It’s Just Business

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The cab door opened and a long leg swung out, the black Chanel high heel clicking as it touched down on the concrete sidewalk. The long slender leg was just the beginning as a beautifully 5’8″ slender brunette pulled her way out of the taxi and looked up at the impressive brownstone building. It was a beautiful building and she knew it well, thinking on the hospitality of the area as she walked up to the doorman.

“Hiya Jane, how’re you doin’ this morning?” said the athletic black doorman as he opened the way for the fast walking woman in the grey business suit and skirt.

“I’m doing well Johnny Lee! How’re you this evening?” replied Jane with a smile, pulling a lock of hair out of her face as she walked into the lobby.

Her heels echoed especially loud as they hit the marble, alerting everyone to her presence as she walked to the elevator and pressed the up button. She adjusted her onyx Fossil vintage weekender satchel as she waited for the elevator, walking in as it came and watching the door close as she lit up the fourth floor button. She looked at herself in the mirror plated walls, admiring her long waist length chestnut hair and the way it complimented the ocean blue blouse peaking out of her grey Chanel jacket. She had a playful smile on her face as she pretended to model for a crowd, a fierce look in her eyes as she whipped off the glasses which matched her suit. While it all seemed a blur without the lenses she could tell how sexy she looked; but it wasn’t enough for her to tell herself that. It needed to be from her.

The doors opened and she walked to the door at the end of the hall on her left, knocking on the solid wood. She waited and waited as she listened for any signs of movement inside the apartment.

‘Ugh! Why does she have to dooo thiiiss?! I hate it when she makes me wait!’ she thought to herself, not daring to whine aloud.

Finally, there was shuffling inside and when something thumped against the door Jane once again struck a pose. This time, however, it was a childish one where she bent closer to the peephole and made puppy dog eyes with her thumb in her mouth. There was the sound of a slightly wicked chuckle from the other side and a lock was undone before the door swung in, revealing a taller black haired woman in a tight black tee and red satin panties.

“Well look what the stork dropped on my doorstep. Get in here baby girl so I can get a diaper on you.” the domineering woman said a little too loud, “Don’t want you to make a mess in the hall.”

Jane quickly looked both ways before running into the apartment, her cheeks aglow with shame and excitement. She looked over her shoulder at the barely clothed woman as she closed the door, unconsciously staring at the beautifully tight heart shaped butt, the obviously expensive red satin panties enhancing it’s lusciousness.

“Why do you always have to embarrass me like that Vanes-” whined Jane before being interrupted.

“Bad baby, you know you’re supposed to call me Mommy!” admonished Vanessa before giving a sharp slap to Jane’s ass.

“Eep! Y-Yes Mommy!” Jane stammered as she was grabbed by the wrist and pulled into the second door on the left.

The room was a spacious 11′ x 15′ bedroom with a soft queen sized bed right in the middle of the far wall. While she already knew the room well, she took a look around and drank in all the furnishings; ranging from the large dresser to the right of the bed to the small flat screen standing on the table to her left. She was just getting her bearings when Vanessa gave her another yank and brought her a foot from the front of the bed.

The dominant raven haired woman stood in front of Jane and grabbed her chin with her right hand and looked into her quivering hazel eyes before whipping off her glasses. Tossing them on the bed she brought her face close to Jane’s face so their lips were almost touching before she said, “Now let’s get my baby girl out of those silly big girl cloths and into her birthday suit.”

Jane couldn’t help but shyly smile at the comment and she began to blush as her Mommy started to pull off the suit jacket. Her eyes followed the jacket as it was tossed to the side, but her chin was grabbed and her head was sharply pulled back to place where she saw those predatory jade eyes staring at her.

“Watch” was all Vanessa said.

Jane looked down and watched her Mommies nimble fingers undo the buttons on the ocean blue shirt, careful not to damage the fine silk material. With the last button undone the shirt was opened wide to see her tight belly under the powder blue lace bra which held up her cleavage.

A few seconds went by as they both looked at her encased breasts, and while Jane knew that her 32A’s were not as impressive as her mommies more than ample bust she was not envious, seeing as she knew how to make them work to her advantage. As this thought passed through her mind her mommy pulled the shirt off, letting it fall to her feet, and unsnapped the bra.

