A Different Kind of Workout

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While I’m a big fan of the benefits of going to gym every day, there are quite a few reasons besides this that keep me going so often. What might these be, you ask? Well, I can tell you that they’re toned, supple and get all sweaty while wearing the tightest workout gear known to man…that’s right, I’m talking about all the fit women that strut their stuff at my local gym.

From the college girls, whose young, firm bodies are still unaffected by the inevitable effects of ageing, to the gorgeous MILFs who work twice as hard to regain what they had back then. As a lover of the female shape, I’m into all of them but if I’m forced to choose between them, college girls win every time.

This fantasy is all about one college girl in particular.

Natasha is her name, and she’s always around when I’m there, training with whichever lucky bastard she’s into that week. I’d estimate that she’s between eighteen and twenty years old, and has a body that ticks all the boxes that get me going.

Her breasts are firm and perky (as you’d expect from someone her age) and size wise, I’d estimate that they’d be slightly more than a handful. Long, toned and tanned legs lead up to an incredibly tight, but well-rounded behind that I just cannot keep my eyes off. In fact, many a solo session has ended with me cumming ropes while fantasising about how it would feel to bury my face in between her firm cheeks. She’s got a beautiful face, with deep brown eyes, full lips and long brown hair that she wears in a plait. As with most of the other college girls that frequent my gym, she definitely knows that she’s hot and her choice in fitness apparel ensures that she gets tons of attention from the guys.

On this day, she was dressed in a tight white strappy top that held her breasts firmly, but left her mid-riff bare, exposing her smooth, flat belly. She paired this with a tight pair of teal yoga shorts that had my balls tingling whenever I looked at her. A pair of white knee-high socks and white Nike trainers rounded out her look. The contrast of her tanned skin against the teal and white ensemble was a great choice for her, and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

Thankfully, she was training alone, so I made sure to customize my routine, placing myself at stations behind her wherever she went, to take in that beautiful round butt of hers, but not be too obvious with the staring. She started on the bench press, so I positioned myself behind her, on the machine row. Here I could watch her in the large wall mirror that faced us both.

As she lay down to grab the bar, she arched her back and thrust her pelvis up before laying back down to start the exercise. Her legs were spread, and as she slowly pressed the bar up, I could make out the mound of her young little pussy, pressing against those teal yoga shorts. I watched as she pressed the bar up and down, her abs clenching with the exertion of the weight, her pussy lips inhaling the material of her shorts. I started imagining what her pussy could look like; was it hairless, neatly trimmed or a full bush? Did she have big lips that hid her pinkness, or was it open and inviting? Needless to say, I found it hard to focus on my own reps.

After the bench press, she picked up a pair of dumbbells and started performing a set of Romanian dead-lifts. For those that don’t know, this involves bending at the waist, so her behind was being well worked here. I moved to a bench directly behind her, started doing overhead tricep extensions, and watched her bend over and push her ass out in my direction. As she did so, I could again make out the shape of her pussy while she performed her reps. Her pants clung to the inside of her ass cheeks and left very little to the imagination, my cock started to twitch and I knew that I’d need to do something about it.

Just as I was about to pack up and head to the locker room, she put the dumbbells down and got on all fours, slightly spreading her legs. I pretended to check something on my phone so that I could stick around a little longer. She put her head down and pushed her perfect rear end out towards me, starting a set of cat cow stretches. My cock got rock hard and took over at the point. I switched my phone to camera mode, checked no one was watching me and pressed the record button while pointing it at her. I made as though I was checking email as I watched her stretch her ass out and back, zooming in to get as much of the show as I could. Her pants were so tight that they were showing off every little fold and crease between her legs.

I was hypnotized by what I was seeing: this beautiful young girl with the tightest body, unknowingly giving me a show that I’d enjoy over and over again. I imagined her tight little arsehole opening and closing as she slowly stretched forward and back, forward and back, thinking about how it’d feel to slowly slide all Ankara Rus Escort of my cock inside her neat little back door, in and out, in and out.

