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Note: Sally’s husband had been trying to get her to have a threesome for years but she had never really met anyone that interested her. That was until a young virgin started working for her. All rights reserved.


Sally Barker watched Trisha, the young girl she had hired, come in each day going through the same routine. She hung up her coat, put her purse in her desk and carried her bagged lunch to the break room. She knew Tricia was not married and worked late each night even though she really didn’t have to. She dressed in very conservative clothes and although she was overweight she had a very cute face and smile.

The young woman had requested to work for her after her job interview for five job openings. Although her office assistant job did not require a college degree Trisha insisted she wanted to work for Sally.

“Good morning Trisha,” Sally said while walking up to her desk. “How was your weekend?”

“OK, I guess,” the girl answered.

“Did you do anything exciting?” Sally asked.

“Not really. Just kind of sat around.”

Sally felt sorry for her because that was the answer she had received for the past six months. She didn’t think the girl was dating anyone and really wondered what was up. “How would you like to have a drink with me after work?”

“I really don’t drink,” Trisha said looking down.

“Just have a soda with me.”

“I guess I can do that,” Trisha smiled. It was the first smile that Sally had seen in quite a while.


“Over here!” Sally yelled while waving one hand at the girl who was standing in the doorway of the pub. She had called her husband Brian to tell him she would be late.

“Hi,” Trisha said as she pulled off her full wool coat and scarf. She smoothed down the front of her blouse and slid into the booth across from her boss. The waitress had followed her to the table.

“What can I get you?”

“A diet Coke,” Trisha said softly. She noticed a martini glass in front of Sally.

“Have you ever had a chocolate martini?” Sally asked.

“No. I don’t drink alcohol,” Trisha answered. She didn’t want to tell the woman that she was on one of her many diets.

Sally let it go and they sat looking at each other. “You’ve been with the company for almost six months and I don’t know anything about you.”

“There’s not much to know,” Trisha said nervously. “I graduated from a college in the Midwest and moved to Chicago. This is my first job.”

Sally decided to go for it. “So you’re not dating anyone?”

Trisha took a deep breath. “No.”

With one word answers Sally knew she was not getting very far. “So what do you like to do when you are not at work?”

“Read mostly,” she replied. “I like to walk on the Navy Pier when it is warm enough.”

The waitress brought the Diet Coke and they talked for almost an hour more. Sally found out that she was from a very small town and had really never had a serious relationship. From the girl’s history Sally wondered if this 23 year-old woman was still a virgin. “Bring us two chocolate martinis,” Sally told the waitress. Trisha didn’t stop her.

After just one martini Trisha loosened up and let out most of her secrets. She never knew her father and had a mother who would not allow her to date. She went to an all girl college and talked to her mother every night before she goes to bed.

“Wow,” Sally said as she ordered two more martinis. “It’s time for you to let loose.” She watched as Trisha pulled off her button-down sweater and saw the girls nice round breasts. “Would you like to come to my house for dinner on Saturday?”

“I guess so,” Trisha giggled. The one drink had gone quickly to her head. Only once before at a mixer party in college had she really had booze before. They talked about some of the others in their office and when Trisha finished the second drink she almost fell asleep. “I think I had too much.”

Sally laughed. “I better drive you home.” She knew the girl normally took the train to work.

“I don’t want to bother you,” Trisha said feeling lightheaded.

Sally put two twenties on the table and helped Trisha put on her coat. “Come on.”

The girl managed to keep her eyes open enough to direct Sally to her one bedroom basement apartment that was under a residential home in Cicero. She held Trisha’s arm as they slowly walked down the six steps and used her keys to open the door. But before they got inside Trisha turned and threw up. Most of it covered the front of her sweater and blouse. “Oh God I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“That’s OK. I’m glad I’m here to help you,” Sally said as she pulled the girl into the apartment, closed the door and took off her coat.

“Let me help you.” Sally pulled off the soaked sweater and tossed it on the tile floor by the door. She unbuttoned the girl’s blouse before Trisha could complain and pulled it off her huge breasts covered with a large white bra. Some of the fluids had stained the bra.

“You need to take this off to,” Sally Göztepe Escort said as she reached around the unsteady girl to find the clasp.

