Receiving Grace Pt. 02

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This is Pt. 02 of a three-part story. There will be a Pt. 03 because I didn’t want to squeeze too much into this part. My apologies for taking so long to get this part published.

© 2021 Candy_Kane54


God, I was pissed. I couldn’t believe that bitch and her ‘At least I’m normal’ comment.

All I did was make a comment on how hot she looked. Apparently, that offended her. She looked me up and down with a look of disgust before she started in on me. I wanted to tell her that once you try it, you’ll never go back, but I never got the chance. She flounced away after that parting comment, leaving me standing there slack-jawed.

I imagined getting her on my bed on her hands and knees, my girl cock pounding her pussy hard, her back arched, and my hands around her throat. I loved hearing the strangled moans and grunts as I bottomed out in her pussy, my hips slapping her ass, her entire body shuddering from the force of each thrust.

My hands tightened around her throat as ‘at least I’m normal’ echoed through my head. I laughed at her feeble attempts to loosen my grip on her throat, making me thrust even harder. Just as her hands limply fell away, I heard “Pineapple” whispered in my ear just as clear as day.

“Pineapple” was our safe word if I ever went too far with Grace. I froze, and my fantasy snapped away, and I realized that I had my hands wrapped around Grace’s throat, that I’d been fucking Grace. Realizing what I had done, I immediately let go, and her body flopped down on the bed like a discarded rag doll.

“Oh, God, Sweet Cheeks,” I cried as I pulled my girl cock out of her pussy and rolled Grace over on her back. I could see her lips were blue and the purple marks around her throat where I’d been squeezing so hard. Her head lolled to the side, and I could see that she wasn’t breathing. I immediately put my lifeguard training to the test and started compressing her chest, chanting, “Breathe, Grace!” over and over. After three or four compressions, Grace sucked in a deep breath and started coughing and choking.

I stopped the compressions and lifted Grace’s head to put it in my lap. “Oh, God, Grace. I’m so sorry!” I cried, over and over, tears streaming down my face. Grace’s eyes snapped open, and she tried to pull away from me, an angry look coming over her face.

I let her go, frightened by the look on her face. She rolled away from me and tried a couple of times to say something, choking and coughing. Finally, she managed to scream, “Get away from me!”

I scrambled off the bed and cowered in the corner. I’d never seen Grace so mad, and I couldn’t blame her. I had just almost killed her because I had lost control. I cried, “I’m so sorry, Grace!”

Grace struggled to get up off the bed before staggering toward the bathroom. As she entered the bathroom and before she closed the door, she angrily yelled, “I don’t want to see your face when I come out….”

May 1992

… I started awake, the anguish I felt from that memory almost unbearable, and I immediately wished I hadn’t. The pain washed over me, and I felt horrible and disorientated, not remembering where I was or why I was in such pain. My head hurt like hell. I tried to open my eyes, but they seemed stuck. My mouth was dry, and it felt like I hadn’t had anything to drink for some time. I gradually became aware of the beeps and clicks from some sort of machinery. I tried to move, and pain shot through my right leg, making me cry out. I heard a voice say, “Welcome back. Don’t try to move. Your right leg is broken in several places.”

I relaxed once I heard the soft, confident voice. The recent events came flooding back into my memory, so I figured I must be in a hospital. Working my tongue around my mouth, I finally managed to say, “Water.”

I immediately felt a hand go behind my head and lift it up while a straw touched my lips. I opened up my mouth and sucked on the straw, and the tepid water entered my mouth, tasting better than anything I’d ever drunk before. I swished it around before swallowing it and took in a second sip. After a few more sips, the straw was withdrawn. My head was put back down as the voice said, “That’s enough for now.”

Finally, I managed to open my eyes, and I could put a face to the voice. The nurse was probably 20 years younger than me and looked fit and had a pretty face. “Thanks,” I husked as she turned away to put the cup on the table next to my bed.

She turned back and said, “I’m Janice, and I’m your attending nurse for the day. Do you know why you’re here?”

“I was in an accident,” I replied as my voice came back to me. “Where’s my bike?” I asked as I remembered what had happened.

When I asked that, a smile spread across her face. A melodic laugh escaped her lips as she said, “I figured that’d be the first thing you’d ask about. Looks like I won the bet,” she finished as she spent a moment fussing with all of the equipment hooked up to me. Her smile and laugh made her look even escort london more angelic, and I felt some heat building up below as I took another look at her fit body, filling her scrubs out so nicely.

