William and I

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I knocked lightly on the door to the conference room and I waited for a reply from inside. There was no sound. I knocked the door yet again and waited anxiously for any sound or movement from inside the room. I began to feel nervous and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster with the passing minute. I licked my lips anxiously and looked at my wristwatch and it showed 1 o’clock in the morning just as he had instructed me to. The door to the conference room suddenly opened automatically from the inside and I entered the huge room. I waited at the opening of the door as my eyes adjusted to the dim light inside the room and I could see him there. My heart skipped a beat and my body trembled with the prospect of things to come. He simply sat there motionless, and I could only hear my uneven breathing. I waited for quite sometime and until I could not stand it anymore.

“William? Do you want me?” I asked him and my voice was quivering with lust.

He did not utter a single word but the air in the conference room was laden with the lust that was building between the man sitting at the head of the huge black table and me. My dark brown eyes penetrated into William’s hazel ones and we both realized how we really wanted each other. William’s breathing had become more labored and yet he stayed immobile simply staring at me as I was standing in front of him. At 5 feet 4 inches, I was too small in comparison to his 6 feet 5 inch stature. My small waist was enhanced by a black belt while my ample tits made my tiny waist looked much much tiny than it really was. I wore the clothes and shoes that he had instructed me to wear and I hoped that William would be pleased. Red short miniskirt, red 5-inch stilettos and a black satin blouse that was wrapping my body like a second skin. My raven-black hair was tied in a ponytail and it was dangling behind my back.

William continued twiddling the pen in his hands moving it incessantly with his long fingers. Still, I stood waiting in the conference room with the door now closed behind my back. I swallowed a lump that was forming in my throat, as I did not know what William wanted me to do. I exhaled my breath too loudly and it seemed to echo in the conference room. William unexpectedly raised himself from his chair and walked unhurriedly towards me and I could hear my heart beating faster and faster. He stopped looking down at me and held my small shoulders. His big strong hands enveloped my shoulders and he began massaging them. I was becoming slightly flustered yet I felt very relaxed as he massaged me.

He stopped and moved behind me and I could feel the warmth from his body radiating from him on my back. He softly pulled my small body backwards and I sucked my breath when my back rested on his body. He wrapped my body with his big warm hands and I felt extremely small and fragile in his embrace. He had to hunch forward to embrace me, as he was towering me. His head was on my right neck nuzzling me and I bent my head to the left to give his access of my neck. I whimpered the moment William licked and nibbled on it. I then realized that one of his hands had moved to my hair and it was untying the ponytail and when it came undone; my black tresses fell on my body.

“You know that I don’t like your hair like that!”

He brought a handful of my hair to his face and inhaled the scent of me and William then continued trailing his kisses on my neck and I felt him unbuttoning my blouse and I moaned when one of his hand squeezed my tit in my push up bra. My nipple instantaneously puckered with his administration. He kneaded and tweaked my tits and my nipples while I could feel my pussy starting to drip my juices while my knees buckled with the pleasure that he created on my tits.

“I want you…forever,” he said hoarsely as he resumed massaging my tits and nuzzling my neck.

His hand on my waist went lower and I gasped when I could feel his warm large hand on my left inner thigh lifting the red miniskirt that I was wearing. His hand went upward while rubbing and molding my thigh nearing my already sopping pussy. William hands were on my tits and on my mound; and when he intensified his treatment on them, I trashed in his embrace. He then abruptly let me go and turned my body around, lifted my small body on the huge table while pushing my miniskirt up baring my groin and legs to him. His hands quickly pulled down my red lacy panties and it lay rested on the carpeted floor on the conference room. William then used his hands to push me backwards and I lay on the table with my legs dangling with my red stilettos.

William then moved between my legs, undid his belt and unzipped his pants. As I lay on the table, I was eyeing his thick pulsating cock that he was holding just inches from the wet opening of my pussy. He rubbed my mound with his right hand and I moved my hip, relishing the pleasure he created. He inserted his finger into my depth and I raised my hip involuntarily. He unhurriedly withdrew Büyükesat Escort his finger and yet again thrust it again into my pussy. I exhaled and inhaled my breath aloud with every delight created by William’s long finger in my tight canal. While he moved his finger on me, his hand on his cock jerked and tugged on his swollen member. My eyes were glued on his cock even though his finger gave me much bliss, because I knew how much I wanted his cock; and I too knew how his cock would bring me much contentment.

