Maid Service

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I woke up with a raging hard-on, my cock throbbing in my boxers. I was relaxing in bed, hand under the covers, just enjoying the feeling of gently stroking it and wishing that my wife was here for an early morning fuck when the maid knocked on the door. I got up and grabbed my robe, sleepily shuffling over to the door.

As I pulled the door open I saw a cute little Asian girl, maybe 20, with a nice petite figure and a friendly smile.

“Hi, you want me to service your room” she said, in good English.

“Ah, no thanks. I only arrived last night and it doesn’t really need much.” I said. As I did my robe fell open slightly revealing the bulge in my boxers.

“Ok” said the maid, then looking down at me, “but I see you could do with some attention.” She smiled knowingly.

“Too right, you want to help?” I said, looking at her chest. Her name badge was pinned on one tit and said Lin.

She looked around, up and down the corridor. There was no one about.

“Depends how much.”

“Come in and let’s discuss it.”

I turned and went into the room. She grabbed her maid’s cart and started pulling it into the room. “If I leave it here, someone will wonder where I am” she explained.

“That’s fine, no problem. So how much to blow me?” I said. I’d love to fuck her but that would make me unfaithful. Getting blown would be fine, I thought.

“500” Lin said. I handed her some bills off the dresser.

“Now why don’t you slip that uniform off and show me what you’re hiding?”

Lin reached behind her and pulled the zipper down on the maid uniform. It slipped down her slim body and pooled at her ankles. With a shake of her dark hair she stepped out of it revealing white lacy panties and bra, her pert tits filling it nicely.

“Nice body, Lin.” I said.

Lin smiled. “Look all you want. That’s free. Now let’s see what needs some attention. I have to get back to work soon or I’ll get in trouble”

“I need what I’ve paid for, Lin. Come here and help me out”.

Lin knelt down and opened the fly of my boxers. My cock sprang out, big and fat, with a drop of precum on the tip.

“Mmm” she said, leaning her head in to lick it. Her tongue ran up and down the tip, along the underside making it twitch. She leaned in and wrapped her hand around the base of it, jacking me a few times. Then she went to work. One moment her hand was wrapped around my shaft, stroking up and down, whilst her other was squeezing my balls. Then her fingernail was running over my slit, making me super-sensitive. She would nibble pursaklar escort at the fleshy underside, biting or sucking the tip, keeping me hard all the time but not letting me come. She was a fantastic cocksucker and her sexy body made me want to fuck her too.

As she sucked my cock, Lin stroked my nipples. They hardened. I had nipples like a girl, my wife always said. In fact I loved them being played with and could get really hard when they were pinched. Lin squeezed a little harder, her teeth sliding across my cock. I gasped and she pulled back as my cock twitched.

Watching my face, she leant in and twisted my right nipple hard. I grunted and my cock stiffened more as my ass came off the bed.

“Ha! I know what you like” she said squeezing the other nipple. She went to work on them, putting her head back to my fat knob and twisting my nipples.

“Oh God, you’re gonna make me come Lin” I moaned, squirming under her grip.

“Not yet, I’m having too much fun. Now I know what you like, Lin can have some fun too”.

She got up and went to her cart, picking something up. As she came back she smiled and leaned over, a handful of clothes pegs in her hand.

“You like some pain, yes?”

“Yes, I think you know that”. I said. I did, it turned me on so much having them pulled and pinched. When I came, I could take a lot of pain. I paid for it afterwards as my nipples ached but it was worth it.

Lin leaned over and pulled my nipples hard pinching them with her nails. She clipped a peg onto each nipple and squeezed it tight. The slight pain made me smile and my cock stiffen again.

“Nice, but you’ll need to do better” I said, stroking her pussy through her panties as she knelt on the bed.

“You not getting pussy, so get off. You didn’t pay for pussy today” She laughed, pulling away. She grabbed two more pegs and clipped them over each of the existing ones, suddenly clamping them hard down over my tits.

“Shit, that fucking hurts!”

“Good, that’s what you need. You know you want it. Now shut up, bitch, and take it. You paid for this, I give you good value”. Lin grabbed more pegs and started clipping them on my ball bag. Christ, it hurt! She pushed me back on the bed and starting pulling and twisting the clips on my sack and the ones on my nipples. The pain was intense but just made me feel hotter as she stroked my cock. It was rock hard and my balls ached with the need to come.

As she twisted the pegs on my balls she slipped a thin finger into my mouth. rize escort I sucked it, getting it wet and sloppy. Then Lin pulled it out and felt between my legs.

