Chicken Fettuccine

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The cab was parked alongside the curb the entire time Jason and I were enjoying our meal. It was a quaint Italian restaurant with dining tables lined up in a row, separated by huge rubber trees outside on the sidewalk. This was our second time dining there and we loved the atmosphere, the food and the privacy created by the plants.

I took notice of the cabbie, parked in front of our table. He was pretending to read the paper, but I saw his eyes roaming. He was staring at my legs, thighs and tits. It was at about the thirteenth time I caught his glance that I decided to give him a show! I took a quick look around, there were a few cars passing by here and there but that was about it. He had a perfect view and I was getting ready to play slut.

We had been served our dinner about five minutes prior to making my decision. I had a plate full of very creamy, chicken fettuccini in front of me and I decided to get nasty with it. I turned to face the street and almost completely parted my thighs. I had sheer stockings worn high on my thighs and the thigh bands were tight and sweaty. The heat from my stockings made my pussy trickle just a tad. No clinging juices yet, but soon.

I was glad that I wore my blazer/skirt suit. This way I could pull my tits out of my spaghetti strapped top and close my blazer when our waiter returned. Jason fixed his eyes across the table and then looked in the direction of my gaze. He saw the driver of the cab staring intently at my spread thighs. I opened my legs wider for their eyes.

“Do it.”

“Huh,” I replied.

“Tease us, me and that cabbie. Get yourself hot and make your cunt wet right here for us.”

That was it- I needed no more motivation. I looked around and saw no waiter or any cars at the moment. I gave the cabbie a big smile, opened my blazer and looked down at my tits. I looked around again; we didn’t want to get kicked out of the restaurant before we had any ankara escort bayan fun! I looked down at my tits encased in my top then reached down and pulled my right titty out. I let it drop and hang out of my blazer. It instantly made me spring a leak between my legs. The feeling of having my titty hang out in public, in broad daylight was so hot to me, and it was going to get even hotter!

It was time to shock. I reached into my plate and grabbed a fistful of fettuccini and rubbed the noodles all over my big nipple. The thick creamy sauce coated my nipple and at that point the cabbie’s jaw dropped. Yes, that was the reaction I was looking for. Just as I was dropping the noodles back onto my plate, two cars passed by but too fast to notice, I think.

I gathered another hand full of noodles and sopped them up with all of the sauce that I could. Jason’s eyes were popping out of his head. He knew I was nasty, but I knew he would have never thought that I would be on the street rubbing fettuccini on my nipples. My pussy got real wet all of a sudden, because I knew how nasty I was about to get!

I held the over sauced noodles in my right hand and while holding my exposed sauced tit up with my left hand; I dropped the noodles onto my titty. I stuck out my tongue as far as it would go and licked some of the sauce off of the noodles piled up on my titty. I left my tongue sticking out so Jason and the cabbie could see the white sauce on it. I then lowered my mouth to my tit slowly, some of the cream sauce dripped off of my tongue onto my noodle covered nipple because I left my tongue out while I did it. I felt like a pig. I felt so fucking hot. I raised the titty up to my mouth and slowly sucked my nipple in. There were noodles all over it. I sucked at it as hard as I could, letting go of my heavy tit so it hung from my mouth. I grabbed my tit again and sucked the noodles from it.

Jason was nervously looking mersin escort bayan for waiters, but I didn’t notice any reason to be alarmed. I was just getting started.

I dropped my tit back onto my chest, a couple of noodles fell here and there, and I didn’t give a fuck. I just grabbed another handful and slapped them on my tits. They were starting to slide off and fall into my lap. I pulled my other titty out of my top, and let that one hang. I grabbed my sauced tit and quickly sucked the noodles gently at first, then opened wide to suck all of the noodles I could get in my mouth. I slurped them up while I held my titty with both hands. I felt a thick ring of sauce around my mouth after I ate the noodles off of my titty.

I looked around; fuck there was a waiter coming! I gave cabbie a wink, then turned almost facing the wall of the building. I covered my tits with my blazer.

“How are we doing here?” The waiter asked.

I decided to shock him a little and turned with my blazer closed, but with the thick cream sauce still clinging around my mouth and replied, “Fucking hot!”

Well, he looked very surprised and taken aback, but scared in a way. He nodded, and then quickly left. I laughed my ass off to that!

Jason moved across the table and sucked the cream off of my lips. I thought I would just die! I was so fucking hot it was horrible.

I faced cabbie again. His head was almost hanging out of the cab, eyes bulging, and hand pumping. I opened my blazer exposing glazed titties that still wore a few noodles. This time I opened my legs very wide and slouched down in my chair. I raised my skirt, exposing my pussy to him for the first time. I reached down and pulled my pussy lips out and apart with both hands. I gave my hard clit a good circular rub before I took a few noodles and used them to rub my clit with. Ahh, yes I was getting close now, but here though?


“Yeah,” izle he said.

“Fuck my pussy is going to piss some heavy juice if I keep rubbing it like this!”

“Let it fucking piss then. Let your pussy piss freely, right here on the fucking sidewalk.”

AHHH, I was getting ready to cum. Fuck, I needed something to stick in my pussy while I came and pissed in my chair. I grabbed two chicken strips and stuffed them up my pussy while I held the wet lips open. I started to fuck my pussy hole with the chicken. I held the strips and fucked with them while I kept my pussy lips and hole open wide while rubbing my clit with my thumb. I was getting so close now.

“Piss, piss, piss, piss,” I told myself. “Piss all over this chicken in my pussy, and on my fettuccini covered hand. Come on pussy, do it. Open the fuck up and fucking piss!”

That was it. I was pissing strong streams all over the sidewalk and my hand. My legs opened as wide as they could be, my big fucking titties heaved when I pissed and came. A noodle fell off of my nipple and at that moment, Jason stretched his neck over and sucked my nipple hard and moaned loudly while he sucked it.

I just wanted to get on my knees right then, take his pants down, spread fettuccini noodles and sauce all over his pre-cum dripping cock and suck all of that good shit off the cockhead. I just wanted to suck his fucking cock with the noodles in my mouth, until his cum shot out onto my tongue, then finally eat and swallow the noodles with hot cum sauce.

I had forgotten all about the cabbie, but now as I looked up he was still there pumping away at his cock. There were also four waiters walking down the sidewalk towards us and they didn’t look too happy, so Jason and I decided to bail. We jumped up and into the cab, leaving our dinner, piss and noodles all over the table and sidewalk.

I felt a chicken strip pop out of my pussy when I sat down on the cab.

“Go, go!” Jason screamed.

We sped off laughing and wondering where the fuck we were going. Wherever it was I was going to make sure that our cabbie got his load off in my pussy, ass, titties and in my mouth!

Stay Tuned for part II!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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