“Oh no don’t,” Trisha said feeling the bra release and the straps and cups moving away from her pure white treasures. They both looked down at the 38DD mounds with large light pink aureoles. The hard tips stuck out almost an inch. Trisha’s hands quickly moved up to cover her excitement.

Sally tossed the bra onto the blouse and grabbed Trisha’s arm. “Come on we have to get you cleaned up.”

“I can do….it,” Trisha complained but found herself almost falling as she tried to walk with the woman into the small bathroom.

“Shhh,” Sally whispered. They moved into the bathroom and Sally turned on and adjusted the temperature of the water. Trisha’s eyes closed and she started to lean but Sally put her arm around the girl’s waist and held her up. She grabbed a face cloth and wetted it before directing it between the large titties. Never had she seen breasts this big with absolutely no sag. As she rubbed the warm cloth over the hard nipples Trisha moaned but kept her eyes closed.

“Let’s dry you off,” Sally whispered before grabbing a small towel and rubbing over the damp areas. She again touched the nipples and again Trisha moaned.

Two minutes later Sally managed to get the girl into her bedroom. As she supported her with one hand she pulled down the covers on the bed and then guided Trisha onto her back on the bed with her legs dangling over. Her two breasts pointed up like booster rockets ready to launch. Trisha’s arms and hands were spread directly out to the sides.

Sally smiled as she reached over and released the snap on the side of Trisha’s skirt. After pulling down the small zipper she grabbed the waistband and pulled. It slid under the girl’s ass and down across the front of her panty-hose until they continued down off her feet. It looked as if Trisha had passed out but she wasn’t sure. “We need to get the pantyhose off.”

Getting the skirt off was easy but the hose was going to be a problem. She jerked them hard and managed to get them halfway off her basic white panties but they bunched up in the back. “I guess these have to go too,” Sally smiled while grabbing the waistband of the panties and pulling them down to the pantyhose. Now when she pulled both they slid easily under the girl’s bare ass and down her meaty thighs. She stopped at her knees and looked at the large growth of curly black hair guarding the girl’s pussy. It was so hairy the growth had spread to the insides of the white thighs. She wondered if she had ever worn a bathing suit.

After removing the panties and hose Sally stood back and looked at the 23 year old chubby but curvy body. She lifted the feet up onto the bed and turned the girl until she was lying lengthwise with her sleeping head on the pillow. “Just wait until Brian sees those breasts.” Sally sat back down on the bed.

“So are you a virgin?” Sally giggled. She moved her hand over the deep navel and then pushed her middle finger down into the thick bush until she found the top of her slit. She heard the girl moan again and then felt her body lifting as she rubbed down over the swollen clitoris. The legs opened and Sally’s finger froze.

“Are you awake?” she wondered. Trisha’s hips lowered and Sally’s finger continued down into her inner lips aways until she found the restriction. Hot juices covered her fingertip as she moved back to the clitty and gently rubbed it while looking at the girl’s closed eyes.

“Ohhh,” Trisha moaned.

Sally rubbed some more and then froze her finger again. Trisha’s hips again rose to press into the hard digit. She smiled and pulled her finger and hand away. After pulling the sheet up over the round nakedness she hurried from the apartment.


Brian was sitting in his favorite chair reading when his wife came into the den. “So did you have to work late?”

Sally smiled and lowered herself to her knees in front of his chair. He continued holding his book while she reached over and pulled open the button on his pajama bottoms. She fished inside and pulled out his limp four inch penis. As her thumb rubbed across the crown she looked up at him. “Remember how you used to bug me about having a threesome?”

“Uh yes but that…that was years ago,” he moaned feeling his penis starting to swell. “We could never agree on it being a man or woman.”

“I think I found somebody,” she giggled. Her fingers curled around his six inch hard-on.

“Another man?” He asked remembering that she would only do it if it was another man.

“No. A young woman,” she whispered before moving her head down to lick off a drop of precum. “A virgin.”

“Oh shit,” he groaned. Her mouth opened and her lips quickly swallowed all of him until they pressed into his thick bush. “A virgin. How old is……she?”

Sally pulled her lips away making a popping sound. “Twenty-three.” Suddenly his hot spunk Göztepe Escort Bayan shot up from his hard tip almost striking her head. “She’s coming to dinner on Saturday.”


Sally was on the phone when Trisha came in the next morning. After hanging up she called the girl to come to her office. She still wondered if Trisha had been awake when she had fingered her.

