2024 part1

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All Fours

It was 2024 post apocolyptic era. Life was in turmoil. The government had collapsed and humans were no longer the sole dominant species. Now we were in a constant battle with zombies created in the nuclear war of 2012. The people with power were those that hunted them for a living, and I was the best of them.

My name is Jake O’Brian. I am 6’2″, 34 years old, with brown military short hair.For years before the war I was in top physical shape, star football player, mma fighter, pro paintball, and fencing just to name a few. That training, combined with a sense for danger has allowed me to survive.

I was patroling my land, what was the nittany mountain and surrounding towns, because I had hears there was a pack of runners (rare form of zombie that is able to run at speeds riviling that of a cheeta) roaming around and I needed to take care of them.

I had just about reached the first settlement when I heard a scream from the town. I started sprinting the remaining miles and arrived just in time to see the prementioned zombies tearing up the place.

I had a small supply of weapons on me, prefering to stay light, including a desert eagle handgun, a combat knife, 10 throwing knives, and a compound bow with custom arrows. I was dressed in military issue boots with black karate pants and a black tank top. Also were black gloves that ended at the knuckle with metal backing and a head band with a metal escort service plate depicting the nittany symbol.

I pulled out my bow and let off a shot, sending the arrow through the head of the first zombie in the pack. Instantly they were running at me. I jumped to the nearest ledge and pulled out one of the 3 frag grenades I had and threw it into the midst of them, killing most. Then I took my knife and droped to the ground ready. There were 4 left and they surrounded me on all sides, typical. I held my knife upside down in my right hand with my hands forming a karate knife pose. They charged at the same time with coordinated movements and at super speeds. I swung my knife to the right and stabbed one in the chest, then I jumped up into the air and kicked it away doing a backflip behind a second one. That one I stabbed in the head and then I spun and took care of the third. Now there was only one left, but something was different about this one. His stance was ballanced and there was determination in his eyes. I threw a kunai at him and he doged it and started running at me. I pulled out my gun and shot him 3 times in each leg then cut his head off.

The people of the settlement ran out of the buildings and circled me. I accepted their thanks untill I heard a familiar voice among the rabble and froze.

The voice I heard was that of my wife, Mason, she was 5’6″ with brown hair down to her independent escort dubai shoulders and a fit tan body. She was supposed to be on her way to her mothers house in the land to the south.

I pushed through the crowd to her and wrapped her in my arms. “What the hell are you doing here?” I asked her. “Got trapped by the runners” she answered.

I let her go and jumped up onto the ledge I was on eairlier. “Alright listen up,” I shouted, “I need these three burned imediatly,” I said as I pointed to the first three I killed, “and I need the fourth transported to the doctors house, whose equipment I will be comendeering,” as the people started following orders, I walked over to Mason and said “we will be staying here for a couple hours untill I can preserve that zombie. There was something different about him. As soon as I can we can head back home.”

Half an hour later I was in the doctors lab reattaching the head and preserving it for travel. “So why this one?” the good doctor asked me, “what’s so special abou him?”

“There was something different about him,” I replied, “he recognized me, knew who I was and with the other ones too. They rarely fight in packs this large and their movements are never coordinated with each others.”

Mason and I left within the hour with 2 borrowed horses, one for me and her and one for he subject. Once back at Nittany, the capital, I had the Escort Girl Dubai subject sent to my lab and me andason went to our room.


When we entered our bedchamber I pulled her into an embrace and kissed her deeply. She kissed back and put her hands on my chest. I started kissing her neck and removing her cloathing as she did the same to me. When we were both undressed I layed her on the bed and started kissing down her body to her cunt. As she moaned in pleasure I started toung fucking her pussy and inserted a finger in her ass. She moaned and mashed my head against her wet cunt. As she got wetter I started sucking on her clit and inserted 2 fingers in her pussy as well. She reached orgasm and I got up and kissed her.

She grabbed my shoulders and flipped us around so she was on top. Then she put lined my hard 12in cock up with her wet cunt and dropped onto in. As she rode my dick like a pro I grabbed her ass and helped her up and down while sucking her d-cup tits. After ten minuets or so I felt my balls begin to tighten so I pulled around and flipped us into doggy style. I then lined my dick with her asshole and started to move slowly in and at as she moaned with pleasure. Eventually I started thrusting faster until I was pounding her tight hole like there was no tomorrow. After ten more minuets of hard pounding she hit orgasm. I felt convulsions from her ass milk my cock and I came inside her, painting her ass with my cum.

That night we fell asleep in eachothers arms.

Please go easy on the comments and if i get enough good responses ill write a part to with more sex

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