“Please William…fill me with your…cock.” I begged on the table in the conference room, as I could not bear the torment created by him.

William gave me the sweetest smile and withdrew his finger from my soaking depth; he then leisurely licked and sucked the finger that was covered with my juices. I whimpered and heaved a sigh of protest. I needed William to fuck my pussy and I knew that he was teasing me. He took his finger from his mouth and put it in my mouth and I suck his fingers greedily. I used both hands to pull his fingers into my mouth and sucked them hard. I reluctantly let his hand go when it went to my hip. He stopped all movements. My breathing was erratic; I looked into his hazy eyes that were staring into mine. After that, his hands held and gripped my hip tightly while I raised my hip waiting for his cock to fill my pussy, waiting, waiting with my legs spread for William to fill me with his cock. To my delight, he fucked deep into my sopping pussy in the end.

William’s thick pulsating cock filled my pussy as he shoved and rammed into my dripping core again and again. Our ragged breathing filled up the dim conference room and I moaned with every thrust and every movement that he was making in me. I raised my hip and he shoved his cock; and I felt deliriously wonderful each time his cock stretched my pussy. He had moved his upper body lower and lower until I could feel his warm sweaty face on my damp neck. I turned my face towards him and opened my lips to kiss his opened mouth. He tasted delicious and I opened my mouth more devouring William’s sweet lips and offering more of myself as well.

His hands that were gripping my hip had moved higher and now William’s big strong arms were encircling my small delicate body bringing me tighter into his embrace while he incessantly slamming his cock into my pussy. The force of his movement escalated more and more as his grip on my young body too intensified. I frantically held his body as he fucked my pussy again and again. Under his warm damp body, I begged and moan for him as I felt my vaginal wall began to spasm with the prospect of my coming. William nuzzled my neck and licked it making me squirmed with delight. His hip moved violently as he too was nearing his climax. I thrashed and buckled on the big table while William continued to fill me with his engorged cock. We came together and I screamed his name while William groaned and grunted with his release. I gripped my legs tighter around him and I smiled feeling him as he spurted and shot his creamy cum inside my quivering vagina. I too held his head and brought his damp face to mine while raining him with light wet kisses. I kissed his cheeks, his chin, his eyebrows, his closed eyes and his warm lips. When I licked my lips, I could taste the salty taste of William.

“Oh…baby…I miss you…so much.” I said to him.

“Me…to…me to….” He said through his uneven breath.

Much later, William lifted me off the table, held my ass tight while I encircled my arms around his neck. He carried me to his chair at the head of the conference table and he sat on his chair with me straddling him now and his flaccid cock in my pussy still. I loved the feeling of his warm embrace, I pushed my body deeper, and his hands too were massaging my back softly and deliciously. I wanted more, I pushed my body slightly way from his body, and I started unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his magnificent hairy chest to me. I relished the feeling of his hairy on my damp face and I inhaled his scent ravenously while teasing his nipples with my naughty tongue.

“Oh…William! I can’t get enough of you!” I whispered on his chest.

I could feel his hands on my back moved to my bare ass and he set out in massaging my ass instead.

“I can’t get enough of this…this…this…this…and of course THIS.” As William uttered his words, he squeezed my ass hard, and kissed my lips, slithered his hand tweaked my nipple, nuzzled my neck and finally he moved his hip and slammed his semi-hard cock into my pussy.

William’s body buckled when I mischievously bit his nipple a little too hard and his deep lustful eyes gave me a warning. Still, I left his right nipple, licked his left nipple instead, and bit it hard too. He sucked his breath and looked at me with his eyes. I raised my body from him and exhaled a ragged breath as his now rock-hard cock from my pussy. He tried to Beşevler Escort stop me but he relented as I pouted lips and begged him. When my stilettos touched the floor, I turned my body and gave him my back and my ass. I took off my blouse and my bra. I was gloriously naked in front of William and my damp body glistened under the dim light. I sucked my breath as I felt his big hands on my ass, kneading and squeezing my globes. I bent my body forward on the table and spread my legs slightly. As my tits touched the cold surface of the table that morning in the conference room, I sighed when my nipples instantly puckered on the hard surface.