She finished off her last set and quickly shot a glance over her shoulder, looking directly at me. I froze, not taking my eyes of the screen and carefully moved my finger to stop the recording, before putting my phone to my ear and answering a fake call. I could tell she was still watching me, so I mumbled some words into the phone and picked up my towel to move away. I made my way to the exit and climbed into my car, my heart racing at the prospect of being caught filming her. I waited a while in the parking lot, and then with my heart still beating quickly, made my way into the back seat of my car.

With my dick still hard from the show, and a fresh video of Natasha’s firm butt on my phone, I decided to enjoy myself right there. I quickly slid my pants off and lay them on the floor while I stretched out on the back seat. I queued up the video, set it to repeat and started working on my dick as I watched what I’d recorded.

I hadn’t cum in a while, focusing instead on edging myself over the last few days so that I could build up some volume for a video I wanted to record. I was incredibly sensitive and had to go slow to make sure I didn’t blow my load right away. After stopping myself once, I spat in my hand and used it to focus on my swollen purple head, rubbing it in a circular motion and squeezing it now and then, making the precum dribble out onto my fingers. I put them in my mouth, tasting the beginnings of my salty seed, getting myself excited for a big load. This nearly drove me over the edge again, so I slowed down and changed gears.

Lubing up my little finger by lightly sucking on it, I slowly pressed it into my urethral opening, probing gently as I explored the new sensations that it brought. After that, I felt ready to cum, so I started stroking my dick slowly, with a firm grip, as I focused my attention on the video. I started talking dirty to Natasha as I watched her stretch her tight ass out on my screen.

“That’s it baby, show daddy your tight little hole. Tell me how bad you want me to stretch it with this big cock. I’ll fuck it nice and slow, and then finish deep in your throat, would you like that?” I murmured, as I stroked myself faster and faster.

All of a sudden, there was movement in my periphery and before I could react, a knock at the window. My stomach dropped as I realized that I’d been caught, and my mind raced at what was about to happen. I slowly turned around to see Natasha peering in through my closed window, with a disgusted look on her face that made me feel ashamed at what I had done. I quickly covered myself up with my gym towel and got up to a sitting position, smiling sheepishly as I tried to cover myself up. I put my hand up to her in an apology and hoped she’d walk away, but she knocked again, harder this time.

“I know what you’re doing in there, open up!” she said, loudly enough that I could hear her through the still closed window.

“Sorry, I’m done, sorry, I’ll get out of here now” I stammered back, the shame destroying my erection.

“No, open up, I know you were recording me, you pervert, and I want to make sure you delete it” she replied, her temper rising.

“What? No, I would never…” I lied, hoping she’d storm off and tell someone so that I could get out of there quickly.

“I saw watching it now, don’t lie, open up or I’ll scream and the security guards will hear all about your little act” she declared forcefully.

This was it. After years of secretly jerking off in public areas, someone had seen me and was about to report me to the authorities. My blood ran cold and I realized that I had no choice but to face the music.

By this time, she’d walked around the car and was at the opposite rear passenger door, waiting for me to unlock it. I pressed the button on the remote and she climbed in, pulling the door closed behind her. I moved to pick up my pants, and she slapped my hand away.

“Oh no, you’re not getting dressed first. Give me your phone so that I can see what you’ve got of me on there” she said firmly as she grabbed my phone from my hand.

I sat there quietly as she scrolled through my camera roll and found the video in question. I cringed as she started playing it, waiting for what she was going to do next. The video finished, but she carried on scrolling through my camera roll, stopping every now and then to zoom in on some of the other pictures I had. Eventually, she lifted the towel in my crotch, exposing my soft cock that was now dribbling precum into the seat below. She then looked back at my phone, and then back at my dick.

“Is this you?” she asked, showing me a picture of a rock-hard cock on my phone.

“Yes” I replied.

“I Yenimahalle Escort want to see you make it hard again” she said softly.

“Sorry?” I asked.

“You heard me, pervert, I want to watch you get your cock hard again. Do it, or I take your phone to the gym manager, and show her exactly what you get up to in her establishment” she said, with a mocking tone.