Jane had barely enough time to recognize konya escort that her chest was bare when Vanessa started to reach for her side to undo the zipper of the skirt. She shivered at the sound of the teeth releasing and wiggled her waist allowing the lose material to fall next to her shirt and bra. She admired the beauty of the cloth’s arrangement for a few seconds before looking up into those stunning jade eyes once more. She felt hypnotized by those strong confident eyes before they looked down and a cheshire cat smile spread across the raven haired beauties face. Immediately Jane realized what she was smiling at and blushed a deep red as she awaited her mommies comments, hoping to win her approval.

“Hm, some little girl is trying to impress me aren’t they?” toyed Vanessa as she slowly crouched down to look at the flimsy lace panties wrapped around the submissive woman’s waist.

The color and pattern matched the bra and she chuckled knowing that they were brand new. She placed her right hand on Jane’s left cheek and squeezed the bare flesh, her grin widening as the fingers went all the way between the cheeks before meeting the material.

“Now, now, did my baby girl wear a thong like a big girl for me or some cute little boy who she has a crush on?” cooed the slightly older woman as she played with her little girl’s rosebud through the material.

“I, um, I put them on for you Mommy! D-Don’t you like them? All the guys at the firm were looking when I went to meet with Mr. Web-” stammered Jane before she was cut off.

“Do you honesty think I care what some little boys who not know the difference between their thumbs and their puny peckers think? But yes sweetie, they do look very pretty.” cut in Vanessa as she hooked her finger around the inside of the material and pulled it out of her crack. “In fact, I think they are far too pretty to keep them on any longer. Seeing as you have all those accidents whenever I’m around.”

She moved her finger up and down the material for a few seconds before deciding to yank it down just below Jane’s knees, letting it fall of it’s own free will. She looked at the slit in-between her babies thighs and kissed the soft smooth skin above the slowly wetting vulva. She breathed in the strong essence before standing up and whispering in Jane’s ear, “It seems my baby was a good girl and made herself nice and smooth for Mommy.”

With that she moved in close and kissed her, the passive girl allowing her mommy to push her tongue into her mouth, simply massaging it with her own. As the tongues danced and Jane became putty in Vanessa’s hands, she was turned around so her back was to the bed. Vanessa broke the kiss off with a string of saliva connecting them for but a moment before it broke off.

“Oh God, thank you Mommy! I’m so glad you could see me at such short notice. I’ve just been so nervous with the big Weber case I’ve been assigned and now this guy Henry from the firm asked me out and I’m worried ’cause he caug-” Jane rambled before a finger was placed over her lips.

“I told you before baby girl. I don’t give a shit about work or any new guy in your life, you came here to relax and be my baby girl. Other than that, I don’t care and you’re wasting my time.” Mommy scolded harshly before giving the girl a strong shove on the shoulder, forcing the nude girl to fall onto the bed with a bounce.

Jane had a few seconds in a daze before feeling her legs be gently pried open and her mommy lay down between them, slowly running her fingers up and down her folds, massaging her now puffy lips.

‘Oh my God! I needed this, I really did.’ thought Jane as she writhed to the darker woman’s touch, ‘Oh, with that big Weber case and the way the partners are on top of me lately it can’t be long until they make me a-Jesus that feels good!-junior partner.’

“Now tell me baby, how do you want it?” asked Vanessa in a sultry voice, “Do you want me to just pet you, use my marvelous tongue, or should I strap on my favorite toy and fuck you better than any man ever could?”

“Oh, um, there all so goooood! I-I’d like just the petting and tongue. I’ve got dinner plans at Le Ch-OOOH!” she was saying before being interrupted by two fingers as they slipped inside her.

‘Well that oughta keep her quiet for a while.’ thought Vanessa as she pumped the fingers in and out while massaging the brunette’s clit with her thumb. Her pace quickened and a rhythm started to develop, her fingers dripping wet while her little girl groaned and slightly ground her hips.

She watched her face as the rhythm increased and she could tell that while Jane was definitely enjoying herself, she still had a pensive look on her face. ‘Well we’re going to need to fix that now won’t we.’ was all she thought as she moved in closer to Jane’s womanhood.