“I’m a very…very…bad girl William. Punish me.” I said through my ragged breathing.

He raised himself from the chair and stood behind me, my pussy pumped its juices violently, and I could feel it dripped from my vulva to my pussy lips. His hands on my ass squeezed them roughly and then he spanked my ass hard. I cringed with the slight pain but my pussy leaked more and more juices. He spanked my ass the second time and the sound reverberated in the room while I hissed with the pleasure and pain caused by it. William then pulled my body from the table slightly making my tits now dangling and I used my small arms to hold the table. He slapped my ass the third time and I moaned while arching my body with the pain it caused me.

“Fuck…me…please.” I begged William.

I could feel his hands touching my ass and then rubbing my wet pussy. His fingers were grazing on my drenched pussy lips and a loud moan escaped from me as I pushed my pussy onto his fingers. His big strong fingers continued to unfold my pussy and I whimpered and moaned with the intense delight he brought upon me. William then grabbed my hip and rammed his cock in my sopping cunt. I held the table tightly with my hands, and every time William shoved his cock into my dripping sheath, he engulfed me with such tremendous pleasure. I could feel his right hand went lower and lower to where his cock was meeting my pussy and he massaged it and rubbed it. I moaned even louder with his ministration on my stretched clit. His left hand had moved higher and higher grasping my sweaty tits, squeezing and kneading them with such ferocity.

I suddenly felt my feet were no longer touching the carpeted floor of the conference room. William had lifted my lithe small body to meet each of his thrust and he slammed again and again into my pussy. I could feel my vaginal wall contracting more and more creating and spreading the forceful promise of my release.

“Yess…baby…oh…yess.” I moaned whenever William filled me harder and deeper with his meat into my sopping canal.

William too groaned and grunted each time he thrust his cock into my small delicate body. I too noticed he increased his movement knowing that our coming was near. As he slammed my sweaty body yet again, our bodies moved forward making my body now sprawled on the table and my ass at the edge of the table now. He rammed his cock repeatedly into my pussy and I cringed as I felt the edge of the table biting into my soft skin. However, William’s incessant thrusting distracted me from the pain. It was near, I moaned and moaned, and in the end, I screamed his name aloud in his conference room with him still thrusting relentless into my quivering soaking depth. He suddenly arched his back and spurted his creamy cum into my pussy filling up every inch of my vaginal wall with it. His damp arms encircled my sweaty abdomen and pumped more and more of his seeds into me.

After a few moments, William took out his limp cock from my pussy and kissed my back and neck. I could also feel his warm tongue on my neck licking the salty taste from my body. He then pulled me off the table and suddenly I found myself sitting between his spread legs on his chair. I put my head on his still heaving chest and with his strong arms around my waist. I too was still gasping slightly from our climax and I loved it when I could hear his heartbeat from his warm hairy chest. I giggled when his long fingers tickled the side of my body and he too laughed when my hands tickled his upper thigh.

“William? Is your girlfriend around this weekend?”


“Your son?”

“He’s at his mother’s place.”

“Can…can I come by your place? That if you…if you…want me to…or course.”

“What do you think girl?”

* * *

I was taking a shower at William’s house that weekend and it was Saturday afternoon. William and I fucked three times that morning alone. Once, before we had breakfast with me straddling his big warm body on the bedroom floor. We had two more after breakfast. William fucked me on the kitchen counter; and another time with me on all four in the living room, while both of us were watching the news channel as he fucked me from behind.

I sighed as the warm water trickled down my glistening body and I smiled when Cebeci Escort I stared at my dark brown nipples that puckered under the intensity of the water spurting from the showerhead. I tweaked them with my fingers and moaned as the pleasure surged through my body and made my pussy quivered. I turned my head as he opened the glass shower door and his eyes were raking my wet body greedily. He was already gloriously naked for my feasting eyes, and when he came under the shower, my hands were open welcoming him in my embrace. I simply hugged my William while resting my turned face just below his nipple enjoying the feeling of this big man’s arms around me. He made me feel safe.

