Cuck Journals: Mr. Kost’s Request

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Author’s Note:

This series is a work of pure fiction. Konalin Kost is a fictional writer, and Charlie Konrad is the character that made him successful. It is presented as a writer sending an underground letter to his fans, followed by a compilation of replies. This is the letter to the fans.


My Dearest Readers,

There is a novel I’ve been preparing to write about Charlie Konrad for a long time. He’s been hanging out in my dreams a lot lately, pestering about why I haven’t began this story yet. He pokes, “Konalin, you aren’t seeing any of your fans lately, why aren’t you writing anything for them at least?” When I finally wake up I am usually still exhausted after that fucker annoying me all night, but he has a point. He may technically be fictional, but his existence is my bread and butter, and I haven’t written about his life in over five years. I haven’t even really written anything lately but the occasional private poem.

He wasn’t only right about my laziness, but he even mentioned the disservice to you as my fans. I spent seven years alone on an island, and have barely interacted with anybody who loves me since I returned to mainland. A new book is usually the best way to interact with my fans, balıkesir escort but I don’t have anything I currently want to publish.

Charlie keeps telling me to write about the relationship where he falls in love with a lovely young lady, whom becomes his cuckoldress. I must admit, I’ve always wanted to write that story, but have been reluctant to be seen as a writer of smut. Don’t get me wrong, we all know that I’ve never shied from incorporating sex, but I’ve never made it the explicit center of my work. Mr. Cross once told me in high school to only publish the books that really push the envelope after you’ve already been published. He said that it’s easy to dismiss explicit prose as exploitative when you’re unknown. Although I adore exploitation, I wanted to be taken seriously.

But now I have all of you fucking awesome people reading things that I’ve written arming me with a career, a career that constitutes whatever the fuck I want to publish. And I’ve been so absent from the public eye for so long, and I’m very sorry for that. So I think I owe it to you all, and myself for that matter, to write the novel that we’re all a little afraid to read in public places.

But we all know how fucking slow I am at churning out the new books, bartın escort and neither you all nor I deserve to wait that long to bring smiles to each other’s faces. I should’ve made a fan mail address available again after returning from the island, but I was afraid of getting too overwhelmed while re-adapting into society. So I want letters from you, my fans!

More specifically, I would like stories from my younger readers (though you must be 18) about experiences with infidelity. I would like to call what I regularly do online as research for this novel, but it’s really just copious masturbation to cuckold fetishes. As much as I adore my fetishes, online cuckold stories and media is severely lacking in authenticity and subsequent arousal. Many seem to underestimate the power of back-story when it comes to infidelity. I find it so important because it emphasizes that a cheating spouse is not immoral and far more normal than the normal person would assume.

My lack of inspiring material to identify into such a complex and important topic is daunting enough, combined with the fact that I am squeamish about writing sex. I can write about small encounters as if they’re snapshots, but I have a difficult time enveloping myself and making it feel wholesome batıkent escort and yet natural. For all of these problems I have, your stories will help me.

So write to Mr. Kost! I want to read about young women who’ve cuckolded their boyfriends. Whether it was with his knowledge and consent doesn’t matter. There is so little good content for younger cuckolds, despite the fact that it is growing in younger generations. How often can you write about cheating as if it was a positive experience? The fact of the matter is, it really can be, and especially for younger people. Guys can write to me too, but only about cheating females. I apologize for the constraints, but it’s for the sake of Charlie’s story.

I will compile my favorite letters into a research scrapbook. Maybe I’ll learn how to adequately write a sex scene from your experiences. Please view this as an opportunity. Not only will we get to truly converse in a way my lazy ass hasn’t made possible in a long time, but your story will offer a change in perspective. I want you younger people to be able to express an experience, that by-and-large is shamed, if you find it beautiful.

In your story, please give me some background information. Assume that you will be seducing me to masturbate, so tell me things you would want me to think about during. I know some of you perverts are dying to be in my head while I touch myself, so give me as clear of a picture of you and your situation as you possibly can.

Charlie and I can’t wait


Konalin Kost

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