An Initiation into Unknown Pleasure

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I had been working seven days a week 14-16 hours a day for the last two months. I am a systems engineer and programmer for a large law firm located in downtown Washington DC. The long late hours and lack of meaningful sleep or recreation had taken its toll on me both mentally and physically. Besides the people at work I had not even held a conversation with another person in probably five weeks now.

Finally I had a weekend off, away from the grind of work. I called a lady that I had been going out with for several weeks before the big crunch of changing out our entire network began. She had left me several voice mails over the past weeks and I had not had time to respond. When I finally reached her she blew me off completely despite my trying to explain to her what I was involved in. I felt completely alone in a city bustling with people everywhere. I tried calling everyone I could think of to find someone to go out to dinner and have a few drinks with and it seemed everyone was busy and on to something else.

I am not a bad looking guy; I stand 5’11” and weigh around 180lbs. I have brown short cut hair and no facial hair. I am now 33 years old and spend most my time working or doing something on the computer. I have never had trouble with finding a woman but, have never entered into a serious relationship and thought that would come later. Now here I was going out on a Friday night in a city of thousands to dine alone.

It was around 9:30PM. when I walked down 17th. Street off Dupont Circle to try to find something to eat. I ended up running into a guy that I work with while standing at an intersection. He is a legal assistant in the firm and I had talked with him on several occasions about work related issues. He asked where I was headed and invited me to join him for dinner at the Dupont Italian Kitchen. Dreading the thought of eating alone while out tonight I agreed to join him and a friend he was meeting, Rob. We walked up two more blocks and arrived at the restaurant shortly before 10:00PM. Rob had not made it yet and James insisted that we wait for him in the bar area upstairs of DIK.

It had been several months since I had had anything alcoholic to drink and I started out ordering a Long Island Tea. By the time I got through half the glass I could already feel the effects on me. We each had two more drinks when Rob finally arrived around 11:00PM. I could feel Rob looking at me and I began to feel very uncomfortable. We walked downstairs and were seated outside on the sidewalk immediately. While we ate we all had several more drinks and enjoyed some small conversation about nothing important. By the time our dinner was over I was really feeling good and was definitely not ready to go home by myself.

James said he and Rob were headed to some “clubs” down in SE and asked me to join them. I was not familiar with anything in SE outside the “Hill” area and agreed to join them. We hailed a cab and rode down to SE. We went to a bar that was a gay strip club. The place was full of men and some very young men strutting around on a stage that surrounded the bar and ran throughout the place. They were completely nude and all very attractive. I could not believe that I was here and tried to sit at the bar and enjoy my drink without Demetevler Escort looking around. Several people bought me drinks as I sat there and I began to look at some of the guys as they made their way around the bar. I kept thinking that I would wake up soon and still be at home alone. As I watched the parade of young men continue around the bar I could feel myself beginning to get hard. The thoughts ran wild through my head not understanding what was happening. I lost track of the time and of how much I had to drink before soon James came to me and said it was 3:45AM. and he and Rob were headed out to get something to eat.

We caught a cab ride back to Dupont Circle. I was feeling the effects of the Long Island Teas so much that when we arrived back I was still wanting to party more. James and Rob led me into Annie’s back on 17th. Street and we had something to eat while acting crazy like everyone else there. When James said it was time to go home I got into the cab at 5:00AM. with James and Rob and could not tell the cab driver where I lived. We took Rob home and James told the cab driver to take us to his house over in Alexandria. James told me I could spend the rest of the night at his place and go back home in the morning when I remembered where I lived.

We arrived at James house and went inside. It was a one bedroom house and James told me I could use his couch for the night. I took off my clothes down to my underwear, the way I normally sleep, and laid down on the couch. James had told me he needed a shower and had already gone off into the bathroom. As I lay dazed on the couch trying to make sense of where I was and where I had been James came out of the bathroom. James was still naked and came into the living room and asked if I needed anything before he went to bed.

James is probably 5’6″ and 180lbs. He has dark hair and little body hair. His private area was cleanly shaved smooth and he had a cock that was limp and probably 5″ soft. I don’t know what came over me but I sat up and pulled a dollar from my jeans. I motioned for James to come over to me and began to tease him with the dollar the way guys were doing with the dancers at the club. James turned on his stereo and began to do a dance in front of me as I continued to play with the dollar in front of him. He whispered “Is this what you want?” and to my amazement I whispered back “Yes”.

As James continued to dance in front of me I placed my hands on his hips and moved with him. I noticed his cock was now fully erect and stood a good 8″ straight out. James started backing up and led me to a sitting position on his bed in the next room. He continued to dance in front of me and I pulled him into me. I took his cock into my mouth and began playing with it, my hands still on his hips and grabbing his ass cheeks roughly. I sucked on him for several minutes and could taste his manhood and smell his scent.

James pulled back and laid me back on his be. He placed his hands into the elastic of my underwear and started pulling them down toward my knees. As he did this he raised my legs up straight into the air. I felt embarrassed as my 5″ fully erect cock sprang out. After seeing James and all the men at the Otele gelen escort bar I felt incredibly small. James did not seem to notice and continued removing my underwear pressing my legs back up over my head raising my ass off the bed slightly. He positioned himself at the foot of the bed and began licking my ass. As he neared my exposed asshole he began working his tongue into my hole, playing with me. The feeling was incredible. James placed a finger into my ass hole and continued licking my balls.