“I know what else you like, I bet” Lin said, pushing at my back passage. Her wet finger slipped in past my ring, my ass opening greedily for her. I’d had a finger or two up there before, sometimes my own, sometimes, after she’d made me beg for it, my wife’s. I liked it and this just made me hornier.

“Yeah Lin, that’s nice. You know how to make me feel good” I said. She finger fucked my ass, pushing in and out, while she sucked my cock into her mouth and pulled the pegs on my sack. “You’re good at this Lin. Must do this a lot huh?”

She twisted the pegs hard. I moaned. That served me right. She pulled her mouth off my cock.

“Don’t be rude, you bitch. You pay for blow job, but I know what bitches like you want” she said, shoving a second finger into my ass. I started humping onto her hand, enjoying being ass-fucked. She laughed.

“You liking that too much, yeah? I don’t want you feeling that good. Maybe I should just suck you.” And with that she pulled her fingers out of my ass and shoved them into my mouth. I sucked them, inhaling the musky smell of my ass, which now felt empty and abandoned. I humped my ass a little, hoping she would take the hint. My cock stood hard as a rock, the pegs sticking off it and come dripping slowly down the end. I was ready to come but Lin wasn’t ready to let me.

She got up again and went to her cart, coming back with a long plastic, fat handled brush. She smiled and my ass clenched.

“I clean shit off toilets with this. Now it goes in your shit hole, yes?” she said. She pushed it under my nose. It smelt of shit.

“You want this in dry or wet, bitch?” said Lin. I opened my mouth obediently and sucked the handle. It wasn’t too bad, just tasted like plastic. I tried to get it wet so it would go in easy. Lin let me have another moment then pulled it out.

“Now you want to come, don’t you?” she said

“Yes, I’m ready.” Oh God, was I! I pushed my cock towards her hand. She ignored it and just twisted a nipple peg making me cry in pain. This was starting to really hurt but Lin was enjoying herself.

“Ok, then, you know what’s coming.” Lin pushed my legs open, pulling my balls aside roughly and making me wince. Involuntarily, I opened my legs and pushed my ass up like some eager little bitch. She pushed the handle right in, not pausing at my asshole. It hesitated for a moment, my ass burning as it ankara rus escort forced its way in, then slid in about six inches or so. My ass felt full and Lin grinned as she gripped the shaft.

She pushed a little harder and more slipped in, filling my bowels until just the shit-smelling end stuck out. I was a human toilet brush and felt dirty. But it turned me on. The vague smell of shit under my nose, this dirty woman almost making me cry like a girl, certainly fucking me like one and my cock as hard as it had ever been, were the biggest turn-on I had had for months.

Lin let go of the brush and grabbed both my nipples by the pegs, hauling on them so hard I thought they would come off. The pain was intense and I rose up to try and stop it. She let go with one hand and pushed me down.

“No, now you take what I give, and come. You are my little bitch and I will fuck you good” Lin laughed at me. I was a silly little bitch in her eyes, just some horny guy with money for her to abuse. But I didn’t care if she let me come. She reached around with her free hand and grabbed the handle, pushing it in and out of me. The feeling was intense, of being full and violated, but the stimulation and humiliation started making my cock spasm. She twisted my other nipple so hard I cried out.

“Yes, now you come,” Lin cried, leaning down and biting my other nipple hard, taking the peg in her mouth. She clamped down and I started to come. As I did she hauled the handle out of my ass. I exploded, coming over my stomach, my nipples burning and my ass gaping. My cock kept twitching, trying to fire more come out long after it was finished. Lin leaned back, letting my nipple go. A small trickle of blood ran down where her teeth had pierced the skin. She brought the brush up to my face.

“Can’t go back to work like this. Clean it now” she ordered. I opened my mouth and sucked the handle in, like it was a shit-stained cock. I sucked and licked it clean. Lin pulled it out and sniffed at it.

“Guess that will do.” She tossed it over onto the cart, getting up and picking her uniform up off the floor. I sat up, dazed.

“Hey, what about these, “I said, pointing at the pegs on my nipples.

“Keep them. You’ll need them for tomorrow, won’t you” Lin said, smiling. “You need room cleaning tomorrow, don’t you? And maybe I make you do more with brush or something else if you are lucky, hey?”

“Yeah” I said, collapsing back on the bed, and carefully taking the pegs off. My ass felt like it was on fire. It was really going to hurt taking a shit. Lin headed for the door pushing the cart.

“Hope the service was to your satisfaction,” she laughed “See you tomorrow. If you’re lucky maybe I do more to you also.”

I lay there, cock already twitching again at the thought of it. It was going to be a good trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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