Dennis , Mrs. Green Ch. 1

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This is the story of a young man’s ascent into manhood. What you are about to read are actual incidents from my teenage years.

My first sexual encounter came on one of those fabulous spring days and is what all young men hope for – initiation into the joys of sex by an experienced older woman.

My best friend Bobby and I had been shooting some hoops in the local schoolyard and had returned to his house to grab a soda. When we walked into his kitchen we were greeted by his mom who was down on the floor cleaning a mess made by the family cat. “Watch where you’re walking, boys. Ginger just threw up another hairball!”

She was wearing one of those tank tops that women and girls wear on warm days. I couldn’t help but look down the front at the lovely mounds that her top barely concealed. I hadn’t really thought of Mrs. Green in a sexual way until that moment. Her nipples made definite imprints on the front of the thin top. Being young (and horny), my cock began to stir. She looked up into my eyes after a lingering glance at my groin and smiled when she realized where I was looking. Because she didn’t show any disapproval and in fact seemed pleased by her effect on me, I grew even larger in the confines of my shorts. I looked over at Bobby but he was oblivious to what was happening. He was more interested in getting the sodas out of the fridge.

Grabbing the sodas, he announced, as he dashed out the door, that we were heading up to his room to watch the basketball game on the tube. Mrs. Green took this opportunity to bring a hand to her bosom and asked me to help her up. Now Mrs. Green couldn’t have been more than 36 and since I knew she worked out regularly at the gym (very effectively judging by her fabulous figure), I knew she didn’t really need any assistance.

As she held up her hand I swear she caressed her boob in the process. Her nipples seemed to stand out even more. I stood there and stared at her chest. Not waiting for me she reached out, grabbed my hand and started to pull herself to her feet. However, in the process, she rubbed her free hand across my groin which, of course, elicited a groan from me.

“Thanks, you’re quite the gentleman, Dennis” With that, she turned her back on me and bent over to pick up her cleaning utensils. This presented me with a view of her incredible butt. She was wearing skin-tight short-shorts with no sign of a panty line. Her long legs were tanned and muscular. It was obvious she was giving bonus veren siteler me this erotic view intentionally because she paused, turned her head, shook her long blonde hair out of her face and looked back up at me.

Once again she looked at the effect she was having on me. Even embarrassed as I was that she had caught me staring, I couldn’t conceal my raging erection. This brought another bemused smile. She licked her lips as she said, “Dennis, you naughty boy. Are you staring at me?”

My response was a weak, “Geez, I’m sorry, Mrs. Green. I didn’t mean to.. but.. but.. you’re just so.. so… gorgeous! ” Boy talk about sounding like an embarrassed kid when I really wanted to sound like a man, sweep her in my arms and make love to her.

“Don’t be sorry, Dennis. You don’t look like a boy! ” And with that she looked at my raging hard-on and licked her lips.

At that moment, Bobby shouted from his room, “Dennis, what the hell’s taking you so long? Get up here. The game’s started!”

Mrs. Green smiled and said “See you later Dennis” and headed down to the basement.

When my hard-on finally subsided, I joined Bobby in his room and we watched the ball game. I have no idea who won as my mind kept going back to visions of Mrs. Green’s tits and ass. Was I wrong or had she deliberately tried to turn me on? Was it only my imagination? Did she really touch my cock when she got to her feet? Did I have any chance of fucking my best friend’s mother? Would I be betraying our friendship if I did?

My thoughts were interrupted by Bobby himself suggesting that I sleep over that night. Would this give me an opportunity with Mrs. Green? One thing for sure, my teenage hormones were taking over and I was a little over-zealous in agreeing.

I heard him asking his mother if it was okay and she responded by saying it would be fun for her to have the company of 2 handsome young men for the evening but that I should let my mother know so that she wouldn’t worry. I was on the phone before Bobby came back into the room.

Bobby’s father had deserted he and his mother before Bobby was even three. Evidently being a father at 20 was too much for him. Mrs. Green had had various boyfriends over the years but Bobby said they never measured up so she doted on him.

