Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 08

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Public Sex

The ascent had been a long one but they were now rapidly approaching the summit. Below the cliff face where they were currently hanging, the valley floor spread itself it outwards; a lush setting of tropical rainforest. The heat up here at almost the top of the towering mountain was fresh and clear unlike the moistness they had endured for several days as they had hiked through the jungle. Laura felt reborn having been stripped of their heavy camping bags. The only weight now on her shoulders was the familiar feel of her trusty rucksack that had accompanied her on many an adventure. A refreshing breeze had recently sprung up and toyed with the two women as they ascended the mountain face. Being panty-less inside her tan shorts meant that Laura could easily enjoy the sensation of the air moving across her pussy.

Several meters below, her new found lover; Annabel, was proving to be a more than adequate climber. If not for the first time, Laura praised her watching deity for her reward in meeting such a woman.

“How much further?” enquired Annabel from below.

Laura gazed down past the groove between her large firm tits at the sight of Annabel who was now almost directly below, clinging onto the rope that Laura was feeding her.

“Not long now?” Laura shouted down. “Why? Are you okay?”

“Yes, but I think I need to pee,” was Annabel’s reply.

The merest mention of peeing suddenly set Laura thinking. She took another look downwards. It was simply too good an opportunity to miss!

The first drops of Laura’s emerging pee shower soaked into the fabric guarding her groin from view. Seconds later and Laura was pissing in earnest. From her pussy lips was now squirting a fat jetting stream of clear coloured pee. Her wet warm piss shower felt gorgeous as it splattered over her skin as the thin material of her shorts providing a momentary barrier to her escaping piss. After a moment and the volume of pee leaving Laura’s pussy lips was too much to contain. A very wet piss shower immediately began to rain downwards onto the unsuspecting form of Annabel.

“Damn! Laura I think it is beginning to rain,” complained Annabel.

It was such a struggle for Laura to keep the laughter out of her voice. “Don’t look up and get it in your eyes or you may fall. Showers like these only last a couple of seconds. Hold on and you will be fine.” Looking down at her crotch, hands still gripping the rock face for support, Laura enjoyed the view. It was quite easy to see her pussy spray as it fell from her shorts. She was still squirting hard into her clothing enjoying the sensation immensely. Meanwhile, a hapless Annabel was being subjected to her escaping pee spray.

“I think it is passing now,” Annabel called upwards. Laura’s pee over Annabel’s long brown hair and shoulders was abating as Laura reached the end of her toilet.

“Just another couple of seconds and it will be done,” called down Laura. Mirth was all over her face, the sensation of having a sneaky pee over her friend and lover was simply orgasmic fun.

The summit was reached five minutes later. Laura had to hide her face from Annabel as she saw the mess she had made with her pee down the rock face.

“Time to go,” Laura practically giggled. Fortunately Annabel was too busy with other tasks to notice.

“What about my need to pee?” asked Annabel indignantly as she stowed the remains of her climbing gear into her rucksack.

“It won’t be far to the tomb now. You can pee when we get there.

“What, so you can have a good look while I piss?”

“Of course,” laughed Laura. “I love watching you pee. It turns me on.”

“That I will try to give you a good show,” replied Annabel, a wide smile on her pretty face.

Several minutes later and neither woman was smiling. The encounter with the natives had come as a complete surprise. Rounding a corner, Laura had practically run into the one native savage. Both recovered almost immediately, one moving to rush forwards with his spear ready, the second with her guns in her manisa escort hands and fingers pressing against the cold metal triggers. The twin bullets had impacted into the savage’s chest sending him spinning backwards. A loud cry had instantly come from the left as two more savages burst from out of the under bush.

The chase was now on. More and more savages had joined the pursuit, the howling cries of their tribesmen calling them on. The two female adventures had been hard pressed to maintain a good lead through the thick foliage. Finally they had reached a rocky ravine and Laura had plunged on after briefly recognising an ancient glyph carved into the rock. The passage between rising grey walls led on for another minutes worth of frantic running, native spears thudding around them as they ran. Finally the end neared and they found themselves with nowhere left to go. Frantically Laura grabbed at the thick branches and bushes of the growth covering the rock face. As Annabel joined in, it became immediately apparent that an ancient doorway lay beyond. A whoop of joy escaped Laura’s lips as she found the ancient lock.

“The scriptures were correct. This ancient culture was based on the elements, water being the source that bred life. If I am right, then this will do the trick quite nicely. She ripped her rucksack off her back and delved inside only to retrieve their supply of water inside a large plastic container. Laura was just lifting it upwards to the locking mechanism when a new spear flew towards them. The water bottle was snatched from Laura’s raised hand as the flint head of the spear buried itself into the plastic. With a dull wet ‘plop’ the bottle burst open on the ground where it landed, sending their valuable water supply running into the cracks in the ground.

