grandpa started slapping his huge dick on my ass, asking do you like that? I said yes, you have the best dick in the worlds. His dick was seriously so much thicker and so much longer than mine that I’d say that it was at least 5 times bigger than mine. His flaccid dick is so much bigger than my hard dick. He then took his middle finger and started drilling into my anus, it hurt very bad, and I was in a lot of pain. He had huge, manly, strong, veiny hands with huge fingers. One of his fingers was like 3 of mine, they were very thick, almost thicker than my dick. Two of my hands were like one of Elvankent Escort his, he was very strong. He slid his middle finger from side to side, and in circular motion, I was trying not to scream of pain. I felt some liquid come out of my ass, then grandpa screwed his other middle finger in my anus, he was fingering me with both of them now. Before this my anus was very tight I couldn’t even put my pinkie finger in it, it was super tight.

About 10 minutes have passed of my grandpa fingering me and running his fingers through my anus. Now he started moaning and breathing heavy again, slapped his dick on my ass, tried to put it in, but it wouldn’t fit. He then put 4 of his finger inside, 2 from one hand and 2 from the other, put it deep inside and out, in a very slow potion, and moving his fingers in a circular motion. He slapped my ass and told me to wait a minute, he then took his dick and started rubbing it through his hands, which was making his huge dick even bigger, the wrinkled skin on his dick was so hot. When he was done with that he went behind me and with his rough hands he spread my ass, and then he inserted both of his thumbs inside my anus which hurt me so bad that I screamed in pain. He very brutally opened my anus as wide as he could and inserted his huge 11 inch dick inside, I had tears in my eyes, and moaned in pain. As he was slowly thrusting against my ass he was saying ahhhh, and mhhhh, and he was also moaning. Again I felt some king of liquid coming out of my ass, grandpa started fucking me a bit faster now.

As grandpa is fucking me with his huge 11 inch dick I’m moaning in pain, his huge balls hitting my ass and my balls very hard, he’s moaning in pleasure, cum starts to go out of my dick and more of that liquid comes out of my anus, it feels like I am ejaculating through my anus as well as my dick. Grandpa now started fucking me with full force, I can hear liquid escaping from my anus as he pounds me as hard as he could, it sounds like a when you fuck a wet pussy, that’s how my ass was sounding, I was screaming and moaning in pain. My ass was hurting, my legs were hurting, the whole bottom of my body was in tremendous amount of pain. I could only hear my grandpa moaning in pleasure, the loudest moaning that I’ve ever heard, it was so deep and loud, you could probably hear it 20 houses down from where we were. He was tearing my ass up, and I was kind of enjoying it because that’s what I wanted, except this was very painful and I never got to cum on his dick. He now tells me to lay on my side, he inserts his dick in me again, I can barely move my legs, they hurt so bad from fucking.

Grandpa starts fucking me in this position and as hes thrusting against me his balls and leg are hitting my balls which hurts very bad, but at the same time it feels right. When I was younger I grabbed and squeezed my grandpas balls very hard and he was screaming in pain for 15 minutes that day, I guess this was payback. The smell of sex was indescribable, we were both very sweaty, my grandpas dick and balls smelled very bad as so did his body, he didn’t take a shower for a month. Everything smelled like urine, semen, sperm, saliva, and like a fish store but with rotten fish. Grandpa was moaning and fucking the shit out of me. After he was done with that position he told me to lay on him, which I did, but I could barely move my legs. He inserted his dick in me and started thrusting against me faster than ever before. Grandpa was fucking me way too fast and way too hard, I have never even seen this on porn movies, this was inhuman! He was screaming and moaning in pleasure, I was screaming and moaning in pain, this was the worst pain that I’ve felt that day…

Then I felt something hot deep inside my anus, actually even near my stomach area, grandpa started moaning harder than ever before. This liquid felt a lot thicket and it was very hot, it felt so fucking good. I was hearing it splash as grandpa was going in and out of my ass, it sounded so good. It sounded very wet and thick, and it felt so nice inside my ass, but it also made my anus burn about two minutes later. Grandpa was still fucking me, but now he was going a bit slower. Now he told me to turn on my back but I told him that I couldn’t, that I was in too much pain, and I couldn’t even move my legs. He laughed and smiled at the same time. He thrusted his dick inside me once more and then took the monster out. It hurt very bad as he was taking it out because it had to be pushed upwards since I was laying on him. He turned me over on my back and beneath me was a pool of blood and hot cum. My anus was bleeding and cum was oozing out of it too. Grandpa was fertilizing me good. He inserted his dick in me and fucked me some more. I was starting to enjoy this…

