Weekend Fun

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Oh boy both the kids are gone for the weekend! We are going to have big fun I thought, but alas anyone with young kids knows that sometimes when you get alone time not everything goes as planned. Needless to say Friday night we both fell asleep early and Saturday was spent relaxing in the pool. My wife was sunning herself on a raft while I floated on a few noodles just under the surface. We chatted about work and the kids all the usual stuff when I decided to ditch the noodles and hang on the end of her raft. Her toes were painted a bright red and I was hypnotized. In time she was resting one foot on my chest and the other dangling off the end of the raft. Taking her toes in my mouth I lovingly licked and sucked while she talked about her job. Every so often I would feel her dig her toes into my chest flexing them and pressing her foot against me. I would take as many toes into my mouth as I could and she would wiggle them as I slid my tongue in between them.

This went on for a while when our older neighbor came out and stood at the fence talking to my wife. She is in her 70’s and her husband is older. They are probably the best neighbors you could ask for, better grandparents to my kids that the actual one. Anyhow she was talking to my wife and I continued to suck her toes.

“Looks like he is taking good care of you!”

“Oh it feels great; I could have this done all day.”

At this time I gave my neighbor thumbs up and they continued chatting about god knows what, sorry but I was preoccupied. My cock was hard as a rock and I am sure was leaking into my suit. She pulled her toes out of my mouth and switched feet placing the toes of her left foot on my lips as she placed her right foot on the side of my face.

“I would have loved to have a foot rest like that when I was younger; I had better go before I jump in there with you.”

I have to admit I was glad she went in and I know my wife would never consider another woman’s feet in my face but the thought that she might kind of hit me. Now I love my neighbors but I don’t think I could handle having her feet and toes in my mouth. We stayed in the pool for at least another hour with her alternating her feet for attention. After we showered and went out and played nine holes of golf. The teasing continued, since I started teaching her golf she would step on her ball as it rolled towards her after I took it out of the hole and would roll it around under her foot. I told her one time this turned me on, it made me think of her stepping on my cock and balls and she took it from there. She would smile at me and make sure I saw what she was doing. So now nine holes of watching her and listening to her wind me up, I think if the wind hit me right I would just cum in my pants. Home for another shower then out for dinner.

We went to a steakhouse, I love steak and when I have a good one in front of me little else exists in my world. We both dressed casually shorts etc, she had on some dressy flip flops showing off her sexy red toes. We had a few beers waiting for our food and when my steak arrived I was thinking that this was almost a perfect day. Then her foot arrived on my cock, yep its official this moment was now perfect. I was instantly hard and she worked my cock under the booth table like a world class musician playing a violin. Our waiter came up from behind me and stopped short, my wife seeing this slide her foot up even higher and rested her heel on my cock. He stuttered for a second them composed himself asking if we needed anything else. I noticed that he spent a lot of time checking on us and would always come up from behind. My wife told me on the way home that keçiören escort she would catch other waitresses working the other tables watching us and smiling. She told me that when she moved her foot a lot was when they were watching. Now I think we were lucky as in this day and age it would have taken only one asshole to tell management and we would have been put on the spot. As we walked out I receive many smiles from staff and the ladies working looked right at my crotch to see that I was still hard.

We had a 30 minute drive home and once on the highway,” pull your cock out and stroke it slowly for me.”

Well now this was new so with one hand on the wheel and another on my cock I did as she asked. I set the cruise at the posted speed and watched as other flew by. She undid her seat belt and turned facing me with both feet on my leg wiggling her toes. This made it difficult to steer but hey I managed. Whenever a semi or higher truck would pass they would always linger even with us. I looked up at one truck and there was a passenger smiling down at me. When I told my wife we had an admirer she took her right foot and rubbed the head of my cock covering her toe in my pre cum and brought it to my lips. I sucked it clean to the sound of an air horn blowing its approval. When I looked up again he was smiling giving me a nod of approval.

