Farting During Anal Sex

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Folks, I have something to confess. I simply cannot keep it locked inside me anymore. It’s tearing me apart, eating me alive from the inside out and I must uburden my soul. And I am not the sort of man easily given to confessionals. I have been called a sociopath in the past because I feel that guilt is the weakest sensation a man can ever feel. I’m not a sociopath. I care about certain things, like myself, for example. I also like music, and literature. I don’t much care for other humans unless I want sex or money from them. Does that make me remorseless? I think not. However, I feel that the time has come for me to come clean about my most forbidden special interests and illicit activities. Here goes nothing, folks. This confession of mine is not for the faint-hearted or softy type of people out there. No sir. It’s for hardcore people. Anyhow, you asked for it. You got it. This is the story of my dark confessions.

I like fucking big women in the ass. It doesn’t matter what their race, religion, profession, political affiliation or marital status is. My only requirement, or preference is more like it, is that they are large and curvy. Why big women? I don’t know. I’ve always felt attracted to big women. I’ve never looked at a skinny woman in my life, except maybe to identify one in a police lineup. My attraction to big women is emotional and physical, but mainly sexual in nature. I’ll tell you a little secret. Big girls have extremely tight assholes. It’s something most people simply do not know. Well, I do. And I love anal sex with large women. Just bend them over, spread their butt cheeks and shove my cock deep down where the sun doesn’t shine. Is that a crime? I think not!

My name is Dale Alton. Black college man extraordinaire, con artist and vagabond. Six feet two inches tall, lean and muscular, Eryaman Escort with dark brown skin, a clean-shaven, handsome face and golden brown eyes. I have long hair braided into dreadlocks. A part-time student at Devon College in Ohio, USA. I major in Criminal Pathology. Oh, and I am also a sportsman. Devon College sponsors Men’s Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Bowling, Tennis, Golf, Cross Country, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Swimming and Football along with Women’s Basketball, Bowling, Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Softball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Rugby and Swimming. I am a running back on the Football team. It’s alright, I guess. This isn’t a sports story by any chance. Not unless deep and raunchy anal sex became an intercollegiate sport, in which case I would be the undisputed champion of all divisions. Without challenge. Why? I am the King of Anal Sex! The undisputed master of fucking women in the ass. With or without lube. End of story!

Currently, I’m hanging out with my fuck buddy Amy Stoltz. She’s a big and plump white chick with long blonde hair and pale green eyes. This big-bottomed female is an anal sex enthusiast, which is what I love about her. Presently speaking, she’s on all fours, her plump butt cheeks spread wide open. Sliding in and out of her tight asshole is my twelve-inch, uncut black super cock. This looked like a fine end to a fine day. Amy was shy about sex at first but I quickly turned her into a sex-craving nymphomaniac and an anal slut. I simply brought out the side of her which she repressed the most. I let her freak flag fly. And I got to fuck her in the ass. Repeatedly.

As we fucked, I found myself having quite a lot of fun. Amy was a thick woman with a big butt yet her asshole was wonderfully warm and Sincan Escort tight. I placed my hands on Amy’s wide hips and pushed my cock deeper into her asshole. Oh, man. I can barely describe to you how it feels. Shoving your cock into a woman’s asshole is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Something that should be treasured when it happens for the first time and savored again and again. I’m the world’s most dedicated ass fucker. Plowing my cock deep into the butt holes of women of all races sinc e my nineteenth year upon this earth. It’s not something which I see myself tiring of any time soon.

Anal sex is addictive. Especially when you’re doing it with the likes of Amy, America’s favorite voluptuous anal slut. Amy is fond of saying that she can handle any cock size in that wonderfully tight yet marvelously expandable asshole of hers. Well, today was the day that I put it to the test. You know what that means. I’m going to ram my twelve inches of hard black cock into her tight asshole. Deep into the forbidden depths of her booty hole which I am going to stretch to the limit. I am going to see what the inside of her asshole looks like. Sans lube. Think she can handle an anal sex challenge of that magnitude? It’s just about time to find out. Let the anal fun and games begin.

I took Amy’s hands and held them behind her back. Then I pushed her down on the dorm room floor. Face down and big ass up. That’s how I liked her to be. I only wished she could be like that every moment of every day. Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. I spread Amy’s plump butt cheeks to a width that I’m pretty sure they’ve never reached before. I looked at that tight pink asshole of hers. Nice. I spat and rubbed it all over the tiny asshole. Then, I pressed Etlik Escort my cock against her asshole. With a swift thrust, I went in. I pushed my cock deep into her asshole. What a purely satisfying sensation. I only wished I could share it with you. The asshole of a woman is much tighter than her pussy will ever be. So, it’s always more satisfying for a man to stick his cock up a woman’s asshole than into her pussy. A simple fact which you won’t read anywhere.

With that, I pushed my cock deeper into Amy’s butt hole. Into depths which had never before been explored. She squealed as I rammed my cock into her asshole. Laughing, I grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and yanked her head back while drilling my cock into the most forbidden depths of her tight asshole. I fucked her ass mercilessly. Until she begged for mercy. I fucked her so good that she lost it and fucking farted. Could you believe it? Amy farted during anal sex! The big girl farted with my cock still in her ass. I laughed as she turne d red from embarassment. I decided to give her a lesson in anal sex etiquette. I made her say some rather memorable phrases while getting fucked in the ass. I Shall Not Fart During Anal Sex Ever Again. We continued romping away happily until I finally came, sending my hot cum deep inside her asshole. Amy howled. I roared victoriously. It was music to my ears. Slowly, I pulled out of her. What I saw amazed me. Amy’s booty hole was now a gaping hole. Stretched wide open by my mercilessly anal fucking. I smiled as I admired my handiwork. I felt so proud. I smacked her ass and she yelped. I grinned. This was a good day.

A short while later, Amy and I parted ways. I felt the plump white chick happy as a clown in her dorm. I would be back for more raunchy and sheer nasty fun later. All was right with the world. I went back to my dorm to watch my favorite Friday night television shows on USA Network and Sci-Fi. I love action comedies like Monk and Psych along with science fiction thrillers like Stargate Atlantis, Flash Gordon and Kindred : The Embraced. Can’t get enough of them. Anyhow, got places to go and things to do. See you folks later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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