James had moved around onto the bed and positioned himself over my head while keeping his finger in my asshole working it in and out and keeping my legs over my head. He lowered himself down and placed his still hard cock into my waiting mouth. I eagerly began sucking him as he returned to sucking my cock, my balls and my asshole. After several minutes I could feel James begin to contract and I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth. I did not stop and kept sucking him with his cock rubbing down the back of my throat. I felt James tighten up and could feel his warm, hot cum explode into the back of my throat. As I was trying to swallow every drop I realized that I too was releasing my hot load down James’ throat as he continued to work three fingers in and out of my asshole.

After several minutes James got up and kept my legs pinned above my head. I never got soft and neither did James. I was not ready to stop when James placed the head of his large cock against my asshole. Before I could tell him to stop he had his head at the opening and was pushing forward. I was quietly saying “no, stop” but not wanting him to hear me. James continued to push into my virgin asshole. After he got his swollen head in I could feel pain and pleasure all at the same time. He stopped and stayed still for a minute and I began telling him “Fuck me, I need you deep inside me”. With that James pushed all the way into me up to his balls. My cock was as hard as it ever was before and I could feel pain shooting allover me. He began to pull out and then push back in slowly. After several times of this it began to feel really good and I began to meet his thrust with my hips. James began to thrust harder and harder and I could feel his balls slap against my ass cheeks. After brutally fucking my tight virgin asshole James blew his load deep into my bowels. James pulled out of me and thrust a 10″ cock dildo up my ass to replace him. I was still hard and needed relief. James began to rub my cock with some KY jelly and turned on a vibrator that made the cock in my ass squirm with pleasure against my aching prostate. James let my legs down on the bed and straddled over me facing away from me. He lowered himself onto me and guided my cock into his ass while lowering himself onto me. He rode my cock while alternating the intensity of the cock in my ass until I blew and enormous load into his ass.

James got off me and left the cock purring gently in my aching asshole. He lay beside me and we feel off to sleep. It was now almost 8:00AM.

I awoke on Saturday a little after 5:00PM. It took me several minutes to figure out where I was. As the memories of the previous night began to run through my head I realized that Balgat Escort here I was in a strange bed and the memories must not have been a dream. I walked out into the living room still naked from the night before. James was sitting on the couch in a pair of silk boxer shorts and next to him was Rob from the night before. Rob was fully clothed and stared at me and began to smile. He asked if I remembered where I lived now. I felt like I had been run over by a truck and was still a bit dazed. James told me to go in and get a shower that I would feel better after I got something to eat.

I finished showering and put on a robe that belonged to James. I walked out into the living room and James told me he was cooking something for dinner and it would be ready in 15 minutes. He said that Rob had brought over some movies and they were planning to just sit around and watch them during the evening. James was in an exceptionally god mood and did not seem to be feeling the effects of the hang over from hell that I was. I mentioned this to him and he replied, holding up a glass, that the only way to beat a severe hang over was to have another drink. James got up and brought out a pizza from the small kitchen. He said it was not delivery but the next best thing. All three of us devoured the pizza in little time. I still felt bad and after much convincing from James agreed to try to have another drink. James brought me a large glass filled with orange juice and a strong taste of vodka. He told me the vitamin C was good for me. After I finished the first glass I did actually start to feel much better. James and Rob had broke out a computer game and we all began to play.

The game started off really kind of slow, it resembled monopoly and as we went around the board we each bought up property. Into the third round Rob landed on one of my properties and his “payment” was to strip down and do what ever I commanded him for one full minute. Without hesitation Rob stood up and began pulling off his clothes. Rob was 6’1″ and 170lbs. He had short blond hair. Rob was a DC police officer and very muscular. He was 22 years old. As Rob finished stripping he pulled off his white fruit of the looms and I was mesmerized by his massive uncut cock. It had to be 8″ while still soft and he had two of the largest balls I had ever seen. Rob turned around showing a perfect ass, as he turned back around toward me he had a grin on his face and said “what’s my penalty.” Rob moved toward me and began rubbing his gorgeous cock around my face. Without thinking I grasped the base of his cock and pulled back his foreskin to reveal a huge purple colored cock head. I quickly guided it into my mouth and began to suck him like a pro.

I could feel Rob’s cock growing in my mouth as I continued working my tongue around the underside of his cock head darting my tongue into his pee hole every so often. Rob then grabbed me by the hair and began to fuck my mouth with a vengeance. As his cock buried itself into my throat I thought I was gong to chock and that my lips were going to split. I could feel Rob tense up and suddenly he pulled out of my mouth. He grabbed his cock and began shooting huge loads of hot salty cum all over my face, I tried my best to catch his bursts and lick up as much as I could. Finally Rob stood back and sternly said “look what you made me do, you have made a mess and you need to be punished.” My gaze stayed on Robs cock which had to be at least 12″ long and as big around as my wrist. To my surprise Rob picked me up from the couch by the tie on my robe and quickly ripped the robe off of me.

More to come in Chapter Two…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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