Another spear embedded itself in the rock face beside Annabel.

“Laura, do something,” Annabel pleaded. The whooping war cries of the tribesmen were getting closer by the second.

“I can’t!” Laura said from her position by the sealed doorway. “It needs water to open it and that was our only supply.

“What shall we do then?” screamed Annabel as another spear narrowly missed her.”

“Well, you said you needed to pee. Try pissing into the lock.” With that Laura snatched her guns out of her holster and started to fire in the direction of the approaching tribesmen. As several of their number collapsing in bleeding piles on the rocky ravine floor, the others scattered for cover.

Laura took up a defensive position, firing with her twin pistols whilst Annabel did a crazy dance on the ground, desperately trying to remove her shorts and panties whilst all the time, spears rained down around them. The loud bursts of fire from Laura’s guns were silenced for a split moment as a metal crack on the ground announced a change of magazines. By now, Annabel was half naked and rushing to get her pussy up to the split in the rock face where the lock mechanism waited.

“Don’t take too long!” Laura shouted over the continuing barrage of fire she was laying down. The tribesmen for their point had seen the better part of valour and were now hiding amongst the rocks on the slope that led down to the entranceway to the forgotten tomb. Meanwhile at the lock, Annabel was now desperately trying to pee. Unfortunately her pussy lips remained sealed, her situation too frantic to allow her to overcome her nerves and start to piss.

“I can’t do it!” she cried out to Laura. “Why can’t you come and pee all over it. After all that is what you are good at?”

“I can’t go now,” shouted back Laura.

“Why not?” was Annabel’s hurried shout. Her shaven muff was still poised over the gap in the rocks she was still trying to take a piss into.

“I’ve only just been,” shouted Laura. She was now loading yet another set of clips into her guns. Smoke trailed from their hot muzzles.

“Where…,” Annabel started to say and then realisation dawned on her. “You dirty BITCH!” she exclaimed. “It wasn’t raining at all on the cliff face. maraş escort That was you, taking a piss all over me.”

Laura didn’t reply. She knew if she escaped their current predicament then she needed to treat Annabel to a very special fuck, if she was to be forgiven.

“Pretend it’s me then and not a lock to a hidden tomb that has been lost for over two thousand years. That might help you pee. If you don’t piss in that lock soon then we’ll both be on a serving platter tonight.”

“You mean they are cannibals?” shouted Annabel in alarm.

Laura looked over her shoulder in disbelief at Annabel’s question. Here they were about to be speared to death, and Annabel suddenly had reservations about being eaten afterwards!

“Just piss!”

At that very moment Annabel finally managed to pee. From her delicious pussy lips nestled between the short, shaven curly pubes of her muff, suddenly shot a thin twisting stream of hot piss. Immediately her golden flow started to splatter around the lock, washing the ancient stone face with a covering of hot yellow pee.

“Piss down the hole,” instructed Laura. She was backing up now, getting nearer to the still pissing form of Annabel. In was hard to resist the temptation to watch her friend urinate from her incredible pussy. Already Laura’s imagination was summoning up an image of the two of them entwined in a sixty-nine position, tongues exploring the other’s vagina.

“I’m doing it but nothing is happening.” The fear in Annabel’s voice was tantamount to panic.

“Keep calm and keep peeing down that hole. Our lives depend upon it.”

The twisting yellow stream squirting from Annabel’s pussy continued unabated although for a second Laura thought it was about to dwindle and die. Annabel had her eyes closed now trying to recall every pee she had ever carried out whilst standing. Wonderfully memories of her experiences since had met Laura flooded back to her, all helping her to continue her toilet into the lock. At that very moment she was recalling a time the two of them had stood with their uncovered pussies up to the railings in their hotel balcony. Twin streams of squirting piss had flow thrown the night air as their joint pees fell downwards to patter across the water of the deserted swimming pool. It had been such a delicious naughty pee and they had both revelled in the experience. Afterwards, their love making had been a wonderful thing.

A loud grinding noise coming from deep below in the ground below brought Annabel back to the present. Impossibly, the rock face behind them in the gully was slowly swinging open. A sigh of sealed air rushed out to greet them, the taste of centuries carried in its gasp.

“You can stop peeing now,” shouted Laura as she discarded yet another set of clips. At her feet suddenly appeared yet another spear, missing her boots by mere inches. “Get in before in starts to close again.”