After he was done with that position he dragged by my legs and put my ass near the end of the bed, he inserted his dick inside my anus again, this time with ease, it wasn’t tight like before, it even seemed loose now. I felt grandpa release semen and sperm in me again, it felt so hot and good, now each time he goes inside it makes that beautiful Beşevler Escort wet noise. My anus continued to bleed, and sperm continued to ooze out, it smelled so good, nasty dirty sex… Grandpa then pissed inside my anus, and it was burning very bad again, it was very painful. I told him to put his dick and balls on my dick and that’s what he did, but I couldn’t move my legs to enjoy it. When I came on grandpas balls and dick it was just like water with a little bit of white, maybe because I had already cum when he was fucking me. He laughed at me and told me that I should of been a girl so that he could fuck my ass and my pussy at the same time since my dick and balls were useless . He wasn’t lying much, they were very small and his were huge… His were like a bulls compared to mine. He slapped my balls, and I screamed in pain again, he told me to ride him. I told him that I cant even move my legs not to mention jump on his dick.

He was getting really mad at my answer and told me to lay on my stomach. I somehow managed to turn around, feeling as if someone just took a saw and cut through the middle of my legs… As soon as I turned around he pulled me a bit more towards the bottom of the bed so that my feet touching the ground, and that my ass is out, off from the bed. He rubbed his balls of my ass while moaning, slapped my ass a couple times and inserted his dick in me again. He started fucking me very deeply, very fast, and very hard. Again I was in a lot of pain but I somehow enjoyed it. Grandpa was fucking me as fast and as hard as he could, he was mercilessly and brutally fucking me. This was more brutal than any of those hardcore porn movies that you’ve ever watched, I was bleeding all over the place for fucks sake. A virgin, that has never even thought of anal sex, here I was taking a huge 11 inch dick inside my anus… Grandpa grabbed my balls and dick and squeezed them really hard, it hurt very bad but I loved it. I loved all the pain because it felt right.

Grandpa started moaning and groaning again, and started fucking me a lot faster and even harder than previously, again I can feel warm semen and sperm running through my anus. He then took his dick out and ejaculated some more, all over my ass and then he put his dick back in my anus and ejaculated again. Thick, slimy, watery, and hot sperm and semen were dripping down my ass and anus. Cum was everywhere, so I guess that one time when I found both of my underwear that were wet was actually my grandpas sperm… Grandpa then got up and put his dick in my mouth,and deepthroated me, he told me to lick it all off, so I did. Then he pissed a bit in my mouth and I drank it. He then said that were going to sleep, I told him to keep his dick inside my ass the whole night, and he looked very surprised and excited. I turned around on my side and let him insert his dick in me, then we went to sleep. I wasn’t even upset that I didn’t get to cum on his dick the way that I’ve always wanted to because this was a bit more fun and exciting.

I woke up in the middle of the night, my ass was still hurting but I didn’t complain. Grandpas dick had become flaccid and it felt even better than a hard dick in my ass, it felt so right and good, it was like dinosaur skin… It was so soft and I can’t explain this, you have to experience it yourself, 11 inch grandpas wrinkled flaccid dick inside your ass, it’s just unbelievable. It was the best feeling that I’ve ever felt in my life. But the stench of the bed that we slept in was horrific, it’s probably the most disturbing smell in the world, it’s unexplainable. It’s like rotten eggs mixed with rotten fish mixed with cum, piss, unwashed grandpas dicks. I just went back to sleep. Couple hours later I’ve been woken up with grandpa fucking pissing inside my anus and his dick was hard again.

He told me how that’s the best ass that he’s ever had in his life and how it was better than any pussy that he’s ever had. I told asked him can I cum on his dick, his answer was only if I ride him first. The bed and my anus were covered in piss, blood, and cum.

My ass was still hurting badly but I loved having sex with grandpa, I liked being his fuck boy. I liked listening to his orders, I’d let him fuck me in any position that he’d want. I got on top of him and started riding him, grandpas eyes were shining with happiness, I really loved this too. He seemed to enjoy this a lot more than the other position we’d done. He was yelling and moaning, I was moaning from time to time too but nowhere near as much as him. I ignored the terrible pains and jumped up and down his dick as fast and as hard as I could. I had to do it for my grandpas perfect dick, and his perfect balls, and his perfect body. He was just perfect and nobody in this world has a better dick than him. So I gave all that I had left in me to make my grandpa happy. As I was jumping on his dick I had an orgasm out of my ass again, it was some clear and white liquid, it felt very good. Then I started farting and more had came out, it felt so fucking good, grandpa said that it smelled bad. But then he took some with his finger and licked it, then he said you ass has become a real pussy. I started jumping even harder now and as I was having another orgasm while grandpa ejaculated deep inside my anus, he was moaning louder than ever. I continued riding him for a few more minutes then got off. Grandpa then rubbed and massaged my anus and ass a little bit and then slapped my ass and told me that I am the best sex partner that he’s ever seen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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