She pulled the sopping digits out of the burning slit and wrapped her mouth around it’s entirety. As her tongue darted out and flicked the swollen lips and engorged clit her baby girl let out a beautiful moan konyaaltı escort which Vanessa found wonderfully delicious.

That wasn’t enough for her though and while she continued to give Jane’s sex a tongue lashing she started to move her right hand up and under her gyrating hips. The slick wet fingers moved between her cheeks and the index ran a circle around the tight hole for but a few seconds before it slipped inside her, producing a guttural moan which filled the entire room.

Unlike a few of the others little Janey had no qualms about her other hole being invaded, in fact Vanessa was nearly positive it was her biggest erogenous zone. She pumped the finger in rhythm to her tongue’s manipulations and it was but a few moments before the hips were thrusting as hard as they could. After an extremely long and hot couple of minutes Jane’s body spasmed as orgasm after orgasm washed over her.

When the submissive brunette stopped writhing she was truly exhausted and Vanessa took the time to stop and pull out, standing over her content little baby. She looked down at her finger and saw a slight brown stain at the tip as well as streaks all along it and without thinking she stuck it in her mouth and sucked it clean. It was a strong pungent taste but an occupational hazard she had become accustomed to.

Walking over to the dresser she opened the main door where she saw a bunch of large tuba-ware boxes, grabbing the one which had JANE written on the side in Sharpie marker. Dropping it near the bed she pulled off the top and looked inside seeing a changing mat, a bottle of powder, a half used box of baby wipes, a pacifier, a bottle, and two large white diapers.

“Oopsey! Looks like some little girl’s almost out of diapers. You hear that baby girl?” she said looking up at Jane who was in a post climax state of bliss. “Do you understand what I mean when I say I have to buy you more diapers?”

Jane’s only response was a gurgle and a nod of the head, but that was all Vanessa needed as she placed a single diaper as well as all the other supplies on the bed. She popped the pacifier into the babies mouth before lifting her legs and sliding the changing mat underneath her. As soon as that was done she opened and unfurled the diaper before once again lifting up the babies legs and placing it under her butt. However, before releasing her hold on the girl’s ankles she unscrewed the bottle of powder and shook a good dusting onto the opened diaper and Jane’s buns, which she rubbed it into. Upon lowering her legs Vanessa sprinkled a little more onto the babies crotch and gave it a quick rub before pulling the diapers front tight against it and fastened all four of the tabs. She checked for any leak holes before leaning over the girl and looked her in the eyes, noticing a consciousness in the hazel eyes and a content smile behind the pacifier.

“Come on now let’s get you up. Is my little girl hungry?” she said and watched her shake her head before saying, “Thirsty then? Good, meet me in the kitchen. Just remember to only crawl when your in your diapees.”

With that she grabbed the baby bottle and walked into the kitchen, enjoying the soft sounds of her big baby girl crawling behind her. She placed the bottle on the marble countertop for a moment as she helped Jane get onto the stool at the counter before picking it back up. She went to the fridge and pulled out a carton of two percent milk before closing it once more and resting both objects next to the sink.

The nipple was unscrewed quickly as the result of practiced movements and she filled it nearly to the brim before popping it in the microwave for a few seconds before screwing the nipple back on and testing the temperature with two drops to the wrist.

Practice had made perfect and the milk was the perfect temperature as she went up to the now infantile brunette and pulled the pacifier out. “Here comes the airplane sweetheart!” was all she said as she pushed the nipple between the content girl’s lips.

Without any command Jane raised her arms and held the bottle with both hands just as a toddler would. Letting go Vanessa smiled at the girl before her for a little while, then turned and filled a glass of water before pouring a healthy amount of Benefiber. They stayed in the kitchen watching each other drink like it was a standoff straight out of a western, Vanessa breaking away only to wipe away some stray milk from Jane’s mouth.

A few minutes passed before Jane finished the bottle and the empty sucking sounds rang through the kitchen until Vanessa yanked on the plastic, emitting a pop. “There’s a good girl! Holding her baba so high like a big girl!” she cooed as she lowered her from the chair to the floor, allowing Jane to crawl behind her toward the couch in the connecting living room.

