Becoming Her Sissy

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My girlfriend Jade and I had always been experimental with our sex life, sometimes I would dominate her and sometimes her me. This however is about the night that changed everything in our relationship. This is about the night she took full control of our relationship and turned me into her slut permanently.

We had bought the strap on a few weeks earlier. I had fantasized about a dominant woman bending me over and taking my ass for years but never met someone who was willing. On new year Jade finally fulfilled that fantasy. I had had a few drinks and let her try to fuck me with it. It was really painful and after a few tries we had stopped and had sex. The strap on had been in the bedroom since.

Jade had made me sit downstairs and gone to our room to get ready for me without explanation. She had told me I was to wait for ten minutes so she could get ready then follow her upstairs. I did as she instructed.

She looked amazing when I walked in, dressed in her leather dominatrix boots, tights, no knickers and a bra that made her large breasts look absolutely amazing. Around her waist she had the strap on attached to her, the control for the vibration in her hand. She ordered me to strip for her and to get on my knees. I did so. She walked towards me and I reached up to touch her body, as I did so she slapped me around the face really hard.

“Don’t you dare touch me you little sissy faggot!” she said, “Only real men are allowed to touch me, your not a real man, your a pathetic sissy wimp who wants my cock in your ass, you don’t deserve to touch me.”

She walked behind me and made me hold my hands together behind my back, then she tied them so I wasn’t able to move.

“That’s more like it,” she said, “Now you cant touch me, or rub your tiny cock when you get excited.”

She then walked in front of me and grabbed hold of my already hard cock.

“This is no good at all, your far too excited and I don’t want you to be allowed to cum.” she said. “I’ll have to put a stop to that.”

She took a rubber cock ring and placed it not only around the base of my cock but also my balls. She then stretched it out and let it snap into place, hitting me really hard on my balls. I whimpered in ankara escort bayan pain.

“That’s good,” she said smugly. “I like it when my little sissy wimp is in pain.”

She then grabbed my hair really hard and forced my head forwards towards her cock.

“Open your fucking mouth bitch” she ordered. I did so. She rammed the strap on right to the back of my throat very viciously. I began to gag.

“Fuck up and take it sissy, I know how much you love cock in your mouth” she said. She then began to fuck my face with gusto. Making the strap on hit the back of my throat.

“Is that how you give a blow job sissy?” she asked. I couldn’t answer because of the strap on but the meaning was clear. I had to suck it like it was real. I began to move my head back and forth, trying to suck her strap on like it was a real cock and trying my hardest not to gag and throw up.

“That’s much better” she said. “I can see how much you like sucking cock. Bet your going to enjoy me fucking you with it more though aren’t you?”

She pulled the strap on out of my mouth and shouted at me. “I asked aren’t you you pathetic little slut!”

“Yes Jade, I cant wait for you to fuck me.” I replied.

“Good boy,” she cooed. “Because that’s exactly what’s about to happen. Only this time without you begging for me to stop you pathetic wimp. Are we clear?”

“Yes Jade.” I replied again.

“That’s more like it.” she said, looking at me with a malicious look in her eyes. “And just to make sure of that I’m going to gag you with another cock.” With that she took a massive dildo we had used on her before and forced it deep into my mouth. She then took one of my neckties and tied it around the dildo and the back of my head so I could do nothing but hold the dildo in my mouth.

Jade sat on the edge of my bed and took a bottle of lube from the bedside table. She then started to coat the strap on with it.

After she had completely coated her cock she walked behind me and pushed me forwards. With my hands behind my back I couldn’t slow my fall and landed I flat on my face, forcing the dildo deeper into my throat.

I began to gag and tried desperately to manoeuvre myself so I would not mersin escort bayan chock.

“Nice feeling gagging on a cock isn’t it slut?” she asked clearly rhetorically. She pulled me up slightly by my hair so I could breath and then pushed me down hard so my forehead hit the floor with a bump.

“There we are slut. You don’t have to suck until you throw up now.” She said, and she added, “I’m amazing to you aren’t I?” Again clearly being rhetorical.

She then pressed the head of the strap on against my now exposed ass hole. I knew it was going to be agonisingly painful as soon as she entered me as I had had nothing in me to prepare me for this at all.

“I know your going to enjoy this as much as me slut.” she said, and with that she grabbed onto both of my hips and forced the full length of the strap on into my ass with one big push.

It hurt so much, I clenched my teeth really tightly, biting into the dildo stuck in my mouth. I wanted to scream in pain but the massive cock was stopping me. I tried to pull my ass away but she held on to my hips tight and with both my hands behind my back I had no leverage to escape.

Jade started to laugh at me. “Aww, is my slut hurting?” she cooed at me. “Does my pathetic sissy wimp of a boyfriend want me to take my cock out of his ass? Well it’s not going to happen. You wanted to get this strap on, you wanted me to fuck you hard. Now its going to be the only sex you get. So you had better get used to it.”

She began to move her hips, thrusting the strap on into me. She was so rough and I was in so much pain. She fucked me really hard and fast for what felt like forever. I could feel it pressing onto my prostate and my cock felt like it was going to explode. She continued to fuck me as hard and deep as she possibly could, grinding her hips into me and making me take as much of the strap on as physically possible. All the while shouting abuse at me. Names like “Faggot.”, “Pathetic cock lover.” and “Sissy wimp.”

Jade then reached forward and grabbed hold of my hard cock. “You disgusting little prick!” she shouted at me. “Your pathetic excuse for a dick has pre cum all over it and now its on my hand. Only real men can get cum on me, not izle sissy cock loving wimps!”

She pulled the necktie off me and pulled the dildo out of my mouth.

“Don’t you dare make a fucking sound’ she said.

She then raised her fingers to my mouth. “Now lick the disgusting cum off my fingers you pathetic prick.”

I started to lick her hand. I could taste my own cum on her. It was disgusting. I felt so degraded and so sick.

“That’s it sissy boy. Lick it all off. I bet you love it don’t you? A hard cock in your ass and the taste of cum on your lips? You had better get used to it!”

She then pulled her hand from my mouth and reached around to my cock again. She pulled the cock ring off me viciously, ripping it over my balls in a very painful way. Then she started to massage my balls, not gently but quite hard. Between that and the strap on in my ass I couldn’t help it. I started to drip cum. Jade caught it all in her hand.

“That’s it slut.” she said. “You can cum for me as long as you don’t dare orgasm. I don’t want you to get too much pleasure from this.”

She kept going, making me cum in her hand until I had nothing left inside me. Then she pulled the strap on out of my ass and walked in front of me.

She took the strap on off and sat on my bed. Then she spread her legs wide and placed her cum filled hand between her legs. She ran her hand over her pussy so it was covered in cum.

“Crawl forward and lick it up slut.” She ordered.

I crawled towards her and began to lick her pussy. It tasted foul, her wetness combined with my own cum.

I licked her until all the cum had gone, and then kept licking her until she had an orgasm. Then she pushed me off her and lay on the bed.

“I’m going to sleep now slut, you can sleep naked on the floor and think about what’s happened tonight.” she said.

“Things are going to change around here. I’ve decided that I don’t want you to orgasm, that’s a privilege you don’t deserve. I hope you enjoyed the feeling of a cock in your ass slut, because that will happen more often, and maybe not just fake ones.”

“And the same goes for the taste of cum, I hope you enjoyed it because your having a lot more, and not just your own. Aren’t you glad you wanted to get a strap on now sissy? Sweet dreams”

I lay there all night thinking about what she had said, not knowing what was in store for me. Things we’re definitely going to change from here onwards…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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