I suddenly realized that all I had on was a hospital gown. Looking around, I wondered, “Where’re my leathers?” My eyes were drawn to the contraption surrounding my right leg and the large purple bruises and metal rods sticking into my leg. I imagined that they must have had to cut away my leathers, and they were no more. I thought about how they had been a gift from Grace.

Before I had any more time to dwell on that, I suddenly exclaimed, “Oh, God… Grace!”

Janice looked at me with a puzzled look, and I explained, “I need to let Grace know what happened to me. Oh, God, she’s going to be so worried.” I suddenly realized that Grace didn’t need to have all of this on top of everything happening with Bonnie, and I started crying at the thought.

Janice got a concerned look on her face, probably wondering if I would lose it. She asked, “Who’s Grace?”

I cautiously replied, “She’s a close friend of mine. Her daughter is dying of cancer.” I didn’t want to tell her that Grace was my lover, so I left it at that. Then I panicked when I realized that I had been planning to call her, and I asked, “What day… what time is it?”

“It’s Wednesday, nearly 9 AM. You came in yesterday afternoon, and you were unconscious until just now,” Janice answered.

Grace must be frantic by now since she called me every evening, her time. “I need to call her right away,” I said. “She’s probably going crazy wondering why I haven’t answered the phone.”

Janice grabbed my hands that I was waving around and put them on my chest, and said in a firm tone, “Settle down, Kathy. You need to remain calm and not move around. Your leg needs to set, and it can’t if you keep moving it.

Reacting to Janice’s firm tone, I took a deep breath and relaxed, realizing that I had started to lose control. After taking a couple of deep breaths, I said, “Yes, Janice.”

Janice looked me in the eye and said, “If you promise not to get excited, I’ll let you call Grace as soon as I’m done checking you over.”

I closed my eyes, realizing that Janice was right. I relaxed, thinking calm thoughts and taking deep breaths. At the same time, Janice checked all of the equipment attached to me and took my blood pressure, heartbeat, and temperature. After noting everything down on her clipboard, she put it aside and asked, “How’s the pain on a scale of one to ten where one is nothing to ten, the worst pain you’ve ever felt?”

I thought about it and all of the pain I’ve suffered through my life. I replied, “Three.” My leg hurt, but it was bearable as long as I didn’t move it.

“Good,” Janice replied. “Just let me know if it gets any worse, and I’ll give you something for it.”

“Can I call Grace now?” I asked, hoping she’d say yes.

“Okay, but you have to stay calm,” Janice admonished as she reached for the phone on the stand next to my bed. She handed me the receiver and asked for the number. I gave it to her, and she dialed the number as I held the receiver to my ear.

I heard the line connect, and after three rings, I heard it being picked up, and a voice that made me tear up from the pain and sorrow I heard in it said, “Hello?”

“Grace, it’s me,” I said, choking up. Hearing that the call had been answered, Janice turned and walked out of the room.

“Kathy, what’s going on? I tried and tried to call you yesterday. Are you all right?” Grace asked frantically.

I heard the fear and anxiety in her voice, and I started crying as I said, “I was in an accident, and I’m in the hospital!”

“Oh, God, Baby Doll! How bad is it?” Grace frantically asked.

The fear I heard in Grace’s voice made me feel so bad I had to say something to mollify her, so I said, “It’s just my leg, Sweet Cheeks. I’ll live.”

“What do you mean, just your leg?” Grace asked.

Knowing I was going to have to come clean, I looked down at the contraption around my right leg and said, “Some idiot ran a red light and hit me on my right side, snapping my leg in several places. Then the bike fell down on top of it, and my head hit the pavement. I blacked out then and woke up here in the hospital just a little while ago.”

“Oh, God,” Grace exclaimed again. I could tell that she was upset, especially with Bonnie dying, and now this is coming on top of that.

Then I heard Bonnie’s voice in the background, asking, “Mom? Are you okay?” Her voice sounded frail, and my heart hurt hearing it.

Grace said to her, “I’m fine, Sweetie. It’s Kathy calling. She was in an accident.”

After mollifying Bonnie, Grace asked me, “Are you sure you’re okay, Baby Doll? Do you need me to come out there?”