Fuck, I was screwed. If the gym manager got hold of my phone, she’d not only see the video of Natasha, but tons more of other women I’d secretly recorded while they were exercising. I nodded, moved the towel aside and started rubbing the precum into the head, hoping that I could get hard after the humiliation of being caught. It was slow going, but I eventually started to feel myself getting a bit firmer and moved my hand to start stroking it slowly.

“Looks like you could use a bit of help there, you dirty pervert” she said softly. “Pity I’ve deleted that video of my ass already” she continued.

I nodded, continuing to work on getting my erection back as fast as I could. I couldn’t get past the thought of getting caught with all of the sordid material on my camera roll, so I was struggling to concentrate. Natasha’s eyes were now watching intently as I desperately worked my shaft.

“I’ve got an idea” she remarked. “Lie down like you were when I caught you” she said.

I did as I was told, and stretched my legs across the seat as she moved to climb on top of me, squatting above my chest, her toned calves either side of me. She then twisted around to face the opposite window, and moved her ass towards my face. We were now in a sixty-nine position and I felt my balls start tingling blood making its way to my dick.

“That seems to have helped” she said, a slight giggle making its way into her voice. She slapped my dick playfully and continued “Now you’re going to worship my ass with your mouth, and don’t you dare let your cock go limp, or I’m out of here” she said, as she slowly pushed her ass onto my face.

I immediately obeyed, pushing my nose and mouth as hard as I could into the thin material that separated my tongue from her sweet little holes. I opened my mouth and started tonguing the warm area between her legs, her cheeks pressing against my face, damp with sweat from her time in the gym.

“Oh, that’s feels so fucking good, don’t you dare stop” she murmured. I thrust my tongue as hard as I could against the tight fabric, while still slowly stroking my now rigid member. “I want to cum on your face” she whispered, and pulled her ass away, my saliva dripping from her sodden little workout shorts.

She suddenly reached back with both her hands and peeled her shorts down, revealing the most beautifully toned ass I’d ever seen. Underneath her pants was a tiny white thong, doing its best to cover her tight little arsehole and her ample pussy. She placed her hands back on her cheeks and spread them, her asshole sucking the thong into it.

“Are you ready to get in there big boy?” she murmured, as she slowly rolled her thong down to under her cheeks.

“Oh fuck yes, I want this ass so fucking bad” I breathed back, as I inhaled the earthy aroma coming from her gorgeous rear end. She slid her pants and thong down and over her ankles, placing them on the floor of the car, before climbing back into position.

Her little hole was absolutely perfect, even more so than I’d imagined. I watched it pulsing open and closed as she positioned it back above my tongue. I could now see her pussy as well, completely hairless and wide open, glistening with her sex. I pushed my head forward, licking her from the base of her cunt, across her skin, and right into the centre of her arsehole. The sweet taste of her cunt mixed with her sweaty skin drove me mad, and I went at her asshole like it contained the secret to life.

“Oh my fuck, that’s amazing yes, tongue fuck my ass you dirty pervert! You’re gonna make squirt all over your face” she squealed as her hips drove her sweaty holes into my mouth. I complied with all my effort, pushing my tongue deep inside her, licking the inner walls of her ass and filling her with my warm saliva. She quickly lifted up, before shifting her position and bringing her dripping wet cunt down onto my mouth with a groan. She then took my hard cock in her hand and started jerking it slowly. Her hands were small, but strong, and my dick responded by twitching in her grip.

“Now it’s time to eat my little pussy, daddy. Tell me how sweet and sticky it is on your tongue, tell me how you’re gonna make me cum daddy!” she whispered though heavy breaths. I opened my mouth, taking her entire pussy into it and sucked on it. Like biting into a warm, ripe peach, her slippery openings poured hot, sticky juices onto my face and I slurped them all up. She made a small yelp before she dropped her head and took me in her mouth.

“Oh yes baby” I moaned, as she took more and more of me into her mouth. She gagged a bit and pulled her head up, smacking her lips while she slid her hand up and down my dick, which was now coated with her thick spit.

“Don’t you dare cum before me, daddy, I’ve got other plans for you” she said slyly.