After dinner, we watched the movie American Pie which is all about a young man wanting to experience sex – boy did this hit home with me. Throughout the bedava bahis movie, I kept sneaking peeks at Mrs. Green who had changed into a low cut top and short skirt. She had come into the TV room wearing high-heels which accentuated her curves (and gave me another hard-on) but had kicked them off so that she could curl her feet under her. Every time there was a sex scene or overture, she would catch me looking at her and smile that wicked smile of hers. Bobby, of course, seemed to think the movie was hilarious and had no idea what we were doing.

After the movie, Bobby said he was going to head off to bed. I think he just wanted to go and jerk off in the privacy of his room. “See you guys in the morning” and off he went leaving me with the opportunity I had hoped for but Mrs. Green suddenly seemed cold and distant.

“I’ll fix up the bed in the spare room for you, Dennis”. Without giving me a chance to respond, she was on her feet. My penis jumped again when I saw her put her feet back in her high heels and turn seductively. “Coming Dennis?” With a sly smile and a flip of her hair she was gone. I ran after her so fast that I bumped into her at the bottom of the stairs and fell on top of her. My face ended up just below the hem of her skirt and I couldn’t help but look up and see her light blue panties.

To protect my fall, my hands had landed on her butt. I couldn’t help myself. It was like they had a mind of their own as her butt cheeks were so nice to touch. We stayed like this for a second or two. My left hand went under her skirt and reached up to touch her mound which to my surprise was moist. I heard her groan but then she jumped to her feet and said, “We can’t do this!” With that she charged up the stairs, ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

Now I really was in a quandary. Had I made a major mistake? How would I face her in the morning? How could I face Bobby if she told him that his best friend had tried to feel her up?

Heavy hearted I went to the spare room, made up the bed myself, took off my clothes, climbed into bed and tried to sleep. It never came. I tossed and turned for over an hour. Worst of all, I was still horny as hell and decided that I’d better relieve myself or I’d never get any sleep. I became so involved with playing with myself that I never heard the door open or knew that Mrs. Green was standing just inside the door touching herself.

I was getting close to climaxing when I noticed deneme bonus her approaching the bed. “Dennis, you must never tell anyone what we are about to do ” With that she knelt beside the bed and reached out for my 8 inch cock. As she started to stroke my erection with one hand, she reached down and grabbed my balls in her other hand.

“Oh God.. ” was my automatic reaction. “It feels so good! If you keep doing that I’m going to cum!”

“Don’t come yet, Dennis. Is this your first time?”

“Holy shit… yes!! I can’t believe you’re doing this with me, ” I groaned.

“I don’t want your first time to be a hand job, Dennis. You can get that from any girl friend. First I’m going to suck you off and then you’ll be able to last longer when you fuck me. Is that ok?”

“aaaa… yeah… oh yeah… I’m getting close… It feels so fuckin’ great.. don’t stop!!”

Mrs. Green brought my hard-on to her lips and after kissing the tip, she opened her mouth and sucked me in. I was in heaven. I have never felt anything so great. Jacking myself off had been my only experience and now the beautiful mother of my best friend was giving me a blow-job! In and out my cock-head went as her tongue washed the length. Every time I thought I was going to explode in her mouth, she would squeeze the base and pull it out. When I looked down, she would run the cock over her cheeks and smile that knowing smile.

“Push it in as far as you can! Fuck my face, Dennis! Fuck my face! Cum in my mouth! Give it to me now!” With that she swallowed all 8 inches and her lips touched my pubic hair. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I couldn’t believe what I was feeling!

The pressure in my balls was building. “Mrs. Green, I’m going to cum!” I roared. Then she shocked me by sticking a finger up my rear. That did it! The first stream of cum erupted like a volcano. “Suck it bitch! Suck it all!” I couldn’t believe what I was saying. The feeling was incredible. I couldn’t stop shooting my jism into the deepest part of her throat and she kept sucking and sucking. The cum had no where to go but down her throat. She swallowed every drop. After numerous spasms, I started to pull my cock out of her mouth but she seemed determined to drain me. “Lick it all bitch! Take it all down your throat! Clean it up!”

When she finally released my cock, she swept her tongue up and down the length of my deflating member and every time she touch the glans, she forced a little more cum out. This cum she spread all over her face by using my cock like an applicator. “Holy fuck! You are a GREAT COCKSUCKER,” I groaned.

“You’re not done yet lover. When I get this monster hard again, we’ll move on to the main event.”

To Be Continued…

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