When we arrived home we sat on out back porch, the scene of a previous intense footjob. Drinking beers we just sat back and enjoyed each other’s company, and then I noticed that the beer was hitting her and I knew sadly what was going to happen. I was right about 20 minutes later she went in to go to the bathroom and never came back out. I found her on the couch out cold. WTF I was about to explode I even considered sitting at her feet and cumming all over them so that when she woke up she would know I was there. I behaved myself and got her into bed and went back outside to drink my erection away!

Sunday morning I was already up drinking my coffee thinking about the lost weekend as the kids would be back later that evening. She came up to me and leaned over hugging me, “Sorry about last night.”

“No problem babe, I understand but I think Dino is a bit sad.”

Yeah like a lot of guys I gave my dick a name, Dino was my pet Penisaurous.

“Well I will make it up to him I promise.”

With that she went to the shower to get ready for church.

She looked great with a multi colored print dress, sheer Hanes silk reflection Barely there and her black strappy sandals that come up to her ankle. Great now I have to sit through church thinking about her feet in those shoes and hose. We still had about 30 minutes before we had to go so she picked up her work phone checking emails and making a few calls while standing in the kitchen. This is when I would usually get to kiss her feet and play a bit before church but I was holding off today as I didn’t want to get too fired up before church. I got up to put my coffee cup in the dishwasher and she had dropped some papers she was holding while talking on her phone. She mouthed “can you help” pointing to the papers.

I bent down and gathered a few up and was reaching for the last one when she stepped on it. I looked up and she held her hand out for the others taking them and setting them on the counter she ten pointed to her foot and I knew what she was after. I lowered my head to the floor and kissed her toes and the top of her foot. Moving up and down the length of her shoe kissing every centimeter of her sexy foot. She was working me up again she knows I like it when she tells me to this. She was flexing kızılay escort her foot and moving it ever so slightly making me move to keep kissing it. I then heard her conversation.

“Oh you know he’s always under foot in one way or another doing his own thing.”

I found out later it was her mom she was talking to who asked how I was doing. I rolled over on my back so I could look up her dress and I slid my hand up her leg. She spread her legs giving me access to her soaked pussy. Her hose were damp from her juices and I rubbed her gently the length of her pussy pressing gently on her clit. Still on the phone she didn’t miss a beat and kept her composure but I knew was getting to her when she shifted and placed the heel of her shoe on my forehead and the sole over my mouth. Pressing down I knew I was to stop and not move. I sat still until she was done as she ever so gently pressed her foot onto my face. When I got up there was a red mark on my forehead from her heel and it was still there as we walked into church. I sat through an hour of staring at her feet and legs and she knew it. She would turn her ankle and flex her toes. I am sure it can’t be a sin thinking the thoughts I did while in church especially about your own wife! It was then I hatched my plan for this afternoon.

When we got home she went in the other room to do something while I hit the bedroom. Digging through the drawers I found most of what I wanted. I pair of pink leather wrist cuffs, Japanese rope handcuffs and some soft rope I cut to length. I couldn’t find the blindfold but hey I was not going to stop for that. She came into the room waling by the bed then stopped and looked back.

“What this?”

“Get undressed down to your hose and heels.”

She started to ask but I held up my hand and looked at her. She knew that look she calls it the,”He looks at me like a piece of meat” look. She went into the bathroom and emerged a minute later dressed as I asked. I fished the Japanese handcuff rope through our headboard and had he lay in the center. I secured her hands and looked down at my handy work so far.

“I noticed some snags in your hose so I am assuming this is the last time you’re going to wear them?”

“I was going to wear them to a meeting since they are my only nude pair Tuesday.”

With that I pulled them off taking time to smell the crotch and foot section satisfying my fetish. I got up and went to her hosiery drawer and got a brand new pair of white thigh highs. Getting back on the bed I slowly rolled the first one up her leg she rested her foot on my chest as I finished. I did this to her other leg and when done she brought her feet up to my face wiggling her toes and smiling thinking she was still in control. I took one leather wrist strap and secured it around her ankle then did the other one. I fished the rope through the metal ring and secured her spread eagle. She started to protest a bit and I reminded her that I was in control.

