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Business he was excited and clearly intent on joining me.

As he came up to me he got very close, closer than I would normally expect, and stopped squarely in front of me. His erect penis was less than a foot away from my face but this did not seem to bother him in the least. I stared at his glistening cock for a few seconds and then shifted my gaze up to his face. He had a mischievous grin and his eyes were smiling as well. He was really enjoying this moment so I felt compelled to return his smile which offered encouragement for what came next. His hands reached to the back of my head and he drew my mouth onto his cock, pushing the head all the way to the back and he held it there. Slowly and gently he moved my head, allowing his cock to go in and out along my tongue and I reacted by increasing the pressure on his dick with my lips. To further show my willingness and desire, I reached for his hips and increased the tempo of the thrusting motion as well as the depth of the stroke. Now I was controlling him rather than the other way around. Our eyes locked on each other and the steam hissed in the background while he continued to fuck my face.

Neither of us paid much attention when several guys entered the steam room, stopping only when they saw what was happening in the back, apparently enjoying the show. They didn’t speak and only managed to move when they stroked their cocks, keeping time with the thrusts of my companion’s dick going in and out of my mouth, and to get closer to us for a better view. Eventually I took notice of these fellows but I didn’t want to stop since I knew that I would soon be treated bahis siteleri to a mouthful of cum and I didn’t feel like breaking the mood. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and the thought of having some people watch me give a blowjob and take a load of cum into my mouth was exciting.

In less than a minute I felt my companion’s cock begin to pulse and he began moaning as he had his orgasm. My mouth suddenly filled with his semen and I struggled to swallow it all without choking. I can’t remember receiving so much cum in one orgasm but it was marvelous. Slowly he withdrew his dick from my mouth and I licked the residue from my lips while he backed away. Within a few seconds his dick was replaced by another cock entering my mouth and new hands on my head; apparently no one could allow a willing cocksucker to go to waste so one of the other fellows had decided to join in. I fought to keep up the pace and clearly it was appreciated. It did not take too long before I heard the familiar sounds of pleasure and felt the pulsing of a hard cock as it gave up its load.

As this guy withdrew I leaned back against the marble walls to take a breath. In no time my head was pulled forward and a new cock was roughly shoved into my mouth. This guy had a large dick and he was intent on letting me know that he was the alpha dog of the bunch and that I was there to be his bitch. He was rough, rougher than necessary, and it seemed important for him to cause some discomfort. He thrust his dick down my throat making me choke and gasp and this seemed to excite him. I was getting extremely hot from the steam among other things, canlı bahis siteleri so I pulled away saying that I had to go out to cool off. He mumbled his agreement and added that we could go into one of the massage rooms to continue, more of a command than a suggestion. Nevertheless, I got up and followed him out of the room.

We went into the nearest massage room followed by the last of his buddies and I was told to lie on my back on the table with my head slightly over the edge. This position gave him the right height to stick his cock into my mouth while my throat was straight enough to allow him to push it as deep as he wanted, something he did as soon as I got settled in the position.

He started with short strokes at first, going slightly deeper as he tested the limits of my throat and how many he could achieve before I needed to take a breath. Soon we developed a rhythm and I got lost in the moment until I felt a finger circling around my anus. The other guy did not want to be left out of the fun and since my mouth was taken he decided to massage my sphincter and test the size of my anus with his fingers. I enjoyed the feeling of a finger going into my ass while I had a large cock going in and out of my throat so before long I started wriggling around and moaning softly.

The fellow who was massaging my ass climbed onto the table and then proceeded to pick my legs up and drape my knees over his shoulders. He had applied some massage oil to his abdomen and penis so he slid easily against my buttocks only stopping when aligned his stiff penis to the opening of my anus. Unceremoniously he pushed his cock canlı bahis into my ass in one smooth motion. Luckily for me his dick was not that fat around and with the oil acting as a lubricant, it was not an overly painful process to take his cock balls deep. He started pumping away on my ass while his friend continued fucking my throat. As I lay on the massage table with one dick in my mouth and another up my ass, I felt like a pig on a barbeque spit. The sensations that I felt going through my body were amazing and they put me in a trancelike state. I drifted off on a sea of tingling energy, oblivious to time and space.

The fellow using my mouth kept at it for several more minutes until he finally gave a final hard thrust and shot his load into my mouth. He then pulled out his cock and wiped it across my face before pushing it back into my mouth, telling me to suck it dry, which I did. The guy fucking my ass stiffened and moaned as he shot his load as well; my stomach now felt full and I knew that I would be leaking cum from my butt when I stood up. Now that they were satisfied they simply grabbed their towels, said that they hoped I enjoyed the session as much as they did, and the two of them left.

I waited a couple of minutes before heading for the shower to rinse off and come back to the present. To say that I was drained would be an understatement but that is the best description for how I felt. My muscles were limp and weak, and my stomach and ass were full of cum. I needed some quiet time for reflection and to savor the experience and then maybe a martini before bed.

That evening I relaxed in bed, reliving the moments from the steam room and the massage room. The spontaneity of it all, the sensations, the afterglow from the sex, all coupled together to make it an amazing experience that I hope one day to repeat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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