Nothing to do with Age

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Parking her own car, Sheena took her special, secretly garaged van, hidden well away from the house. Jack knew nothing. Another morning of enthralling gratification lay ahead. Today she decided to try the baseball park once more.

Simply dressed, in blouse and skirt, she watched the lusty eighteen/nineteen-year-olds. Their leaping and cavorting bodies were enough to moisten her. She seated herself on a low wall ensuring that plenty of thigh, and cleavage, were revealed. That alone was her own special live bait, set to incite any young man. She was very proud that her body could still draw the male eye–especially the young male eye.

She hadn’t long to wait. A muscular youth, swaggered close, smirking, “I’ve seen you here before. Want something?”

“You know.”

“Like eighteen-year-old cock, don’t you?”

“Ah, so you’ve heard?” Sheena smiled and stood up, “Only when it works. Come on.”

She led him to where her van was discretely parked in a bush-lined lane. When she opened the rear doors and he saw the mattress spread inside he growled, “Christ, home comforts.”

Within minutes they were naked, with all blinds closed around them. Otele Gelen Escort Having him praise her tits, other curves and her waxed pussy filled her with elation. This was what she loved. His dark cock was delightfully inviting, as his fingers poked her wetness, and he sucked madly at her nipples. Fabulous. She bent to take his cock between her lips, hard against her cheeks as she lavished it with her tongue.

His hips jerked to take him to the back of her throat. Oh, she could have done a job on him with her voracious mouth, but the taste of pre-cum warned her that the only real place for it was deep inside her creamy wet cunt. All she longed for was the solid throbbing thrust and delivery of his shaft.

So, she pulled her mouth away, grabbed his big, rigid cock and took him to her entry. “Do it hard,” she ordered.

“Always,” the young man laughed, and his sudden abrupt thrust was forceful enough to bring on her first climax.

Sheena was overjoyed at the power of this young man as she felt him grind up into her, bringing her to the very edge once more. She gasped her appreciation Balgat Escort in his ear.

“Glad you like it,” he grunted, adding extra thrusts, which lifted her to a new plain of joy. “You’re a fair bit older than me, aren’t you?”

Here it was, the old inquisition about age, “You don’t think my body is good enough?”

“Not that. Christ, I’ve told you, you’ve got a terrific body. Super tits. You over thirty?”

Sheena had no objections to this searching for her age. It pleased her to hear their surprise. “Higher,” she said, meaning his guess, but jerking her hips to indicate a double meaning.

He obliged with his driving up her but gasped, “Forty?”


“What? Forty-five?”

“Minus two,” she chuckled.

“Gee,” Was all he could muster and the discovery that she was nearly thirty years older than him seemed to drive him to greater efforts. So deep, faster, that Sheena knew he was about to cum. She increased her own hip heaves up at him. This was what she adored about these encounters, the moment when hot youthful cum washed through her. And hell, didn’t this one cum. Büyükesat Escort She thought he’d never stop.

“Full of it, aren’t you?” she gasped, as another orgasm grabbed her.

“Been a while since I’ve had anybody as good as you–and boy, you’re much more juicy than the sleazy talent around here.”

There was silence, as they recovered. Then with her always ready towel she cleaned between her soaking thighs, before wiping his drooping, dripping cock, resisting the temptation to give him one last suck she said, “Back to your other game,”

When he was dressed and getting out of the van he asked, “When will you be back.”

Sheena knew she had other prospects for her young man dalliances. There was the swimming pool, always an ideal source; the skateboard slopes, and even in the park where young men lingered. So, to this young man’s question she said simply, “Soon.”

Dressed, and temporarily satisfied, she drove the van to its special garage. Jumped into her own car and drove home.

“Just me, dear!” she called, as she closed the front door.

He called back from upstairs, “Get what you wanted?”

She had told him she was going shopping. “Oh, yes, a real load,” she said. “You should have told me,” he called down. “I’d have helped you carry it.”

Smiling at her reflection in the hall mirror, she murmured under her breath, “I think I handled it very well.” She pressed her hand against her loose skirt, where some dampness remained.

And tomorrow was another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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