She sat on the cushiony material for a few seconds, just letting the feeling sink in before she picked the cute girl up from in front of her feet. The brunette was sat beside her before her head was laid konyaaltı eve gelen escort on Vanessa’s lap. It was a comfortable feeling for both of them as Jane snuggled into her warm bare thighs, and the domineering raven haired woman turned the DVD player to a disc of Sesame Street. It felt nice to be here with a person who did not need her care but simply chose to need it.

She petted the soft fresh smelling brown hair with her left while thinking of Jane and the years that had led her to this point, absently watching the program flashing in front of them. Her petting simpered up as her right hand snaked it’s way into the top waistband of the smooth red panties, the material stretching to allow the hand entry. She slowly caressed her lips with her fingers and slipped the middle shallowly into her, moving faster to create that electric friction.

“Why should my baby be the only on to enjoy this time, after all it does work better when we both enjoy ourselves. Plus I think I deserve this. Oh god I’ve been needing this so bad!’ she thought as her need started to increase. The fingers moved faster and the urge spiked when her baby moaned, probably knowing what went on behind her head, before she started to just rise toward orgasm.

Suddenly, a completely different kind of urge wracked her body and made her completely switch directions. Quickly she pulled her hand from between her thighs and gently lifted Jane’s head from her legs, whispering an apology before slipping out from under her and cutting to the door behind them.

Once inside the bathroom she strode over to the toilet and lowered her panties to the top of her calf. Gently she lowered her rump to the toilet’s seat, wiggling her hips so her cheeks were spread on the cool porcelain. She pushed her knees together and struck the thinker pose as she started to relax until a trickle started to become a stream.

Vanessa barely released her bladder when she looked up to see the barely open door swing wide and Jane crawl through into the bathroom, quizzically staring at her Mommy on the toilet. Her eyes opened as she realized what she had crawled in on, yet she slowly moved toward the surprised dark haired woman.

Vanessa was about to yell at Jane to get out of the bathroom and wait on the couch like a good girl to await her spanking before she realized she hadn’t broken any rules. The door had not been closed and thereby allowed her baby to walk in without worry of a punishment. Jane’s head was between her legs by this time and she was staring at the stream hitting the water with awe. This amazed Vanessa since it had been a while since Jane had wanted to change the game, especially in such a kinky way, and she wanted to see how far she could push this.

“You like what you see don’t you little girl? You like to see how big girls like Mommy pee pee in the potty?” asked Vanessa in a tone that mixed sexy with demeaning.

Jane simply nodded as she stared hypnotized at her Mommies open womanhood as a blurry yellow jet spurted into the water beneath. The sight and sound was beautiful to her and while she had used the toilet just this morning it was a completely new experience to watch it up close.

“I love how cute you are right now! I bet you wanna go pee pee right now, don’t you? You’re just a baby though so you can just your diaper right now while you watch Mommy on the potty.” toyed Vanessa as she stared down at the brunette baby between her legs.

Jane nodded absentmindedly as she moved closer between her Mommies well sculpted thighs in order to get a closer look. The smell was pungent but not strong, she obviously was drinking her water, and her nose was about to hit the stream when a hand cupped around her chin and raised her head. She looked into her jade eyes and saw a mix of amusement, lust, and what seemed to be love.

“Now be a good girl and pee pee in your diapee for me and Mommy’ll let you watch something very special.” cooed Vanessa as she looked her baby in the eyes, seeing her recognition.

Just as her own stream sputtered to a halt she could tell from the look on her babies face that another one had started. A state a near bliss flashed across the infantile woman’s face as relief spread through her lower half as her loins were encased in the growing warmth. She leaned down and gave her a deep wet kiss, pulling back only when the brunette was done wetting herself.

“Thats a good girl!” Vanessa said in a sultry voice. “Now look down and watch Mommies present for you.”

With that little Janey smiled and looked back between her legs, a look of aw lashing across it as her mommy started to bear down. A wet fart rang out in the bowl and a crackling sound was heard as a soft log slid out of the raven haired woman, breaking off only when the tip hit the water. Just as it plop into the water another began to slither out, which was thinner than the last but twice as long.

The smell of those and the next few ropes of poop assaulted her senses, yet her self regressed mind was amazed by how her mommy could use the “big girl” potty. She completely forgot that she had spent nearly twenty minutes on a toilet just like this yesterday. All of her being yearned for the ability do the exact thing she saw before her, and yet pas experiences had shown that even pull ups were impossible.

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