Straddling her right leg my cock and balls resting on her nylon thigh I held her tiny 3″ vibrator against her pussy as I leaned forward and started to suck her nipples. She loves this and it gets her wet all the time. I held her growing nipple between my teeth and slicked my tongue across it as fast and hard as I could. I could feel her hips moving to the vibrator pressing her clit into it as my palm held it tight. She was lifting her leg trying to move a bit but the sensation against my cock and balls was making me leak pre cum on her leg turning the sheer white hose darker. I slid the tiny vibrator inside her and she gasped when I turned it on high. Sitting kolej escort up I worked it in and out slowly making sure to bring it up against her slit with every move. I could feel her juices dripping out of her pussy. Bringing her tiny toy up to my lips she watched as I sucked it clean of her juices before returning it o her pussy.

I made sure it was on low and left it inside her as I moved to the foot of the bed to satisfy my foot fetish a bit. Leaning down I slowly licked the sole of her foot from her heel to her toe over and over again. I knew this was tickling her a bit as she tried to pull her foot back but I secured them tightly. Sucking her hose covered toes I looked up and could see the end of the vibrator slipping out a bit so I put it back. Her hips we moving about on the bed like she had an itch she couldn’t scratch I was now smelling her foot right under her toes. I loved this spot it always smelled like heaven to me not too strong but just enough of a musky scent to drive me wild. Her hose were new and smelled it but I could still get her scent through them.

I moved up and straddled her waist, I took her hose from earlier and held the crotch over my nose and stroked my cock. I could feel her hips moving up against me but my weight held them down. I loved masturbating to the point of climax and stopping. With everything that was going on my cock was dripping precum onto her stomach. Reaching back I took the tiny vibrator out and swirled it into my precum and brought it to her lips. She sucked it hard almost pulling it out of my fingers. I took it, turned it on high and held it under the shaft of my cock so more cum leaked out onto it and again fed it to her. This time I held it just far enough so she had to stick her tongue out and lick it clean. Returning it to her dripping pussy was easy and I slid down and proceeded to suck and lick her clit while again rubbing my balls on her hose covered foot. She was working her foot forward and rubbing her toes against my asshole. This was something new and hey I liked it so I pressed back a little. She moaned her approval when I did this. I knew I was getting to the point where I needed some release, I moved down to her feet and held them together I started to fuck her feet. I was going to shoot my cum all over her feet and legs. She pressed her feet together and I was about to cum when she stopped moving her feet. I looked up and the vibrator had fallen out and the look of disappointment on her face made me take pity on her.

Quickly untying the rope that secured her feet I moved between her legs and slid easily into her soaked pussy. Man it felt like heaven, she brought her feet on my shoulders and I could feel the leather cuffs against the side of my neck. Slowly moving in and out of her I would slide my cock almost all the way out them back in slowly at first. Reaching around her leg I held the tiny vibrator on her clit, this had the desired effect. She placed both feet on my face,” FUCK ME!!” That was it game on I fucked her as hard as I could while she pressed her feet into my face like she was trying to push me off. I held tight with my hands fucking her hard. She was moving her hips up and down so my cock slid against the top of her pussy and the tiny vibrator grinding her clit. She came like a volcano and of course this made me fill her full of cum. Collapsing on top of her I put the vibrator in my mouth and offered the other end for her to suck. Both of us sweating and breathing heavy we laid there content her pussy was soaked and full of cum. I could feel it dripping out of her. When I finally got up I freed her hands and she lay there, reaching down she slipped her finger in and gathered our mix and sucked it clean. Wow that was hot.

“Is this what you were thinking about in church?”

“Nope, actually it was all about your feet at church, this hit me on the way home.”

“We need to do this again sometime, momma liked this!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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