“No, Sweet Cheeks, you need to be there for Bonnie. I’ll be okay. It’s just my leg,” I replied. I really did want her here, but she needed to be with dubai escorts Bonnie more than me. I wasn’t going to die, just be inconvenienced for a while.

We talked for a while, me spending time reassuring Grace that I would survive. For once, I needed to keep Grace under control. I’d calm her down for a while, and then she’d get upset all over again. Janice popped in a couple of times while we talked, and I had to be careful what I said until she left the room.

I did talk to Bonnie for a minute, reassuring her I was okay. My heart hurt hearing her voice as she spoke to me. It was so frail, nothing like she used to be. I told her I had planned to come out until this accident happened. She admonished me to take care of myself, sounding so much like her mother.

By the time I hung up, after giving Grace my number so she could call me, I was hurting. My head and leg ached, and my heart ached from the hurt I had put on Grace. She’s the strongest person I know, but even she has limits.

Just then, Janice popped in and asked, “How’s the pain?”

“It’s starting to get annoying,” I said, grimacing, not wanting to admit that it hurt like a bitch. I deserved it for causing Grace so much pain.

“Okay,” Janice said as she started fussing with my IV. “Let me take your vitals, and I’ll get you a pill for the pain.”

I stoically let her take my temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. After noting everything on her clipboard, she went to get my pill. While she was gone, I thought about how I would take care of myself while Grace was gone. I didn’t really have a lot of people in my life other than my brother and his family. Sure, I had work acquaintances and the other women I hung out with at Lisa’s Diner and the Blue Moon, but no real close friends. Grace was my universe, and I couldn’t conceive of life without her in it.

Janice came bustling in with my pain pill and a cup of water. I took my pill and washed it down before lying back and closing my eyes. Janice said, “This will make you sleepy, so don’t fight it and just rest. I’ll make sure the night nurse looks in on you.”

“Thanks, Janice,” I said as I felt the pain pill start doing its magic. I faded out, thinking about my life with Grace…

August 1948

… We spent the whole summer after graduation on the beach, with Grace and me enjoying the freedom of being out of school forever. From sun up to sundown, our days were spent swimming, sunning, and playing volleyball when we weren’t working. I also spent some time surfing while Grace watched me from the shore.

Each morning we’d meet at the bus stop, having packed our outfits and whatever refreshments we needed. We’d take the bus, switching several times until the last bus stopped at the end of Manhattan Beach Boulevard at the Manhattan Beach pier. We’d spend some time on the beach before we had to get ready for work. We’d both managed to get a job waitressing at The White Stop Cafe on Manhattan Beach Boulevard. We’d trudge up there and get ready, changing into our outfits and working the lunch rush from 11 AM until 2 PM.

Once we finished working and eating our own lunches, we’d quickly switch back to our beachwear and head back down to the beach. We’d spend the afternoon there until it was time to trudge up to The Green Shack Cafe to waitress for the dinner hours. After working and eating dinner, we’d change and head back down to the beach until it started to get dark. We’d catch the last bus out that would connect to the bus that took us home. We’d only then separate to go to our respective homes and crash until the following day when we’d do it all over again.

We were on a first-name basis with all of the lifeguards. We both had spent some time getting lifeguard training, thinking that since we loved spending time on the beach, we might as well make ourselves useful. While the lifeguarding squads were male-dominated, I was big enough to qualify to become a lifeguard if I wanted to. The guys didn’t mind showing us the techniques they were taught since we were both good-looking, although they all spent more time mooning over Grace than me. I couldn’t blame them. She was a knock-out and could wrap any man around her little finger if she wanted to.

We were lying on the beach watching the gulls swooping and screeching as they fed on fish and annoyed the beachgoers. Grace looked over to me and said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could just spend forever like this, Baby Doll?”

“You bet, Sweet Cheeks,” I said, my eyes roving over Grace’s taut and tanned body. Her brown hair was bleached to almost blonde from all of her time in the sun. She wore a strapless one-piece swimsuit. Grace’s teats strained the fabric of the top, and her nips tented the material, making my nips ache and my pussy hot and wet just looking at her.