“Good morning Mrs. Barker,” Trisha smiled as she walked into the room. “Thank you for taking me home last night and I guess I must have gotten sick.”

“You don’t remember much do you?” Sally smiled. She noticed that the girl was wearing a tight sweater and skirt which was quite different from her normally conservative apparel.

“No Ma’am. Did you have some work for me to do?”

“Uh no. I just wanted to make sure you are alright. And, don’t forget you are coming to my house for dinner Saturday night.”

“I won’t forget,” Trisha smiled. She turned to walk out and stopped and looked back. “Thank you for helping me to bed last night.”

Sally was about to say ‘you’re welcome’ but the girl turned and left. “Shit maybe she was awake?”


Not much was said the rest of the day and it was on Wednesday when Sally found a red rose on her desk. She sent Trisha a thank you email and the girl wrote one back that she couldn’t wait until Saturday. That night when Sally was leaving Trisha walked into her office and closed the door.

“Mrs. Baker I’m so happy you invited me to your house,” Trisha began as she moved to her standing boss. “This is the first time anyone here has really been nice to me.”

Sally smiled as the girl moved closer and closer until her arms moved behind Sally’s back. Their bodies crushed together as her ass moved back against her desk for support. With their breasts pushed together Trisha moved her head back and looked into Sally’s eyes. It was Sally who pushed her lips forward until they touched Trisha’s.

Seconds seemed like hours as their lips pressed and held. Trisha felt her bosses tongue move out and lick over her lower lip before she jerked her head back. Her body jumped back as well. “Why Mrs. Barker you…….you…you frenched me!” She turned and hurried out the door.

“Shit. What was that?” Sally asked herself now afraid the woman was going to turn her in for sexual harassment. By the time she got outside Trisha was gone.


“Is she still coming?” Brian asked his wife when she got home.

“I think so but I’m not sure. She hugged me today and seemed that she wanted me to kiss her but when I did she acted surprised and ran out my door.”

“Hell Sally you might be wrong about her,” Brian said. “You could get into a lot of trouble if we come on to her Saturday night.”

“I think she is a big tease,” Sally said with a sly grin.


Trisha acted like nothing had happened the next morning. It was later that afternoon as Sally leaned over Trisha’s shoulder to look at a report that the girl moved her head sideways to press into Sally’s left breast. Sally didn’t move and waited until Trisha’s head slightly lifted and lowered. No one could see around the cubicle when Sally shifted her body until her whole breast pressed into the back of Trisha’s head. Again she moved her head against the soft mound and hard nipple and then slowly turned her body and head around until her face and mouth pressed into the smaller 34B titty. When she smiled Sally knew then the girl was teasing her. They heard someone’s footsteps and both quickly broke apart.

Sally worked late that night until it was dark outside and thought that Trisha had left but she looked up and saw her standing in front of her desk. “TRISHA! You scared me.” Sally said covering her heart area. She noticed that the door had somehow been closed without her knowing it.

“Mrs. Barker. I need to ask you a question,” Trisha whispered as she blushed.

“Certainly,” Sally smiled as she stood and walked around next to her.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

“God yes,” Sally whispered as she brushed a curl of hair to the side that had fallen over her forehead. Her fingers gently rubbed over her dark thick eyebrows. “You have beautiful eyes.” She saw Trisha smile. “And wonderful soft lips.” She traced over them from one side to the other.

“Do you think that I’m fat?”

Sally glanced down at the full breasts and round hips. “You are well proportioned but most women would kill for breasts like yours.”

“Would you? I mean would you rather have big breasts?” Trisha’s eyes locked onto Sally’s small cones. “I think yours are perfect.”

Sally knew her nipples are hard as pebbles and that the young woman could easily see them. “My husband says they are too small.”

“Can I……..can I touch them?” Trisha blushed.

“Of course,” Sally whispered feeling her heart racing and the moisture taking over in her panties. She looked down as the girls large fingers moved slowly upward while lightly grazing Escort Göztepe over the rigid tips. “Ummm,” that feels good.”

Trisha giggled and turned her hands before pushing forward to fully cup both breasts. “They feel different than mine.” She gently massaged them and then reached to open the top button on her blouse. Sally didn’t stop her as she released them all and then opened the green silk covering.

