Nicole’s Sauna Sperm Bath

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Nicole really wanted her 55th birthday to be unforgettable and Gerard her husband was determined it should be. They had been swinging for years and somehow fucking and sucking was not special enough. ‘Darling, you know? I want to swim in come’. They decided the place should be a sauna they frequented from time to time. The owners were happy — the event would attract more custom. They included it on their website calendar and he put a poster up at the sauna bar announcing the forthcoming event:

‘Nicole’s bukkake.
She wants her face and breasts to be covered in your sperm.
Sorry she won’t be fucking or cock-sucking on this occasion but, gentlemen or ladies, Nicole’s cunt will be open for licking.
A night to remember — all naked, all welcome!’

Gerard had done a drawing for the poster and was rather proud of it. Men standing round with huge cocks in hands, masturbating over a woman drenched in spunk, while a woman is busily licking between her legs. It was just right for the purpose. For when the evening came, instead of about 15 or 20 as they expected, there were some 35 guys and about 6 couples [three of them old friends to N and G]. They had chosen the sauna partly because it was so big, with a very spacious area in the middle. They didn’t want pushing and shoving and tempers fraying.

Nicole loved the attention, she was the ‘birthday girl’. She got undressed in front of everyone instead of in the changing area. Gerard took her clothes and tidied them away in the locker. cebeci escort He came back naked, with a bowl of warm water and a clean cloth to wipe her eyes when they got clogged with spunk — she wanted to see it all, not have her eyes stinging and screwed up tight. He also had a little notebook: he was determined to count how many times the men would shoot over her. Someone had brought champagne and Nicole sipped and looked a picture — her nipples hard, her pierced navel brilliant, her face aglow. Then she put a pillow she’d brought in the middle of the carpeted floor and lay down her legs wide apart and looked up at the naked men and women looking down on her. One of the bolder men took up position between her legs and started licking, and she put out hands for any cocks that wanted to be stroked.

It was as if someone had blown a whistle and it all started. Men who normally masturbated furtively were wanking openly and strongly. She had the cock of two kneeling men in each hand, and was murmuring appreciatively at the licking. The first guy about to come — aged round 45 with a good thick cock — moved over her face and jets of spunk shot out, landing on her neck and left breast. ‘Great, well done’ people spoke out loud. Nicole said, smiling ‘thank you, that’s lovely ‘ as she tried to do with all the men who came over her that night. A young black guy was next, the thick whiteness shooting out of his ebony hole and over her nose and cheek. She had her finger lodged up the anus çukurambar escort of one of the men she’d been masturbating and soon his spunk was flying over her ear and hair. Then another. Then another.

Three of the women were on their knees sucking cock to make them ready, moving round the circle with Nicole in the middle. Soon her face was thick with liquid and Gerard had to step forward to clean her eyes: ‘happy birthday’ he whispered as he did so; ‘thank you my darling this is wonderful’ she replied. Another man replaced the tongue who’d been between her legs so that the licker could have his cock rubbed ready to spunk on her. She caressed him and looked at his face through the clouds of spunk on her eyelids and minutes later his white sperm was dripping from her nipple and running down her side. It kept coming and coming. She kept coming and coming — the tongues lapping and the fingers up her vagina and anus made sure she did. Her chest and neck were a sea of spunk. Her hair — cut even shorter than usual for the occasion — was matted with white.

It was hard to know what was more exciting. The sight of Nicole lying on the floor smiling and coming, being licked and drenched in come? Or was it the gathered men masturbating and sweating and watching or being done to? Or the sounds of orgasms, Nicole’s and the men’s and the tender little words: ‘thank you. What a cock! Get it back up hard and give me some more, darling.’ Or the three women who were watching and masturbating, demetevler escort each with a man’s finger up her anus. Or the other three women sucking cocks and sometimes rubbing themselves as they did so. Put this all together, and it was the most exciting sight you could imagine.

After about 45 minutes, Gerard brought forward the glass of champagne and put it to Nicole’s spermy mouth to quench her thirst but then on again it went. Orgasm after orgasm, come after come. Nicole awash and drenched. The sperm sometimes landing on her belly sometimes in her hair. But mainly on her face or neck or her little saggy breasts with the rock-hard nipples. Often in her mouth, in which case she let it slowly spit out again and rolling gently down her cheeks or chin. If in her eyes, the faithful Gerard was on hand to wipe them clean.

After nearly two hours, Nicole signaled that it was time to stop. She’d come — on Gerard’s reckoning — 27 times, but he was not her and he probably missed another 10 of her quiet ones. At his final count, she’d received 68 loads of spunk, with about half the men coming twice and a hardy little band of the under-30s managing three times. As she stood up, a little wobbly and grinning from ear to ear, the whole establishment — including the woman running the place — broke into applause. Gerard took pictures of Nicole standing by herself, awash with spunk. So did one of the other couples who’d brought a camera with Gerard smiling next to her. Then he indicated that any of the naked men and women who wanted to be in a group photo — about half did — should step forward. It was like the conquering football team including subs and coach, but in the middle was the deeply satisfied Nicole, now 55 years-old and one of the happiest women on the planet.

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