Like her, I was wearing a one-piece swimsuit, and I was tanned from head to foot like she was. My blonde hair was bleached almost white, and I kept it short to suit my Escort Dubai lifestyle. I was getting so brown that my tattoo didn’t stand out but was still noticeable. I had gotten my first tattoo to celebrate graduation, consulting with Grace since she allowed me to get tattooed. My parents got all over me about it, but I just accepted the fact that they’d never approve of my lifestyle.

It was a tasteful tattoo since I didn’t want to cover it up when working. Still, I did get a few looks from the customers I waited on, although most of the guys were admiring my tan, fit body. Despite my orientation, I used that to my advantage to get better tips. Despite my best efforts, Grace always got more tips than I did since she was way more beautiful than I could ever aspire to be.

We were always careful to keep a couple of guys on the line to disguise the fact we were lesbians in a society that disapproved of our lifestyle. Grace and I would grin and bear it when they tried to get familiar with us, letting them cop a feel from time to time, just to keep them interested. Our deception kept our parents off of us because they constantly pressed us to find nice guys and settle down.

However, we could be together on the beach without raising any suspicions about our lifestyle. We loved getting in the water and bobbing together, feeling each other up under the water where no one could see what we were doing. Since I was so much taller than Grace, she would wrap her legs around my waist, so our faces were level with each other. That way, I could walk out farther until the water was up to our chins, keeping my feet planted to resist the waves as we clung to each other.

I would always stand with my back to the beach in case anybody noticed us. My short hair would lead anybody to believe we were a normal couple if anyone looked close enough to see us kissing. Under the water, our hands were all over each other, and we would take turns manually stimulating each other to orgasm. The buoyancy of the water kept me from collapsing and dunking us in the water from my knees buckling when Grace brought me to an incredible orgasm.

When it was time to come out, we’d separate and bob our separate ways back to the beach, hoping no one was watching too closely. Then we’d lay in the sun to dry off and work on our tans. If anybody organized a volleyball game, I’d play while Grace cheered me on. Since I was so tall and athletic, the guys were glad to let me play with them. The other girls were always on me for being such a tomboy and worried that I’d steal their boyfriends. I’d chuckle to myself as I watched them insinuating themselves between their boyfriends and me. If only they knew that I was more interested in them than their boyfriends.

But mostly, we enjoyed just being with each other, lying side-by-side on the sand, enjoying our time in the sun and each other’s company…

May 1992

… When I woke up, it was dark outside, and only a night light was on in my room. I needed something to drink, and I was hungry, too. I pressed the button to call the nurse and waited for her to show up. My leg ached, but the pain was reasonable. I felt some discomfort in my pussy and discovered that they had put a catheter in while I was out. “That’s why I don’t feel like I need to pee,” I thought to myself. Then I wondered how I was going to take a shit.

As I pondered that, I heard the door open, and the night nurse walked in. Unlike Janice, the night nurse was not an angel in white. She bustled up to me and asked, “How are you doing, Kathy?” She was shorter than me and was almost as big around as tall, but she seemed fit, nonetheless. She was close to my age and looked like someone you didn’t want to mess with. I wasn’t going to have to worry about embarrassing myself with her, I thought to myself as she fussed with the equipment.

“I’m hungry and thirsty and wondering how I’m going to take a shit,” I said, testing her to see how she’d react to that. She looked me in the eye and smiled, transforming her face.

“Well, we’ll worry about that last thing when it happens,” she said as she wrapped the cuff around my arm to check my blood pressure.

I chuckled at that while the cuff crushed my arm. While the nurse was checking my blood pressure, she said, “By the way, I’m Alice, your night nurse. What would you like to eat and drink?”

“I’d like a bone-in rib-eye medium-rare and a Dos Equis, Alice,” I said, knowing I wasn’t going to get that but wanting to see how she’d react to that.

Alice smiled, laughed, and said, “So would I, but that’s not going to happen.”

Alice had a nice laugh, and I was warming up to her. I had the feeling we could be good friends under different circumstances. “In that case, I guess I’ll settle for whatever they have,” I said.

“That’ll probably be a sandwich and coffee or tea since the cafeteria is closed now,” Alice replied.

“Make the coffee hot and black, and I’ll be your friend for life,” I said, just as my stomach rumbled loudly. I realized I hadn’t eaten in over a day.

Alice laughed again and said, “As soon as I finish checking your vitals, I’ll see what they have and get it back here before your stomach attacks me.”

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