I Asked For It…

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I woke up with a bit of a hangover. I get some food out of the fridge. I started the computer it started restoring pages. Gay sites in the middle of a movie I streamed it to the TV. I was drunk the night before watching gay porn. I was eating watching two guys fucking. I started digging around in the fridge and found a couple of beers. I needed them. I was watching the porn movie and hearing the sounds of moans and him saying how good it felt.. They usually act like they’re enjoying getting fucked and their just doing it for the money. I think he was not acting he was truly enjoying getting fucked. I was getting into this guy getting fucked in the movie and I envied him.

I heard the phone beeping. I look at the message from an app. Must have been drunk. I did not remember downloading the app. It’s a gay app. The guy is asking me what kind of sex are you into? I was watching this guy in the porn movie still. Half of my mind watching the movie and the other half in this text conversation. Then I just lost my mind. I subconsciously or I should say not consciously. I just blurt it out in a text of all things to text. Texted I need a good buttfucking. I want a cock in my ass bad. I want to get fucked good and hard. Soon as the text went out wished could cancel it. He texts how about in 20 min? I texted him back and asked where? He suggested a place where we could meet then go around back, etc. I said OK

I was getting horny as hell. I had not been fucked in the ass in so long. I am usually just a cocksucker. I do enjoy getting buttfucked if it’s done right it does feel great. I have a B-day so I get on the toilet spread my asshole and flush it out. Then I put a glob of KY jelly up in my asshole spread some around the crack of my ass stuck my finger Eryaman Escort in started stroking my dick getting even hornier. Lube is so very important. I wanted to be prepared I was thinking that he may show up. Watching that then texting that I wanted a cock up my ass so bad got me so horny. This all came out of the left-field caught me off guard.

I get there and did not believe that I was doing this. I was still a little drunk from the night before. Then a car pulls up and he says, are you?. I said yes. We get out and go in back. I wanted to see myself getting fucked. I asked him if it was OK if I recorded us having sex. He said it was OK with him as long as he gets a copy. So I set up the phone aimed it and put it on record. He Whips his dick out it was about 8.5 inches not too thick a nice cock. I got down on my knees and sucked it for a few minutes. I did not want him to cum. I stopped and said well let’s do this.

I licked and kissed his balls he had a nice tight nut sack I love balls. So then get up pulled my sweat pants down. I bent over and reached back and spread my ass cheeks wide wanted that cock up my ass so bad. It goes in all at once.. Going way deep in like that felt like an electric shock. I said oh fuck!!! really loud. He says he was sorry that it just went all the way in at once. I said ya I know. I asked him to be still for a while and let me relax. I think it must have been the blob of KY jelly I put in my ass. His cock slid right into my ass. He was not that big but going in all at once was overwhelming. I started to relax.!!! I have to be relaxed to enjoy getting fucked.

I just said asked? No more like demanded. OK now fuck me good!!! He takes his dick Sincan Escort almost completely out then just heads in then puts it deep back in my ass. It felt good taking long thrusts out just head in then deep in full cock length thrusts. I was coming back with my ass to meet his thrusts. Started hitting up against my ass hard. It was making slapping sounds. Loud echoed we were. It turned me on. Then I said? No, I demanded he fuck me good Faster! Deeper! harder! asked for it? He dam near knocked me down. I said let’s move over there so I can lean on something. I moved the phone it was still recording.

So we gotta rhythm going again. Making them loud slapping sounds. Did I say? No, demanded again Faster! Harder! Deeper! fuck me good and fuck me hard. I was not asking I was yelling. Then he started pounding my ass fucking the hell out of me. The faster harder and deeper he fucked me the better it felt. It felt so dam good. I was craving a cock in my ass so fuckin bad since I got up and saw that movie and sent that text. It felt so goddam good it was just so overwhelming. The sounds and the feel of him slapping against my ass. It echoing was kind of funny. It felt and sounded so good. I was enjoying it. I did say that I needed a good buttfucking so dam bad. I was getting one and a real good one.

I was standing there getting fucked doggy style. I was bracing myself leaning hands holding myself steady. I was getting pounded hard me yelling at him and demanding really got him going. Then all of a sudden I started cumming. I did not even touch my dick. I looked down it was spitting cum all over the place. Then my rectum mussels started to pulsate uncontrollably. I did not know what that was but Etlik Escort it felt good. My butthole pulsating like that it was gripping on his dick knew. Then I felt his cock it started pulsating in my ass then he came to. When he came shoved deep up in my ass. I felt that hot cum gushing and pumping up into my ass.

That was so stupid heat of the moment no rubbers. I was kind of glad I never had anyone cum in my ass. I got to admit it felt good. He pumped my ass a few more times after he came. When he pulled his cock out of my ass and I came again. I was just standing there like I was frozen. He asked me are you OK? Yes, I am fine I just feel like I’ve been turned inside out.

I just need a minute to compose myself then the cum started gushing out of my butthole. My sweat pants were still around my ankles when the cum gushed out it went all over my sweat pants. He blew one big load up in my ass. I told him thanks. Not for the load that gushed out my ass on sweat pants. It did feel good going in. I thanked him for the good hard buttfucking and told him I needed that so bad. Then said that he needed to give it worst than I did getting it. He had nice sized cock for it was not to big or small. I was glad he enjoyed it.

I went to get the phone and it was still recording 39 minutes past since I moved the phone. He said let’s keep in touch I said sure. We did not even exchange names. I got home and did not want to believe what had just taken place. I plugged the phone into the big TV and started watching it. It was strange to watch myself getting fucked like that.

The sounds that I made. I was not even conscious of making them at the time. Watching myself bent over like that spreading my cheeks. His dick going in and pounding my ass. The sounds echoed. Watching him fuck me in the ass so fast and hard it looked so sexy. I have to admit that was one hell of a good buttfucking. Well, I got what I asked for. I was asked a simple question and I gave a simple answer. Without giving it much thought. I asked for it. Well, I GOT WHAT I ASKED FOR…


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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