“I wish I had sexy underwear,” Trisha commented before tracing around the white lace trim on the baby blue semi-cup bra. As she pulled down on the lace Sally’s right nipple popped out and Trisha rubbed over it. “It’s so much smaller than mine.”

“Oh God,” Sally moaned now leaning back against her desk for support.

“But you’ve seen mine haven’t you?” Trisha whispered while toying with the sensitive tip.


“And you’ve even washed them and dried them haven’t you?”


“And you’ve even seen me fully naked. Haven’t you?” Trisha pulled down both cups and played with both excited nipples.

“Yes and you are so beautiful,” Sally moaned. She felt the girl’s fingers and hands drop and then saw Trisha’s face coming closer. This time when their lips met it was Trisha’s tongue that licked outward forcing her lips and teeth open. Sally tried to push her own tongue out but the girl’s was bigger and she was the aggressor.

Trisha frenched the woman like she had done to so many girls back in the girl’s college. She knew which buttons to push and soon had the woman’s dress up to her waist and her chubby fingers down under the skimpy little thong.

“OH GOD!” Sally cried out while jerking her mouth from the invading tongue. The girl’s thick middle finger pushed through her trimmed blonde bush into her dripping slit finding the hot oven. She pumped in and out and flicked over the raised clit until Sally grabbed onto her shoulders and screamed, “NOW OH GOD NOW! I’M CUMING!”

Trisha giggled and continued fingering her until Sally grabbed her wrist. “Please no more.”

Trisha pulled her moist finger out and then licked it. “You’re mine now aren’t you?”

“Yes. I’m yours,” Sally whispered as she tried to push her hand up under Trisha’s dress but the girl slapped her hand away.

“It’s getting late,” Trisha smiled. “I’ll see you in the morning.” She turned and walked out leaving Sally totally confused.


Sally didn’t get much sleep that night and on Thursday morning she arrived late and saw Trisha in her cube. “Are you alright Mrs. Barker?”

“Uh yes. I’m fine,” Sally answered. She moved into her office and closed the door behind her. She suddenly realized that she was the one who was being seduced and that the woman had awakened some feeling deep within her. She tried to answer some emails but kept looking at the closed door hoping Trisha would come in.

It was almost noon when she ventured out only to find Trisha’s desk empty and a note to her on top of it.


I left early to stop by my apartment.


Sally realized that she had not referred to her as Mrs. Baker and then it hit her that she wanted her to come to the apartment as well. She moved back into her office but a few minutes later was heading out the door.

***** “Come in,” Trisha said after hearing the weak knock on the door.

Sally turned the knob and peeked in to see the woman sitting alone on the sofa. “Are you OK?”

“Yes now come in and close the door,” Trisha said sharply. She watched the older woman do as she said and then walk up to the sofa. “Take off your coat.”

Sally hesitated but did as the woman commanded. “Trisha I…”

“Quiet. Take off your blouse.”

“No I’m not going to….”


Sally jerked back and found her fingers releasing the buttons. She then pulled it from her shoulders and held it in her right hand.

Trisha smiled when she saw the woman was braless. “Throw your blouse on the sofa and touch your nipples.”

“Trisha please.” Sally begged feeling uneasy. “Let’s go into your bedroom?”

“Not yet. Touch them.”

Sally closed her eyes and gently rubbed her rigid nips. It felt so nasty touching herself in front of this other woman.

“Are you wet?”

“Yes, I’m so wet,” Sally whispered knowing her pussy was dripping.

“Show me.”

“Oh God,” Sally thought while she released her skirt and let it fall at her feet. She kicked it aside and grabbed the waistband on her bright red panties. She started pushing them down quickly but Trisha stopped her.

“Go slow.”

Last week Sally was this girl’s boss but it was now she who was obeying Trisha’s every command. The panties slowly pulled away from her damp lips and then inched lower across her tender thighs. The sensation was driving her pussy wild. They moved to the knees where Sally dropped them until they landed on her ankles. She picked one foot up at a time until they were gone and she was totally naked.

“Turn around,” Trisha ordered.

Sally did a slow turn and held her breath.

“Walk backwards to me.” Trisha watched the nice little butt wiggle on its way back until she reached out and cupped both cheeks.

“AHH!” Sally gasped not expecting the abrupt grab. She felt the fingers digging in until they hurt. “Please.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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