Goddess Mina: I Begin My Descent

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Big Balls

I was unable to keep a thought in my head. It was only 24 hours since I saw her last and I was unable to function. I have to make this clear; I have never been addicted to anything. I could not understand how people had no control over themselves where they would even put themselves and others in dangerous situations to get what they needed. I get it now….

I am addicted to my Goddess Mina. There is no question that I am hopelessly in love and addicted to her 100% all the way. I can’t eat, she has invaded my dreams so I can’t sleep I have erections that happen just at the thought of her. I feel like I have no control. I am 13 all over again. I am a walking erection with raging hormones. What kind of spell did she put on me? I feel as if she has complete power over me. I am not scared nor do I want it to stop. I love it.

My goddess and I have been corresponding through email quite frequently. She has been very generous with her responses and has been driving me crazy. I hear her voice as I read these gems that are sent to me. I see her face and her eyes that set me afire as I read….I cannot stay away long and I make another appointment. I have to see her, I must.

The day prior to my visits is the longest. I count every minute. I am wrought with anxiety as I count the hours. Sleep does not come easy and I go to bed knowing the next day I will be beneath the feet of my goddess and that is where I belong. It brings me great joy.

I awake and begin my routine; I make quick work of it and begin to prepare for my drive to heaven. I am filled with happiness that I am on my way it is a really wonderful feeling and I enjoy it very much. I arrive at the exact designated time. I do not ring her bell one minute early or one minute late. I am exactly on time. The walk up the stairs to her lair feels like forever but the anticipation is intoxicating. I arrive at her door and ring. I am greeted by my goddess in work out gear. She does this for me. escort ankara She knows I like her feet sweaty and she obliges me by wearing her workout shoes with no socks. I am caught staring at them. She knows I can’t wait to be under them. I am greeted warmly and I am instructed to take my place on all fours in front of her sofa. I can hear her footsteps and I am greeted with her sneakered feet in front of my face. She asks me to untie them and she begins a very sensual unveiling that took my breath away. She moved my head around with her beautiful calves and feet. Goddess poses her feet so I can admire their beauty. I am thankful for every second. I am commanded to stay still she will return shortly and I watch as those gorgeous feet pad away.

I hear my goddess re-enter the room she sits on the sofa and puts her feet on my back like I am an ottoman. She looks through email and ignores me thoroughly. I am then given the command I long for. Goddess tells me to lie on my back I do so and I am greeted by my goddess in a beautiful robe and I am struck by lightning. She is topless and the robe just covers her beautiful frame. I can’t keep my eyes off her. Goddess is an absolute work of art, I am stunned silent. She lifts her feet to my face and begins her sweet assault on it. I melt into her soles. My nose is treated to every crevice and wrinkle. She covers my eyes and lips and she takes out the light. I feel entombed and I would spend eternity right there. She moves her feet around my face for some time all the while looking into my eyes. We locked gazes and I was hypnotized. I love her feet with a fiery passion. I am her foot slave, we both know it. She torments my face with these works of art for some time. I am in heaven, truly at one with the universe.

I am instructed to slide further down the floor. This was a new command. I was told to work my way down to her love seat and push out a bit to the middle of the floor. I did esenyurt escort as I was told. I always do. My goddess came over and used her feet to open my legs more exposing me. She had me pull my knees up and she sat on them and rested her feet on my belly. I was trying to grasp what was going on. I was going crazy. I could feel the heat of her bottom through my jeans. I was sweating. She had me move back a bit more and then sat on my hips and used my chest as a foot rest while she looked at email.

As she completes her email goddess removed herself from my hips, stepped onto my stomach and sits up onto the love seat. I was now sprawled out in front of her with my groin right below her. I was shaking; Goddess looked into my eyes, deeply. She then brought both her feet down on my groin. I was unable to breath I was embarrassed by my erection and I wanted this moment to last forever all at the same time. Goddess moved her feet around on my groin. It wasn’t to arouse me; it was to show me that she was completely in control of the situation. She would let me know when it was ok to graduate to pleasure. Right then I received the message and I understood it.

My goddess then moved her feet off my groin and back to me belly. She then snaked her body on to my body inching her treasure up to my stomach almost to my chest. I was breathing heavy I was praying that she would work her way to my face. I ceased breathing I wanted her on my face so bad…It was not to be. Goddess slid back to my hips and then to the couch again.

Goddess told me to sit up and face her I did so quickly Goddess does not like to wait. I was presented with her beautiful feet. I was told to kiss them. I did so with gusto. I was told to open my mouth and goddess inserted both heels and told me to lick them clean. I was treated to her bog toes being inserted in my mouth. I was told to suck them I did so like a prize cocksucker. eskişehir escort I suckled and licked them with all I was worth. My goddess told me that I took them like a champ. I had both inserted at the same time and she pulled them in and out like she was thrusting a dick into my mouth. I took her well. I was told at that point it was time to wash her feet.

As our routine dictates I follow her to the restroom and I wash her feet in warm water and I wash them with the most care. I then dry them and follow her back to the sofa where I massage her beautiful feet and calves with lotion. I knead all of her tension out and do so reverently. My goddess paid me a great compliment. She told me that I was the most proficient massage sub she has I took great pride in that. I want my goddess to be happy and comfy at all time. When we are done with the massage I wipe away the excess oil I lay out the towel under her feet and bow my head in respect.

Goddess had me kiss her all ten of her toes right to left and then left to right. I loved this. I was then told to kiss her instep, and then her shin and then her knees. My breath growing more ragged as I went higher. I wanted her to bring e all the way up to her beautiful treasure. I would do it without hesitation. I love her. I thought today would be the day. It was not. I will do whatever she needs always. We are connected I looked her in the eyes through the entire session. At one point my goddess asked me “where do you live”? I didn’t understand at first she knew where I live. She then asked again a bit more forcefully, I then understood. I put my face under her foot and said I live here goddess. This pleased her greatly. I was raw with emotion a lot of thinking and connection happened. It is exhausting and I felt it. I left my goddess telling her that she has my heart and soul and I will make an appointment again soon. I got to my car and left. As I got home I usually leave my goddess an email telling her I am home safe and thank her for the session. I was treated to the following words. My goddess sent me a message to my email mid-session

“You are underneath my soles at this very moment in time. Where you belong. You feel it don’t you?”

I do feel it and it is where I belong, I can’t wait to be there again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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