I felt his arm moved and I could see that he was holding a soapy sponge in his hand. He began to massage my back with the sponge and I sighed as I felt the strain on my back slowly dissolving. He massaged my sopping ass and again I moaned, but this time it was because of the pleasure that was forming deep in my core. He let the sponge fall from his hand and he was massaging my ass with his bare hands. He was carefully spreading my ass cheeks and I instinctively raised my left leg as his fingers rubbed and massaged my wet pussy from behind. He used his long arm and fingers to rub my pussy from behind and I moaned aloud when he inserted one finger into my vulva.

I felt my vaginal wall clasping on his finger and he quickly withdrew his finger to my disappointment. He raised his body and stared at my face while he pushed all the wet hair covering parts of my face. I wickedly gripped one of his fingers with my teeth, sucking and nibbling on his long finger until he laughed and pried my lips open to set his finger free. He then pinched my nose and his hands dropped my shoulder as he unhurriedly pushed my body back to the wall. He then knelt on the floor as his hands rested on my tiny waist.

“Look shorty… I want your pussy for lunch but my mouth is here…in front of your tits.”

“Don’t call me shorty William! It is just that you’re far too tall!” I pouted my lips.

“You are 5 feet 4 inches! You are too short while I’m too tall!” his voice reverberated in the shower.

William gave me a naughty smile, and then he licked and sucked my right nipple; and I grabbed his head pulling him further onto my glistening tit. I arched my back and pushed my tit into his warm inviting mouth. I sighed and moaned as I felt his teeth grazing my right nipple and my vaginal wall began to pump my warm juices out from the opening of my pussy. I heaved a sigh as I felt his hand tweaking my clit and rubbing my wet pussy. He then moved his strong hands on my inner thighs and lifted my small body from the ground while spreading my lean petite legs wide. I was confused for a while but I smiled with satisfaction when William put my legs on either side of his head, on his muscular shoulders making my soaking pussy situated directly in front of his face.

“Is your back okay on that wall?” he asked.

“Yes…I think…so.” I answered deliriously from the anticipation of William eating my pussy not thinking at all about the wall behind me.

He grasped my ass tightly with his large hands and he began to suck and nibble on my pussy lips softly. I tried to grip his head with my thighs but he used his superior strength to overpower me as he held one of my thighs with his hands. He then sucked my juices from my sopping core, I trashed on the wall, and my moan and my whimper echoed in the shower room. He used his teeth to tease my clit and again I moaned with pleasure dripping more of my juices onto his mouth. He lapped the juices and drank them greedily while he continued to suck and nibble my cunt.

“Oh…William!” I whispered his name as his tongue probed into my quivering vulva.

I buckled on the wall and pressed my pussy more and more towards his warm tongue. Each time he sucked and lapped my pussy, and every time he moved his tongue in my sopping sheath, I arched my back and shuddered even more violent. The pressure that was building in my core was overwhelming and I knew that my climax was near. William persistently shoved his tongue inside my pussy and I vigorously moved my pussy following the rhythm that was created by him. He moved his tongue harder and harder while sucking the relentless dripping of my juices. I screamed and moaned so loud in the chamber of the shower room when I came. He kept on sucking and drinking on my juices as I gasped and panted with my labored breath. My vaginal wall shuddered for quite sometime before the force of my climax subsided.

William gradually lifted my limp legs from his shoulder and I staggered to steady myself. His arms quickly held my small body for support and I fell on his body the moment his arms encircled my waist. I was still breathing hard with my face on his wet hairy chest and I closed my eyes savoring the water that was cascading on my body. He rose to his feet with me in his embrace. I suddenly felt his cock nudging my stomach and I opened my eyes and looked down at William’s throbbing cock. It was thick and pulsating with William’s lust for me, I licked my lips and my breathing became slightly shallow and deep with the blossoming of new lust for him. I raised my head and looked up into William’s smoky hazel eyes and I tiptoed reaching for his head.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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