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I’m determined to be good. I keep an eye on the time, and every three hours, I present you with a nipple, sometimes lying on my side, propped up on my elbow so I can watch you suckle. I watch the way you swallow, even though there’s nothing yet to drink. I imagine you feeding from me, taking sustenance from my body, not needing anything more (for a little while, at least.) Your fingers are always at my pussy when you nurse now, sometimes playing, sometimes fucking me in a slow rhythm, your fingers curling inside me, sometimes just holding me, cupping your hand over my pussy and letting me soak your fingers. Once, I got my fingers good and wet with my pussy cream, and smeared it over a nipple to see if you liked the taste.

My favorite sessions are the night ones, when I wake up to find you latched. Sometimes, I find you curled up next to me, your hands playing with my hair while you suckle, winding the long curls around your fingers. It’s such an innocent and sweet reflex, one that makes me hold you closer, one kayseri escort that reminds me how much power I hold, too – to make you feel safe, held, comforted. Sometimes, I’m so sleepy I forget, and try to pull away from your insistent mouth, especially when I’m sore. Part of the reason for such frequent sessions is to strengthen my nipples, make them able to take more. Then, you hold me fast, sometimes pinning my arms, suckling harder, reminding me of my place.

Sometimes, I wake fully, needing more, whispering yes yes as you slide two, three fingers into my pussy. Once, I took four, felt your knuckles stretch me wide, came so hard I passed out.

It’s hard sometimes to tell whether my pussy or my breasts are the central feature of our sessions. Once, when it wasn’t even time for a session, you came over to where I was sitting and working and pulled my breast out of my shirt. You slid your hand into my pants and held it firmly against my pussy while you suckled for just a few minutes – just keçiören escort long enough to get me wet – before stroking me to an orgasm right there in the chair. You wanted to hear me shriek and convulse on your hand. I’m used to you taking me wherever, whenever, now.

You come into the room after some time outside and find me naked under the sheets, dozing. You wake me up by sliding your hand into my hair and pulling me up. You drag me across the room to the big chair, where you sit, your cock tenting your jeans. It’s time for your session, you say. Climb up here and let me drink. You’ve never seen me completely naked like this, not in the light, not in the middle of the afternoon. I crawl into the chair, get up on my knees, lift my breast to your mouth. You clamp down, and I lower myself, grinding slowly on your cock. I hold on by cradling the back of your head in my hands. Your hands run up and down my back, pulling me close, sometimes pulling my hair a little. We go like that ankara kendi evi olan escort until you’ve finished nursing, your cock hard and throbbing through the thick denim. From then on, it’s one of your favorite positions. You’re always careful not to cum too close to me, but you like playing it closer and closer to the edge. You demand that I’m naked more often, though sometimes you like sneaking your hands under my skirt, or pulling my breast out of my shirt or dress.

Things have changed about the other aspects, too. You found a rubber nipple and fitted it to the top of a water bottle, and now that’s how I take all my hydration. You want me to understand how to suckle, and also that means I can lie on my back and drink. When I do this, you spread my legs and slowly rub my clit until I’m lifting my hips and trying to rub against your hand. You conditioned me to love it, to dampen my panties every time I feel the rubber in my mouth. Sometimes you suckle while I drink. You point out how important it is that I stay hydrated because look at all this moisture I’m losing. I close my eyes and swallow, suck, swallow. You straddle my belly and rub your cock against its softness, careful not to stray too far down. You watch me sucking the bottle and imagine the water is turning to milk in my breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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