“My panties?” yelled Annabel in alarm as a hand grabbed her and yanked her towards the dark embrace of the newly revealed tunnel.

“We haven’t time. I’m almost out of ammo,” was Laura’s abrupt reply. With a firm grip she grabbed the resisting Annabel and dragged her forwards. A warm wet spraying sensation upon Laura’s legs revealed that Annabel’s pussy hole was still squirting out her hot pee.

Seconds later and the darkness enveloped them as the heavy doors ground shut. Just before they closed a new spear shot through the dwindling gap and bounced off the stony floor.

“That was close,” breathed Laura.

“Where are you, I cannot see you?” whimpered Annabel. A slight tinkling sound in the absolute blackness that surrounded them, announced that somebody was still peeing.

“You can stop now,” giggled Laura. Deliberately she didn’t switch on the torch she had just dug out of her backpack. There was something quite evocative about the sound of Annabel peeing in the dark.

“I can’t stop,” whimpered an obviously scared Annabel.

“Shush!” whispered Laura coming to stand beside her mardin escort lover. It had been easy to determine Annabel’s location in the darkness by the very sound of her falling pee shower. “There is nothing to be afraid of now,” she reassured Annabel whilst slipping one hand in the direction of Annabel’s pussy lips. A playing wet warmth on her fingers announced the fact she had indeed found the location of her lover’s pee flaps. Moving through the now dwindling piss stream, she started to play, teasing Annabel’s clit with one finger whilst placing another digit directly in front of her pee hole. This caused the last of Annabel’s pee to spray messily over both Laura’s hand and Annabel’s naked thighs. A small gasp of pleasure and the censure of Annabel’s pee was the desired result.

They fucked, there and then, enveloped by a darkness born of centuries passed in underground places. The chill of the tunnel air was nothing compared to the heat radiating outwards from their sweaty flesh as they entwined together. Hot fingers tugged at Laura’s shorts wrestling them from around her pussy and bum cheeks. As soon as they were free, Annabel’s fingers were seeking out the wetness of Laura’s pussy. Fingering her friend’s crack was ecstatic and Annabel could feel her hormones racing. Her world was reducing to the simple pleasure of fucking and being fucked in return as Laura’s tongue found her right nipple as her thin blouse parted company from her chest.

Annabel’s’ sweet smell was in Laura’s nostrils as she sampled exquisitely the shape and texture of Annabel’s tits. Moving first from the right and the then her left, she sucked and fondled the wonderful protuberances whilst all the time massaging and stimulating her lover’s breasts with her cupped hands. Kissing another woman’s tits whilst being fingered lovingly in return was an incredible stimulus and Laura could feel her passions moving on towards an inevitable climax. There was something incredibly special about fucking in a forgotten tomb that was driving her wild. Maybe it was because this was her element, the places she loved the most, with all their mystery and promise of surprise. Maybe it was because she received so many thrills in the past from dropping her panties before having a naughty slash in the resting places of forgotten kings?

The darkness was absolute, filled now with the ragged panting of the two women as they enjoyed the other’s sex. Laura had squatted down, one handed in her crack whilst she licked the contours and deep hole of Annabel’s invisible pussy. Without sight to guide her it was more of a turn on to simply allow her tongue to do the discovering, moving upwards and downwards along her lover’s slit. She quickly teased around Annabel’s clit before moving downwards to push into the moist hole of her lover’s muff. Laura could taste Annabel’s piss on her tongue as she worked her way to their mutual orgasm. The short shaven hairs around Annabel’s lower lips held traces of her spent pee; an aphrodisiac to the famous piss raider. Annabel for her own part was lost in her own world of bliss, hands cupping and massaging her tits whilst Laura stimulated her lower regions.

In the end there was only one conclusion. Laura managed to back away from Annabel’s pussy only milliseconds before her friend came hard. She could feel Annabel’s love squirt washing over her exposed chest just as she reached her own thundering orgasm.

The darkness around the two sexually satisfied women seemed to become more oppressive as the moments passed as they recovered their strength. Finally the beam from the light from Laura’s powerful torch displaced the blackness and sent it reeling back into shadows dancing upon the rocky walls.

“We best dress and get going,” Laura said between receding pants of air.

“That is easy for you to say,” said Annabel with a sound of resentment in her voice. “I left my panties and shorts outside. I’m going to have to go adventuring from here on out, without any bottoms on.

Laura giggled and then laughed out loud. Seconds later and Annabel burst out laughing as well. Laura’s torch played over Annabel’s naked flesh highlighting just how comical it was going to look – a half naked brunette wandering around a forgotten tomb with nothing at all covering her lower regions!

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