Mares Seeking Stallions: Menna

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Mares Seeking Stallions


“Easy boy,” Menna murmured, patting the neck of the dappled stallion as he pawed the ground, throwing up lumps of damp sand. “You’ll have what you want soon enough.”

The grullo mare, vibrant in a grey coat tinged with blue with a darker, bolder head, scratched his withers, heart pounding. Was she really going to do this? Again? Did she have the nerve?


A voice from the fence whined, the sound high-pitched as if the owner was striving to lace it with an edge of anxiety. Menna snorted. Jared. Such a noisemaker. He wasn’t really fooling anyone. Her boyfriend, a red fox with black tips to his ears, growled and clenched his paws into fists, bound to the fence post with the aid of several lead ropes and some baling twine. True, it was not the most appropriate bondage the mare could have come up with, but she was still learning and it would have to do.

“Is this really necessary? Have you made your point now?”

Menna laid her hand on the breeding stand, similar to the one that she had been strapped to when that first feral horse – a cob – had mounted her under the stable owner’s watchful eye. She rubbed her stomach, a small smile touching her lips as the stallion nickered and pushed his head keenly into her chest. Jared, growled sakarya escort and strained against the ropes.

“You’re already carrying a feral foal, for Christ’s sake!” He snapped, leaning forward as far as his bonds would allow, ears back. “What do you really want to be doing letting another one of them fuck you?”

Menna grinned.

“You’d be a lot more convincing if you weren’t hard right now, sweetie.”

Jared closed his mouth and turned away, the insides of his ears burning with heat he sought to conceal.

“Watch and enjoy,” she advised him with a flirty flick of her tail, shimmying her jodhpurs down her curvy legs. “I’ll certainly be having fun up here…”

Dropping the stallion’s lead rope, she threw caution to the wind and scrambled up onto the mounting block, specially designed to allow ferals to mount anthros with the maximum levels of comfort. This time, she didn’t bother with the straps that would keep her in place, resting her arms down the sides as she flicked up her tail and blew a kiss to her slack-jawed boyfriend. Menna shivered. Would he love how the stud stretched her out as much as she did?

There was only one way to find out.

The equine – a stud by the name of Eclipse – nuzzled under her tail eagerly, curling his upper lip back to take in her scent. She may have been pregnant already, the swell of her belly gentle against the breeding stand, but he knew his job better than anyone else. As she relaxed, releasing a stream of urine to splatter into the sand arena, he neighed and bounced off his front hooves, upper lip flapping as his shaft samsun escort dropped. A mottled pink and black length spilled heavily from his soft sheath and he flexed, letting it slap noisily up against his belly as Jared made a noise that was halfway between a gasp and a yell.

Menna grinned: her stud was ready for her.

She sucked in a breath as Eclipse mounted her, forelegs tucked around her sides as he nipped at her mane. It would happen quickly – she knew that – but she still found herself unprepared as the flat tip of his shaft pressed up to her entrance, catching surprisingly on the first thrust and ramming in. Squealing like a filly, she kicked out and held onto the stand for dear life as he scooted further over her back with a masculine grunt and started to thrust.

The mare groaned and laid her cheek flat on the mount, letting him take her as he willed. There was little she could do to encourage him, Eclipse driving into her with the full force of his hindquarters as instinct drove him to breed, grunting over her. She was, quite literally, along for the ride and loving every second of his fat shaft slamming into her stretched pussy. Menna moaned loudly, ear flicking to catch a whimper from Jared. He could never fill her like a real stud could – not like a stallion. It was time he learned that too.

She smiled, lips parted as her mount took her, balls swinging as he pushed in far past the medial ring, hindquarters working furiously for his pleasure. Toys just weren’t the same as letting a real stallion slam into her and Menna flushed, nickering softly in encouragement ankara sarışın escort as Eclipse’s thrusts became rapidly erratic, jerking and groaning as he lipped the back of her head. She thought he was more excited than normal, but she’d only seen him covering other females and the odd male who liked it rough at the breeding yard and never experienced his lust for herself. She bit her lip, clit rubbing against the padding of the stand beneath her as pleasure threatened to spill into mind blowing ecstasy. She’d have to have him again, one day.

Menna whinnied shrilly, rocking her head from side to side as her hips bucked in orgasm, body out of her control as the stallion’s cock kissed her cervix. She shuddered and squealed, climax stretching out and out until the stallion could not hope to hold back himself and rammed into her one final time with a whinny and a flag of his tail. His cock twitched within her tight, clenching pussy as he ejaculated, sending thick spurts of cum to splatter deep into her breeding tunnel.

The mare rubbed the side of her nose against the padded stand, shooting Jared a cheeky wink as she came down from her high, the fox’s jeans tented out in an impressive bulge. It would never have been as big as the stallion’s shaft, however, and it was something the fox already seemed to know he would never match up to. Menna nickered to her stud, ears flicking back to him as he nuzzled the back of her head, whuffing warm breath softly over her forelock.

Maybe her next foal would have to come from Eclipse. The mare smiled, stroking her pussy lips as the stallion slipped backwards, landing back on all four hooves with a heavy thud. Jared could clean up the mess between her legs this time. He’d been good. Hadn’t even tried that hard to break free of the ropes. And he was damn good with his tongue too.

It was a job her boyfriend was suited for.

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