Ben’s Fun with Size

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The handsome guy in tank top and volley shorts found himself at 2 feet tall in a massive room – everything seemed 3 times its size! Just then, he heard a door open and in stepped our stocky gay 18 year old in uniform. He closed the door and locked it, advancing at the cute shrunken man. The guy rushed at the boy, thinking foolishly that he could tackle him – the big islander boy in grey short sleeved shirt and black school shorts simply reached over, grabbing the back of the little man’s shorts and tank top in one hand and snatching him off the ground.

His new powers had taken effect, a cute little adult man, all his to play with. The guy kicked, swung his fists and swore at Ben who just chuckled at his handsome little captive. He was a little palagi alpha male who would be his first man toy to play with – he realised that he could transport any guy he wanted to his room, shrink him clothes and all, and toy with him conscious or not. He simply grabbed tiny Owen around the neck, making him dizzy which slackened the man’s arms and legs.

“Mmmm cute little man, let me kiss you” he said before smothering Owen’s face with his big lips. The guy went limp and Ben sat down with his new boyfriend.

“Awww, I knocked him out, how cute. Cute cute little Owen, you’re my boyfriend now.”

Ben anadolu yakası escort sat down on the edge of his bed, laying Owen across his lap. He traced his fingers over the little man, wrapping his hand around his arms and legs, feeling his stocky slightly muscular body and loving his new toy. His thumb and forefinger pinched the front of Owen’s shorts, making him hard within a minute. Ben reached under the man, lifting him to his face and began to lick Owen’s tank top, then down to his shorts, his tongue moving the little pup tent around, before taking it in his mouth. Ben loved how it felt and sucked, moving and grappling the little man. Ben sucked the tiny adult man’s shorts, making him pump his body in and out and he pulled Owen’s shorts and boxers down, sucking him dry as he blew his load. Ben pulled Owen’s boxers and shorts up, keeping him unconscious with just a thought as part of his new powers as he put him down.

A new mate came to mind now, Rob Marler was another white stocky guy from down the road who seemed friendly. He drove trucks for ITM, delivering timber to building sites and regularly wore tan elastic waisted cargo shorts and black t-shirt with ITM on the chest. He also wore boots and rugby socks and was a bald 32 year old with moustache and short beard who avrupa yakası escort was already shorter than Ben at 5 foot 8 and 95kg. As a single guy who kept to himself he had a liking for Ben, even denying attraction for him.

A knock at the door made Ben get up and go to the front door, opening it to reveal Rob standing there. “Hey there mate, can I come in?” he said.

“Hi Rob, sure” Ben said as Rob walked past. He closed the door and stepped up to him, Ben’s chin level with the top of Rob’s head. Ben kissed Rob’s little head and he hugged him close, loving how the man seemed to like him.

“You’re a great guy Ben, I’ve always liked you. I thought you were older than being at school.”

“Nah I’m 18, I’m in my last year.”

“Shit you’re a big boy mate, bigger than me, I bet you’re strong too. Wanna test your strength and pick me up?”

“Yep” Ben said as he lifted Rob off the floor with ease, and walked around the house with him.

Rob was amazed at his big young friend and grew attracted to him more and more by the second. Ben had slowly grown this time as he held Rob close. Ben had now grown to 7 feet tall, and loved how Rob was becoming even smaller and his new-found ability to grow himself uniform and all. He put Rob down, smiling at his little eryaman escort adult friend.

“Woah, Ben, you grew! How did you do that- don’t worry big Ben, I-I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Ben asked eagerly.

“I- I- I love you mate. I have since the moment I saw you over a year ago. I’ve also dreamed of a younger giant picking me up for ages, and now you’re actually a giant – well to a little man like me.”

“Ohh, Rob. I love you too, I’ve always wanted to hold you close and now I can. You’re like a little big bro, best mate and more! Wanna see me grow little bro?”

“Yeh mate”

Ben grinned as he knelt, growing until he looked Rob in the eye, then began to look down at him. His head brushed the 10 foot ceiling. Ben had grown enough to tower over Rob, who looked up admiringly at the young giant nearly half his age.

Rob saw Ben’s face looking down at him, and he stepped closer, raising his arms and placing his hands on Ben’s thighs. Rob smiled at the growing pup tent that his young giant had and his small meaty hands touched it.

“Ooh mate, you feel good.”

“Mmm, so do you little Rob man, come to me.”

Ben lifted Rob up and sat him on his pup tent facing away from him.

“Hehe that’s better my little man friend, ride me little Robert.”

Ben knew that Rob loved him, and he slid him back and forth, his thumb rubbing Rob’s shorts stimulating him as well. He also realised that it was the only way for him to grow himself instead of to stay at his normal size and simply shrink a guy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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