“Yes baby, anything you want” I replied between generous licks of her sweet pink pussy. She was getting even wetter now, and close to cumming, so I grabbed her cheeks and lifted her above my head, positioning her so that I could reach her clit. I pulled it gently between my lips, while slowly pushing the tips of my thumbs into her tight little asshole.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck” she moaned, caught between the pain of her ass being stretched open and the ecstasy of her clit being sucked. She thrust her head down and again took me deep into her throat, her warm mouth closing around the bottom of my shaft as she twisted her head around my entire length. She then stuck her index finger up my ass and started wiggling it around, clearly trying to get me to cum first.

It felt sensational and, to this day, I have no idea how I didn’t explode at that point. I kept on at her clit while massaging her asshole with my thumbs, going deeper and deeper with them. She continued fingering my ass while she sucked my cock. I was in awe at her throating skills, and loved hearing how she gurgled and gagged as her head bobbed up and down. Pulling her mouth off me and her finger out of me, she turned her head to look at me.

“I’m almost there daddy” she moaned, and put her hand to her clit, rubbing it vigorously. “Tongue fuck my ass again” she begged “I want to cum so bad, daddy!”

I obeyed and used my thumbs to pull her tight hole open, before sliding my tongue in as far as I could. Her breathing got faster and louder, while my tongue probed in and out, tasting all of her, inside and out. She was absolutely punishing her pussy with her hand now, and I could feel drops of her sex spraying onto my chin as she rubbed it with her fingers.

I shoved my tongue in again, as deep as I could and she went dead quiet, as her orgasm took over. I felt her ass contract around my tongue, trying to pull it into her, and felt warm, sticky liquid pour from her young cunt onto my neck and chin. Tiny squeaks of pleasure were now coming from her mouth as she continued rubbing her clit, her thighs quivering above me as she rode wave after wave of pleasure. She grabbed my cock and started jerking furiously, getting me close to the point of no return.

“Give me your cum daddy” she noted, as she lowered her hot mouth onto my member again.

“Fuck yes, I’m ready you dirty slut” I shot back, and before she could say anything, I wrapped my legs over the back of her neck and thrust my hips upwards, fucking her throat with my swollen, pulsing cock. She gagged and I let rip, shooting a week load of cum up into her hot throat. She struggled against my legs, but I held her head down until I’d pumped every last drop of my sticky cum into her stomach. I then let her go, and she slowly lifted her head and lay it down on my thigh, breathing heavily. She held my balls and slowly licked the cum off my dick as it deflated.

“Holy shit, I haven’t ever cum that hard. I’ve never been rimmed before either, so maybe that’s the trick” she said, her hand gently cradling my balls, still licking my dick every now and then.

“Same here baby, I’ve never been deep throated before, so maybe that’s the trick” I replied with a slight chuckle, before slowly licking up some the mess that dropped from her holes. Her girl cum was thick, and tasted sweet against my tongue as I lapped it all up. She kept making soft moans as I playfully licked her exhausted cunt.

We then both got up, naked from the waist down, and sat there in silence, catching our breathe and savouring that post-orgasm feeling. She then turned and slowly kissed me, stopping to lick her juices from my chin and cheeks. I kissed her back deeply, tasting our combined fluids on her tongue.

“You’re still a fucking pervert for filming me in the gym” she teased, picking up my phone from where she’d put it on the floor of the car. She sat up and started tapping on the screen.

“What are you doing now? I thought you’d already deleted the video?” I asked.

“Oh nothing, just saving my number so that you can call me the next time you start feeling like filming me” she replied, with a cute, mischievous smile.

And with that, she grabbed her tight little shorts, put them on and said goodbye, with a deep tongue kiss on the mouth, and a little suck on the head of my soft cock.

“Call me, pervert” she chirped as she got out of the car and headed back to the gym. I sat there, still half naked and smiled, what an experience. I then saw she’d forgotten her thong, so I quickly texted her a picture of them, telling her to come get them.

“Keep them, daddy, I want you to wear them the next time I see you…xxx” came the reply, almost instantly.

I smiled, picked up her thong and sniffed it, inhaling her scent again as I started thinking of what I’d do to her next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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